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Update: See here for a detailed review of the Flagship Lounge DFW, and see here for a detailed review of Flagship First Dining DFW.

American has been working on revamping their international premium cabin lounges, and in 2017 they opened Flagship Lounges in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, and Flagship First Dining in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. That’s an incredible amount of progress in a short time, especially given how slow airlines often move.

American’s Flagship Lounge Miami

We knew that the airline was still planning on opening Flagship Lounges in Dallas, London, and Philadelphia, and Flagship First Dining in Dallas and London. However, it has taken quite a while, as all of 2018 passed without a new Flagship Lounge opening.

American’s Flagship Dining New York

A couple of weeks ago we learned about the next lounge to open, and that finally happened. American Airlines’ long awaited Flagship Lounge and Flagship First Dining at DFW Airport Terminal D opened today, May 16, 2019.

American Flagship Lounge DFW details

American’s new Flagship Lounge DFW is open daily from 5AM until 10:15PM daily. It’s 23,130 square feet, and features 350 seats.

As a point of comparison, the Flagship Lounge Chicago is 17,000 square feet and the Flagship Lounge Miami is 29,000 square feet, so this one will be just about in the middle size-wise.

Here are some pictures American has shared of the new Flagship Lounge:

American Flagship First Dining DFW details

American’s new Flagship First Dining DFW is open daily from 8AM until 10PM daily. It’s 1,440 square feet, and features 54 seats. That’s a lot of seats, when you consider how few flights feature first class.

Here are some pictures American has shared of the new Flagship First Dining:

Here’s American’s Flagship First Dining breakfast menu:

And their lunch and dinner menu:

And their dessert and after dinner drinks menu:

And finally their wine list:

Who gets access to the Flagship Lounge DFW?

American’s Flagship Lounges feature much better food and drinks than their Admirals Clubs. The following passengers have access to American’s Flagship Lounge DFW:

  • Passengers traveling on qualifying oneworld long haul international first and business class flights same day
  • American Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Platinum members traveling on a qualifying oneworld international flights, regardless of the class of service
  • All non-American AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members traveling on any oneworld flight, even if it’s domestic
  • Concierge Key members traveling on any American flight

“Qualifying international flights” include those to Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Mexico City, New Zealand, and South America.

Who gets access to Flagship First Dining DFW?

Flagship First Dining features an a la carte dining experience, and is exclusively available to passengers traveling in American three cabin 777-300ER first class to/from Asia, Australia, Europe, or South America.

Nonstop destinations from Dallas with three cabin first class include Hong Kong, London, and Sao Paulo, though those connecting same day also have access.

On top of that, Concierge Key members seem to be getting a couple of “passes” to use these facilities every year.

Lastly, British Airways first class passengers departing DFW will have access to this facility.

Bottom line

The Flagship Lounge DFW opening is long overdue and is great news. DFW is such a massive airport for American, and for so long the airline hasn’t had a proper lounge here.

This should also alleviate some of the crowding in the nearby Amex Centurion Lounge, since many American premium passengers chose to use that over other options in the terminal.

Now we just need to see when the Flagship Lounge Philadelphia opens. I really couldn’t care less about the Flagship Lounge London, since oneworld premium passengers already have access to the excellent nearby Cathay Pacific and Qantas lounges.

What are your first impressions of the Flagship Lounge & Flagship First Dining DFW?

  1. Flagship First Dining is also available to three cabin transcon F like JFK-SFO/LAX. So DFW-LAX-JFK qualifies.

  2. Fantastic.

    Already scheduled to be in Ft. Worth on June 5, so this is excellent.

  3. Food wise, which do you prefer: Amex Centurion or AA Flagship? And overall experience?

  4. Personally prefer the food in a Flagship Lounge and the beverages in the Centurion Lounge. It seems that the menus never change in the Centurion Lounges (if I see one more version of a chicken thigh……. LOL).

  5. FLOOD wise, which do you prefer? DFW, or airports with parking garages that don’t get submerged when it rains?

  6. I’ve heard rumors that Philadelphia is delayed because of complications involving the fact that customs and immigration is directly beneath the A-west club (not sure if that’s true, but it’s been years and they show no signs of starting construction)

  7. @Lucky

    “This should also alleviate some of the crowding in the nearby Amex Centurion Lounge, since many American premium passengers chose to use that over the Flagship Lounge.”

    I think you mean “over the Admiral’s Club” or “Premium Lounge”. The sentence, as constructed, does not make sense.


  8. Does American give you access to a lounge of you are flying into the US on business and then have a domestic connection?

  9. I’m so over the Centurian fatty chicken thighs. The food in Centurian lounges has gone way downhill.

  10. @ ken — That’s correct, it’s considered a premium market, and is the only city in Mexico that qualifies.

  11. @ Randy — Yep, there will be one in the same area, and it will be about 10,000 square feet.

  12. @ Nicola — No it’s only for American and oneworld, and Virgin Atlantic doesn’t fly to Dallas anyway, as far as I know.

  13. There’s a sneak-peak for CKs this coming week. It looks good, but damn if they didn’t take nearly two years to get this thing finished.

    Ridiculous timeline, even if the excuse was that they were building all-new, from scratch kitchens for Flagship dining.

  14. Happy to read that!
    Do you know if there a minimum age for the flagship lounges? (Some Delta lounges seem to have a minimum age of 21 so…)

  15. Happy to read that!
    Do you know if there is a minimum age for the flagship lounges? (Some Delta lounges seem to have a minimum age of 21 so…)

  16. About time! PHL cannot come sooner and I am surprised AA is not pushing the airport leadership team harder to find a solution that will allow AA to build a proper Flagship lounge.

    I also think AA needs to seriously consider building a flagship lounge at CLT.

    Back to DFW – what I am most curious about is if BA will strike an arrangement with AA to allow BA F customers access to Flagship Dining at DFW.

  17. @Fred If you’re going to the Flagship Lounge solo, you have to be at least 21 years old as there’s an open bar. You can go in under 21 as long as someone over 21 accompanies you.

  18. Qantas also flies to DFW with a four cabin A380. Will their First passengers be allowed access?

  19. Is it worth 180K miles now to fly Dfw Hkg in first class on American?

    I hope China Southern allows American to book First Class with miles soon.

  20. So…like a slightly downgraded Polaris experience but they let even mid-tier elites in.
    I like it.

  21. Flying AA DFW – Belize in June in Business class. Will we have access to flagship given that we are flying international Business?

  22. Prefect, I will be flying MEX – DFW – HKG on 16 May in J. Unfortunately, not sure the layover is long enough.

    It’s a pity OWE do not get access to Flagship First Dining.

    It appears increasingly the trend, of the OW airlines I fly only CX offer true First access to OWE.

  23. Will be flying though coincidentally on May 16!!! I will need to ***guest*** someone in though since I am not 21…

  24. Great news, my QF Gold status will come in handy here. It still shocks me that AA’s own Sapphire and Emerald members don’t get access on domestic flights.

    I’d also love to see Flagship Dining opened up to QF First Class passengers flying DFW-SYD but I think that’s a pipe dream.

  25. “…..“Qualifying international flights” include those to Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Mexico City, New Zealand, and South America.”

    How about mid east? Or still a mystery?

  26. Mark3 – Which of AA’s many flights to the Middle East would you like to fly?

  27. Good to know. I had KTM-HKG-DFW-DAY booked in biz on July 13 so I was hoping the lounge would be open before then.

  28. No more open bar at the AC in B. I’ll be happy to have a Flagship in DFW, but I’ll miss the free Aperol for my domestic travel.

  29. No more open bar at the AC in B. I’ll be happy to have a Flagship in DFW, but I’ll miss the free Aperol for my domestic travel.

  30. Flying Q Suites DFW-DOH in June. Will I be granted Flagship First Dining entrance or just entry to the Flagship lounge? Thanks.

  31. Thanks, Lucky. Have been waiting for this long-awaited news! Flying DFW to Munich on June 24.

  32. So to be clear does dfw to lax qualify? I bought “first” on a 777-200. It seems vague on if that’s a transcontinental route or not based on what I’m finding online.

  33. Been a long time coming for DFW. Glad to see the lounge is finally open. We will see if the new lounge rules going into effect help curb crowding later this year.

  34. Damn, I just bought business class tickets from DFW to PVR. Sucks that only Mexico City is the only city in Mexico that grants access.

    Lucky, I wouldn’t say “DFW is such a massive airport for American, and for so long the airline hasn’t had a proper lounge here.” AA has 3 admiral’s clubs there (one that was recently massively renovated in terminal A), and there’s a decent Priority Pass lounge in D that was also recently re-done.

  35. @Matt unfortunately no that route wouldn’t qualify you for lounge access (unless you are a non-AAdvantage OW Emerald/sapphire member). Transcontinental routes usually refer to the LAX/SFO to/from JFK routes. Or even now LAX to/from Boston and Miami. Unless you are connecting to a “qualifying international destination” same day out of LAX, you wouldn’t be granted access. Hope this clears things up

  36. @Brandon – it was Dallas Love Field parking garage that flooded – not DFW. These are 2 totally separate and different airports.

  37. What about holder of the Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard? Do they get to access this flagship lounge?

  38. @Penny — No. A Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard holder gets to access the Admirals Club — not the Flagship Lounge.

  39. @nicola virgin Atlantic would be in cooperation with Air France and KLM who use “ The Club” by gate D22

  40. What about F passengers on QF’s A380 to SYD?
    It seems if they offer Flagship Dining to BA F passengers, QF F should also qualify, as it is the only other oneworld First class product out of DFW in addition to AA’s 777-300 and BA.

  41. Missed it by a day. Connected in DFW both yesterday and Tue. Would have been great to be there in day 1. I will try it in a couple of weeks

  42. Agree with the sentiment here that first class passengers on QF’s A380 DFW-SYD should have access to Flagship First Dining. QF allows AA/OneWorld Emeralds on international tickets use the first class lounge in LAX TBIT. Seems like reciprocity would be the fair thing.

  43. Krug?!?! Is this April fools day late? Do other flagship first lounges have this?

  44. @Mike, I can’t believe they have Krug either. The next option down is a $17 bottle of rose

  45. @PW:

    No one has said this is available now for Qantas, although as Gary Leff pointed out, this seems like something they could gain once their joint venture is put into place. BA already had an agreement in MIA, so it seems like there is a template for them to copy (presumably, AA charges them something for the facility usage)

    The First facility is pretty big relative to the amount of 1st class intl traffic that exists…it seems like they could soak up Qantas pretty easily.

  46. I’ll probably never get Flagship First Dining because I don’t fly F on those selected routes, however, no worries! The menu is unappealing and that Texas Beef Brisket Platter looks disgusting.

    The decor is nice and I’m sure the bar is awesome so overall, it’s great. I’ve only been through the Chicago one and I wasn’t disappointed.

  47. Unfortunately the new A Club in D is less than half the size of the old one. That place will be a mess.

  48. Has AA said anything about CLT? The 2 lounges there are pitiful for the size of the operation (granted upgraded B is nicer) and nothing for the growing international schedule. Terminal E (hell) desperately needs a Club.

  49. “Roasted Airline Chicken Breast”

    Who named this dish? Have they eaten an American Airlines chicken breast before?

  50. The Flagship First Dining concept really ought to include all F class passengers on all oneworld long-haul metal. For example, I flew LAX-NRT on JL in paid F last month, but that wasn’t good enough to access Flagship First Dining at LAX because I wasn’t on AA metal.

    Frankly, it might even make sense for AA to open up Flagship First dining to oneworld Emeralds traveling in long-haul business.

  51. Just tried to upgrade my BA flight from DFW-LHR from business to first. I did an award search and there was 1 seat available in first. I called BA as it wouldn’t allow me to do it online. The lady said she could see the space, her manager could see the space. Spent 45 minutes on the phone for her to say they were having “issues” and she would call me back within the hour. She did call back within the hour, only to say that they were unsuccessful in being able to do the upgrade saying the space really wasn’t there. Any advise?

  52. WHOA — what the hell is AA thinking? What, they want to offer an actual premium product now? Krug in the lounge? That is insane. And the option to get an Impossible burger? This is truly out of this world by AA’s usual standards!

  53. We’re flying DFW AA to DUB on a 789 in Business/First leaving at 11 pm. Are we eligible for Flagship a la cartel dining? Would really enjoy dining in the lounge rather than being served AA food on the plane after midnight! Who on the world serves dinner at that time??

  54. This is not accurate . Despite being one world emerald and travelling on a long haul business class flight we were denied access at dfw . Qantas platinum members are second class citizens

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