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I’ve been a fan of Air Berlin since long before they joined the OneWorld alliance, thanks in no small part to the fact that I may or may not have a cousin that’s a captain for them. I’ve never flown Air Berlin in the passenger cabin, so was curious to see what the service was like.

It’s worth noting that I called Air Berlin in advance to get seat assignments. Usually they charge for seat assignments in advance, but as a OneWorld Emerald you can assign them in advance for free. While they won’t give you the exit row for free (known as “XL seats”), they will assign you any other seat, including the bulkhead. So I requested seats in 1D & 1F, in hopes of the center seat staying empty.

Calling Air Berlin is an experience in and of itself, given how ridiculously seductive the phone prompt is. You fully expect to hear “for our 900 number services, press one. For Air Berlin’s contact center, press two.” But alas, that’s not the case.

We were dropped off at Catania Airport at around 7:30PM for our 9:10PM flight, and proceeded to Air Berlin check-in, which was mostly deserted. Our boarding passes were printed quickly, and we proceeded to security. While there was a priority line, unfortunately being OneWorld Emerald didn’t get us access to it.

Landside terminal

Landside terminal

Security took almost half an hour, and we decided to proceed to the Priority Pass lounge at the airport, which was to the left once in the terminal.

Airside terminal

Airside signage

Go figure that the lounge had limited hours just on Monday, so was closed.

No lounge for us!

Instead we headed to one of the restaurants for a sandwich since we hadn’t eaten yet, and at around 8:45PM headed to the gate for boarding. Once there boarding was called within five minutes, and once again we were loaded onto a bus like sardines till there was no room anymore.

Departure gate

Once at the plane, boarding was taking place through both the forward and rear doors. Since we were in row one we boarded through the forward door.

Our plane to Munich

Air Berlin 8887
Catania (CTA) – Munich (MUC)
Monday, May 27
Depart: 9:10PM
Arrive: 11:20PM
Duration: 2hr10min
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 1D (Economy Class)

My first reaction was “holy crap, this is an attractive crew.” There were four flight attendants — two females and two males — and they could have all been supermodels. None of them were especially charming, though…

Before pushback the captain informed us of our flight time of 1hr50min, and shortly thereafter we began our taxi to the runway. Fortunately the middle seat between us stayed empty, so it was just like intra-Europe business class.

About 20 minutes after takeoff the inflight service began. The impressive thing about Air Berlin is that on flights of over an hour they sell hot meals aboard. The first flight attendant came through the cabin to see if anyone wanted to order a hot meal. The menu was extensive, and I decided to order the tortellini, which was pricey at €9.90.

Next the drink cart was rolled around, from which we were offered drinks along with complimentary sandwiches. Just to prove that Air Berlin coach could be better than intra-Europe business class I ordered a couple of bottles of Moet, which retailed for €15 each. Yes, a total waste of money, but I figured the photo opp of eating and drinking better in intra-Europe coach than business class justified the cost.

Moet and sandwich

The sandwich consisted of veggies and cheese, and not surprisingly was pretty dry.

Complimentary sandwich

About 15 minutes after the initial drink service the hot entrees were brought around, and I was charged the €9.90 for tortellini. I reminded them I hadn’t yet paid for the two bottles of champagne, though they said it was on them. Not sure if it’s because I was OneWorld Emerald or what, but I certainly wasn’t complaining.


While expensive, I have to say that the tortellini was actually really good and a huge portion, possibly the best pasta I’ve had on a plane in a while. So I didn’t think it was a half bad value all things considered.

There were overhead monitors playing sitcoms the entire flight, though I instead read for the remaining hour or so of the flight.

After a smooth touch down and quick taxi to the gate we made it to Munich, where we took a taxi to the Sheraton Munich Airport, which cost about €20.

Air Berlin exceeded my expectations, and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again!

  1. Dumb note here, but I really liked it when you had a title for your trips, like Royal dis(HHonor), VIE-IST via TYO, etc. Review just seems impersonal.

  2. @ Ben — Thanks for the feedback. Still have the titles with the introduction post, but decided to do away with the title with each individual post to keep the titles a bit shorter. If others feel similarly let me know and I’m happy to add them back.

  3. I agree with commenter Ben, I liked the official titles.

    Also, this is probably out of your control, but it’s ironic you’re trying to make the titles shorter when the Boarding Area redesign makes posts an order of magnitude longer pre-click.

  4. Really wish you’d give *some* information about the places you go. I guess that’s not why people read you, or you perceive that to be the case, but just a paragraph before this flight review saying your thoughts on Catania would be great.

    You get to go places a lot of us don’t, after all. Be nice to hear which are worth the time

  5. @ James K. — It’s a great suggestion, and to be honest I’m so far behind on trip reports right now that I’m just trying to get through them as quickly as possible. Plan on doing a post soon about the places I’ve been in the past 12 months and how I feel about them.

  6. For a trade show in May, I used Air Berlin Düsseldorf-Munich last May. It was my first flight with them as well (and the second flight, the same night back) and I must say I was pleasantly suprised. I expected a RyanAir or maybe EasyJet experience, but it felt more like a KLM/Lufthansa ride. Yep, same problem with the stupid bus, especially weird because we were using an empty gate with bridge to get to the bus.

    There were newspapers (unfortunately only in German), I got a drink, really friendly staff: I liked it! Okay, it was only an hour flight, so can’t complain too much about the seat. Nevertheless, I’ve taken flights with RyanAir of an hour and I had to bend myself in ways previously thought impossible to get into that seat, something I didn’t witness with Air Berlin (I’m 2m02/6’9).

    Didn’t get the free champagne, though 😉

  7. Reading your Air Dolomiti-report reminds me of something: didn’t you get chocolate while deboarding? I got a really cute chocolate heart. It tasted great!

  8. With the longer title, it’s harder to know exactly which part of the report you’re gonna read when you get the tweet.

  9. “I’ve never flown Air Berlin in the passenger cabin, so was curious to see what the service was like.”


  10. I agree with James K. about how it would be nice to hear about your land travels. Especially after you teased us with “And that’s where three days of pure Sicilian madness began…”
    We’ll just have to imagine it. 😉

  11. Non-OneWorld elites can pick seats for free by pulling up their Amadeus record using the Royal Air Jordanian website! Yes, this actually works 🙂

  12. @ Chris — Wow, thanks for the heads up. So I just made a dummy booking to try this. It looks like RJ’s flight will randomly assign you a seat, though won’t let you change it. Is your experience different?

  13. As OW Emerald and frequent Air Berlin Traveller, I am pretty sure that as a OW Emerald you can also get XL-Seats for free in advance – never had a problem with this.

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