Qatar Airways Will Retire (At Least) Half Of Its A380 Fleet

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The pandemic has accelerated the death of the Airbus A380. Both Air France and Lufthansa plan on retiring their A380s, and it looks increasingly likely that Etihad may retire its A380 fleet, and that Qantas may retire at least some of its A380 fleet.

While we knew that Qatar Airways wouldn’t fly its A380s for at least a couple of years, the airline has just provided a pretty concrete update about the future of the fleet.

Qatar Airways A380 fleet basics

First of all, perhaps some context on Qatar Airways’ A380 fleet is valuable:

  • Prior to the pandemic, Qatar Airways operated its A380s to Frankfurt, London, Melbourne, Paris, Perth, and Sydney
  • The Doha-based carrier’s A380 fleet is still quite young, with the planes having only been delivered between 2014 and 2018
  • A380s are the only planes that Qatar Airways has that feature long haul first class, though Al Baker believes that the concept of first class is obsolete
  • Prior to the pandemic, Qatar Airways planned to retire its A380s at the 10 year mark, between 2024 and 2028

Qatar Airways has a fleet of 10 A380s

Qatar Airways A380 fleet won’t fly for a couple of years

Qatar Airways grounded its 10-strong Airbus A380 fleet back in March 2020, and the airline went so far as to attack other airlines for flying the A380, calling it “unethical.”

In October 2020, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker made some comments about the future of the A380, saying the following:

  • Qatar Airways won’t operate its A380s for “at least” the next couple of years (which puts us to late 2022)
  • The growth rate in aviation would have to be equivalent to 2019 levels for the airline to even consider it
  • Even if demand starts to increase, A380s could only be filled “if you dump the price, and once you dump the price, you become unsustainable”

Qatar Airways will retire at least five A380s

Today Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker has stated that the airline will reduce its A380 fleet by half if and when it returns to service, which won’t be in “the foreseeable future.” As Al Baker explains:

“The A380 is one of the worst aircraft when it comes to emissions that is flying today. That is why we have decided that we will not operate them for the foreseeable future — and even when we will operate them, we will only operate half of the numbers we have.”

Qatar Airways’ A380s feature first class

I don’t think Qatar Airways’ A380 fleet will fly again

I strongly believe Qatar Airways’ A380s won’t fly again. Not just the five that are allegedly being retired, but all of them. Al Baker says the A380 won’t fly in the foreseeable future, and last we heard we shouldn’t expect them before late 2022 at the earliest (but even that seems optimistic).

The reality is that Qatar Airways has a huge number of aircraft on order, including 30 Boeing 787-9s, 50 Boeing 777-9s, and 28 Airbus A350-1000s.

While the airline is trying to defer delivery of as many of these planes as possible, realistically the airline will be getting dozens of new planes per year within a few years:

Qatar Airways has dozens of 777-9s on order

That’s not even factoring in the fact that:

  • While Qatar Airways’ A380s have a globally competitive business class product, they don’t feature Qsuites, which Qatar Airways is nowadays known for
  • A subfleet of just five planes is even less efficient to operate, given the lack of economies of scale

Qatar Airways’ A380 business class

Personally I think it’s more likely than not that Qatar Airways will simply end up retiring its entire A380 fleet. The airline has so many long haul aircraft on order that it’s hard to imagine any sort of growth trajectory where having A380s again would make sense. Never mind the fact that the airline wasn’t particularly happy with A380s even pre-pandemic, and that these planes feature an older business class product.

Bottom line

Qatar Airways won’t fly its A380s for the foreseeable future, and will retire at least five of the 10 planes in the fleet. At this point it seems highly likely to me that the A380 just won’t return to Qatar Airways’ fleet at all.

The airline has over 100 wide body aircraft on order, many of which are to be delivered in the next few years. Even a recovery to 2019 levels won’t be sufficient to sustain A380s — the airline needs huge growth beyond that for the super jumbos to make sense again.

What do you think — is this the end for Qatar Airways’ A380s?

  1. I’m curious what the cost per seat mile ends up being for ownership here. What a huge waste all around to build aircraft that end with such a short life.

  2. If QR A380s go away wonder if they would continue to keep the Doha first class Al Safwa lounge, or perhaps would just for certain elites or those who pay for the upgraded lounge access.

  3. I was on Qatar A380 CDG-DOH back in Nov. 2019. Flight only had 165 passengers. My son and I (flying in J) had a tour of the entire aircraft; rows and rows of empty seats. If the flight was that empty then…there’s no way demand is gonna recover by this time next year (2022)!

  4. The A380 biz might not have Qsuites, but you can’t call it uncompetitive. What would you call Air France’s biz then?

  5. Lucky: to call their business product onboard the A380 not competitive is a bit rich. It’s reverse herringbone and fully horizontal, and onboard service is still the same as if it had been QSuite.

  6. I hope that they will not just retire them without any operation in the coming months/years, still trying to test out the F-class with QR (I know it is unremarkable, but still looking forward to test it).

  7. @ Dan @ Andreas — That was poorly phrased on my part, you’re absolutely right. Updated the post to better reflect my intent.

  8. @ Luke — Qatar Airways did recently start giving Privilege Club Platinum members access to the Al Safwa Lounge, before it closed. Keep in mind that historically the intent of the Al Safwa Lounge was really for it to be available to regional first class customers. With Qatar Airways now rebuilding its regional network to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, etc., there will once again be a customer base for the lounge.

  9. I can see a scenario in which Qatar utilizes their A380s (at least some) for FIFA World Cup in 2022 in Qatar. Assuming the pandemic is mostly over. By far highest capacity plane (obviously) on routes to London, Paris, Frankfurt to Doha to bring in loads of futbol crazed fans.

  10. This is unfortunate but makes sense from a financial point of view. Hopefully they will fly again someday. I’ll admit though that I love flying the A380 when it’s not full.

  11. a380 bizz is still one of the best. Great seats, meals and service and an access to a gorgeous bar to socialize and stretch your legs. I used to fly twice a year to BKK untill they stopped flying the A380 there. I was planning on flying with them on the a380 to Australia but I guess that won’t be possible anymore. I just loved the spaciousness and the bar for a longhaul flight. My last ever flight before the pandemic was QSuites Doha to Amsterdam and it was nice but do I want to get stuck in a tiny suite all the way to Australia? I don’t know.

  12. A380 is absolutely my favorite aircraft. Qatar Airways’ A380 my favorite among all of them. The most beautiful bar in the sky. It will be a loss for the aviation industry if they never fly again. A380 has so many fans that this is a decision many airlines might regret in the future.

  13. Anyone know if Qatar FAs are still flying with full OTT PPE gear? If so, and the cabin still resembles a hospital infectious disease ward, they cannot expect to see passenger numbers pick up anytime soon.

  14. At this point BA, China Southern and Emirates are the only three airlines not to signal they will reduce their A380 operations. Even then for BA it’s because of how congested Heathrow can become very quickly again and Emirates is so reliant on the A380 that they don’t have a choice.

  15. I flew Qatar’s A380 LHR-DOH and DOH-LHR in October 2019 – both flights were pretty full

    On the DOH-LHR leg I managed to get a window seat in the upper deck economy section which was very pleasant.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Qatar find they have enough demand on their London/Frankfurt/Paris routes within the next 18 months to justify the return of the a380

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