Review: Lufthansa Business Class Munich to Budapest

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Lufthansa 1682
Munich (MUC) – Budapest (BUD)
Wednesday, May 22
Depart: 5:10PM
Arrive: 6:20PM
Duration: 1hr10min
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Seat: 3A (Business Class)

The CRJ-900 is one heckuva long, narrow plane. Today the business class cabin had three rows, with the aisle seat in each row blocked.

CRJ-900 cabin

Legroom in seat 3A

Cabin view

Cabin view

Once we were aboard the bus door opened and boarding began.


Boarding was efficient, and within about 15 minutes the cabin door was closed and we were off.

View on pushback

It wasn’t an especially nice day due to the rain and thick clouds, but at least there wasn’t lightning. We began our taxi to runway 26L, which took about five minutes.

Taxiing to the runway

Once at the runway we held short and waited for a LOT Embraer to land, at which point we taxied into position and held, and about a minute later rocketed off (and this place really does rocket off).

LOT on final approach

After takeoff the purser announced the flight time was a short 55 minutes, so I just sat back and enjoyed the views, which are pretty tough to beat in Southern Germany.

View after takeoff

View after takeoff

About 15 minutes after takeoff the snack was served, which consisted of some shrimp, prosciutto, and cheese. The meal sure was dessert heavy, given that they had some sort of cream dessert, a box of pralines, and then after the snack some chocolatey thing on a stick.


Chocolatey thing on a stick

Drink refills were frequent, and the flight attendant working business class was friendly and attentive.

The weather cleared out about halfway through the flight so I just gazed out the window for the next ~30 minutes.

View enroute to Budapest

View enroute to Budapest

15 minutes before landing the captain made an announcement and informed us we should be arriving on-time.

View on final approach

After a smooth touchdown we landed at what was more or less a deserted airport. Despite the dozens of open gates we arrived at a remote stand.

View on landing

Traffic taxiing in

Remote stand

Once off the plane we had to wait for our gate checked bags, which took about five minutes to arrive.

Waiting for gate checked bags

From there it was a really quick walk to arrivals. Within 20 minutes of landing we were in a cab to the Hilton.

  1. Ben,

    quick fix – your arrival time says +1 day. I didn’t think you were connecting via Asia on this trip. Keep up the great work!

  2. Marriott or Intercontinental is the better hotel choice for Budapest, the executive lounge of Marriott is top floor, facing the Danube, absolutely amazing.

  3. Wow…an LH intra-Europe C meal that looks edible? Who knew? Next they might even put in seats that don’t make you feel like you’re on Tiger Airways Europe.

  4. Lufthansa does not pay for the VIP lane access at security (fast track) at Budapest airport for its business class passengers… Nor does BA.

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