Five Star Virgin: Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge London Heathrow

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Given that we arrived early I had plenty of time to go to the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge before it closed at 1:30PM. After exiting immigration I had to turn left towards the elevator for the Terminal 3 carpark, where the Revivals Lounge is located.

Revivals Lounge entrance

Revivals Lounge entrance

Upon arrival I decided to make an appointment for a complimentary 15 minute spa treatment, and went with a head and shoulder massage. It was about 12:20PM when I arrived and the only available appointment was for 12:45PM, so I rushed to a shower room to freshen up before my massage. The shower rooms were spacious and water pressure good, with Bumble & Bumble amenities.

Shower room

I finished up right around 12:45PM and was immediately fetched for my treatment. The massage room had a comfortable chair and I was given an awesome 15 minute massage, which was quite refreshing after a long flight!

The lounge itself was quite empty which was no surprise, given that it’s most busy early in the morning when it serves the most purpose for business travelers looking to have breakfast or get a shower before heading to the office.

The lounge has a bunch of tables with waitresses that roam to take drink and meal orders from the extensive menu.

Revivals Lounge

Revivals Lounge

I wasn’t hungry in the least, though decided to stick around for 30 minutes until the lounge closed to catch up on email. I did order a café latte, which was served with a couple of croissants.

For those of you that are interested, the breakfast menu read as follows:

Revivals breakfast

Fresh from the kitchen
Revivals farmhouse breakfast
With grilled back bacon, Cumberland sausage, scrambled eggs, Portobello mushroom and toasted bloomer

American pancakes
Served with crispy bacon and maple syrup

Toasted bagel
With smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onions

Fresh fruit salad
Local and far fetched fruits chopped for easy eating

Sliced bananas and blueberries
With natural yoghurt, honey and an oat crunch

Breakfast sandwiches
A choice of Cumberland sausage or grilled back bacon on white or wholemeal bloomer

Eggs benedict
Poached egg on toasted muffin with sliced ham and hollandaise sauce

Selection of cereals
Please ask a member of the team for today’s selection

Freshly baked
We also have a selection of cereals and freshly baked pastries and croissants, please ask one of the team for today’s selection

Revivals Lounge menu

Café latte

At 1:30PM the lounge closed and I headed to the Heathrow Express station.

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  1. Pretty good menu for an arrivals lounge, sure beats Air France @ CDG (though that one is actually pretty good, after account for the fact that it’s Air France).

  2. Nice report so far!

    You really should have taken one for the team and ordered breakfast, if only for the photos 😉

  3. Great report so far, Lucky. But I agree … you should have eaten that Revivals farmhouse breakfast and taken a picture for us! 😉

  4. Hee hee hee Lucky – those aren’t croissants….. one is a Pain Au Chocolat and one is a “danish”

    They look delicious!

  5. Yes, the massages are really free – although they won’t say “no” to a tip. I got a free manicure when I went. It was really great, the girl was super-nice, and I of course left her a tip. No big deal. (Still cheaper than paying for one too…)


  6. Why does the Revivals Lounge close at 13.30? Our SFO-LHR flight arrived at 13.15 and we were both desperate for showers and general freshen-up after long haul – were v disappointed to find it shut and the only shower facility a long way away with heavy luggage at T4! A bit of an anti-climax after a very good Upper Class flight

  7. @ Ann — I assume it’s because the intent of the Revivals lounge is to freshen up before a day of work hang out for a bit before you’re reasonably able to check in to a hotel, given how early most transatlantic flights arrive. I certainly agree with you, though that’s the reasoning, I assume…

  8. Is the Revivals Lounge for Economy passengers?
    Or is there a place to rest with a long layover in Terminal 3, if you are flying economy?

  9. I will visit Clubhouse at LHR this week. I want to book a spa and hair trim service. How much do you thing it will be proper to tip? Or it won’t be necessary ?

  10. I am travlg. Y/c To EWR & my layover at Terminal 3 is 9 hrs.
    Is there a lounge facility for me ????
    Do we have to pay or it is gratis ????
    awaiting your reply

  11. @ Dinshaw — If you’re in Upper Class you can use the Clubhouse. If you’re in coach unfortunately there’s not a lounge you can use, sorry.

  12. There are public lounge areas in Heathrow where you can take a shower for a small fee. You can also check in to the Yotel for 4 hours for about 32GBP. You can shower, take a quick nap. Comfy beds good showers tiny room but perfect to get you going. Much cheaper than an upper class ticket. You won’t get much sleep in an economy seat but this should help kick start your day

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