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For our last two nights in Jordan, we chose to stay at the Grand Hyatt in Amman. Technically it was the last 1.5 nights, as our flight to Istanbul left at 3AM, but it seemed worthwhile to have the hotel for the full evening so we could at least get a few hours of sleep.

Our stay overlapped with Ben’s (which was super fun), so I won’t review the full hotel. I did, however, apply a Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrade to the reservation, and I figure other people might be interested in knowing what the suites are like. We had breakfast in the Grand Club instead of the restaurant, so I’ll cover that as well.

We made several stops on the drive north from Petra, so it was about 4PM when we arrived at the Grand Hyatt. As Ben mentioned, security was tight, so the valet took the car at an outbuilding where we cleared security, before walking to the main hotel. It was a decently efficient system, and whenever we left the hotel the car was brought to the main entrance and the parking berms were lowered for us, which was nice.

Check-in was efficient, and we were assigned a non-renovated suite on the 3rd floor. This was obviously before the new World of Hyatt program started, but I do wonder if this is going to be a trend — sure, there’s a suite available, but it’s not as nice/convenient as the standard-sized Club room.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

As you can see from the schematic, the suite was oddly shaped, and a bit of a maze. The door opened to a hallway, with a small closet and half-bath.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The main living area was spacious, though the furnishings felt a bit dated. Once I saw Ben’s room, ours felt very worn.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The furniture also felt rather small for the space — only having one loveseat and an ottoman in a large suite like this seems odd to me. But there was really nothing wrong with the furnishings.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

Similarly, the desk wasn’t very functional, and had a dining chair versus something designed for work. This seems like a very business-oriented hotel, so the lack of work space is a bit surprising.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

On the plus side, the hotel provided several amenities, including a massive pile of fresh fruit, a box of dates, a bottle of wine, and fresh flowers:

In addition to these amenities, there was an assortment of nuts and dried fruits under the television.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The mini-bar and tea service were identical to the standard rooms, though the suite also featured a Nespresso machine.

A small hallway connected the living room to the bedroom.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The bed was comfortable and fairly firm, and felt gigantic after our previous accommodations that week. Jordan is all about managing expectations!

The chair in the bedroom was broken, or at least very wobbly. But I loved that there were multiple outlets by the nightstands.

The bedroom was essentially in the corner of the suite, so you walked through the closet/dressing area to get to the master bath.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The closet was capacious, and I appreciated the vanity setup as well.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

Though again with the weird chairs at this hotel!

The bathroom was large, and nicely finished, with matching marble on the floor and walls.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

The toilet and bidet were in a small closet:

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

While the shower and tub were combined into a larger space:

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Suite

And there was an abundance of high-quality bath amenities.

Overall, I liked the room, and it definitely had plenty of space! It would be nice to see some updated furnishings, but given the price point I certainly can’t complain.

Grand Club Breakfast

As a Hyatt Diamond I was offered breakfast in the restaurant, but we never made it down there. Instead we opted for a quick meal before starting our sightseeing for the day. The lounge is a very pleasant space, particularly in the mornings with the sun streaming through the windows.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Club

And the sunrise views were incredible.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Club

The breakfast spread was impressive, for a lounge, with several types of bread, salad fixings, cheeses, cold cuts, cereals, yogurts, and fruits.

Grand Hyatt Amman Grand Club breakfast

Eggs were also available to order, though we didn’t partake. A range of beverages were also available, including several varieties of juices and teas.

It is worth noting that the coffee served in the lounge was some of the worst I’ve had in my life. Other than that, everything was tasty!

Bottom line

We really didn’t spend much time at the Grand Hyatt, but the location was convenient for the things we wanted to see, and the staff seemed well-intentioned.

The service in general was better on our first night than on the second (when Ben had similarly mixed service), but we appreciated the small touches, like the table of coffee and cookies set out for guests leaving in the middle of the night.

Grand Hyatt Amman lobby

The location also provides for some incredible views.

Grand Hyatt Amman views

I absolutely want to go back to Jordan, and would consider staying here again. If you need the space the Grand Hyatt Amman could be a good use of a suite upgrade, but otherwise I’d probably just gamble on getting an upgrade at check-in until the suites are renovated.

  1. “the coffee served in the lounge was some of the worst I’ve had in my life”
    How can they make that bad coffee?
    English or french scrambled eggs is the best, if they can make it.

  2. Maybe I am wrong, because we had completely different suites when we stayed there 2 years ago, but your suite looked like it was updated compared to the ones that I recall. You also received considerably upgraded welcome gifts/amenities compared to our stay as well. We stayed in two suites on cash and points and upgraded with diamond suite upgrades.

  3. Looks like a very nice hotel. Curious about the “welcome gift” of fruit, flowers, and wine- is that standard for Hyatt Diamonds?

  4. @ Anders — It truly boggles the mind. It was all out of a machine, so maybe the beans or dairy were of low quality? It was gross.

  5. @ Anastasia — My guess is that the flowers were standard for the suite, or because of New Years. The fruit and wine would probably be a typical welcome amenity for Hyatt Diamonds, though I wouldn’t expect to see those going forward with the new program 🙁

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