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Let me start by saying that I’ve already reviewed The Private Room a few times before, so feel free to check out my previous reviews here, here, and here.

We took a taxi to Changi Airport, and arrived at around 8AM for our 10:45AM departure. Usually Singapore cabbies speak great English (or else they wouldn’t be able to consistently tell stories with not-so-subtle racist overtones), but this one didn’t. We damn near got into an accident in trying to direct him to make the left turn towards the first class check-in area, since it’s in a totally different wing of the terminal.

Singapore Airlines first class check-in driveway

In the past when I’ve used first class check-in it has been mostly empty, though in this case it was packed. I took the below pictures after most people left, but when we first arrived there were about two dozen people in the first class check-in area.

Singapore Airlines first class check-in

Singapore Airlines first class check-in

An agent took our passports, and we were invited to take a seat. She returned about 15 minutes later with our boarding passes, immigration form, and “golden tickets” (aka invitations to The Private Room).

Singapore Airlines first class check-in

Singapore Airlines first class boarding passes

Singapore Airlines has a dedicated immigration queue for first class passengers. There were a couple of people ahead of us, and one of them took about 10 minutes to be processed. Changi Airport also has e-gates, and someone tried to use them, though for whatever reason it was rejected. He tried to cut everyone else in line, though the immigration officer told him he needed to wait in line with everyone else. He lost it and started yelling at the immigration officer. Now, I try not to yell at anyone, but I sure as hell wouldn’t yell at an immigration officer. šŸ˜‰

Singapore Changi Airport terminal

Soon enough we were through immigration, which leads down a short hallway and into the terminal.

Singapore Changi Airport first class immigration hallway

The Changi terminal is gorgeous, arguably the nicest in the world.

Changi Airport terminal

The SilverKris Lounge is located at the top of the escalator, just a short walk from immigration.

Escalator to SilverKris Lounge

We handed the agent our invitation to The Private Room, and she escorted us there. The hilarious thing is that The Private Room is inside the first class lounge, and the first class lounge is inside the business class lounge. So purely in terms of the physical exclusivity of accessing the lounge, I don’t think anything can top The Private Room.

SilverKris Lounge Singapore entrance

So who gets access to The Private Room? Those flying outbound in Singapore Airlines first class. The first class lounge, on the other hand, is for those connecting from first class on Singapore Airlines, those flying first class on Star Alliance partners, PPS members, etc.

The Private Room isn’t huge, though it is beautifully decorated. Thanks to lots of partitions between seating areas, it feels much bigger than it actually is.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

While there are a couple of peak times during the day, I find that it’s rarely overcrowded.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

In the back of The Private Room are a couple of small private rooms, each with a chair with ottoman and side table. They have a door that closes, which is convenient if you want to make a phone call, join the zero mile high club, etc.

Singapore Airlines Private Room Singapore

Across from those rooms are a couple of iMacs.

Singapore Airlines Private Room business center Singapore

And then in the very back of the lounge is a family room.

Singapore Airlines Private Room family room Singapore

The bathroom is near the entrance, which is also where the showers are. Personally I’m not a huge fan of it, since the shower rooms are inside the bathroom, so they’re not as private as in other lounges.

Singapore Airlines Private Room bathroom Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room shower Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room shower Singapore

Arguably the most elegant part of the lounge is the dining area, which is triangular in shape.

Singapore Airlines Private Room dining area Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room dining area Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room breakfast Singapore

To me the dining concept is a bit confusing. There’s an a la carte menu, and then possibly the least extensive buffet I’ve seen in my life.

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

We were there at breakfast time, so the buffet just had toast, yogurt, finger sandwiches, and cold cuts. Very, very odd, in my opinion…

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Singapore Airlines Private Room buffet Singapore

Then there’s also a menu, which isn’t huge, but is top notch in quality.

The breakfast menu read as follows:


I ordered a cappuccino to start.

Singapore Airlines Private Room cappuccino Singapore

Then I ordered roti prata for breakfast, which was delicious though outrageously spicy.

Singapore Airlines Private Room roti prata Singapore

Meanwhile my dad ordered cooked to order eggs.

Singapore Airlines Private Room eggs Singapore

We also ordered a side of dim sum to share.

Singapore Airlines Private Room dim sum Singapore

Service in The Private Room is attentive, both in the dining area and in the rest of the lounge. After breakfast we took a seat in the main lounge area, and servers stopped by every so often to check on us. I tried to get some work done, though Wi-Fi in the lounge is excruciatingly slow.

Singapore Airlines Private Room champagne Singapore

Lastly, it’s worth noting that The Private Room features tarmac and runway views, though they’re somewhat obstructed due to the way the windows are designed.

Singapore Airlines Private Room view Singapore

Our flight was departing at 10:45AM, so we left the lounge at around 9:45AM, since at Changi Airport security is at the individual gates.

Changi terminal

Changi terminal

Changi terminal

We were departing from gate A14, which was maybe a 10 minute walk away.

Garuda A330 Changi Airport

Security took about 15 minutes, as they unfortunately don’t have a priority queue. That’s why in general I recommend arriving last minute as a first class passenger. The flight won’t leave if someone is queuing at that exact checkpoint, and that way you can enjoy the lounge longer and not wait in line.

Departure gate Changi Airport

Boarding was eventually called at 10:15AM, starting with first and business class.

Singapore Airlines 777 Changi Airport

Departure gate Changi Airport

My dad was excited for his first visit to Australia!

Singapore Airlines Private Room bottom line

The Private Room feels really exclusive, possibly among the most exclusive lounges out there. The fact that it’s a lounge within a lounge within a lounge alone conveys that feeling.

That being said, I’d rank this lounge one grade below the world’s top first class lounges, which to me include the Air France First Class Lounge Paris, Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai, Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, and Thai Airways First Class Lounge & Spa in Bangkok.

The service in The Private Room is excellent, and the quality of the food is very good. That being said, I find the food concept a bit confusing, and there aren’t really any amenities in the lounge outside of the restaurant. There are no gorgeous shower suites, a spa, nap rooms, entertainment rooms, etc.

If you’ve visited The Private Room, what was your experience like?

  1. Most important questions I have:

    1. What brand of champagne did they serve?
    2. Why the hell would you fry a carrot cake and serve it with prawns???

  2. So no way to access Silver Kris Lounge if arriving to Singapore via First or Suites? Our flight gets in at 3am from Tokyo and if not allowed into lounge for a bit have to contact hotel and negotiate early morning check-in.

  3. I visited it for the first time in October and I have to agree with the conclusion. It does feel exclusive and the service is good but it really is just a waiting room. Iirc we became so bored in this lounge that we ended up walking around all of the terminals to pass the time. 2 hours is the absolute maximum that I’d ever plan on spending there.

  4. @nick carrot cake is not what you think, it is basically a Chinese thing, radish or in Chinese radish and carrots are called the same thing, you get them in some dim sum restaurants in square pieces, in Singapore these are chopped up and pan fried with egg and other condiments and flavourings

  5. @ Nick – The “fried carrot cake”, also known as chai tow kway, is a common dish in Singapore. It’s actually a stir fry dish and has nothing to do with the western dessert. Interestingly enough, it’s not even made with carrots – the main ingredient is daikon radish.

  6. what a shame. I have been through that lounge a dozen times and now it is just like a regular business class. Believe it or not it was better than your AF CDG F lounge experience with amazing 3 star Michelline star food, super attentive personal service, etc. Now its pretty much equal to the Concorde room if not worse

  7. I loved the private room. Buffets in the tropics are not advised for health reasons (although Singapore is the one Asian tropical country where I feel safe with them), and the warm food is never as good as when it’s made to order. Plus, I think its not as clasy. At dinner you can get some pretty deluxe stuff. Seems right on food wise to me.

  8. Showers at all three of the SQ lounges suck. They are nice for two minutes and then the hot water runs out.

  9. They have served Dom previously so must mix it up.

    Buffet in the first class section is a little better. They also have a Ben and jerry’s fridge in there. Up to the traveller to decide whether to ask the waiters to bring it to you, or to grab it yourself.

  10. Ben, other than the exclusivity and size, are there any amenities offered in the Private Room that isn’t offered in the First Class Lounge?

  11. TPR is nice, but underwhelming. Not worth going out of your way to arrive early. When I was there on a six hour layover AKL-SIN-CDG, with about T-3 the most obnoxious family of 7 travelling to LHR arrived and proceeded to “take over” the lounge with their conversation. Much to the amusement of the TPR agent we decamped to the (comparatively quieter) FCL outside.

  12. @lucky – My wife and I will be flying Singapore First from Tokyo to Singapore in April and connecting on their Silkair Buisness Class flight to Koh Samui. I know that we won’t be able to access the Private Room but we should still be able to access the First Class Lounge and not just the Business Lounge, correct?

  13. “The Changi terminal is gorgeous, arguably the nicest in the world.”

    Am I the only person who finds the carpet absolutely hideous?

    It looks like a cat tore it to pieces and then a blind carpet layer tried to put it back together again.

    SQ is a great airline, and it’s true there is a lot to see and do at SIN, but that carpet is just plain repulsive.

  14. Unless this has changed in the last few months, you can definitely use the Private Room as an arriving passenger (from SQ First/Suites Class) as long as you’re connecting to another SQ flight. It is not restricted to departing passengers. When you arrive, you don’t have an invitation – just check in with the agent at the entrance, who will walk you to the First Class agent, who will walk you to the Private Room agent.

  15. @Kris – When I was there with my wife we had no problems each taking extended hot showers. So either good luck for us or bad luck for you šŸ˜‰

  16. Lucky and all who fortunate enough to ever been to Private Room, I have a question: all the food and beverages that we can order in private room, e.g. : roti prato, dimsum, champagne…. Are all free of charge and we don’t have to pay anything, right?

  17. Hi Ben, My wife and I have a redemption booking flying Suites from MEL – SIN – NRT – LAX later in year. Yes we lucked out and the A380 is flying out of Melbourne again for a few weeks so we are suites class the whole way. Would we have access to the Private Room when we transit @ Changi?


  18. Hi Ben:

    I have a first suite redemption CDG-SIN-SYD coming up in May. I purposely picked A380 SIN-SYD to be on the suite. The problem is the layover would be 15hrs long (CDG flight arrives at 6am, SYD bound flight departs at 9pm) Are you allowed to enter TPR multiple times during the layover? I’m planning to have breakfast there, then go into Singapore for a quick sightseeing/shopping during the day, and come back for dinner and wait in TPR before my 9pm flight. Am I allowed to do that?

  19. I had a six-hour layover in TPR. Although the food was delicious, I found it so desperately lonely in there (just me and one older couple who showed up for a few hours) that I spent a lot of time slumming it in the F and (gasp) business lounges just so I could feel like I wasn’t the only person in the world.

  20. Nice review, Ben. I had a Suites redemption LHR-SIN-AKL recently so got to use it a few times. Agree with your general take on it. Was glad to have been and it’s nice, but not amazing. Was pretty empty on my first visit (which was therefore dominated for most of it by a very loud American businessman on his mobile – right next to the lovely private phone rooms! Why he could go into one of them who knows!). Second visit was at breakfast time when it was mobbed – no space left in the dining room!

    I also found it funny they made such a big thing of taking your boarding pass and noting all the details but then didn’t do calls for flights, either individually or announced.

  21. I have read a few reviews on TPR lately, and some have mentioned that there isn’t much to the lounge, and that it can be better spent walking around Changi. I am heading there this year, and am interested to know, why exactly is it boring there? What makes TPR so much less ‘exciting’ than other lounges at Changi?

    For me, having an exclusive, private lounge is the ultimate in lounge experiences. As long as the food/drinks are good and I can find a nice quiet place to rest what more can a lounge offer that would make it better than walking the halls of an airport? I ask because I don’t want to show up to the airport 4 hours in advance to take advantage of it, if really I only need an hour there.

  22. @ Richard — I don’t think it’s boring compared to other lounges at Changi, but rather just boring compared to some of the other top lounges in the world.

  23. My companion (my mother) and I could only snag one 1st class ticket from Singapore to LA, stopping in Narita. Is it possible for a 1st class passenger to bring a guest flying on the same flight?

  24. @Gina In my experience; no. They may make an exception for younger children; but for the most part, sorry, no. F down to J or even Y is fine. You can try booking the second ticket at the standard level or book the SIN-NRT and NRT-LAX leg separately.

  25. Very unimpressed this evening…. No desks on which to work (I’m using one of the dining area tables) and, as mentioned above, pretty much no facilities (as mentioned above) / tepid tea and wasn’t offered milk and sugar until I asked for it. And perhaps most importantly for a DYKWIA like me when they cleared away my starter plate (fruit) they put the cutlery to one side for me to use for my main course – eeek!

  26. Lounge is a quiet place to grab a nice glass of champagne before your flight. That said, the food leaves a lot to be desired. On the last couple visits, the waiters have asked me why I wasn’t hungry. I usually reply that I’ve already had my filling at the airport food court… And they usually agree with my choice šŸ™‚

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