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While my flight to Hong Kong was only departing at 10:40AM, I got to the airport at around 4:30AM, so that I could get to the Flagship Lounge right when it opened (so that I could photograph it while it was still empty).

American Flagship Lounge Dallas DFW Review

Over the past several years, American Airlines has revamped their premium lounge experience, including the creation of new Flagship Lounges.

The most recent Flagship Lounge to open is in DFW, as the lounge opened in May 2019. The other four Flagship Lounges are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York JFK.

American Flagship Lounge Access Requirements

The Flagship Lounge DFW is American’s premium international lounge, and it’s open to the following passengers:

  • First and business class passengers traveling on an eligible flight same day (including those flying to Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Mexico City, New Zealand, and South America); first class passengers can bring one guest, business class passengers can’t bring any guests
  • AAdvantage Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum members, traveling to the above destinations on any oneworld airline in any cabin; one guest is allowed
  • Concierge Key members get access same day regardless of which American or oneworld flight they are taking; immediately family members or up to two guests are allowed
  • Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members earning status through any program other than AAdvantage can access the lounge prior to any oneworld flight (even domestic); one guest is allowed

American Flagship Lounge DFW Hours

The Flagship Lounge DFW is open daily from 5AM until 10PM, so that covers a vast majority of oneworld departures from the airport.

American Flagship Lounge DFW Location

The Flagship Lounge DFW is located in Terminal D, which is the international terminal. Not only is this where American’s international flights depart from, but it’s also where oneworld partners depart from, including British Airways, Japan Airlines, Qantas, and Qatar.

Just follow the signage towards airline lounges.

DFW Airport Terminal D

The entrance to the lounge is located right next to gate D21. This is also where some of the contract lounges used by other airlines are located.

American Flagship Lounge DFW exterior

You simply take the elevator up a level and then turn right, and the entrance to the Flagship Lounge is right there.

American Flagship Lounge DFW signage

All terminals are connected airside at DFW, so assuming you’re eligible for access, you can easily visit the lounge when departing from any terminal with a quick train ride.

American Flagship Lounge DFW Layout & Seating

The Flagship Lounge DFW is just over 23,000 square feet, and has seating for 350 guests. For reference, the Flagship Lounge in Chicago is about 17,000 square feet, while the Flagship Lounge in Miami is about 29,000 square feet, so this is just about in the middle size-wise.

The entire lounge is oriented around the center walkway, and in the below two pictures you can see the entire length of the lounge from both ends.

American Flagship Lounge Dallas main walkway

American Flagship Lounge Dallas main walkway

The best part of the Flagship Lounge is the views, as there are floor-to-ceiling windows across the entire length of the lounge, so you have amazing views of the apron and runways in the distance.

American Flagship Lounge DFW view

The lounge even has great views of D23, where my flight to Hong Kong was departing from.

American Flagship Lounge DFW view

Along the windows there were rows of two seats, with power outlets on the tables between the seats.

American Flagship Lounge Dallas seating

There were also some longer tables along the windows facing outside, as well as a small business center with a printer and a couple of PCs.

American Flagship Lounge Dallas communal seating

American Flagship Lounge DFW business center

Inside the entrance to the lounge and to the right was an area with some dining tables, communal tables, and a couple of other types of seating.

American Flagship Lounge Dallas seating

American Flagship Lounge Dallas seating

American Flagship Lounge Dallas communal seating

American Flagship Lounge Dallas communal seating

Just past that was the dining area, which had a bunch of dining tables, as well as the buffet.

American Flagship Lounge Dallas dining area

American Flagship Lounge Dallas dining area

For the most part the lounge is fairly narrow, so deeper into the lounge there are some areas where there’s only a bit of seating along the interior of the lounge.

American Flagship Lounge DFW seating

About halfway into the lounge and to the right is Flagship First Dining, which I’ll be reviewing in a separate installment (this is reserved for three cabin first class customers).

American Flagship First Dining DFW

There’s a customer service desk near here, should you need help with any reservations. This is also where you can request a shower room.

American Flagship Lounge DFW customer service desks

The lounge gets wider towards the back again, with plenty more seating.

American Flagship Lounge DFW seating

There’s also a TV room and a relaxation room back here.

American Flagship Lounge DFW TV room

Personally I’m not someone who naps easily, so perhaps I’m not the target audience, but am I the only one who thinks the daybeds look particularly uncomfortable? With bright lighting and no bedding of any sort, I can’t imagine getting any rest here. Also, ideally I’d prefer a nap area where there wasn’t a seat right across from me.

American Flagship Lounge DFW relaxation area

American Flagship Lounge DFW relaxation area

So yeah, all things considered I would say the lounge has pretty nice decor, and is a good size. The lounge got fairly busy mid-morning (prior to Asia flights), and I’d guess it gets busy again in the afternoons (prior to Europe flights), but otherwise it seemed to be sufficiently large so that it didn’t feel crowded.

American Flagship Lounge DFW Food & Drinks

Virtually all of the food and drinks in the lounge are self serve. The main buffet is inside the entrance and to the right. Breakfast was being served when I was there. Ultimately the food selection is significantly better than you’d find in a domestic lounge, and even better than in a Delta SkyClub.

American Flagship Lounge DFW buffet

The breakfast selection was fairly good, with scrambled eggs, bread pudding, bacon, cold cuts and cheese, fruit, oatmeal, salmon, pastries, salad, sushi, and much more.

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

American Flagship Lounge breakfast buffet

There was also a live cooking station, though I didn’t see them preparing anything when I was there.

American Flagship Lounge live cooking station

I had to laugh when I saw “Texas caviar” being served, though after doing some Googling it appears this is actually a thing. Regardless, it seems like the most American Airlines thing ever.

American Flagship Lounge Texas caviar

I thought the food was pretty good, though my one issue with Flagship Lounge food is that I consistently find that it’s just sort of lukewarm. It’s surprising given the pace at which people eat what’s on offer, but whenever I took anything from the buffet, it just sort of tasted “bleh.” But I guess that’s better than trail mix and veggies?

As far as non-alcoholic drinks go, there was a Coke soda fountain, canned soda and sparkling water, boxed still water, La Colombe coffee, an espresso machine, and tea.

American Flagship Lounge soft drinks

American Flagship Lounge water

American Flagship Lounge coffee machine

A couple of quick notes, as someone who appreciates “good” water and coffee:

  • I think the La Colombe drip coffee is excellent, though I wish they had barista made espresso drinks (like in United Polaris Lounges), as I find the machine espresso drinks to not be great; of course I realize that will probably never happen, but let me dream
  • Flagship Lounges used to have Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino; while I support them moving to boxed still water, I personally have a strong preference for San Pellegrino over the canned Perrier they now serve

At 7AM they brought out the alcohol selection, which is all self serve as well. There’s one area with wine, with quite a big selection.

American Flagship Lounge DFW wine

Nowadays American is serving Bernard Lonclas champagne in this lounge.

American Flagship Lounge DFW champagne

Here are a few of the wines they had on offer — I’ll let you guys tell me if they’re any good.

American Flagship Lounge DFW wine

Flagship Lounges do have an impressive liquor selection (given that it’s self serve), and next to that was a “make your own bloody mary” setup.

American Flagship Lounge DFW liquor

American Flagship Lounge DFW liquor

American Flagship Lounge DFW bloody mary station

There were a couple of other drink stations in the lounge.

American Flagship Lounge DFW drink station

American Flagship Lounge DFW Bathrooms & Showers

The bathrooms in the lounge were fairly nice, and well maintained.

American Flagship Lounge DFW bathrooms

The Flagship Lounge also has shower suites, so I had a shower there.

American Flagship Lounge DFW shower room

I got an accessible shower suite (I guess), and it was spacious and well appointed, with a sink, toilet, and walk-in shower. It had CO Bigelow toiletries.

American Flagship Lounge DFW shower room

American Flagship Lounge DFW shower room

American Flagship Lounge DFW shower room

American Flagship Lounge DFW shower room CO Bigelow toiletries

American Flagship Lounge Dallas Bottom Line

The Flagship Lounge DFW is a nice lounge, and is long overdue for DFW, given that American just previously had an Admirals Club for their first & business class passengers. The lounge is large, and has top notch views, pretty good food, and solid drinks.

What I love about Flagship Lounges are the lax entry requirements — they’re even open to mid-tier elite members traveling in economy on select flights.

I’d say United Polaris Lounges are significantly nicer, in terms of decor, food, service, and ambiance, but ultimately those lounges also have much stricter entry requirements.

Flagship Lounges strike a nice balance between being high quality and also being easily accessible.

If you’ve visited the Flagship Lounge DFW, what was your experience like?

  1. When visiting the DFW Flagship Lounge I found it disappointing that there was not a “dinner buffet” different from the setup they had at lunch…

  2. @Endre Those particular tables are the service counters where you request showers, I think, different than check-in.

    @Lucky, if I’m connecting in DFW to MIA before my international flight that would qualify me for access at MIA, would I also be able to enter in DFW? I think so since it’s same day international flight on AA in business, but couldn’t tell for sure.

  3. @Lucky – if you really enjoy La Colombe, they’re out of Philly and will deliver you coffee on a monthly basis for at home. My wife and I moved away from PHL recently and get it delivered!

  4. Admirals Club – GIG has people in lab coats who constantly monitor food temps in the buffet. Handheld, wireless thermometers used with the data recorded by hand. Very impressive.

  5. The breakfast buffet looks great, not sure what more someone could want with that spread. Tons of variety. Especially in a lounge at breakfast time. It’s an open air lounge, the food ain’t gonna be hot.

  6. Talley is an unusual and very, very good Central Coast winery. Currently my favorite thing about Flagship lounges.

  7. Looks like they are changing up their champagne offering quite a bit. The best I’ve seen available was Bollinger at their JFK lounge, then Tattinger. I imagine they choose the quality of wines / champagnes, depending on how high yielding each hub is. I would hazard a guess that JFK would rank number 1, with ORD a likely 2nd.

  8. Yes, I much prefer self-serve alcohol. It’s like being treated like an adult.

    Now, if there is a specialist guy making cocktails to order that is great too, but only as an alternative and not in place of.

    No issue with tips either, of course

  9. @DDJK – You are allowed to access the Flagship lounge in both cities as long as its the same day (which is a bit loose in my experience, but that’s what their website states).

  10. I never understand the obsession with “premium” water. I carry a refillable bottle with me and just refill from the water stations that are now ubiquitous in airports and other public spaces. The sheer waste of single use water is staggering.

  11. Considering AA has the Admirals’ Club, I really wish they’d tighten up the requirements to get in to their Flagship Lounges. It really should be premium-cabin exclusive except for OWS/OWE, and CK’s. AAdvantage members flying in non-premium cabins should go to the Admirals Clubs. It would allow AA to improve Flagship offerings (and their reputation) for INTL pax and long-haul travel, reduce crowding, and have a reason to treat their Admirals’ Clubs as more than just airline-limited paid lounges.

    This actually begs the question, can anyone explain what is the purpose of paying for an Admirals’ Club membership in the first place? If you have to fly AA to use it, it seems like an awfully poor purchase compared to getting an Amex Plat and/or a CC with Priority Pass.

  12. Believe it or not, American Airlines didn’t make up Texas Caviar… it actually is a Texas thing, which would be fitting for an airline based out of (wait for it)… Texas.

  13. The record is 12 boxed waters and 8 cans of Perrier shoved into my bag before my flight to MEX. The champagne was decent. Would go again.

  14. The DFW Flagship is a nice space. But the food there is consistently well below the quality of the food offered at all the other Flagship lounges.

  15. If you’re worried about “sustainability” and “recyclability,” then aluminum cans are your choice. There is virtually no chance that those plastic lined boxes can ever be recycled. Aluminum cans are the one thing in this country that is recycled almost 100% of the time.

  16. Texas Caviar is a real thing, often served at New Year’s Eve as the requisite black eyed peas symbolizing money (they swell when cooked). I also like that AA serves made to order fresh guacamole in the non-Flagship lounges.

  17. Texas Caviar is a real thing y’all- often served at New Year’s Eve as the requisite black eyed peas symbolizing money (they swell when cooked). I also like that AA serves made to order fresh guacamole in the non-Flagship lounges.

  18. @Endre- first sentence:

    “I got to the airport at around 4:30AM, so that I could get to the Flagship Lounge right when it opened (so that I could photograph it while it was still empty).”

    No one can accuse Ben of slouching. Even as an early riser, 4:30 airport is rough!

  19. I’d love a post about the United Clubs. They vary alot and I think some should honestly be shut down by the heath department. Itravel throuwgh EWR 3-4 times a month and there are ALWAYS flies and insects crawling around the food.

  20. I’m surprised you prefer food at AA flagship lounges over delta SkyClubs. I dont love Delta (mostly due to SkyMiles) but have to admit the food at JGK and SEA SkyClubs is pretty good. At AA DFW flagship, everything was tasteless to me. But But But AA has the best wine by far…,If you like small euro-style producers—and you should! 🙂

  21. Yawn. This looks like a glorified Admirals Club. I’d take the Polaris lounge (and Polaris seat) any day over American’s Flagship Business experience.

  22. Can anyone tell me if I get access coming back to US from Qatar business and then a domestic connecting flight in coach?

  23. Your review is wrong. AA Platinum members can only access the Flagship Lounge when flying on international flights in Business or Premium Economy.

  24. The worst thing about this club is the muzak that they play LOUDLY. I’ve never noticed it in LAX, MIA, ORD, or JFK, but at DFW it has been loud enough for me to comment to the staff on my last two visits.

  25. As a Qantas Platinum, One World Emerald this is my go to lounge when flying into and out of the US. Last visit, 3 weeks ago, saw some decent tacos being made fresh. The F & B is a bit hit and miss to be honest but it’s fine as a place to freshen up before the 17 hour trek back to Sydney

  26. @LYNC–Ben is absolutely right based on my personal experience. I am Platinum for Life and have been admitted twice into the Flagship Lounge in JFK and once in ORD while flying economy. A family member was given Platinum as a status challenge and she was admitted twice into the Flagship Lounge in MIA while flying economy. Still another family member was Platinum and she was admitted into the Flagship Lounge in JFK while flying economy.

    @Chris–I was just in the Delta Skyclubs in JFK and LAX last week. Sure, the Delta SkyClub food was pretty good and is much better than Admirals Clubs or United Clubs (pretty low standards, I admit), but personally, I’d take Flagship Lounge food anytime over Delta SkyClubs.

  27. Excellent Lounge . Loved Lobster roll and wine from the flagship. They have excellent food and drink choices .I hope they open one in London too . London lounge getting very old .But AA staff over there are just Amazing . They always go above and beyond to assist pax . Excellent breakfast , Champaign ( Moet) , Faster internet , Very nice shower shower..what else you need ??? If they can give responsibilities of on board services ( F class and J class ) to these AA lounge crew members They will do an amazing job for sure . I have to say who ever managing AA Lounge Deoartment doing excellent Job. Well done AA

  28. In my opinion the general layout is not as good as the old lounge; if you want to enjoy the views you have to sit in what feels like a long corridor. No place really to relax. I thought the old lounge actually had a better layout that way.

    Food and drinks are solid, more than you can expect, and coffee – while not a barista station – is still much better than the old machines dispensing instant coffee. But I totally agree that the furniture, materials, decor and ambience are in a different (lower) league than Polaris lounges. Looks cheap and designed for easy maintenance rather than elegance and comfort.

    And don’t get me started about the “art”…

  29. I agree the breakfast is very good and the Flagship lounge is much better than the regular Admirals club at DFW. Unfortunately, the afternoon lounge offerings were so terrible and inedible, I left and ate at Chik fil A

  30. DFW is my least favorite of the Flagships – compared to MIA, JFK, ORD.

    The food offering at DFW for evening is not as good as the others. MIA is much better with carved meat at times. I mentioned it to the DFW server, that DFW was significantly less then MIA, JFK others.

    No sure why? Maybe I just hit DFW on a bad day.

  31. Is that St. George Green Chile vodka in one of your pictures? That would be one of the most shocking (and amazing) things to ever happen in the context of American Airlines.

  32. My thoughts:

    Champagne choice is fairly cheap, they need an upgrade desperately.
    San Pellegrino goes flat so quickly, I hate it. While Perrier is not my first choice it is better.
    Chardonnay choice is fine, but that Rosé is not. Generally i avoid California Rosé as it is just too sweet. French is preferred.
    Texas Caviar has been around since at least the 1960s.
    No guacamole? They had it at JFK in September.

  33. the boxed water is terrible, that is unless you are flying to MEX haha in that case i try to take at least 5 from the lounge.

  34. Just visited the Miami Flagship Dining on Dec 29th (after a lovely **ugh** time in The Villages), and I agree things are inconsistent – at least in Miami.

    The food was great. Love the Krug. The service was below average and spotty at best. The worst is you could hear the dishwasher whirring loudly from the dining room. Not exactly peaceful.
    Given how much money they seem to be pumping into the Flagship experience, you’d think they could hire managers of the dining experiences that could make the details shine.

    But I suppose that is the story of American Airlines: what details?

  35. I regularly go through this lounge, and though not ideal, have managed to catch a few hours of sleep in the “nap room” when I was really tired once.
    Recently flew through the Flagship lounge in LAX and th “nap room” is next to the entrance for Flagship First Dining. I was there around 0400-0630 and it was hard to sleep with the lights on, no bedding (luckily I had an AA blanket from the flight before and my own pillow), plus worse still, staff and the first class pax they were escorting talking at the top of their voices. What use is a “quiet room” (as per their signage) when there’s no door to close it off from the rest of the lounge, and no one is quiet when they walk past?!

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