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Surprisingly, this was my first time actually transiting in Dubai. Like this one, my previous trips on Emirates had been booked through Alaska Mileage Plan, which allows free stopovers at partner hubs on award tickets.

A stopover wasn’t really a compelling option on this trip, given we’d already delayed our original departure, but we still considered an overnight. And then I looked at the flight schedules.

Emirates has two different aircraft types serving the Dubai > Amman route. They’re both Boeing 777s, but the configurations are different depending on the day and time.


It’s only a ~1,200 mile flight, so it doesn’t matter tremendously, but if your schedule allows you want to choose the 77W plane with this seat map:


Not the 773 with this seat map:


So based on that, and the fact that we’ve both spent way too much time in Dubai, we decided to go for the short layover in Dubai. That would put us in Amman pretty late, but we figured the time savings the following day would be worth it.

Connecting in Dubai is easy, but not necessarily fast. It’s certainly faster than say, Paris Charles de Gaulle, but the terminals are large and don’t have sterile airside transit for connecting passengers, so it takes some time to move through them. It took us about 30 minutes from exiting the aircraft to entering the lounge (though we also made a very fast stop to change a handful of Dirhams to Jordanian Dinar).

The Emirates First Class lounge was typically empty, so we found a table near our gate and caught up on email for about an hour.

Even though we were departing on a 777, our flight was still leaving from an “A” gate, so we were able to board directly from the lounge.

An agent came to the gate to scan our tickets, and we proceeded down the hallway to an elevator, and then to the jet bridge.

Emirates first class lounge Dubai gate

Emirates first class lounge Dubai gate

The setup is actually really impressive, as it seems each gate has its own elevator? I’d never really thought about it before, but that’s the only way it works given where tickets are scanned. No expense spared…

Emirates first class lounge Dubai elevator

Emirates first class lounge Dubai jetbridge

Emirates 905
Dubai (DXB) – Amman (AMM)
Wednesday, December 28
Depart: 10:00PM
Arrive: 11:40PM
Duration: 3hr 40min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 2F (First Class)

Whenever I’ve flown Emirates previously, I’ve been on the A380. The bar and showers are of course fabulous, but the cabin of the 777-300ER is breathtaking. And I typically don’t like how Emirates styles their plane with the tacky gold almost-everything and faux-walnut everything else.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

Although the seats are functionally the same, the combination of the high ceilings and the smaller cabin made it feel like a really special experience — something the 14-seat A380 cabin doesn’t always achieve.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

I think this plane may have also been newer than the A380s I’ve flown, given the “stars” and mood-lighting, and the entire effect was just really pretty.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

As this was a short flight, a small pillow and day blanket were waiting at each seat.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

We took our seats in 2E and 2F, in the center of the back row of the first class cabin.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

Once again, loads were light, and there were only two other passengers in first class by the time boarding was completed.

Given I’ve never been on an Emirates 777, I made sure to check out the lavs. While the first class lavatory doesn’t have a full shower suite, it did have a handful of toiletries and other amenities, and an abundance of faux-walnut paneling.

Emirates 777-300ER first class lavatory

Emirates 777-300ER first class lavatory

Emirates 777-300ER first class bathroom amenities

Emirates 777-300ER first class bathroom amenities

Have I mentioned how pretty the stars were?

Emirates 777-300ER first class mood-lighting

We were late leaving Dubai, but as soon as we pushed back the IFE suggested the flight time was only 2hr30min. It’s blocked at 3:40, so I’m not sure if the delays are built-in to the schedule, or what is happening there. That seems excessive as a buffer, but who knows.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

My husband spent most of the flight making up for the broken IFE on our previous flight by going nuts with the interactive in-flight map.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

Menus were presented in the same leather folio as you’d find on long-haul flights.

Emirates 777-300ER first class menu

As this was a shorter regional flight, the meal was more structured, though the flight attendant assured us she could delay the meal until we were ready.

Emirates 777-300ER first class menu

In addition to the 2006 Dom Pérignon, the wine list included:

I started with champagne and nuts.

Emirates 777-300ER first class

Followed by the lentil soup, which was surprisingly light.

Emirates 777-300ER first class soup

And then the roast chicken, though I substituted the tomato rice for potatoes.

Emirates 777-300ER first class main course

Meanwhile my husband had the pasta, which he ordered due to it being the “safe” option after his experience on the previous flight.

Emirates 777-300ER first class main course

He also had a cheese plate, which was nicely presented.

Emirates 777-300ER first class cheese plate

I read a few chapters in my book (a real novelty these days), but spent most of the flight appreciating the mood-lighting. Just wow.

Emirates 777-300ER first class mood-lighting

As Ben mentioned in his report, arrival and immigration in Amman was very easy. We had changed enough money to have cash (40 JOD each) for the visa fee, so were able to go right to passport control. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes, but all the desks were staffed, and the queue moved relatively quickly.

In the arrivals hall we divided and conquered — my husband dealt with the rental car (which always seems to take a ridiculously long time) while I picked up a SIM card, withdrew additional cash, and purchased some water for the car.

All in all, we were pulling away from the airport about 75 minutes after landing, which isn’t horrible, though was a bit longer than I was anticipating.

Bottom line

loved this flight. The crew was friendly, the catering was nicely done, and the cabin was gorgeous. If I could be assured of having the updated 777-300ER on a longhaul flight, I might even choose it over the A380, as the cabin felt so much more luxurious and special.

But I would miss the shower.

  1. I was horrified when you said you exchanged money at the airport! But thank goodness it was just for the visa, and you withdrew more later, presumably from an ATM with a no-foreign-transaction-fee debit card. Well done!

    Great trip report too. That 777 lighting is magical!

  2. I’m gonna say it: I prefer the EK 777 first class over the A380.

    Love the showers on the A380, the bar is great, but I just still prefer the 777. And it feels (though I can’t prove it and I’ve never brought a tape measure) like the 777 suites are wider(?).

    I don’t really fly business class, but if I were to, I would obviously prefer the 380, as business class seats on the 777s sort of suck.

  3. @ C — Hah, yes, not something I would ever do typically, but I had extra Dirhams in my wallet anyway, and I’d read that there was only one pre-immigration ATM at the Amman Airport, and that it had horrible rates and could have long lines at peak times.

    Otherwise yes, I always get cash from the ATM with my USAA debit card. 🙂

  4. I had read another blogger’s trip report about the 777 (AKL > SYD), and he compared it favorably to the A380, so it’s nice to get confirmation from someone else.

    I’m surprised you didn’t get the Mezze, since you had missed out on the F one on your last trip report…

  5. @ john galbraith — HOLY COW THAT’S AMAZING!! Do you have any idea how much time I spent on google image search trying to find that? Updating the post now!

  6. @Tiffany – Thank you but I must confuse I sorted of cheated. I did the same as you and tried using google image search and a few other tricks; none worked. Then I did a very simple google search “what red wine is served on emirates first class” and top result was this page;

    At the bottom of the page you can enter your flight number and a wine list comes up. Although it changes each month your wine happened to be there still. I was lucky!

  7. @ John Galbraith — Nicely done! I don’t want to admit to how long I (unsuccessfully) spent looking on the Emirates website as well, oy. I’m going to blame having a new puppy 😉

  8. @Tiffany – then that is Emirates website that is too blame not user error or a new puppy! (seriously I have often found it is easier to find something on a companies website via google than searching directly.)

    note to self – too much geekness must get new hobby or life. hee hee

  9. Thanks for another great review. Really enjoy reading your reviews.

    Regarding this comment –
    “I think this plane may have also been newer than the A380s I’ve flown, given the “stars” and mood-lighting, and the entire effect was just really pretty.”

    Is the mood-lighting new only on 77Ws? I had experienced the stars and mood-lighting 8 years ago (for the first time and had fallen in love with it 🙂 on EK’s 77L, so it would be surprising to know that they didn’t have it on their 77Ws at the same time.

  10. @ KJ — I don’t know that it’s “new” just “newer,” or at least newly refreshed. I believe the newer A380s have stars (and in the carpeting as well!), but I’ve never seen the effect on the older A380s.

  11. @Tiffany – Then it looks like the EK’s 777s had mood lighting before their A380s. So I had seen it on their 77L back in 2009, and in fact found this comment on from 2007 –

    “is mood lighting standard equipment on the 77w? Emirates, Etihad, Singapore and Air Canada all seem to have mood lighting factory fitted on their 77Ws”

  12. How much was the rental? International driving licence required?
    Guessing you used a cc that provides primary coverage

  13. Tiffany, I was in Egypt and Jordan over Thanksgiving and used Fi all over. Driving from Amman to Petra and back. Worked just fine.

    Also, you should have got the Jordan Pass instead of buying visa on arrival. Cheaper as it gets you into Petra and several other sites. We stopped along the highway at several simply because they were included in the pass.

  14. @Tiffany @Gaurav Tmobile’s free international data doesn’t include Jordan either so maybe it’s an issue with providers in Jordan not cooperating with Fi or TMo

  15. Interior pasta cream & cheese is not a “safe” option. Cook it (all the way through), boil it, peel it, or forget it, snowflake.

  16. Just had to say a great review, will be flying on this in a couple of weeks… and thank you for putting the toilet seat down on the bathroom shot. LOL

  17. @ Kyle — Yeah, it’s interesting. The Fi site says they’re “testing” in Jordan, but they don’t guarantee coverage. We had cell service everywhere, but not data (which is all I actually care about) other than when we were picking up a signal from Israel.

    And absolutely agree on the Jordan Pass — will have a post at the end with “things I wish I’d known.”

  18. @ Abe — ~250JOD plus some taxes. International drivers license technically required, but wasn’t asked for. And most of the cards with good rental car coverage are always primary internationally, but we used the Sapphire Preferred here.

  19. I love the Langoliers reference! That mini-series is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures! Such cheap TV special effects, but fun nonetheless.

  20. Love the review, and love that you linked all the wines to current prices. I don’t care if people think it’s tacky. The first thing I do is Google all the wines and top shelf spirits. You saved me the trouble.

  21. I’ve flown F on EK 77W before (MAA-DXB-SEA) rtn. I prefer the 77W because it is very cozy and intimate. There is just something special – worth more than the bar and shower – I cannot describe.

  22. @ Gaurav — Interesting, on there “Where you can use Project Fi” page it still has asterisks next to Jordan, with “* We’re constantly working to expand Project Fi functionality to new countries. These are some countries we’re currently testing where you might find Project Fi service works as well.” and “** Wi-Fi calls not available in these countries.”

    Would be awesome if it works there now!

  23. Fantastic review, Tiffany. I completely agree that the 77W on Emirates is as nice as the A380. There are aspects to it that are better, and some not as good (showers, mostly). Regardless, I definitely enjoyed my experience heading from DXB-MLE a few months back, though my plane wasn’t quite as swanky as yours.

  24. I was in Jordan and Egypt a month ago and had absolutely no problems with Fi. Data usage up the wazoo, even posted pics on FB while standing in front of the Siq.

    Did you try the Graham’s 1972 Tawny Port? I think the FA put remarks in my passenger file because it was brought to my seat proactively on the return flight ; )

  25. Hi Tiffany,

    Are you all tracking the On-Board Lounge overhaul on the A380, beginning in July of 2017?

    I’m flying the A380, in July. I am so crossing my fingers in hopes that I am able to grab an inaugural flight. I would LOVE to test that thing out!!

    Happy flying!!

  26. Great post Tiffany.

    Do you recommend when travelling EK F in the 777 as a couple, should you get the two neighbouring seats in the middle of one window and one middle?

  27. Absolutely loved this review!! The level of detail from start to finish was really great and I am in love with the first class lighting on the ceiling. The ability to customise the aircraft to that level is just mindblowing! I wonder do they offer this onboard all of their 773ers?

  28. Was lucky enough to have the entire first class cabin in a 777 all for myself on the long flight between Dubai and Melbourne late last month.

    A couple of points I would make: The toilet is a disgrace! It’s a standard economy class toilet with some faux wood etc….so yeah, it’s EXTREMELY cramped in there. No comparison to the A380.

    And….what is the point of the mini bar at your seat? It’s not refrigerated, and you can order the exact same drinks from the galley, and they’re nice and cold!

    Agree on the lighting though, it’s magical!

  29. @Tiffany – Emirates question for you. Arriving at DXB from IAD in F around 8AM. We have an 8 hour layover (before departing to MCT in F) so plan to go into the city for a bit. Emirates just downgraded the flight from an A380 to a 77W so we’ll want to grab a shower before leaving the airport. Would you head over to the F lounge or do you have another recommendation to grab a quick shower before cleaning immigration? Thanks in advance for your help!

  30. @ Evan — You know, I hadn’t really thought about it previously, but DXB isn’t really set up well for what you’re wanting to do. You still can, but it won’t be super easy.

    You’ll arrive “landside” and would have to clear transit security to get back to the lounge. Expect that to take at least 30 minutes. But I don’t actually know if you can get landside again after entering the secured area. It seems like you’d need to get an escort to unlock gates for you, as there isn’t any mingling of departure and arrivals areas at DXB, and that might be difficult.

    It’s also worth noting that the showers in the F lounge are very poor, and frequently don’t have hot water.

    I am a 3x a day shower-er, but this is a case where I’d probably wash my face in the sink and just go into the city unshowered. Maybe plan on arriving back at the airport a bit earlier to use the spa and shower before your flight to Muscat?

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