The “Secret” American Admirals Club In Dallas — Have You Used It?

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American has Flagship Lounges at select airports (including Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and New York), which are their international first class lounges. However, oneworld allows their Emerald members to use the Flagship Lounges, so they tend to get crowded.

Keep in mind that on most international American flights you’ll have a lot more Executive Platinum members than first class passengers (American doesn’t even offer a first class product on much of their longhaul fleet)..

Interestingly American doesn’t have a Flagship Lounge in Dallas. It’s their biggest hub, so on one hand you’d think they would have one. But they don’t. And I’d guess the reason is because of how many Executive Platinum members there are.

It would be sort of impractical to run a Flagship Lounge if literally hundreds of passengers at a given time had access to it. And for that matter I guess they assume that Dallas-based Executive Platinum members are already hub captives, so they don’t have to do anything to further incentivize them to fly American.

But as View from the Wing has pointed out, this wasn’t always the case. American used to have a Flagship Lounge inside the Dallas DFW Airport “A” Concourse Admirals Club. And it’s still there. Only it’s part of the Admirals Club.

When you enter the A23 Admirals Club you’ll be checked in on the ground floor, and then will take the elevator up a level to the lounge. When you step out of the elevator you’ll be facing a desk which is staffed by agents. Turn around and walk behind the elevator, either on the left or right side.


There you’ll see two rooms with a good amount of seating, plus a meeting room. This is the former Flagship Lounge, and it’s consistently empty. Like, the rest of the “A” Concourse Admirals Club is generally quite crowded, but I’ve never seen another soul in either of these rooms. Ever. It’s almost bizarre.

Each side has an unmanned reception desk.



And behind it is a bunch of seating.





The two rooms are separated by the “board room” in the middle, though you can walk between both sides.


One of the other cool things is that this section of the lounge has a bathroom which no one ever seems to use, and it’s also a single person bathroom. Given how much Mexican food American serves on their flight, that’s probably something more people should take note of. 😉



The former Flagship Lounge is also connected directly to the fitness room, which is a one-of-a-kind amenity which I love when I have a long layover.


Anyway, there’s nothing actively awesome about the lounge, other than how quiet is. And that actually is actively awesome, given how busy the lounge otherwise is.

I propose we all start hanging out in that section of the lounge. Then when you see someone else in that area, you’ll automatically know they’re a part of our community.

Truth be told I don’t visit the Dallas Admirals Club as often as I used to, given the amazing American Express Centurion Lounge at the airport. That being said, when I have a connection of less than 90 minutes and I’m not flying into/out of the “D” Concourse, it’s much more practical to use an Admirals Club than the Centurion Lounge.

Have you ever used/seen the “secret” part of the Dallas Admirals Club? And will you use it now?

  1. I was just in the A23 Admirals Club on Saturday and had no idea it was there, I even walked around for a while looking for an empty seat… Next time for sure!

  2. Stopppp giving away some of our gems! Now many more will use this space (hope not). It’s one of those places where you can actually have almost a private quiet meeting space while waiting to board a flight!

  3. Funny, as I was in the A Admirals Club yesterday afternoon and early evening and saw both of those doors but they were closed and it said private do not enter. I even looked through the glass and saw that it looked like an extension of the existing lounge but didn’t venture further because of the warning on the door. I said to myself what a waste of space since it looked huge and was completely empty without a soul in sight. Now I know that this was the old Flagship lounge.

    I wonder why they had the doors closed while in your pictures the doors are wide open and looked propped.

  4. Like what others said, best shower of all of the ACs in DFW. If I want a shower on a layoever, I’ll go there over the new one in D.

  5. I concur.. A’s showers are best. After getting back from HKG, that’s my stop before my connection onward.

  6. I was in the A Admirals Club last week and saw the sign for the fitness center…and went to investigate and saw these rooms. I thought to myself that this used to be the Flagship Lounge, and wondered what they used it for…didn’t go all the way in because it appeared to be closed off. Thought they might use it for VIPs or as meeting rooms. Most of my flights are in D terminal, that I’ve never ventured over to A and see this till now, haha.

  7. Can this lounge be used by those travelling on BA in F? I have a 6-hour layover connecting from a United flight and will want to shower. Which AA/US club is the best and/or available for showers when flying BA F?

  8. “There goes the neighbourhood ” ….. that has been THE quiet oasis when connecting thru DFW. Probably won’t be that much longer now that the word is out 🙂

  9. @ Carlos — Nope. Non-American Emeralds can use them when traveling domestically, but Executive Platinum members have to be traveling internationally to use them.

  10. Great find! Thanks for the tip. It will be hard to pull me out of the Centurion Lounge, but like you said, it is convenient to A gates, which I often fly in/out of.

  11. @Lucky – not cool; this was my quiet haven and now it’s going to get overrun-it was my go to place to take work calls and just sit back and enjoy the quietness. Oh well!

  12. I used the lounge last week and I’m heading back there as I post this message. A welcome respite from the crowds.

  13. I’ve been to the DFW A admirals club, but did not use the “secret” room as the lounge was pretty empty

  14. Just wanted to note that the secret still doesn’t appear to have spread too far.

    I’ve used the hidden lounge a few times this year (and just walked out of it) and every time there has only been one other person in there – and only for part of the time.

    The most frequent visitors appear to be the desk staff using the private bathrooms.

  15. In here now and there was only 1 other person over on the other side. The boardroom had a closed door with a placard out that says private event but nobody was in there so I opened the door and went through to the other side.

  16. Isn’t AA renovating their Admiral’s Clubs and also re-opening/building a Flagship Lounge at DFW? Does anyone have an update on the progress and when they’ll be open?

  17. Today they had signs pointing people to the “secret” part of the club due to renovations. There is also a sign the gym equipment will be gone starting April 1. Such a bummer!!

  18. I believe this lounge secret is now officially dead. I witnessed it first hand, and almost became sick to my stomach. Unfortunately, due to the recent renovations at this AC, the room was converted to a temporary bar. This was my wife’s and my secret escape for years from the AC crowds. Not anymore! Even after the renovations, this place will be packed.

    In good news: I did notice a significant drop in traffic at all DFW AC’s since Citi Prestige yanked the AC benefits from the card. Check-plus.

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