Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich Review

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There’s nothing quite like arriving off a longhaul flight and being picked up in an S-class Mercedes.


Mercedes interior

Aircraft from Mercedes

This time around it was an especially long drive, made only longer by the fact that the driver couldn’t find any parking. After doing a few loops he decided just to park right by an Airbus A340, and he joked he hoped he wouldn’t get towed.

Parking position

We had to clear transit security, and the driver walked us to the very front of the line and then escorted us to the lounge. Once in the lounge the agent at the door looked up our connecting flight info and asked us to meet in the reception area at 4:30PM so we could be driven to our connecting flight. Gotta love when your connection leaves out of a remote stand as well!

First Class Lounge entrance

All of Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges are very similar, though the Munich FCL is definitely on the small side given the number of flights arriving and departing around that time. There are maybe a few dozen seats, a few office cubicles, the the dining area, and some shower rooms.

I briefly grabbed a cubicle and got caught up on a bit of email.

First Class Lounge seating

First Class Lounge seating

First Class Lounge table snacks

After that I requested a shower room, specifically the one with the bathtub. The shower room is beautifully designed and you can’t beat a jacuzzi bathtub at an airport.

Shower room

Shower room

Shower room

Shower room

It’s worth noting however — as ridiculous as this sounds — that they have some angry @ss bathtubs. They don’t let out soothing bubbles or anything, but rather some of the most high pressure bubbles you’ll find anywhere.

Angry bathtub

After a bath it was time for lunch. This is probably the one weak point of the Munich FCL vs. the FCT/FCLs in Frankfurt. In Frankfurt the lounges are catered by DO&CO, which isn’t the case in Munich. So while the food is still very good and they still have an a la carte menu, the quality and variety of the buffet dishes aren’t as good as in Frankfurt. For example, they only have one hot dish at the buffet, vs. the six or so they have in Frankfurt. Of course, each of these add up to some of the reasons that Frankfurt is one of the best airport lounges in the world, and my personal favorite over Munich.

Dining area

Dining area










I wasn’t especially hungry so just had some salmon, tomato and mozzarella, a pretzel, and some Fanta.


Meanwhile my friend had the schnitzel.


For dessert I had some panna cotta with strawberries.


At 4:30PM we headed down to the reception area where we were driven to our connecting flight, which was departing from a remote stand.

Mercedes transfer

Mercedes transfer

This drive was a bit shorter and mostly on the covered roadway under the terminal, so views were limited.

View on drive

As we drove up to our waiting aircraft the driver went onboard to check if they were ready for boarding, which they indeed were. Awkwardly enough the bus full of passengers being transported from the terminal arrived at the same time as us, and they kept the doors closed till we were aboard, which led to a lot of awkward looks during boarding.

Aircraft to Budapest

Aircraft to Budapest

Aircraft to Budapest

While I do slightly prefer the Lufthansa FCLs in Frankfurt, I do have to say that this was quite possibly the most seamless ground experience I’ve had on Lufthansa.

  1. I’ve been on that exact aircraft!! I like that LH name their planes. Makes it so much easier to remember. šŸ˜‰

  2. Not that I plan to have this issue any time soon, but how many Mercedes are there at MUC? Does everyone get their own? If 8 people are in First, do they have to ride with “strangers?”

  3. Going to BUD(from IAD) next Spring via Frankfurt/Munich on this same feeder!
    Lounge looks pretty nice, no complaining:)
    Trying to get into F, but more likely Business.
    Looking forward to rest of report.

  4. I love LH’s FC lounges. Munich has always been a second choice. fortunate enough to have been at the lounge 3 times during Oktoberfest, but they have been out of/or waiting for the seasonal duck. – first word problem.

    I do find the lounge to be very smokey near the smoking room – you don’t have this in the FRA lounge.

    Great report!

  5. @ geoff — Off international flights everyone usually gets their own, though it does depend on how busy it is (though they have LOTS of cars). In our case there were four passengers (a couple in front of us and then us) and four cars waiting for us upon arrival in Munich, even though we were traveling in two groups of two.

  6. So arriving first passengers are entitled to a car ride if they connect on business class flights? cool.

  7. @neil : can’t speak for 8 people, but last time when i arrived in torrential rain on air dolomiti, there was me and another pax (either F or HON), and they did send 2 separate S-class to pick us up

  8. Who knew there were 3 choices of ham offered to FC loungers with their asparagus! Glad you survived the angry tub. Looks like quite the experience.

    Thanks for the latest installment. Perfect “mental health” break. šŸ˜‰

  9. 1. if not arriving at a remote stand, no mercedes ride? i’ve flown LH several times, tho not in F, but always boarded or deplaned via a jetway.

    2. would it be awkward to ask the driver to snap a picture of you (or me, in my case) in front of the mercedes and the Lufthansa First Class sign with the plane?

  10. why so many remote stands? Too many flights? This can be annoying if you don’t allow enough time, as I found on a recent flight at CDG to Bordeaux

  11. @michael: if there’s one thing I really dislike about Lufthansa, is that they use airports without enough jet bridges. I know Lucky disagrees, looking at this post, but I’m a poor little economy traveler ;).

    Frankfurt is a huge airport, but after arriving on a 10h+ flight, the last thing I want to see is a bus waiting for me. Couple that with the horrrrrrrible layout of FRA and my day sucks. Really, taking the bus for 5-10 minutes, then walk 20 minutes to get to immigration…

    I haven’t flown through MUC on a connecting flight so far (only as destination), but same crap. I don’t understand how a country so well organized has these horrible airports.

  12. After reading your EVA air report and the so unattractive food options… ahhh Wiener Schnitzel mit weissen Spargel, so German and so delicious.

    I hate your friend ! šŸ™‚

  13. @mangoceviche
    If you have the money and ay for LH F, then you are taking a picture of what is yours anyway, the plane you paid for.
    If on an award, then a picture of what you did not fully pay for.
    Either case, if you want a picture, you have to ask
    Don’t ask, don’t get!

    I was on a limo just after the Panameras came out and told the driver it must be heaven driving these around. He told me he drove a VW to work at 90 miles on the Autobahn, but he was not allowed to drive these faster than 30 miles per hour; so torture more than fun!

  14. About the shower room, what’s the etiquette regarding the time you can stay soaking in your bath? Given the limited availability of the bathtubs, I am wondering if they enforce some sort of cut-off time, similar to showers in Business lounges (where you are often limited to 20′)?

  15. MUC is a much nicer airport to connect through than FRA. Will be doing the same trip in two weeks, so a very timely TR! Thanks!

    Your friend should have had ham with the asparagus – much better! Funny about the looks…had the same thing happen to us on our way back to SEA from FRA with a couple of buses stopped and waiting for us to board first from the two S-Class. Ooops! Luckily that was on a A333 and no one walked through the cabin. Gotta love LH – sometimes you almost feel special;-)

  16. @ mangoceviche — Correct, you typically only get it if departing from a remote stand. If you’re flying out of FRA and use the FCT you get a car regardless, though.

    Not awkward to ask for a photo at all!

  17. @ Michael — Wish I had a good answer to that. On this particular trip almost all my flights arrived at remote stands, despite more than half of the gates being unoccupied in almost all cases. I’m not sure if it’s cheaper for them or what, though it sure is frustrating.

  18. @ DidItClear — There’s no set time limit. I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all to take an hour to take a bath, shower, freshen up, etc.

  19. @ bundy — Absolutely not necessary or expected, and I certainly don’t (and for that matter have never seen anyone do it).

  20. Nuts, I used the wrong 1st class lounge when I was in Munich last week, there are too many lounges!!

  21. Blasphemy! What are Mercedes doing in Muenchen – BMW’s hometown (First world problem for sure!).

  22. @Lucky,

    thanks, i was just wondering for future reference. i always hated tipping the bellmen when i can carry my bag myself and they would quickly snatches my luggage away.

  23. Lucky,

    Is there a surefire way to score F class car service in FRA? I know that MUC is a gamble (I wasn’t so fortunate on my last LH/F trip via that airport).

    You said that the F class terminal at FRA guarantees car service (presumably for FCT to the plane), but what if I’m only connecting? Is there car service between my inbound FRA flight and the FCT?


  24. @ Anders — There isn’t any way to guarantee a car service on arrival (only way to get it is through a remote stand). You can guarantee it on departure by using the FCT, which you can use even if you’re connecting.

  25. Hey Lucky,

    I have a question, so I’m flying in to MUC in F from BOS then having a 6 hour layover at MUC then flying out in C. Will I be able to access the F lounge during my same-day layover? – Thanks!

  26. My apologies for bringing up an old thread, but I had a question regarding access to the F lounge in MUC with a <24 hour stop – I'm flying into MUC on a thursday on LH F (YYZ-MUC), staying overnight (20 hour stop in MUC), then taking off Friday morning on LH J 2-class service (MUC-FRA), then a 5 hour layover in FRA, and finally going to BKK on TG F.

    I didn't know what I'm allowed to use on Thursday when arriving in MUC via LH F – even though I'm continuing on LH less than 24 hours later, it's the next day and it's business class on the 2-class aircraft. Would I be able to use the FC lounge in MUC? What about on Friday in MUC?

    I'm assuming on Friday in FRA I wouldn't get access to the FCT since I'm not *departing* LH F?

  27. @ Jason — If it’s not the same calendar day you don’t get first class lounge access. On Thursday you’d get access, but not Friday.

  28. Hi Lucky,

    I’m sorry to be commenting on an old thread but I’m not sure I found the answer to my questions…

    I’m flying from Newark to Munich on Lufthansa first class and then have a 1:20 min connection before my next flight to Cologne on Lufthansa business class. What should I expect as far as ground service in Munich? If we park at a remote stand will a car bring me to immigration? And if parked at a jetbridge I suppose I will have to walk to immigration and get to the lounge if I have any time left… ( i know 1:20 min is a short connection).

    Thank you and congrats on your blog I really enjoy reading your reviews! I share your passion for travel! šŸ™‚

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