Emirates Introduces The World’s First Moisturizing Pajamas

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Emirates has finally found a solution to one of the biggest problems that their first class passengers face. Let’s set the scene — you’re sitting there in your fully enclosed suite, just sipping on Dom Perignon, scooping caviar onto your blinis with your mother of pearl spoon, anticipating your onboard shower, retrieving an additional beverage from your private minibar, when suddenly you think to yourself “man, what would make this flight really great is if these pajamas had built in moisturizer that releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp.”

You spoke, Emirates listened! Okay, maybe not exactly, but that’s not stopping Emirates from changing up their onboard amenities in a very cool way.

Emirates has offered the same pajamas and amenity kits in first class for years, and they’ve been fantastic. The pajamas have been sand colored and very light, and are among my favorites, given how comfortable they are.


Meanwhile their amenity kits are in a dark brown leather case with BVLGARI amenities.


Emirates is making quite a few changes in terms of their onboard amenities, including their pajamas, amenity kits, and toiletries.

To start, Emirates is introducing “the world’s first moisturizing sleepwear for the skies,” which should now be available for first class passengers. Here’s how these moisturizing pajamas are described:

Our new pyjamas for First Class customers traveling on overnight flights use Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology to keep your skin soft while flying. The fabric gently releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation. Drape yourself with our soft sheep-skin like blankets, which are also exclusive to First Class customers, and settle in for a peaceful rest.

The pyjamas have matching slippers, an eye mask and a felt pouch so you can take them home with you – the Microcapsule Technology locks in the moisturiser so you can wash and wear them again.


Emirates is also refreshing their amenity kits. While their amenity kits will continue to offer BVLGARI amenities, the bags themselves and contents are changing. Here’s how the new kits are described:

Prepare for the next step of your journey using our exclusive Bulgari amenity kits. We’ve introduced a new set of kits featuring Bulgari’s woody floral fragrance – Eau Parfumée au thé noir. Our designer kits are filled with skincare essentials to keep you feeling fresh and pampered throughout your flight and we’ve added a lip balm to restore softness to your lips.

Our First Class kit bags are made from fine leather and come in charcoal grey for men and pale grey for women. We offer four designs for gentlemen and four for ladies, so frequent flyers can sample the entire collection.


Furthermore, Emirates has long offered Timeless Spa amenities onboard, including in the A380 shower suite. This is the same company that does Emirates’ first & business class spa at Dubai Airport. It looks like that’s changing as well.


Going forward Emirates will be offering VOYA skincare lines in their first & business class lavatories:

Ireland’s seaweed bathhouses offer nature’s full therapeutic power in its purest form. You can experience this 300-year old tradition on board with our select VOYA skincare line, carefully crafted using organic, hand-harvested seaweed.

Nourish your skin and hair with our full range of VOYA products including shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, moisturiser, body wash, soap and cleanser. Fragrances include rosemary & mint from the Revitalise range, lavender & rosemary from the Tranquility range, and lime & mandarin from the Soothing range.


While I’ve loved Emirates’ old amenities, at the same time it’s nice to see them changing it up a bit. I’m intrigued by the new pajamas, and hopefully can snag a pair sometime soon.

  1. So hoping they will introduce a new color. I personally hate the sand color. And smaller sizes would be nice too. The mediums are ginormous on me.

  2. Lucky,

    Do airlines pay for the amenitie kits or are they given for free due to the free promotion of the products/brands? I imagine if they do pay it is at a severe discount but curious if you have any insider knowledge on this?

  3. Anything that will help keep you from drying up on a flight is welcome, but I hope the texture of the pajamas is still light and soft. I certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing something that feels moist.

  4. I just flew EK F last weekend and had all of this new stuff. I definitely did not notice any special moisturizing features of the new pajamas, but they are definitely very stylish, with a nice shawl-collared top.

    From comparing to pictures you’ve posted in the past, though, the new amenity kit is not quite as nice as the old ones — it no longer has the separate box of Bulgari products, though it does still have a Bulgari lotion container in it.

  5. Just flew EK F on Wednesday. Didn’t realize that pajamas had any special features. The bag that they came in was nice. I like the grey amenity kit bag. Didn’t get a kit on my second leg (DXB-BKK), not sure why.

  6. They had different shower stuff in the spa already in March, I didn’t like it, the slightly arabic/wooden smell of the TimelessSpa once, I loved.

  7. Nooooo. I was really hoping to fly EK F some day and getting that cool dark leather amenity kit 🙁

    Do any of you know if these can be bought somewhere?

  8. Well, one thing that would also help in not “drying out” on a plane is not drinking alcohol and caffeine lol

  9. @Ben Holz – I hear ya. I have one and I wouldn’t sell it for less than …well I probably wouldn’t sell it. These kits from these flights are like stuffed fish and dead deer antlers on the wall for us avgeeks lol

  10. @Ben Holz you can get all kinds of swag on eBay. I bought a bunch of Rimowa Lufthansa 1st amenity kits for friends and family for Christmas

  11. @Eugene – I flew DXB-BKK earlier this year; also didn’t get an amenity kit or pajamas. I think it is too short of a flight.

  12. @Alan – I’ve flew BKK-DXB a couple of years ago and was given an amenity kit. Don’t remember if I was given pajamas. The difference there was that it was a 9pm departure from BKK versus yesterdays 9am departure from DXB.

  13. Ben, I had to grin at your opening paragraph! I still love my pajamas from almost 3 years ago. Flying First Class to Dubai on Emirates was one of the highlights of my life! Maybe I’ll get to try the seaweed pj’s some day as well.

  14. Emirates does not have mother of pearl spoons for caviar. They only have regular metal. This is as recently as Thursday of this week.

  15. …I have a pair. I didn’t know they were “moisturized.” They weren’t introduced as such — and this was on the 14th of this month. I didn’t notice a difference. Actually, let me not say as much — the slippers were very nice. The pajamas were nice — but I didn’t notice anything special. Lol, I’m going to wear them tonight just to see if I notice anything. Seriously. I’m curious.

  16. ALLERGY ATTACK pj’s – what fun. Hope they at least list what makes them “moisturizing” so that people can avoid them if they have problems with the chemicals.

  17. Omfg i’ve got the Emirates Airline’s pajamas set top & bottom parts and i love it , feels so soft and smooth it feels like i’m not wearing anything same feeling’s like when i’m wearing thongs undies .

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