Transfer Amex Points To Iberia With A 50% Bonus

Through December 15, 2016, the US American Express Membership Rewards program is offering a 50% transfer bonus to Iberia. Amex points usually convert into Iberia Avios at a 250:200 ratio, so through this promotion Amex points convert into Iberia Avios at a 250:300 ratio.


That basically means you’re getting 1.2 Iberia Avios per Membership Rewards point. The bonus is hard coded into the transfer ratio, meaning that you can take advantage of the transfer bonus as often as you’d like.

A while back Tiffany wrote about the benefits of using the Iberia Avios program. While it’s very similar to British Airways’ program, there are also quite a few differences. Iberia also has a distance based award chart, but it’s slightly different in terms of redemption rates.


But what will probably be most interesting to people about this transfer bonus is that you can transfer Avios between the Iberia and British Airways program, provided the following is true:

  • Both accounts have been open for at least 90 days
  • Both accounts have had some activity (which can be transferring a handful of points from Membership Rewards or SPG, crediting a flight, etc.)

Presumably the biggest barrier for most is needing to have the account open for 90 days, so if you don’t have an Iberia Plus account yet, I’d recommend going ahead and opening one now, so that the 90 day counter starts.

Iberia-Business-Class-A340 - 1
Iberia’s A340 business class cabin

Bottom line

Unfortunately the transfer ratio between Amex and British Airways/Iberia was devalued last year, so the transfer ratio is no longer 1:1. If you are looking to convert Membership Rewards points into Avios (either British Airways or Iberia), taking advantage of a transfer bonus like this is your best bet.

Around the same time last year we saw a transfer bonus from Amex to Iberia of 25%, so the 50% bonus is significantly better. There are many circumstances under which it could make sense to take advantage of this offer.

Do you plan on transferring Amex points to Iberia with a 50% bonus?

(Tip of the hat to @IadisGr8)


  1. If my math is correct would mean off-peak Iberia business between East Coast and Madrid for around 28,000 avios?

  2. Just a data point, I did a xfer from MR to IB yesterday afternoon and at night it has already posted in the IB account. I think in the past it used to take longer. I missed out on the bonus though..

  3. Booked 7 yes 7 RT business class tickets Bos/Mad off peak, calander for Iberia is decent especially in September, calling Iberia I thought would be a headache but they have a call center in Miami so English speaking reps.

    68k avios each, on a decent hard product A330, taxes/fees are about $200 each

    Some days 8+ seats available, yes most other airlines are better quality but I have a hard time getting seats for me and wife never mind family of 7

    Lastly all family must have Iberia accounts, young children need to have passport details sent in by Fax or email to get flyer #’s

  4. Has anybody ever been able to get the search to work for a domestic roundtrip trip? Every time I try any domestic city-pair, even 10 months out it always returns the error, “No availability has been found for the selected journey”

  5. re. transferring to BA: if I have had an account for over 90 days, but nothing has happened on the IB account to date to satisfy the “Both accounts have had some activity (which can be transferring a handful of points from Membership Rewards or SPG, crediting a flight, etc.)”

    does this mean I should transfer a few points to IB first, then a second transfer with the rest of the points? or is this initial transfer in enough to satisfy that?

  6. Can anyone advise on this???

    I transferred a bunch of points to Iberia (planning to book an East Coast to Europe flight). I’ve had the account active for at least a year (>90 days), but never had any activity in it – except for my recent transfer from Amex. I am trying to transfer points from my BA account into my IB account. IB is telling me that my IB account is blocked due to inactivity for 36 months. They are saying I have to “take a flight” or “purchase avios” to reactivate my account before I can initiate the transfer. Anyone else having this problem? Any guidance?

  7. Daniel,

    Not sure but it does happen at least once a year for the past 4 or 5 years, I’ve done it a few times.

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