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We had only a bit over an hour connection in Munich, so upon deplaning headed straight to the Senator Lounge near gate G28.

Walking towards lounge

Lounge entrance

While certainly nowhere near as nice as the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Munich (one of the best airport lounges in the world), the Senator Lounge was nicely efficiently furnished and had a decent food selection. A majority of the seating consisted of tables with swiveling chairs, though there were also some couches.

Senator Lounge seating

The food spread was definitely limited compared to other Senator Lounges I’ve been to, which may just be a function of the time of day we were traveling. They had cereal, cookies, cheese, meat, croissants, etc., but no hot options.

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Self serve wine

I spent about 15 minutes catching up on email thanks to the fast high speed internet connection, and at around 8:45AM we headed for our departure gate, given the 9:25AM departure.

Unfortunately our connecting flight on Air Dolomiti was departing from a remote stand, as all Air Dolomiti flights in Munich do, so the seating area on the lower “bus” level is rather crowded as a result.

Walking to gate

Walking to gate

Remote stand departure area

At around 9AM boarding was announced, and they piled people on the bus till there wasn’t a spare inch left, at which point we began the roughly five minute drive to the plane.

Our plane to Catania

Our plane to Catania

Despite the remote stand departure it was a painless transit experience.

  1. Ben, you missed out on that one. This SEN lounge is the poorest in MUC. The other one (located further down the main hall) is only a SEN lounge and is a bit better in all services. Larger and with nicer facilities. Also and that’s my favorite; LH has opened a SEN CafĆ© nearby the lounge you visited. Accessible with *A Gold, it’s a great place for a nice cake and coffee. By far my favorite lounge in MUC.

  2. For the longest time I thought Lufthansa lounges had terrible food selections, but then I finally realized it was mainly that I’d only been in them during breakfast hours, and Germans have … different tastes than what I would normally hope for at breakfast. The afternoon food spreads tend to be much better.

  3. Is it possible to use the United Club passes for the Senator Lounge in Munich? I have 9 hr layover šŸ™ and by onward flight is in Economy.
    Is there any convenient way of getting single use passes?

  4. What are the access requirements for the Senator Lounge? If you are travelling LH Biz without any status, can you only access the Business Class Lounge (seems to be different)?

  5. Curious how you picked that Sen. lounge in Munich. As a lowly FTL I head to the Business lounge upstairs, but if I’m not mistaken, there’s another Sen lounge down the hall, as well as a “cafe” across the way. I wonder how they compare?

  6. Agree with Simon above–you got hosed! Looks like you went to the lounge under the escalator, and the Senator Lounge upstairs is much nicer, in my opinion. Maybe just a bit larger, with a better food spread, more comfortable seating (dining-style tables as well as a lot more lounge-style chairs set around coffee tables), and floor-to-ceiling windows letting in lots of light.

  7. @ JamesBond_ppk — Visited the other lounge last time, and you’re definitely right that it’s much nicer.

  8. @ Chirag — Sadly those can only be used for United Clubs, and Lufthansa doesn’t sell day passes to the best of my knowledge.

  9. @ Huang Y — It’s only available to Star Gold members. Non-Star Gold members in business class can use the Business Lounge (not that there’s much of a difference).

  10. @ Simon — To be honest I’ve gotten so used to the FCLs that I forgot which one of the Senator Lounges was nicest. It was a quick layover so fortunately wasn’t much of an issue.

  11. Yeah, the nicer lounge in MUC is just across from the Munich FCL. I was in the FCL in March, and wanted to sleep, but their 2 day rooms were full, so I slept in the senator lounge day room. It has 4 beds and is one open room with dividers.

  12. I have a 4 hour layover in MUC. Travelling on a biz ticket, but without Star status. What lounge would everyone recommend? I’d like to take a shower and get some decent food. I saw on the LH website there’s a Schengen and non-schengen lounge. Not sure what the rule are for accessing both, but i’ll be on a US passport travelling from EWR to ADB (Izmir, turkey).

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