Review: Lufthansa Business Class Budapest to Munich

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Lufthansa 1685
Budapest (BUD) – Munich (MUC)
Friday, May 24
Depart: 6:50AM
Arrive: 8:10AM
Duration: 1hr20min
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Seat: 11A (Business Class)

We boarded through door 1L and took our seats in row 11, which is the emergency exit row. The business class cabin was huge on this flight, despite coach and business class both being fairly empty. Business class went all the way back to row 14. My guess is that the plane was going to be operating a pretty premium “sector” next, maybe to Frankfurt, where there were lots of business class passengers, so they already made the cabin the appropriate size to start the day.

There was tons of legroom in row 11, which was great, since usually lack of legroom is my biggest complaint about intra-Europe business class.

Row 11 legroom

Row 11 legroom

Seats 11D & 11F

What you start doing when you get bored in intra-Europe business class…

Boarding was quick thanks to the light load, and before we pushed back the captain came on the PA to advise us of our flight time of 1hr5min, which would put us into Munich on-time.

We quickly began our taxi to the departure runway, and I thought the traffic on the tarmac was pretty interesting, including an unmarked A320 and a Sun Country 737. Anyone know what either of those were doing in Budapest?

Views taxiing out

Within about 10 minutes we took off and began our steep climb out of Budapest.

View on climb out

The flight attendants quickly sprung into action. One flight attendant distributed the breakfast trays, while the other flight attendant served drinks.

Cabin view after takeoff

The breakfast consisted of some granola with milk, grapes and cheese, pound cake, and bakery items from the bread basket (I chose a croissant). While it was only a cold breakfast, I far prefer it to the greasy-as-could-be hot egg and sausage dishes that British Airways serves in intra-Europe business class.


Despite the short flight time I was offered several drink refills. I just spent the rest of the short flight gazing out the window, and about 20 minutes out we began our descent into Munich.

Views on approach

During the descent one of the flight attendants came around with a basket consisting of raw almonds and dried cranberries, which seemed a bit odd compared to the chocolate they otherwise usually offer.

Raw almonds and dried cranberries

View on final approach

We touched down in Munich on time and began a quick taxi to the gate. That’s right, for the first time this trip we actually got a gate. Like, one of those things with a jet bridge. I almost forgot what they looked like.

View after landing

Pulling into our gate

On this whole this was a really pleasant — and quick — flight.

  1. “including an unmarked A320. Anyone know what that is?”

    Yes, it’s a twin-engine medium sized jet airplane, but that’s not important right now. Surely, you must be kidding.

  2. @ msp2anywhere — Hah, are you referring to the Sun Country plane, or did I screw something up big time here?

  3. @lucky- paul v. got it- Airplane! reference. Just watched it again with the kids this weekend; for our family that’s a must-watch on an annual basis!

  4. Just on case you are in bkk before end of this year let me know if you would like to go out for a beer or two and share your experience. Tim

  5. There was a ton of unmarked planes at LAX when I was there yesterday. I’m guessing either privately owned or in transit to be sold/leased to another airline

  6. Just in case you will visit bkk this year, let me know if you would like to go out for a beer or two and chat about your experiences.

  7. @lucky – Not knowing that quote from “Airplane” is the gravest social faux pas you have committed on this site. Say twelve hail marys and go watch it on Netflix!

  8. SY recently (last 2 years) began doing US Military charters (flying USA to duty stations). This goes along with the plain-livery plane (punny!) They were probably either ending, beginning or refueling a charter. (They sometimes do MSP-LGW as a bookable commercial, with a fuel stop somewhere in Ireland or Canada.)

  9. Ben-“My guess is that the plane was going to be operating a pretty premium “sector” next maybe to Frankfurt so they already made the cabin the appropriate size to start the day.” I thought these bus cl seats are the same as economy seats but with the middle seat blocked?

  10. @ John — Correct, though they have a curtain they move depending on how full the cabin is, along with a headrest for the center seats indicating they’re blocked. My point was just that it sounds like they did that early in anticipation of the next sector.

  11. @lucky –

    @msp2anywhere wrote: “Yes, it’s a twin-engine medium sized jet airplane, but that’s not important right now.” That formulation is a recurring gag in the classic comedy film “Airplane”:

    Randy: “Excuse me sir, there’s a problem in the cockpit.”
    Striker: “The cockpit?! What is it?”
    Randy: “It’s the little room in the front of the plane where the pilots sit, but that’s not important right now.”

    Then the line “Surely, you must be kidding” is a reference to the “Airplane” quote which is one of the American Film Institute’s top 100 movie quotations of all time:

    Striker: Surely you can’t be serious?
    Rumack: I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

  12. I caught the airplane references when I was reading this. I watch Airplane anytime I see it on Comedy channel because its a much watch. It doesn’t matter I’ve seen it probably 2 times a year since it came out in 75 or 76. Another airline film I like is “A View from the TOP” I drive by Cleveland Hopkins international airport 8 times a year when I have appointments in Cleveland. I can do the dialogue from that movie from memory while driving by the airport.

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