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Emirates is by far the largest operator of the A380, so it’s not surprising that Dubai is the first airport in the world to have a terminal dedicated exclusively to the A380. Part of this new terminal is the new Emirates A380 First Class Lounge. I actually visited this lounge back in early 2013 when it first had its soft opening, though figured I’d review it again since it has been a couple of years, and the lounge is now fully operational.

Anyway, we were picked up by an Emirates car at around 10PM, for our 3:15AM departure to Singapore. The drive took about 10 minutes, and we were dropped off in the area of the terminal dedicated to first and business class check-in.

Dubai Airport exterior

The premium check-in area is massive, and that’s not really a good thing.

Emirates check-in Dubai Airport

Before we even went to pick up our boarding passes we took a quick look at the departures board. It’s crazy just how many flights Emirates operates in the middle of the night. The Middle East is one of the few places in the world where 3AM is “rush hour” at airports.

Emirates departures monitor Dubai Airport

It’s a long walk from the entrance to the check-in counters. Beyond that, there’s nothing actually special about the first class check-in counters.

Other airlines have improved the check-in experience by adding seating while checking in, while Emirates just has traditional walk-up check-in counters.

On the plus side, the two agents checking us in were lovely. Keep in mind that at this point my dad still had no clue where we were going, so as we went up to the counter I handed them both of our passports and explained that it was a surprise trip for my dad, and to please keep it that way. They were a bit confused at first, but eventually got a good chuckle out of it, and handed us both of our boarding passes.

Emirates first class check-in Dubai Airport

From the first class check-in area it’s a long walk to immigration and security. I really don’t have the slightest clue why the premium check-in area is so massive. And given how big it is, it’s even more puzzling that they didn’t decide to do something more innovative with the space.

Lanside terminal Dubai Airport

There was no queue at security or immigration, so we were through in a matter of minutes. From there we took the train to the A Concourse, which is dedicated exclusively to A380s.

Train to A Concourse Dubai Airport

It’s the newest terminal at Dubai Airport, and is gorgeous. Really it feels more like a shopping mall than anything else, given the layout and number of shiny lights and ads.

A Concourse Dubai Airport

A Concourse Dubai Airport

We took the elevator up to the first class lounge, which is located on level four, one level up from the concourse.

Emirates Lounge signage Dubai Airport

As we walked up to the reception desk I handed the agent our boarding passes and asked that they not tell my dad where we were headed, explaining that it was a surprise birthday trip for him. At first they had an almost concerned look on their faces, but once they understood what I was saying, they got a good chuckle out of it as well.

Emirates First Lounge entrance Dubai Airport

Emirates First Lounge reception Dubai Airport

The Emirates first class lounge in the A380 concourse is massive. Emirates has designed one of the most innovative lounges in the world. Rather than just having a first class lounge, they’ve basically designed a first class concourse. The lounge spreads the entire length of the terminal, and then you can board your flight directly through the lounge. It’s insane. Yep, in the below picture, that’s the first class lounge immediately above the concourse, and they’re equally long.

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Airport

As we entered the lounge, my dad had the same reaction I had the first time I visited the lounge — “I don’t get it… where’s the lounge?”

And that’s a reasonable question, given the number of duty free shops in the lounge. It really does feel more like a super-nice and quiet terminal than anything else… at least at first.

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge duty free Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge duty free Dubai Airport

Frankly I still don’t know what to make of this lounge. It’s overwhelming. It’s ridiculous. It’s unnecessary. It’s sterile. And it’s just kinda plain awesome. I mean, lounge overcrowding is a common complaint, but is there such a thing as having a lounge that’s so big that it no longer feels exclusive? If so, this lounge definitely fits the bill.

There’s tons of seating in the lounge. Tons. There must be over a thousand seats in the lounge, if I had to guess. I gave my dad a tour, and the craziest part is that for the first two hours we were literally the only two passengers in the lounge. It was just us and well over 100 employees.

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

The lounge has tons of seating, both along the main “path” of the lounge, as well as at each individual gate area.

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Each gate area has maybe a couple of dozen seats and a light buffet. Here’s what a buffet at an individual gate looks like (keep in mind there are well over a dozen of these in the lounge):

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Given how huge the lounge is, it’s actually basically a mirror image of itself — both sides of the concourse have roughly the same amenities.

At the far ends of the concourse is a large main seating area, which features lounge chairs as well as table seating.

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge seating Dubai Airport

There’s a decent size buffet there. It’s not the main restaurant in the lounge, but if you’re just looking for a snack, it’s perfect.

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge buffet Dubai Airport

In theory drinks in the lounge are self serve, though the lounge is so over staffed that you’ll be approached by about five staff eager to help if you even dare look at anything.

Emirates First Class Lounge wine Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge wine Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge Arabic coffee Dubai Airport

The lounge also has two large sleeping rooms with dozens of day beds each. While they don’t have true beds, the day beds are quite comfortable, and have pillows and blankets.

Emirates First Class Lounge sleeping room Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge sleeping room Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge sleeping room Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge sleeping room Dubai Airport

Possibly my dad’s favorite feature of the lounge was the cigar bar, given that he’s a cigar smoker.

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

While I don’t smoke, I do appreciate that they have a pleasant, isolated place for people that do. It’s a large bar which is nicely furnished.

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar Dubai Airport

As you might expect, there’s a cheese spread inside the cigar bar.

Emirates First Class Lounge cigar bar snacks Dubai Airport

My dad wanted to smoke a cigar, so I sat with him there. There’s an a la carte menu available throughout the lounge, and any of the servers can bring you anything from the menu. We decided to have a snack while my dad had a cigar.

The lounge menu read as follows:








I ordered the garlic shrimp, which were simple but excellent.

Emirates First Lounge garlic prawns appetizer

Meanwhile my dad nibbled on a cheese plate.

Emirates First Lounge cheese plate

The lounge also has a Timeless Spa, which wasn’t open the last time I visited the lounge. The spa is located just outside the entrance to the first class lounge.

Emirates First Class Lounge Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

As a first class passenger you receive a complimentary treatment, which we scheduled for 12:30AM.

The treatment choices are as follows:


It’s worth noting that the spa has hair and nail services as well, which isn’t the case at many other airport spas.

Emirates First Class Lounge Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

I decided to get a back massage. While it was only a 15 minute treatment, my Balinese therapist was fantastic.

Emirates First Class Lounge Timeless Spa Dubai Airport

When we got back into the lounge, my dad got a complimentary shoe shine, which is another pretty cool feature. At this point the lounge started to fill up a bit more, given that the flights between London and Australia were on the ground.

Emirates First Class Lounge shoe shine Dubai Airport

At this point we decided to go to the dining room. Emirates’ catering on late night/early morning departures is pretty weak, so we figured we’d have a snack. As I said above, you can actually order food from anywhere, so you don’t have to eat in the dining room, even if you want a full meal.

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant Dubai Airport

We started off with a glass of champagne. Emirates offers Moet in the first class lounge.

Emirates First Class Lounge champagne Dubai Airport

In addition to the a la carte menu available throughout the lounge, there’s also an extensive buffet, consisting of Western, Arabic, and Asian options.

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant buffet Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant buffet Dubai Airport

I’m not usually much for buffets, but the spread looked excellent, so I just tried a few different things from the buffet for dinner.

Emirates First Class Lounge restaurant dinner Dubai Airport

The biggest surprise of the night — and possibly of the trip — came when a small army of staff came up to our table as we finished our meal to present my dad with a massive birthday cake. What an amazing gesture, given that the extent of them knowing about my dad’s birthday was me mentioning it as we entered the lounge. The fact that they made him a cake with his name on it in just a couple of hours is amazing.

Emirates First Class Lounge birthday cake Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge birthday cake Dubai Airport

All too soon, at around 2:45AM, boarding for our flight to Singapore began out of gate A9. I love being able to board directly through the lounge, especially since you’re at most competing with a dozen other passengers to board, as opposed to 500.

Emirates First Class Lounge boarding gate Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge boarding gate signage Dubai Airport

Once you have your boarding pass scanned you take the elevator down to the second floor, which is where the A380 upper deck is boarded from.

Emirates First Class Lounge boarding gate elevator Dubai Airport

At the bottom of the elevator you go down a short hallway, and then find yourself on the jet bridge already. Can’t beat that!

Emirates First Class Lounge boarding gate Dubai Airport

Emirates First Class Lounge jet bridge Dubai Airport

While it was the middle of the night, we were both damn excited to board another Emirates A380!

Emirates A380 taking us to Singapore

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai bottom line

Let me start with the staff in this lounge. They’re over the top amazing. Being the only two people in this massive of a lounge for a couple of hours was borderline awkward. Every single employee we walked past greeted us. You’d almost think they were paid a commission based on you visiting their area, based on how attentive they were in seeing if anything could be done.

The Emirates A380 First Class Lounge is also innovative. It’s really not even a lounge, but rather more like the classiest concourse in the world. Being able to board your flight directly through the lounge is a huge plus. And Emirates has done a great job with the concept, though to some degree a lounge loses some level of exclusivity and coziness when it feels more like a concourse. I know that’s the ultimate first world feedback, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but…

The one area where I think Emirates could really improve when it comes to their ground service is everything leading up to the lounge. The check-in area is sterile and inconvenient, and it’s amazing how long of a walk it is from the curb to security. I don’t get why they don’t offer an escort service between check-in and the lounge, which would at least be a nice touch, in my opinion.

But all-in-all, I do think this is one of the world’s best airport lounges, along with the Air France First Class Lounge Paris, Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, and Thai Airways First Class Lounge & Spa in Bangkok.

If you’ve visited the Emirates A380 First Class Lounge Dubai, what was your experience?

  1. Nice. So they don’t give Alaska award ticket holders hard time any more?
    Also, do qantas F passengers receive complimentary 15 min massage as well?
    Thank you.

  2. Great report, sounds a little strange for a whole concourse to be a lounge. Any TVs/ magazine areas etc?

    Also Thai > Syd qf f lounge due to door to door service?

    Imo qf beats Thai for at least food and the view

  3. Great info and report, was wondering if you have a flight out of DXB on a plane other than the a380 in Emirates F can you still go to this “lounge” or is there a separate one in the other terminal?

  4. Do they offer you a tour when you enter, or are there maps or do they at least list off the various facilities available? Given how big it is, it seems like it would actually be kind of annoying to explore the whole thing, unlike most lounges, and it looks like it would be fairly easy to not realize there is a cigar bar, are daybeds, etc.

  5. While I do appreciate the concept of ‘direct boarding’ from the gate, and hence the need for an entire floor dedicated to the lounge, I feel that EK lacks innovation generally and relies more on bling, with many of their products coming across as borderline tacky.

  6. I was totally salivating over doing a JFK – DXB – BKK in first, but between the cutoff for first availability, and now no free ground transportation, other options seem to offer a better avenue. Regardless, it’s great that you had the chance to get the full benefits on this trip with your dad, and that he got into the spirit of things as well.

  7. Beautiful lounge and I would need HOURS to explore all of it and enjoy everything it offers. Though, I agree with you Ben it is just too big to feel “private” but with so much seating available I don’t see it a problem to find a little spot and make it my home, specially the day beds :). lovely.

  8. @ Ahmad — They were kind enough to box it up so we could take it onboard with us and share it with the crew.

  9. @ Bgriff — They don’t offer a tour, but there’s quite a bit of signage, so it’s not too tough to figure things out.

  10. @ Michael — There is a separate lounge in the other concourse, but I believe you can use this one even if you’re flying out of another concourse.

  11. @ Andrew — Hmmm, just recently visited Qantas First Lounge for the first time, I think you might be right. It is a damn good lounge. There were some areas with magazines, and even some media rooms.

  12. @ Lantean — I didn’t have a hard time, at least. And yes, Qantas passengers do receive a complimentary treatment as well.

  13. Does the QF LHR-DXB-SYD A380 use this concourse? And thus presumably QF F pax would use this F lounge/concourse?

  14. The check in hall is big because it needs to span the entire taxiway area between the midfield concourses and the landside check-in terminals. For T1 the check in hall is smaller but after security there is a long sterile corridor connecting T1 to concourse C. For T3 the design is to envelope the connector into the general landside area with security not happening until you are right under concourse B.

  15. @Lucky – Just to clarify, even though Emirates sometimes likes to refer to Concourse A as the “A380 Concourse” in their PR, it is neither exclusive to the A380 nor are A380 flights exclusive to the concourse. In fact, there are multiple gates on Concourse A that are not even capable of handling A380s, plus a whole bunch of bus gates. I’ve only had an A380 flight at A concourse once – most of my A380s have left from Concourse C which is actually part of Terminal 1 but is also partly used by Emirates during the peak departure periods. Emirates has First and Business Lounges in both Concourse A and B of Terminal 3 as well as in Concourse C of Terminal 1 – a total of 6 lounges.

    @Bgriff – There are maps and signs everywhere in the lounges giving directions to the various amenities. The lounge isn’t really that complex or exciting once you’ve used it a few times – as Ben says it is a very modular design with pretty much the same stuff repeating itself every alternate gate area.

    @Michael – In theory, you are supposed to use the lounge closest to your departure gate (your lounge “assignment” is also noted on your Boarding Pass), but in practice you will be allowed to use any (or multiple) lounge until 60 minutes prior to your flight when you will be denied entry to any lounge other than the closest one to your gate.

  16. “Youā€™d almost think they were paid a commission based on you visiting their area, based on how attentive they were in seeing if anything could be done.”

    Dude, it’s Dubai. Be glad the service there was as attentive as it was, as opposed to usual half-assed service you find in the GCC.

    As spectacular as that lounge is, it is rather sad to see all of that food going to waste. I doubt more than a third of it gets eaten. I hope the staff working there gets to dine on it before it gets thrown out, so at least someone gets to enjoy the rest.

  17. Great report and thanks for posting Ben.

    With regards to the cigar bar, would I be correct in assuming that the cigars are provided gratis? Is that the same at the EY AUH lounge?

  18. Hi Lucky,
    Booked my flight in First last April for upcoming travel in Feb. Already scheduled ground transportation, will it be honored or am I on my own?
    Seeing all the pictures makes me that much more excited! Thanks for excellent report!

  19. Used this lounge in December when flying QF F from DXB to LHR. Was definitely blown away by the sheer size of the lounge. But even at peak departure hour of 1:45am, never really felt crowded. I had about two hours in the lounge and felt like I was rushing through it. The massage I got in the timeless spa was fantastic! Excited I will get to pass through here again this February for a much longer layover. Also may go check out what they do upstairs in the business lounge out of curiosity.

  20. I thought they gave passengers traveling on Award tickets from partner airlines a tough time getting in the First lounge? Has that stopped?

  21. Brilliant reading Thanks Lucky!

    When visiting the new Business Lounge a few years back in Dubai, I remember there being a distinct lack of showers, having to queue for 45 minutes plus for one to open up….. Whilst I appreciate there was no need for you to shower whilst you were in the 1st lounge, did you notice plenty of showers available ?


  22. @ Scott — There are a dozen or so showers, if I recall correctly. Not a ton for the size of the lounge, but it also never seems to get full, so…

  23. Lucky – Me and my mom are traveling out of DXB on EK. She’s booked in First and I am in Business. Will I be able to access the First lounge as a guest of my mother’s? I’ve looked on the EK website and can’t find any details on this. Thanks!

  24. Hi Ben,

    I flew F class on EK 354 DXB-SIN as well on 1/27. Just to give a data point, when I checked in and received my boarding pass, it did not have a lounge invitation printed on it! When I questioned it, the check-in agent stated she was not showing that I have lounge access, since my ticket was book through Alaska Airlines. I’ll note that I am an EK Skywards member, and had my Skywards number printed on my boarding pass! She suggested I go up to the lounge and ask anyway, and needless to say I was having a panic attack the entire way there. Fortunately, the nice lady at the lounge entrance granted me access, but she also pointed out that I was booked on an Alaska Airlines award ticket. The way she said it made me feel like maybe she was doing me a favor, and could have easily denied me lounge access. I didn’t inquire much at that point, as I didn’t want to risk changing her mind! The experience definitely has me exploring other options to book my future Emirates awards. Did you have a similar experience on your recent Emirates flights? Was the lounge invitation printed on your boarding passes?

  25. @ Andy — Ouch! Nope, haven’t had any issues. When I entered a couple of days ago they said “you booked with Alaska, right?” After some typing, I was granted access.

  26. I’m amazed you managed to not try the T-Bone! Charging for cigars seems a little cheap, but a cigar lounge, T-Bone steak and great wines seems a good way to deal with a 4-5 hour layover. Tempting. Thanks for the info.

  27. Lucky, two questions: once in the lounge can you leave the airport to visit the city? And is there a place to leave a rollerboard?

    I’m arriving into dubai in Y on a separate ticket and have a 9 hr layover before getting on a F flight.

  28. Sorry. One more question: what is emirates’ policy on bringing in guests into the F lounge at DXB on an award ticket?

  29. Hi Lucky, I will be travelling in June first class to Dubai from Heathrow on a A380 arriving @ 7.30 am approx. and leaving first class on a Boeing 777 @ 8.50 am so the stopover is short on my way back to Sydney. Will I have time to access the lounge when I arrive in Dubai do you think and do I board the new plane from the first class lounge still ( on same floor) or must I make my way back down stairs to do this with all other passengers? I will be travelling alone, have not done this route before so am anxious about finding my way to the next plane. Is there people to help if I get confused where to find my next flight? Lastly ( I hope) are there showers in this lounge I may access or are they on another floor? P.S. do you have to pay for any food or wine?

  30. Hi Lucky, I forgot to mention in case its important that my first leg is on a QF2 A380 and second leg is a EK418 Boeing 777.

  31. @ meri — The food and wine is all free, and you can access the lounge for your whole layover. It has showers.

    Since your flight is a 777 it might leave from another terminal, in which case you’ll have to make your own way there. That being said, the signage in Dubai Airport is quite good, and since you have so much time I’m sure you won’t have any issue leaving enough time to find your gate.

  32. Hi Lucky,
    Thanks so much for your kind help, much appreciated. I will be arriving in Dubai in Terminal 3 and leaving from same terminal. Were you at a different terminal and if so maybe they have separate first class lounges at different terminals? Where you were sounded very easy, your pictures were fantastic.

  33. @ Meri — There are several first class lounges within terminal 3, depending on the concourse you’re flying out of. The nicest lounge will be in the “A” concourse.

  34. A very interesting and factual account of Emirates, not only check in but the lounge. I use this lounge every month, and to answer some questions, Yes check in is not up to Thai in Bangkok, or Singapore airlines first class. The process however apart from the walk is great. The lounge is huge! I always go to the cigar bar for my dinner, which is excellent. In fact I would $100 for the food and service, I know of course I am a first class pax. As regards the buffet food on the stations, it is trashed every four hours! I was shocked to find this, and it happens at every first class lounge in Dubai airport. I know because I asked the staff and saw it being thrown into wheeler bins. I mean everything was thrown!! I was sadden that this happens, but???. I still use the old first class lounge in terminal C as to terminal B which I think is more me, but thats my choice, and bye the way its a long walk. Another answer is that because of so many flights, the last four trips from Dhabi to Sri Lanka on a 777ER were from the 380 terminal.
    Hope that helps folks. enjoy the trip.

  35. @ Lucky – is it necessary to make a reservation for the spa service? if so, how do you make a reservation? Many thanks for the trip report. We’re looking forward to kicking our honeymoon off in style, though the future spouse thinks we’re “only” in J. šŸ˜‰

  36. @ David — You can’t make it in advance, so you’ll just want to request it when you get there. They usually have pretty good availability.

  37. Lucky, I will be traveling through the first class lounge next month. Are the cigars complimentary? Also is it expected that you tip for things like the SPA treatment and shoe shine?

  38. @ ChrisN — Cigars aren’t complimentary, but just about everything else is. Tipping isn’t expected, but generally also won’t be refused.

  39. Just returned through Dubai and used the First lounge at the A gate. We were amazed at the space and facilities there. Because we arrived at 12.30 at night and departure was schedules for 10.30 am, we used the quiet room daybeds for a few hours sleep. There was so many choices of food, and things to see, you could live there. We noticed though, even at 9 am, a lot of the select purchase counters were not staffed, though, when we look at a few items, staff popped up and offered to find some sales staff. Maybe there were a lot of people in the lounge at the same time, but being so big, we saw few other passengers…Very different to our trip through Dubai 2 weeks earlier in the J, lounge the lounge there was chockers with people and a very noisy experience.

  40. Lounge access question. We have a 7 hour layover in DXB on an upcoming trip to the Maldives. Our SFO-DXB flight is in F, but our DXB-MLE flight is coach. Will we still be allowed entrance to the lounge since we arrived at DXB in F, or is limited solely to F departures from DXB?

  41. Just used this lounge yesterday as part of my HKG-DXB-SEA F Award ticket booked on Alaska. I had no problem accessing the lounge and using the spa services. The fact that I was booked on an award ticket was only mentioned upon check-in in Hong Kong, where the agent apologized that I would not be earning Alaska miles for my trip! The food, showers, spa, etc. were all top-notch and all employees were helpful and friendly despite it being the middle of the night. I also noticed that the lounge was significantly cooler than the main areas of the terminal, which was an added bonus. I found the award redemption to be a great value and experience, but did notice the differences in the suite between the A380-800 and the B777-200LR. Since I was not in a hurry, transiting through DXB on my way to SEA was no issue at all, and compared to the 165.5K-187.5k miles Delta was charging between HKG-SEA this was not only fewer miles but a far better product and experience.

  42. Hi there @ Lucky, as you seem to be the fountain of knowledge on this topic……..
    Please can you confirm as my partner is travelling first from LGW to HKG via DBX, and I will be on the same flight but in economy(boo!),will I be entitled to gain entry as his guest into the lounge for first?
    Thank you.

  43. Do you know the first class lounge hours? I can’t seem to find the information anywhere. Booked a two F awards through Alaska with an overnight layover. Trying to figure out if I need to get a hotel.

  44. I just called Emirates to confirm that I could take a guest into First Lounge who is travelling on same flight but economy ticket. They said it wasn’t possible. šŸ™ I see here that you say it is allowed; have the rules changed do you know? I guess they won’t be allowed to travel with me in the chauffeur service car either.

  45. @Lucky how much time would you recommend is needed to “experience” the lounge for a first timer? Especially if its going to be someones only time. I was thinking 4-5 hours to kind of nibble a bit at the selections and walk around?

  46. i am transiting from Auckland to London so can I use the First class lounge in A even if my flight leaves from a B gate ? Also can you change from one to the other and lastly does the B gates lounge have a smoking area.Looks to be a superb lounge with great facilities so can’t wait.

  47. I used this lounge in Jan this year as part of a DXB-SYD leg on QF2. I found the lounge excellent (a little bit gaudy compared to QF SYD F lounge or the new CX Pier F lounge), and found the same things you did regarding the incredible level of service – it’s almost as if you are haunted around this big lounge by the attentive staff.

    One thing I really didn’t like after hopping off a red eye (BA F from LHR) is that the showers rooms were tiny and very stuffy inside, hardly refreshing at all. It’s a real shame they didn’t take a leaf out of CX’s book (or dare I say it the BA Cabanas) and create a nice spacious shower room for F customers.

  48. I didnt get to the Bussines Lounge but the new DXB terminal ist just awesome , best I ever seen

  49. Hi. So the meals in the first class lounge and on the plane are not charged (or included in the fare?) And no extra amount needs to be paid?

  50. the service is so nice that i felt bad for not tipping… I was from country with no tipping culture then moved to america, so felt really bad about not tipping… Especially if they take your shoes for shoeshine while waiting for your meals… It is very awkward.

    Ala carte meals in the lounge were decent on handful of early departures that i’ve taken… never did it on the late night flights though but I don’t see how it is any different.

    The spa and shower is so underwhelming as some have mentioned compared to CX or LH. Even shower facility in some random lounge in China has better rainfall water pressure. Such a shame

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