Confirmed: Emirates Is Introducing A New First Class Product In November 2017

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In mid-2015, Emirates revealed that they planned on introducing a new first class product in late 2015, an announcement that came shortly after their Abu Dhabi based rival, Etihad Airways, introduced their First Class Apartment.

Unfortunately Emirates wasn’t able to stick to their timeline in rolling out this product. Earlier this year, rumor had it that Emirates would introduce their new first class at ITB Berlin, but sure enough, that didn’t happen either. The airline has been struggling financially and cost cutting, which made me wonder if they put a new first class product on the back burner as well.

Last week I posted about how Emirates was randomly showing a new first class seatmap on their 777-300ERs between Dubai and Seattle as of December 1, 2017. While I wasn’t confident that the specific flight as such would feature their new first class product (uploading the seatmap may have been a glitch), I was confident that this represented the new first class product they had been promising.

Presently Emirates’ 777-300ERs have eight first class seats, spread across two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. Meanwhile the new first class seatmap shows a total of six first class seats, spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 configuration. In that sense the seatmap is very similar to Cathay Pacific’s 777 first class cabin.

Emirates’ current 777 first class product

Well, the good news is that Emirates has finally given us a real timeline for when the new first class product will be introduced, and has also revealed some basic details. Emirates will reveal their new first class product at the Dubai Airshow in November (specifically, November 12-16), and it will then debut on the Boeing 777-300ER. Per an Instagram post from Emirates:

First gets better! We will be revealing a new First Class product at the Dubai Airshow in November 2017. Making its debut on the Emirates @Boeing 777-300ER, our new First Class cabin will feature 6 private suites laid out in a spacious 1-1-1 layout. Our Business Class and Economy Class cabins will also sport a totally new look. Watch this space! #NewEmirates777

I can’t wait to see what Emirates’ new first class product looks like. I’m also excited to hear that the business and economy cabins will “sport a totally new look.” Here’s to hoping that Emirates actually installs a solid business class product, rather than the current seven seats per row they have on their 777s (even their newest 777 business class product has that configuration).

Emirates’ current 777 business class product

It’s also interesting that Emirates was initially going to first introduce their new first class on the A380, followed by the 777, while now that order seems reversed. I guess we’ll see if Emirates even bothers introducing a new first class cabin on their A380s.

So, how good do you think Emirates’ new 777 first class will be? Do you think they’ll finally offer a competitive business class hard product?

  1. All I can say is that I hope they roll the new product quickly…assuming it’s an improvement, and I expect that it is. As we’ve seen on CX, 1-1-1 configurations can be exceptionally comfortable.

  2. They must have really decided they got it wrong with 777 business class if they are already planning to introduce a new one, having just changed the product to much fanfare recently. But maybe they are just updating the color scheme in all of the cabins to be more similar to the new A380 bar color scheme with less gaudy gold and bronze accents.

  3. Last week I revealed this and you stole it from flyertalk so credit the source twice please…

  4. Yes, they sell middle seats in 777 business class. That’s why I take Qatar Airways instead.

  5. I hope these are available from Dubai to Adelaide on Nov 23, am taking the flight after the Chicago – Dubai flight.

    Perhaps Lucky and his buddies can arrange a good Residence deal with Etihad – must be plenty of folks who’d try it for a more reasonable price like Lucky paid.

  6. Are you sure the new first class product is on the Seattle to Dubai flights? I just booked EK230 first class, using Alaska miles, in Nov. 2018. When I picked my seat it was the standard 1-2-1 layout.

  7. @ Jay Crosby — Not anymore. Initially the plan was for Seattle, but now Brussels and Geneva are the only cities with the new product so far.

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