Park Hyatt Sydney Review

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Hands down the hotel I was most looking forward to on this trip was the Park Hyatt Sydney. It’s unarguably the best hotel in Sydney, and arguably the nicest Park Hyatt in the world.

The last time I was in Sydney the hotel was undergoing a renovation, so I was excited to check out the “finished” product, even if I was a couple of years late.

I booked our four night stay at the Park Hyatt for 22,000 Gold Passport points per night. Last January this hotel went from being a Category 6 to being a Category 7 property, meaning that a stay at this property now costs 30,000 Gold Passport points per night, or pending Points + Cash availability, 15,000 Gold Passport points plus $300 per night.

Anyway, we arrived at the Park Hyatt shortly after 4PM. The entrance to the hotel is located off Hickson Road, right below the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Park Hyatt Sydney entrance

For a bit of perspective, below is what the other side of the hotel looks like, as it’s right on the harbour.

Park Hyatt Sydney exterior

Park Hyatt Sydney view

We were greeted by name as soon as we got out of our taxi, which was damn impressive. I had given the hotel our estimated arrival time, so I guess they figured it out based on that. The reception is just inside the entrance to the hotel.

Stylistically the lobby — and the entire hotel, for that matter — is exactly the style I love. It’s the perfect blend between contemporary, intimate, understated, and luxurious.

Park Hyatt Sydney reception desk

Park Hyatt Sydney lobby

Once at reception we were escorted up to our room immediately for in-room check-in.

Park Hyatt Sydney concierge desk

The hotel has just four floors. Levels one through three have most of the guest rooms. Level four has a few suites and then the pool.

We took the elevator up to the third floor, and as we walked there the associate gave us a bunch of information about the hotel. It was a long walk to the room, but the associate joked that it would be well worth it. The hallways are really cool, though, since they have art and are winding. Besides, given that just about all the celebrities visiting Sydney stay here, you never know who you’ll run into. šŸ˜‰

Park Hyatt Sydney hallway

We were assigned room 343, a Twin Opera Deluxe room.

Park Hyatt Sydney room entrance

Park Hyatt Sydney floorplan

My dad and I were both speechless when we entered the room. The Park Hyatt is known for its incredible views, but you can’t really anticipate just how jaw-dropping the view is. It’s kind of like that first shower you take in Emirates A380 first class — no matter how much you anticipate it, you still can’t help but giggle when it actually happens.

Here was the first thing that caught our eye:

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

Anyway, the room featured a large entryway with the toilet to the left, the bathroom immediately ahead, and the rest of the room to the right.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room entrance

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room entrance

The room was gorgeous. The Opera Deluxe Room is their biggest non-suite, as far as I know. It’s more like a junior suite than anything.

For that matter, it’s rare to find such a big room with two beds.

The room featured a dining table with two chairs, a couch, a chair, and then two twin beds.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room twin beds

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room living area

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room dining area

Across from the couch was a flat screen TV on a separate stand, right in front of the balcony.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room TV

The room has a well executed “open bathroom” concept, given that there’s a thick wood panel that slides between the bathroom and the bedroom, so you can make it as private or exposed as you want. Beyond that, the toilet is actually in a completely separate room by the entrance.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room

Anyway, back closer to the hallway by the entrance was the minibar, which also housed the Nespresso machine.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room minibar


Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room minibar

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room coffee machine

The entrance to the bathroom was located just past that. The bathroom featured double sinks, a soaking tub, and a large walk-in shower.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room bathroom

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room bathroom

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room bathtub

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room bathroom

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room shower

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room shower

Toiletries were Le Labo Bergamote 22 branded, which are among my favorites.

Park Hyatt Sydney Le Labo Bergamote 22 toiletries

As I said above, the toilet was in a completely separate room by the entrance, and also had a separate sink.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room toilet

You’ve gotta love that it was even a Japanese toilet!

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room toilet

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room bathroom

But of course the highlight of the room was the view. The room had two balconies — one near the dining table, and one near the beds. The one near the dining table had two chairs and a small table of sorts.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room balcony

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room balcony

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room balcony

To the left you could see the other “wing” of the hotel and the Harbour Bridge.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

And then straight on you have a view of the Sydney Opera House. There simply aren’t words that can do justice to the view.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

For what it’s worth there is now a cruise ship terminal to the right, so you do also have partial views of a cruise ship every couple of days.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

The room has electric curtains, so pushing the “curtains up” button every morning and waking up to this view is just beyond words…

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

For our Diamond welcome amenity we had the choice between 1,000 points and a bottle of wine. While I usually select the points, this was a case where I of course went with the latter given that our room was the ideal place for happy hour. šŸ˜‰

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room view

Park Hyatt Sydney Diamond welcome amenity

As luck would have it, we had two bottles of Dom from issues we had on our Emirates flights. Suffice to say that I don’t think there’s a better view for enjoying some champagne!

Park Hyatt Sydney champagne with a view

The hotel’s restaurant, The Dining Room, is located just to the right of the lobby. There’s a separate entrance which lets out directly onto the pier. Here’s a fun fact I learned during my stay — the pier in front of the Park Hyatt belongs to the hotel, but they give access to the public all but two days per year. One of those days where they don’t is New Years Eve. Instead, it’s exclusively reserved for hotel guests.

While I usually avoid “hotspots” for New Years Eve, I’m now determined to celebrate here some year.

Park Hyatt Sydney pier

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

The Dining Room serves breakfast from 6:30AM until 10:30AM (11AM on weekends). It’s a beautiful restaurant, and it’s almost worth going during off peak times so you can get a seat by the window.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room

As a Diamond member you get “The Dining Room Breakfast,” which includes the buffet plus something off the a la carte menu.

The menu read as follows:



Personally I thought the buffet was so great that I didn’t even bother ordering off the menu most mornings.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

The buffet itself isn’t huge (it’s not like a breakfast buffet in Southeast Asia or the Middle East, for example), but the quality was exceptional.

Especially good (aka worth gaining weight over) were the bread pudding and jelly donuts. And on the not-so-unhealthy front, the berries were especially fresh, and smoked salmon was truly incredible.

Seriously, the smoked salmon basically melts in your mouth, it’s on par with the balik salmon which Cathay Pacific used to serve in first class.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

There were also a few hot dishes at the buffet.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast buffet

The lattes they served were excellent, and the staff were quite good about refills.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast cafe latte

One morning I ordered an omelet.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast omelet

Another morning I ordered the pancakes.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast pancakes

Each morning we were given a check for $0, presumably both for accounting and so that tips could be added, if so desired.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room breakfast check

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, the fourth floor has an outdoor pool. It’s on the small side, so don’t expect to swim laps or splash around like a walrus, but the views are pretty breathtaking, and the deck itself is awesome.

Park Hyatt Sydney pool

Park Hyatt Sydney pool

Park Hyatt Sydney pool

Then the gym is located on the third floor, which is a decent size given how small the hotel is.

Park Hyatt Sydney gym

Park Hyatt Sydney gym

Park Hyatt Sydney gym

Park Hyatt Sydney gym

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there’s The Living Room, which is the bar located off the lobby. I never actually used it, though it seemed to be pretty happening at night, presumably also by non-guests that wanted to soak in the views for the cost of a couple of cocktails.

Park Hyatt Sydney lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Sydney lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Sydney lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Sydney lobby lounge

Not only is this hotel physically stunning, but the service really truly was exceptional. Perhaps the highlight of the service at this hotel is the concierge team. Usually I don’t rely much on hotel concierges, but Jonathan and Mark were indescribably awesome.

The concierge desk is located right by the elevator, so they seem to build up a rapport with just about every guest. I’ve never seen concierges so seemingly personally vested in making sure people have a great time. And for that matter I’ve never seen a concierge memorize so many darn names.

So I literally just left everything on the dining front up to them, and they hit it out of the park every time. I’m pretty sure I could have asked for a Hello Kitty themed German/Afghan fusion restaurant within walking distance and they would have found something. From informal to fancy dining, they really couldn’t have been more spot on with their recommendations based on the limited information I provided.

Not only that, but the next day they’d always remember where we ate and ask how it was. Seriously, Jonathan and Mark are one of a kind.

Anthony, one of the guest services managers, was also especially awesome and helpful, and he was sometimes at the concierge desk as well.

Park Hyatt Sydney bottom line

This is hands down my favorite Hyatt in the world. I had high expectations going in, but they were exceeded by a long shot. People usually tell me I’m overly critical in my reviews, but this is one of the few stays I can remember that was more or less flawless. From the physical property to the view to the service to the food in the restaurant… WOW!

If you haven’t yet visited the Park Hyatt Sydney, put it on your bucket list and go!

  1. I love the Park Hyatt Sydney. I stayed at the property a couple of months ago (October), and I published a trip report about my stay on my travel blog (including a Youtube clip with my impressions): It crushes all other luxury hotels in town, given its location, view, and service, as well as updated and modern facilities. The rooftop area is stunning! Cannot wait to go back.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Great review. I actually was here this year at the Dinning Room and was lucky to experience NYE at the Park Hyatt. Now the bad news. It is not great. In fact I would recommend you not spend your time here. They block off the end of the pier and so the only fireworks you see will be over the Opera House, which is pretty much nothing. The main fireworks happen over the bridge which you see nothing of from the pier. If you want to spend NYE in Sydney I would go on to one of the boats in pier or celebrate it in one of the viewing points…

  3. Great review! Were you not able to get a suite upgrade for this stay? And I spot Ruinart in the champagne bucket. Very delicious.

  4. There last month in the same type room, tho when I saw your photo which showed the major part of the hotel, I was confused. Went back up to the schematic – never realized the hotel extended in that direction. Thought it ended around where the restaurant was.

    Same feelings as you – what a place! Anthony was the man – upgraded us (after being asked, nicely!) to Opera View Deluxe at the end of the building so we actually had views of the Opera House and the Bridge. And Mark – can’t say enough about him – he was great.

    Only issue we ever had was having to ask for additional coffee at breakfast but really, that’s nit-picking! It was truly extraordinary.

  5. A nice review of a great property. During my stay a few months ago I stayed in the King Opera Deluxe room right next to the one you were assigned, almost identical except for the single king bed. Terrific views of the opera house from the balcony, room and even from the tub!

    I fell in love this hotel, and found it to be even better than my stays at the Park Hyatt Melbourne and the Park Hyatt Dubai. It’s on my short list for a return visit.

  6. Luis:

    With this hotel you have to pay to play – there’s no using a DSU and you can basically forget about getting upgraded to a suite as a diamond.

  7. @ Luis — Given the limited number of suites, this is one of the few Hyatt properties which doesn’t allow you to redeem a Diamond Suite Upgrade for a suite upgrade, or outright redeem points for a suite.

  8. @ Steven S — Thrilled to hear you had the same experience, especially with Anthony and Mark. Both awesome guys!

  9. @ Westin — Just booked the standard room on points, and got upgraded to the best non-suite (which on a space available basis is the standard Diamond benefit, though this hotel does frequently sell out of premium room types).

  10. Question about tipping at breakfast buffet. I was staying at Park Hyatt Aviara near San Diego on Amex FHR, so full buffet breakfast for two adults was included, but I was charged for kids, and when presented with the bill with a line for tips, I included a tip and charged it to the room. However, when checking out, I discovered that only the main charge for kids breakfast was on my folio, not the tip. Dinner charge appeared with the tip though.

    I can’t figure out the USA tipping. Was the tip removed because I am not supposed to tip on buffet breakfast?

  11. This is a perfect review of this hotel. I was also able to take a trip with my dad a few years ago and we had the exact same room type and view. I used my 2 free nights from the credit card sign up and don’t think I could have got any better value out of that. I’m glad you spent so much time reviewing the breakfast as that was by far our favorite part of the stay. As a diamond we got it free, as did you, and we enjoyed it so much we spent 2 hours there both mornings, something I almost never do when I am on vacation. Also, as noted, the concierge (which I almost never use) was outstanding and helped us book a trip to the Blue Mountains that turned out to be a great day. While getting ready to depart I asked if they could provide me with a postcard stamps for about 10 and he simply took them from me and said they would take care of it. That was just one of the little things that makes you remember the quality of a stay.

  12. @ echino — Tipping is expected at buffets in the US, though Hyatt is one of the few chains which includes tips when you have complimentary breakfast, at least for elite members. So I usually add a reasonable tip and then it’s taken off at check-out. That’s pretty standard.

  13. Ben,

    I was at the Park Hyatt New York this weekend which also does the in room checkin. I’m not a fan. It feels awkward to have this person standing in your room, swiping credit cards, etc.

    What are your thoughts about the practice?

  14. “Itā€™s unarguably the best hotel in Sydney” Really so good that nobody could even make a case for The Four Seasons or Shangri-La?

  15. @ Justin — Not that price=quality, but if it weren’t by far the best property in Sydney, do you think they could get away with charging well over two times as much as the competition?

  16. Nice trip report/Great photos
    Yes its an excellent hotel but far from flawless as you state unless
    you are overlooking some select details and those particular details matter
    Agreed its still one of the best Hyatt’s
    Its nice to have rose colored glasses on šŸ˜‰
    Reality is there can be serious service problems in the dining room based on occupancy ( see other social media sites for other such typical experiences)
    They make a very nice omelet indeed but where’s some nice home fries griddled?
    They have none:( Just greasy potato triangle’s fried šŸ™
    Id also argue that the food generally is inferior to the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in everyway especially their average baking. Luckily the nice bread is outsourced. Fiorentina at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo buries the bakers at the Park Hyatt Sydney and the restaurant and their limited offerings

    The fitness center has some fair below average not exceptional though name brand equipment (you wouldn’t be aware if your don’t work out) The staff are generally very good but lets face it this is one of the rare Hyatt’s that don’t participate in the full Gold Passport program benefits for members (suite upgrades)
    And that’s a bad precedent no matter how much we all like this property in a variety of other ways IMHO
    At the end of the day they do hospitality well and have some marvelous team members and yes the property is gorgeous and as you say highly recommended if the price point and redemption cost doesn’t phase some folks. There is much better value around town but to their credit the Park Hyatt is all about the whole experience and for that I too give them a lot of credit
    There is a new GM onboard I am told

  17. Just a couple of notes about our stay at the PH Sydney last April.

    1. As Diamonds, when we showed up, two or three high-level employees greeted us (I forget who, exactly). One was sent almost exclusively to share her sommelier-like knowledge of Australian wines so that we could pick our welcome bottle. That was impressive.

    2. I really enjoyed the elevator because the voice was so hilariously seductive sounding. “SECOND….floor. GOING…down.”

    3. The smoked salmon at the breakfast buffet is some of the best I’ve had in my life.

  18. @ dwonderment — So to clarify, complaints are that they don’t serve griddled home fries with an omelet, the baking could be better, the service at breakfast could be better, and they don’t do suite upgrades?

    Not sure if I’m looking at things through rose colored glasses simply because I don’t need/want fries with an omelet, found the service when I was there to be good, and appreciate that the hotel is still great about elite benefits, and that it’s not realistic for them to do suite upgrades when they only have a few specialty suites?

  19. Does look nice, and I think I would opt to stay there on my next trip (though, actually, I have found the local travellers hostel to be wonderful social experience for the soul – that is another story). I don’t see it topping the PH Vandome, though. Perhaps, I am biased bcause live on the water (SF), or perhaps it’s because the outside of the building does not have the grandeur of the PHV, or perhaps it’s because tHe PHV is in Paris. Yet to try PHNY

  20. Ben,

    How would you compare this to the Park Hyatt Tokyo (the only other Category 7 in Asia)?

    Looks like it’s been 3 years since your last review there, so it may be tough to compare the two after so much time has passed, but figured I would ask nonetheless since I just made a booking at the Park Hyatt Tokyo…

  21. I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney three times as a diamond member, and haven’t been upgraded once. One time this recent stay in Dec I was allocated a really bad room (small and opposite the room storing the jacuzzi pump – beware of this room!). I checked in early – room wasn’t ready, which is fine… but, then to be given this room. Yuck.

    Reviews from travel bloggers who are clearly identifiable cannot be considered ‘normal’ or ‘typical’.

  22. The Shangri-la is a bit tired, I can occasionally go off travel policy and stay there because it’s sometimes cheaper than our in policy choice. I may end up at the Shangri-la more often because the one on policy hotel that is near our Sydney office is being bulldozed for flats.

    The bar at the Shangri-la has a great view but is otherwise mediocre.

    My choice for leisure stays is the Taj Blue (in Wooloomooloo, say it, it’s fun). It’s a quieter location but still convenient for most things, the opera house is a very pleasant walk across the botanical gardens, for example. It’s also great for all the nice little restaurants in Potts Point.

  23. Thanks for the report.

    We’ve stayed here a number of times and are pretty sure that the greeting by name as soon as you step out of your car is not standard. This hotel really did want to go above and beyond…

  24. Interested to hear where they suggested for lunch as a resident Sydney-sider.

    That end of town around the rocks isn’t the greatest once you’ve walked past the markets and you have a decent to other options.

  25. A bit off topic, but have you reviewed the PH Vendome? I keep hearing how great this hotel is but based on the pics I’ve seen online, it honestly looks like your average 3 star boutique hotel. At least the rooms do. What makes it so great? I’ll be in Paris this summer and have some UR points to burn so wondering if it’s worth the 30k/night they charge.

  26. I haven’t stayed at the hotel but I was able to visit the Dining Room last November for my birthday. The window seat view of the Opera House is lovely at night. I was dining solo and the staff couldn’t have been nicer and the food/wine was fantastic. The waiter brought me birthday cake with a candle (after I had ordered dessert but hey two desserts on your birthday is allowed right?) – a really nice touch given that I was so far from home. The meal was a highlight as was the very interesting NSFW conversation at the next table. The restaurant wasn’t busy for dinner which surprised me. I’d definitely go back there again for a meal as the staff were great.

  27. Great review. My hubby and I will be spending a week there in September. Booked 4 nights with our Hyatt free night certificates from opening the credit card and 3 nights on points (transferred in from Ultimate rewards). Can’t wait!

  28. Personally, I think that the Four Seasons is the nicest hotel in Sydney. The food is superb and the views are amazing from the higher floors. Since I never do miles/points, I can see why a Hyatt would be ideal, but there is nicer in Sydney. Next time, you should review the Four Seasons, and maybe make yet another ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC trip report on Qantas or Virgin Australia. Maybe even take the flight all the way from JFK-SYD?

  29. Awesome! Would love to stay there someday… Perhaps for my honeymoon…
    What new products/destinations do you have planned for the coming months?

  30. You should visit Mexico, more specifically Cabo San Lucas and staying at “Las Ventanas al Paraiso.” It is hands down one of the best hotels in the world, especially when it comes down to the service. It is absolutely flawless in every way, I’m sure you would enj

  31. Brings back memories; I had an king opera view deluxe on the ground floor when I stayed here for two nights in July. Probably my best hotel stay ever. I enjoyed Charlie as concierge perhaps even more than Jonathan!

  32. OMG, that’s me and my mom with the cane in your lobby picture! I took my mom there for her birthday too. I even inquired with the front desk on when and if you were checking in the day we left. Thought we could say happy birthday to your dad. But for security reasons they wouldn’t tell us since you hadn’t checked in yet. Thanks to you I did the diamond challenge last year and redeemed miles for business class tickets to provide my mom the best birthday ever!

  33. @ Lucky
    I think the breakfast is more show than excellence. They certainly do omelets well
    However for a property asking approx 1000 @ night and 30k a night on points it should be spot on with both selection, quality and all execution
    I think it is noticeably weaker than Park Hyatt New York and Grand Hyatt Tokyo (dining & service wise) by far.. I’ve certainly had good service at PH Sydney too on occasions
    As I shared earlier with you word on the street is there is a new experienced GM with vast Hyatt experience on board. So perhaps I shouldn’t look at last years performance
    To your credit your experience is more recent

    You are a busy man and perhaps I have more time to see what other folks are saying on Flyertalk,Milepoint other blogs and elsewhere and then form my own consensus on service, hard product and recognition.
    Sometimes you may be recognized at this point of your blogging career and that may or may not get you extra service.
    I do understand to be fair to you( someone who I admire) that you may not take into account other guest experiences just look at your own as I do myself to begin with before forming a final assessment.

    The suite upgrade issue is a complex one but I’d be happy to share what I know historically about the property privately for over 20 years if of interest. What I can assure you is there are a fairly decent number of specialty suites.

    I do fully respect your thoughts and viewpoints and happy you had a wonderful stay in Sydney
    And yes there are some of us that like home fries.
    You are forgiven just this time for being happy without šŸ™‚ Hah

    Thanks for the great job you do throughout the year with your blog
    I do put you up there with the best of the top bloggers out there and you continue
    to get better with age over the years and improved insight.
    Your passion and enthusiasm can never be equaled it really does come through
    Signed a fan and one who has a few more years on ya! šŸ˜‰

  34. Looks like you had a room above the main restaurant area – an Opera view – but not the same as being at the other end of the hotel over looking the bay and the Opera house direct. I am guessing that those rooms are only available if you pay the high rate.

    During my visit to the hotel in Nov (while staying at the Marriott) I commented about being somewhat disappointed with the hotel. While beautifully decorated and having a classy feel to it, I thought the noise overhead from bridge (both cars and trains) was annoying (and likely too loud – particularly if you were at the pool).

    Agree the ships blocking the city view. Since I arrived the same day you left – I have the same picture of the Royal Caribbean ship. But what followed was different ships everyday.

    The rooms in the main part of the hotel that look toward the city had bad views (which is most of the hotel). I guess you can go out on the balcony and lean over and look to the left to see the Opera house, but the view for most of the rooms is the ships and the cruise ship terminal which is under construction. Also at times there is some kind of bay tour boat that docks in front.

    While staying at the Marriott – may room had a great, complete Opera View, and also an extensive view out through the harbor all the way out to the ocean. Nice site watching the cruise ships make their way out to the ocean.

    While the Park Hyatt is a unique and beautiful hotel, the lack of a Concierge Lounge, noise from the bridge above and limited views except for just some rooms having the Opera View – I will still take the Marriott at 1/3 the price.

    Other great hotels on the harbor as well – Intercontinental, Shangri-La, Four Seasons, etc – a likely better prices than the Hyatt.

  35. @Randy – we’ve stayed in an Opera Deluxe room at the other end of the hotel looking straight out over at the opera house. And not while paying the high rate! Its the same room type, just a slightly different perspective.

    In the rooms you cannot hear any noise from bridge.

  36. I will be staying there next month for two nights. I am a Platinum. What are the chances of me landing an opera view? Any inexpensive places to eat nearby? Thanks

  37. Great review. My wife and I stayed in room 343 last March and April; of course, it was a king bed then, so it’s interesting that they can re-configure the rooms at need.

    We had two fantastic stays on either side of a cruise aboard Radiance of the Seas (shown in your pictures). Jonathan at the concierge desk is a true gem, and a native of the Rocks area. The tours he gives on behalf of the hotel are fantastic and full of great info about the area and places to eat and drink.

    We used our two free nights from the Hyatt credit card and were exceptionally happy with the property. We can’t wait to go back!

  38. @ Maury — Might be tough to score without paying, though I’d send them an email and see what kind of an offer they can make you.

  39. Agreed Jonathan at the Concierge is AMAZING.

    As the chief concierge he just gets it. When requesting massage appointments at the Qantas F lounge (as a OW Emerald) and being told “no, never in advance”, he called the lounge so many times until they caved and scheduled us for two treatment appointments. 5* dedication indeed.


  40. While the hotel itself sounds very lovely, is the location great as well? Admittedly, people don’t spend too much time in a hotel room on a vacation but sounds like even the nice rooms look out on cruise ships/terminal and there’s a bridge nearby. Or am I thinking about it too much and all good hotels are in the same area and have similar issues?

  41. @Maury – based on my experience, highly unlikely. We stayed there over Christmas 2013 for 5 nights (2 nights from the Hyatt Visa and the rest from points). My husband is a Platinum. If you look closely at the photo Lucky posted of the room diagram, we were put in one of the (admittedly larger) rooms facing away from Opera House on the “backside” (actually the front of the hotel – the majority of the rooms face the back of the hotel, towards the Opera House). No balcony, a small window that didn’t open, with a view of a grass covered mound that one of the bridge supports sits upon. From a certain angle, you could see a sliver of harbor, so in real estate agent speak, it was technically a harbor view room.

    To their credit, it was a large room that was ready, complete with rollaway bed for our 4yo (no nickle and dime charge for that), when my son and I arrived at about 9am (husband and 1yo daughter arrived later on a paid flight). Our bathroom had one sink and a regular toilet (no fancy Japanese Toto technology).

    @Lucky – perhaps your service experience was different because you are a Diamond or a travel blogger. While the staff was always friendly, we were never once addressed by name our entire 5 night stay. I, too, had notified the hotel that my son and I would be arriving in the morning, so I think as guests we would have been readily identifiable. We did utilize the concierge throughout our stay, and they overall were good about restaurant suggestions within our parameters, but they weren’t always proactive with communicating information. For example, my husband forgot to pick up the car seat from baggage claim (it was a bulky item that had a separate pickup location), and we asked them to follow through. They did, but we had to check with them to get status updates instead of them keeping us posted.

    Overall we enjoyed our stay. The room was spacious and very comfortable, the location was perfect for our needs (we were in Sydney to meet my parents, who arrived on a cruise), and the value from the Hyatt credit card, CSP points, etc. was wonderful. But we would never, ever pay the cash rate. A +$1,000/night room rate sets the expectations bar high. In contrast, we spent this past Christmas in Bali, and there, I felt like the service at the Grand Hyatt Bali was warmer and more personalized, and the Sheraton Kuta Bali more proactive.

  42. @ Ivan Y — The hotel is located in The Rocks area, so there’s a lot of foot traffic there. It’s a quick walk to lots of restaurants and shopping, and while it’s not in the financial district, I actually prefer this area. So I quite like the location.

  43. Hi Lucky. Great report – I know its not usually part of your review – but I’d love to know which restaurants were recommended by the concierge.

  44. @ Marcus — We ate at The Cut, Otto, Rockpool, and then some Italian restaurant in The Rocks that I forgot the name of.

  45. Hi, Ben– I spent an amazing Xmas holiday with my parents at the Park Hyatt Sydney. Too bad we didn’t overlap, as it would have been great to see you again and meet your father. Great review, as always. Happy travels!

  46. Hi Lucky,

    I stayed at a regular room of Park Hyatt Sydney this Spring. Do you get Deluxe room with lounge access with your diamond status? Also, I am trying to do the Diamond Challenge Promotion right now, but it is showing on Hyatt website that 4 times Suite Upgrade for Diamond members is not available for Park Hyatt Sydney, is that 100% dead for us? Have you stayed or tried to book free suite upgrade? If a bunch of Park Hyatt are excluded from Free Suite Upgrade, is it still worth to complete that challenge? Thanks in advance.


  47. @ Ryan — The Park Hyatt doesn’t have a lounge, so as a Diamond member you receive complimentary breakfast. Suite upgrades can’t be used at this property. It’s still an amazing hotel.

  48. One of the worst Concierge I ever encountered. Probably not the whole team but 1 person can spoil your holiday. This might only happen when you are an asian.
    Haven’t had a good look at his name tag. He just turn his head away everytime we walk pass to get to the elevators. His colleagues greeted us but not him, the chabby guy.
    When non-asian guests approached the counter, he greeted him and offered helping questions but for us, we need to really aproach him to get his attention and this was so obvious.
    When we ask for some restaurants directions, he simply mark the point on the map and that was it. When we asked for more reccommendations he handed us a handbook like he wanted his job done quickly.
    No explaination no nothing.
    Not feeling welcome at all.

    This is the only Hyatt hotel that made me felt Diamond members are not recgonized.
    Maybe because everybody are Diamonds.

  49. Could you see the Harbor bridge fully during the fireworks display. I mainly want to stay here for the fireworks view, but I’ve seen reviews online noting that the bridge isn’t visible and that’s sort of the center piece of the show. Thanks so much

  50. @Brandi – I’m not Lucky, but as I just stayed at this hotel last weekend (Opera Deluxe), I don’t believe there is a room which will give you a clear view of the entire Harbour Bridge for a fireworks display – there are rooms with at least partial views of the Bridge, but not the entire span. However, you can get a great view of the bridge from the boardwalk outside the property (which is owned by the hotel).

  51. Just stayed this week in 211 in an Opera view king. Full on Opera view over the park and from our LR balcony a 75% view of the bridge. Lucky; Jonathan say hi. He was amazing and worked hard for us. Lastly, no more Globalist welcome amenities.

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