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I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Dubai more than a handful of times before, though have only reviewed it twice. I first reviewed it in 2011 when I stayed in a Park Deluxe Room, and then briefly reviewed it during a quick overnight in Dubai where I stayed in a Park Suite.

While I’d like to review some new hotels in Dubai, in this case I didn’t want to “experiment,” since I wanted to be sure my dad had as smooth of an experience as possible.

In this case I booked the Park Hyatt using Points + Cash. The Park Hyatt Dubai is a Category 5 Gold Passport property, and had Points + Cash availability for our three night stay. That made the cost 10,000 Gold Passport points plus $125 per night. The best part about Points + Cash rates is that they count as revenue stays, so are eligible for Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards. I actually used one of my Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards expiring in February 2014, since I booked the stay really early last year, and they let you book them for a stay after the expiration date, as long as there’s upgrade availability.

Anyway, our Emirates chauffeur drove us to the Park Hyatt. The first thing I love about the Park Hyatt is that it’s only about a 10 minute drive from Dubai International Airport, so it’s especially convenient for a quick overnight.

It’s in the Dubai Creek area, which I love. It’s only about a 15 minute drive from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, but you really feel so removed from everything. It really doesn’t feel like a city hotel, but rather more like a secluded resort. You basically get the best of both worlds.

Anyway, upon pulling up on the rather impressive driveway we were greeted by the bellmen, who helped us with our bags. The exterior looks very Moroccan, a theme which continues throughout the hotel.

Park Hyatt Dubai exterior

Park Hyatt Dubai exterior

The reception area is in an octagonal shape, and we were quickly helped by the friendly associate, who then escorted us to our room.

Park Hyatt Dubai lobby

The hotel is really spread out. There are only five floors of rooms, so the hotel’s footprint is quite large. There are four wings, and frankly the hotel is a bit of a maze. If you’re in one of the “far” wings, it can take a day just to figure out how to walk to reception without getting lost.

Park Hyatt Dubai hallway

To access our wing we had to pass through the lobby bar, and then use the indoor bridge, which goes over the garden.

Park Hyatt Dubai lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Dubai lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Dubai lobby lounge

Park Hyatt Dubai garden

The lobby is actually on the third floor, so we only had to take the elevator up two levels to the fifth floor.

Park Hyatt Dubai hallway

We were assigned room 3503, a Park King Suite in the third wing and on the fifth floor.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite entrance

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite entrance

This was a “true” suite, in the sense that it had a fully separated living area and bedroom. The living room was large, and featured a couch and two chairs facing a flat screen TV.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite living room

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite living room

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite living room

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite living room TV

On the living room table was a welcome fruit plate.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite welcome fruit plate

Then in the corner was a large desk area.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite living room desk

Behind the desk was the Nespresso coffee machine, minibar, and a few bottles of water.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite coffee machine

The minibar was well stocked, with soft drinks, beer, wine, liquor, and snacks.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite minibar

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite minibar

Then next to that was a welcome gift, consisting of a bottle of red wine, some nuts, and packaged candy bars. I believe this is a standard offering for suites. I always find the packaged chocolate bars to be especially funny (and rather practical when I have jetlag cravings).

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite welcome amenity

Behind the desk was the guest bathroom, consisting of a toilet and sink.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite half bath

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite half bath

Then a sliding door led into the bedroom, which featured a king size bed, flat screen TV, and chair. The bed is firm but comfortable. We had also ordered a rollaway bed, which was placed in the living room.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bedroom

The bathroom was sort of “exposed” in the sense that it was behind the bed without any separation.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bedroom

The bathroom featured double sinks, a soaking tub, a large walk-in shower, and a partitioned off toilet and bidet.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bathtub

The shower was nice, though I found the temperature control to be pretty challenging. It was nearly rocket science to get it to the right temperature. There was maybe a one millimeter range of pleasant temperatures when turning the dial.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite shower

The hotel seems to have recently downgraded their bath amenities, because they had some no name toiletries. Years ago I had Blaise Mautin, most recently I had Le Labo, and now they have hotel branded ones.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite toiletries

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite bathroom

Then between the bedroom and bathroom was a large closet area.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite closet

The room featured two small balconies. The one by the bedroom wasn’t furnished, while the one by the living room was.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite balcony

I love the views from the Park Hyatt, as the hotel overlooks Dubai Creek. It’s super relaxing — there are some nice yachts, you see the occasional sea plane because the sightseeing tours leave from the Creek, and then in the distance you see the Dubai skyline, including the Burj Khalifa.

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite view

Park Hyatt Dubai Park Suite view

All-in-all I thought the suite was gorgeous. It was huge and well appointed. That being said, the rooms are a bit on the tired/dated side. Not seriously so, but they could use an update in the next couple of years. Then again, unlike properties such as the Park Hyatt Sydney, I don’t consider the Park Hyatt Dubai to be a “true” five star hotel. I’d say it’s more in the 4-4.5 star range.

We had breakfast every morning at Cafe Arabesuqe, which was included as a Diamond member. Breakfast is served daily from 6:30AM till 11AM, and we had breakfast right as they opened every morning. It’s a nice restaurant, and I especially love the patio area.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque

For whatever reason I spent much of my summer in the Middle East, when it was excruciatingly hot. Being there a time of year where temperatures are actually pleasant was so nice.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque patio

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque patio

At Cafe Arabesque there’s an an extensive buffet, and then on top of that you can order items off the a la carte menu, which is included in the buffet price.

The breakfast menu read as follows:


The breakfast spread was awesome, and consisted of fruit, cold cuts, veggies, cheese, all kinds of ridiculously tasty pastries, muffins, croissants, etc.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

I love Arabic food, so mostly just had tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, etc., for breakfast.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

Then there were a few hot dishes, though I’m not much for hot food in the morning.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread

I only ordered something off the menu once. I ordered the “menemen,” which sounded much more harmless in writing than when I tried to say it out loud.

Park Hyatt Dubai Cafe Arabesque breakfast menemen

The only disappointing part of the breakfast experience was the service. I’d order a coffee and finish it before I got my first plate of food, but was never offered a refill. Instead they’d just remove the cup or leave it there sitting empty. Truly puzzling, though not as puzzling as the fact that I received an email during my stay apologizing for the service at breakfast, despite the fact that I hadn’t complained about it at the time. And the service was equally bad each morning, so it wasn’t a one off.

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, the grounds are stunning, and there are about a hundred nice spots from which you can work on a laptop outdoors (which I love to do, weather permitting).

Park Hyatt Dubai garden

Park Hyatt Dubai garden

Park Hyatt Dubai garden

The hotel does have a decent size pool which is consistently full. It’s a nice area for lounging, and service around the pool is quite attentive.

Park Hyatt Dubai pool

Next to the pool is the gym, which is large and well equipped.

Park Hyatt Dubai gym

Park Hyatt Dubai gym

Park Hyatt Dubai gym

Park Hyatt Dubai gym

Other than at breakfast, service at the hotel was generally attentive. Everyone we interacted with was friendly.

The last day our flight left at 3AM, so we only wanted to check out at around 9PM or so. I asked what the options were for extending the stay with a day rate. Ultimately I could extend check-out until 9PM at a cost of 800AED (~$220), which came with two drinks at the Terrace Bar (which we didn’t use) and an airport transfer (which we didn’t need, since Emirates was picking us up). That’s not cheap, but ultimately it was worth the price to me so we could be well rested and enjoy the rest of the trip.

Park Hyatt Dubai bottom line

I continue to be a big fan of the Park Hyatt Dubai. It’s a fantastic option if you just have a quick overnight in Dubai given its proximity to the airport, but has even been my “go to” option for longer stays. I’d definitely return, though my next few visits to Dubai I’d like to check out some new properties. For example, while I’ve done the Park Hyatt over a handful of times, I’ve yet to stay at the Grand Hyatt, which is less than 10 minutes away.

  1. Kind of shocking that you left out the fact that the mini bar is complimentary and they will restock it once a day.

  2. You also get a great discount for green fees at the Dubai Creek Golf club next door which is a fantastic track to play….even 36 holes in a day!

  3. Isn’t “refills” for coffee a uniquely American thing? I thought the majority of the world serves coffee “one-and done”.

    But I could be way off base. Seems like the US multinational hotels occasionally serve thermal carafes.

    I look forward to others’ input, as I can’t really recall.

  4. If you pay for the suite or use a diamond upgrade they offer the free mini bar . I was there last May for three nights and they restocked once a day. I only knew about it from the flyertalk thread.

  5. I’ve stayed at both the PH and the GH as a Diamond. I like the PH much more, as it has a much more laid back and luxurious vibe. The cool thing about the GH is that it is much more convenient to transit, Dubai Financial Centre, etc. I also like the restaurant options (tons) and cigar bar at the GH.

    I’m not sure why you would say the PH is only a 4 star property. Rooms are exceptionally well appointed, grounds are fantastic, and service is extensive, if not totally polished.

  6. @ preston — Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Any experience with the club lounge at the Grand Hyatt Dubai?

    As far as my star comment goes, I simply don’t think the property is to the level of a true five star hotel. I think it’s worth clarifying there are hotels that claim to be five stars, and then hotels that are actually, truly five stars. The latter is only a small percentage of the former. I think there are only a handful of Park Hyatts in the world which are truly five star, which compete with the likes of the Four Seasons Paris and the like.

  7. @ colleen — Not in the context of an international breakfast buffet, in my experience. It is, however, in the context of going to a cafe in Italy, for example.

  8. ‘The exterior looks very Moroccan…’ No, it looks Arab or Islamic in design. The PH DXB pays homage to is historic roots.

  9. 1. It is torturous not tortuous. Sorry I had to point it out. 🙂

    2. What camera/phone did you use to take these pictures?

  10. “I love Arabic food, so mostly just had tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, etc., for breakfast.”

    If you really love Arabic, be a little more creative then with your options…like maybe the Foul Medames. Then again, at least you tried the Turkish option, which was at least interesting.

  11. @ww5d This is how he described ful medames at CAI

    ‘And they even had hot food… or whatever you’d call that. It was even less appetizing looking than what was served in the GOL Smiles Lounge Sao Paulo Airport.’

  12. Re: the coffee, We live in this part of the world and it is common (in homes) to just drink one of something. Then maybe you’ll drink something else. Sometimes they only give you a second to take a drink and then take it away (maybe 90% full). At an international hotel like hyatt, they should obviously understand people may want refills but that might give you a sense of how the culture influences.

  13. Lucky- I am envious! The Park Hyatt is one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai in my opinion. I I have not stayed there, but have had dinner there and checked out the property and rooms.
    It’s a perfect hybrid of city and resort, as you put it.

    The Grand Hyatt you reference is nice too, but nowhere near as magical.

  14. I stayed at the PH Dubai as a Diamond a few weeks ago and a major disappointment. There was a huge tour group that just arrived and they were everywhere in the lobby. The hotel staffers just stood there while other guests tried to navigate and figure out where to go to check in. Turns out the leader of the group was checking everyone in with 2 front desk agents while another 2 just stood there.

    I had to leave the hotel at 7am one morning and was waiting for the restaurant to open at 630. 635 rolls by and the doors are still closed. I finally knocked and staff just said they weren’t ready yet and to come back in 5 minutes. I asked if I could just grab a muffin and fruit and told no.

    Cabs are cheap in Dubai but there really isn’t anything close by to Dubai Creek. Walking out of the resort is a good 15 minute walk.

  15. Lucky, can you tell us what Park Hyatts you think are truly 5 star, other than the one in Sydney that you mentioned? Paris? Tokyo? New York?

  16. @ Jeff — Hmmm. Haven’t done them all, but if I had to guess off the top of my head I’d say Sydney, Tokyo (though it needs a refresh), New York, Maldives, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, and Vienna. I’m sure I’m missing some.

  17. @brent i can confirm that the minibar also free at andaz maui. I was using my diamond suite upgrade so not sure if it was for all suites or just diamond.

    @lucky can we left our luggage at ph dubai? My flight is 3am too but was thinking to just leave the luggage at the hotel and check out the city

  18. @lucky can we left our luggage at ph dubai? My flight is 3am too but was thinking to just leave the luggage at the hotel and check out the city

  19. @lucky – Was at the PH Dubai a month ago and loved it (specially the free mini bar 🙂 )…Did you get your personalized bag tag when you checked out?

  20. @ Lucky – thanks for the review! Work permitting, will be traveling to UAE in late October on Etihad’s mistake fare and spending four nights in Dubai (this hotel) sandwiched between two one-night stays in Abu Dhabi for arrival/departure (Hyatt Capital Gate). Did you use cabs for exploring the city?

    FYI, if someone doesn’t have enough points or P+C is unavailable for your dates, I’d suggest checking out rates on other sites and doing a Best Rate Guarantee claim with Hyatt (if approved, you get the rate shown on other site minus 20%). Doing BRG to Expedia, my rate is 893 AED (about $243) which is slightly better than doing P+C if you value Hyatt points at 1.5 cents.

    @ Brent, @ Angel — thank you for the information!

  21. @ Lucky – thank you! Dreading 16-hour flights in Y though (DFWAUH). Being tall isn’t always an advantage in this hobby! 😉

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