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After a full day in Wadi Rum we headed north to the town of Wadi Musa, where Petra is located.

It was an easy drive along highways we’d traversed the day prior (how was it only a day?!), so even with a brief maintenance stop it only took ~90 minutes from leaving Wadi Rum to arriving at the Marriott.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I’d booked the Marriott Hotel Petra during the Black Friday sale. We paid $95 + tax for each of our two nights. This is a Category 4 hotel though, so you could also use:

The Marriott is conveniently located on the main road between Petra and Wadi Rum. A security guard checked our names (and checked under our car) before lifting the gates to the parking lot. Parking is free for all guests.

Petra Marriott Hotel

As seems common at the higher-end hotels in Jordan, we also had to pass through security before entering the main lobby.

Petra Marriott Hotel

The lobby was simple but architecturally interesting, with high ceilings and large windows. After our previous four nights of lodging, it felt like a palace!

Petra Marriott Hotel

The lobby also had several shops for souvenirs, jewelry, postcards, snacks, etc. We did our shopping elsewhere, but if you didn’t have a car I can see this being convenient.

Petra Marriott Hotel

We were assigned a room on the top floor, which was accessed via a very narrow lift. The rooms were centered around an atrium with arabesque arches.

Petra Marriott Hotel

I had asked if any Platinum Suite upgrades were available, but there was a large group there our first night, and I’m not one to fight if the hotel says it’s full.

Our standard room was decently-sized at ~325 square feet, though certainly not large.

Petra Marriott Hotel guest room

The furnishings were somewhat updated, though I get the sense that this hotel gets a lot of one-night guests, as there seemed to be quite a bit of wear and tear. Everything was clean though.

Petra Marriott Hotel guest room

Petra Marriott Hotel guest room

The entry had a small alcove with coffee/tea equipment, and a minibar.

Petra Marriott Hotel guest room

Petra Marriott Hotel minibar

There was also a desk and chair — though if ever there was a Marriott location that warranted eliminating desks I’d think Petra would qualify!

Petra Marriott Hotel guest room

Later in the evening, the saddest-looking (but still appreciated) welcome amenity ever was delivered:

Petra Marriott Hotel Platinum amenity

The bathroom was off the hallway, and was immaculately clean.

Petra Marriott Hotel bathroom

There was a nice assortment of bath amenities:

Petra Marriott Hotel bathroom

The shower was on the smaller side, but still received FULL MARKS on my shower scale.

Petra Marriott Hotel shower

Though honestly, we were so excited about the existence of a functional shower with endless hot water that we didn’t even care.

The most functional shower we’d had on this trip otherwise was onboard Emirates, so it’s no exaggeration to say that this was one of the top ten most gratifying showers of my life. Maybe top five.

The best part of the room, however, were the windows that opened to absolutely ridiculously stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Petra Marriott Hotel views

The Marriott Petra is not one of the umpteen properties that doesn’t offer breakfast benefits to elites, so the full buffet was included based on my Platinum status.

Breakfast started at 6AM, so we decided to have a quick breakfast before heading to Petra on the first day, and then had a more leisurely meal on the second day.

Breakfast is served downstairs from the lobby, in a restaurant that also hosts a dinner buffet.

Petra Marriott Hotel restaurant

The selection was really impressive for a mid-range chain hotel. There were over two dozen types of breads and pastries:

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

An assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, and grilled vegetables:

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

Some interesting salad fixings:

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

Several types of cereal, along with oatmeal and all the “fixings”:

Petra Marriott Hotel breakfast

Hot items included made-to-order eggs, turkey bacon, ful medames, falafel, and roasted potatoes. The chef manning the hot items was also making the most carefully and precisely prepared pancakes I’ve ever seen. I don’t even like pancakes and his detail work compelled me to try them, that’s how seriously he was taking it.

Overall, I thought the breakfast spread was amazing, particularly for the location and price point. The service in the restaurant, however, was somewhat lousy. Getting the first, much less second, cup of coffee was an ordeal each day, which was disappointing as the hotel wasn’t even that busy.

The restaurant level also has a lovely terrace with a pool, which would be wonderful if you’re traveling in the summer or with kids (it wasn’t terribly usable in our 35°F weather).

Petra Marriott Hotel pool

There’s a spa as well, that we didn’t have time to take advantage of, and a gym that I can’t imagine is well-frequented.

Petra Marriott Hotel terrace

The main lobby level also had a large lounge with great windows and views of the mountains surrounding Petra:

Petra Marriott Hotel lounge

There was also a nice bar with a terrace, and a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Petra Marriott Hotel bar

Petra Marriott Hotel bar

Petra Marriott Hotel restaurant

We didn’t eat in the restaurants (other than breakfast), so I can’t really speak to those, but we did have coffees and snacks in the bar one afternoon. They were a little pricey for Jordan, but everything within 10 miles of Petra is just outrageously expensive anyway (more about that later).

Here, at least, you have a view. So even if you aren’t staying at the Marriott it could be a nice place to escape to for sunset cocktails.

Bottom line

We really liked this Marriott, and I didn’t feel at all hindered by being on the outskirts of town. Wadi Musa is one of those places where the culture has been totally eclipsed by the tourism needs of the adjacent UNESCO site (think Aguas Calientes or Siem Reap), so other than proximity to Petra I’m not sure you’re missing much by staying elsewhere.

It was an easy ~10 minute drive to and from town, but taxis were also plentiful. We never had any issues with parking. Being able to retreat away from the bustle of tourists was perfect for us.

And the views weren’t horrible.

Petra Marriott Hotel sunset

Any other hotel recommendations near Petra?

  1. Glad you are OK. I heard reports of people randomly shooting others that don’t look like them and shouting “go back to your country”. Don’t remember which one it was. But has to be an uncivilized country with uncivilizEd people no better than animals.

    Jordan looks nice.

  2. “The entry had a small alcove with coffee/tea equipment, and a minibar.”

    Always nice to see hotels offering to-go cups as well.

  3. We’ve stayed there in mid November for 4 night. Executive Suite was just enormous and those sunset views!!! For buffer dinner we were going to the same restaurant that served breakfast and the spread was amazing. At JOD20 pp it was a great value.

    On a previous trip (which was a private tour attached to our tour of Israel) we stayed at Petra Palace Hotel in Wadi Musa, literally few steps away from the ticket office to Petra site but it was a rubbish hotel with rubbish food.

  4. I really prefer to stay at the Movenpick in Wadi Musa. It is usually around the same price as the Marriott, but so much better located, right at the entrance to Petra, and the accommodations and service is much better. It lets you walk to the few things that are worthwhile in Wadi Musa too, like the Petra Kitchen and the Cave Bar.

    If you are going to stay at a Marriott in Jordan, stay at the one on the Dead Sea. It is far and away my favorite of the hotels on the Dead Sea, including beating out the Movenpick up there.

  5. I am giddy with the discovery that there is a person, besides myself, who doesn’t like pancakes.

  6. We stayed there in 2015. Chose it over the Moevenpick because of the stunning views. Also, pool views. Unfortunately the pool was empty when we stayed there as it was winter. Your review is very fair. This was a good value hotel. The air conditioning wasn’t on in winter but the room has opening windows and insect screens. There was a strong wind blowing into the room but my husband and I had flu in Petra and felt like we needed air. My memory of that room is the noise of the wind shirking around the room. We were too ill to care. Great mountain vistas though.

  7. @mike
    Our rate for stay at Marriott Petra was $45 plus tax inclusive of 500 bonus points plus breakfast

    I have never stayed at Marriott Dead Sea but can recommend Crowne Plaza and Kempinski Ishtar. The latter is more expensive but prices out all the people secretly removing bags of food from the breakfast buffet. And its heated circular infinity pool

  8. The Movenpick rocked when I stayed at it last month. Had a very nice welcome amenity, too. I would say the breakfast was comparable to the Marriott spread. Cave Bar is pretty nice. No hotel is super luxurious though – I guess all the very nice luxury ones closed after the Syrian conflict started.

  9. I agree with Mike on Kempinski Ishtar. We loved the location, right on the Dead Sea. We had a villa room right overlooking the dead sea with nothing in between our room and the water. Even the bathroom overlooked the view. This is a stunning hotel. One of few with easy Dead Sea access. Great pools to swim in too.

  10. That’s one tired Marriott property. A perfect example of why Marriott in its post-SPG merger era needs to reflag a bunch of properties. To me, the amenities, rooms, and decor make this Petra property — one that theoretically should be a marquee property — have more in common with a bland airport or suburban office park chain hotel.

    Do you think they make all the bread and croissants fresh every day?

  11. I wanted to book this hotel for a 2-night stay Nov 29-Dec 1, but the site says there are no point redemptions available, and the only cash room rate is for a suite. You traveled during a similar time of year — any idea what might be up? I’ll check closer to the dates, but this was surprising. I booked the Movenpick as a backup, but a refundable rate on a superior room there is $250+ per night USD. Not what I was planning to pay for decent hotel in Petra.

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