Emirates New First Class Coming To Vienna As Of December 1, 2018

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Emirates’ new first class debuted last December on their flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva. As of now Emirates is only installing these seats on newly delivered 777-300ER aircraft.

Unfortunately this means that by the end of this year, at most nine 777-300ERs will feature the new first class. This is extremely disappointing, and makes this more of a gimmick for a few passengers, rather than something that most first class passengers will be experiencing anytime soon.

Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class

I had the chance to fly Emirates’ new first class from Dubai to Brussels at the beginning of the year, and had a fantastic flight, as Emirates has really done something special with their new first class. I think it’s the world’s best first class… too bad so few planes have it.

Emirates’ new 777-300ER first class

Well, Emirates has just announced their next destination to feature the new first class. Emirates will offer their new first class daily between Dubai and Vienna as of December 1, 2018, on the following frequency:

EK125 Dubai to Vienna departing 4:50PM arriving 8:00PM
EK126 Vienna to Dubai departing 9:55PM arriving 6:35AM (+1 day)

Emirates offers twice daily flights to Vienna, with the other daily frequency being operated by the A380. While the A380 doesn’t have the same incredible first class suites, it does have the advantage of featuring an onboard bar in business class and onboard showers in first class, so there are aspects of the A380 that I prefer.

At this point the following Emirates flights are operated by Boeing 777-300ERs featuring the new first class:

  • EK33/34 between Dubai and London Stansted
  • EK43/44 between Dubai and Frankfurt
  • EK89/90 and EK83/84 between Dubai and Geneva
  • EK183/184 and EK181/182 between Dubai and Brussels
  • EK59/60 between Dubai and Hamburg (2x weekly)
  • EK312/313 between Dubai and Tokyo Haneda (5x weekly)

While I believe those are the only flights that feature the new first class, the easiest way to tell for sure is to look at the seatmap. Those flights featuring the new first class have just six seats in first class, in a 1-1-1 configuration.

Emirates “new” 777 first class

Meanwhile those flights with the old first class have eight seats in first class, in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Emirates “old” 777 first class

It’s not surprising to see Emirates continue the trend of offering their new first class to Europe (with the exception of the Tokyo Haneda flight). However, I do find this decision disappointing on some level, since a ~2,500 mile flight really isn’t long enough to enjoy this amazing product. This new first class would be so much more beneficial on an ultra longhaul flight, where you have time to enjoy the fully enclosed suite.

With how few planes Emirates has with this new product, I see why they’re choosing to put these planes on shorter routes, where a single plane can operate a roundtrip daily frequency with time to spare.

These planes also feature Emirates’ “new” 777-300ER business class, which still features seven seats per row, and is quite a disappointing product.

Emirates’ new 777-300ER business class

Emirates’ new 777-300ER business class

Unfortunately it looks like Emirates has already blocked first class award redemptions for this flight (as they’ve done for all flights featuring their new first class). The good news at least is that Emirates often publishes attractive first class fares.

Anyone plan to fly Emirates’ new 777-300ER between Dubai and Vienna?

(Tip of the hat to RKC)

  1. I’m still seeing available flights on EK126 in First Class through Alaska. Doesn’t seem like Emirates has pulled the award space yet or even updated the seat maps?

  2. It seems that EK’s revenue department and that’s what it’s all about has determined these routes would prove to be the best deployment initially.

  3. @Lucky
    If you had a choice, which one would you fly, given all evens (same flight time, same route, etc.)?
    The new 777 first class, or an A380 with the benefits of the shower, etc. but old first class?

  4. I have flown both new 777-300ER first class and the old A380 first class. All other things being equal, I’d choose the old product over the new. Why? The shower (which is far better than on Etihad’s A380) and the bar are such great fun.

  5. I think they are flying the new first class to Frankfurt as well on one daily frequency based on the registrations I found on flight radar. They flew it to Munich for a while but stopped.

  6. I like your wording ”…and makes this more of a gimmick for a few passengers..”. That is exactly what First Class is all about!

  7. I also know that on select dates, Emirates now flies one of their new 777s to Hamburg on their non-A380 flights.

  8. I’m just floored that there’s so much demand between Vienna and Dubai to support a daily 380 AND 773.

  9. @Lucky “However, with how few planes Emirates has with this new product, I see why they’re choosing to put these planes on shorter routes, where a single plane can operate a roundtrip daily frequency with time to spare.” Are you saying this because this gives more people the chance to experience the new first class? Just trying to understand why this new First being able to do a RT in a day is a positive over an ultra-longhaul. Thanks! 🙂

  10. @Michael I agree! Are there really that many people flying on any random Tuesday/Wednesday that they need that many seats?!

    I’ve also always wanted to know the actual numbers behind how many people pay for First/Business on any given day between these random city pairings. I know First doesn’t always go out full but how often are people paying the ~$5k every day for a RT between Brussels and Dubai? It’s fascinating!

  11. I was lucky enough to try it from STN to DXB. Awful flight. Seat kept breaking, heating did not work, just hot, TV kept freezing, wifi not working, and the seat in bed mode is awful, feels like a dentists chair.
    I would go out of my way to avoid this from now on, much prefer Oman Biz or Qatar Q-Suites, IMHO.

  12. @lucky
    I also believe EK flies the new F regularly on EK43/44 from Dubai to Frankfurt, in addition to the routes you mentioned.

  13. The thing is they can’t offer these flights to one or two American locations because there would be serious caterwauling from all the yankies that didn’t have it coming to their city.

  14. @michael – agree, especially when nearby Budapest and Bratislava also have flights to Dubai (even though I think from Bratislava it’s actually Fly Dubai who fly that direction)

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