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I booked the Park Hyatt Melbourne using Points + Cash for our two night stay. The Park Hyatt is a Category 5 property, making the cost 10,000 Gold Passport points plus $125 per night. Hyatt allows Diamond Suite Night Awards to be applied on Points + Cash bookings, so I redeemed one of those to confirm a Park Suite for our stay.

We took a taxi from the airport to the Park Hyatt, which took a bit over 20 minutes.

The Park Hyatt has a great location right near the heart of Melbourne. The exterior is gorgeous, as feels residential.

Park Hyatt Melbourne exterior

Park Hyatt Melbourne entrance

Park Hyatt Melbourne entrance

The lobby is quite “grand,” with large pillars, a two-floor atrium, and dark finishes. It really feels more like a Grand Hyatt than a Park Hyatt, which, on second thought, is the case throughout the hotel.

Park Hyatt Melbourne lobby

Park Hyatt Melbourne lobby

Park Hyatt Melbourne lobby

The associate that helped us at check-in was friendly, and informed us that we had been further upgraded from a Park Suite to an Ambassador Suite. She confirmed all of our Diamond benefits, and also gave us a letter outlining the Park Club benefits. Most Park Hyatts don’t have club lounges, though there are a few exceptions, including this property.

Park Hyatt Melbourne welcome letter

Our suite was on the 14th floor, room 1467.

Park Hyatt Melbourne hallway

It was located at the far end of the hall and featured double doors, which is how you know you have a nice room. šŸ˜‰

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite entrance

Park Hyatt Melbourne floorplan

The Ambassador Suite was huge. At the entrance was a massive living room, which featured a desk in the far corner, a couch along with two chairs and ottomans in the center, and then a dining table with four chairs on the other end of the room.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite living room

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite living room

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite dining room

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite living room desk

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite living room

Waiting on the living room table was a small welcome amenity, consisting of a half bottle of red wine and a couple of mini strawberry tarts.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite welcome gift

The view from the living room was beautiful, as it looked out over the downtown area of Melbourne.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite view

A set of sliding doors connected the living room to the bedroom. The bedroom featured a king size bed, another desk, and a chair with an ottoman.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bedroom

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bedroom desk

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bedroom chair

There was a flat screen TV opposite the bed.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bedroom TV

The bathroom was massive as well, with double sinks, a walk-in shower, and bathtub.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite tub

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite shower

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bathroom

The bathroom featured Aesop toiletries, which are among the best out there.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Aesop toiletries

There was a huge closet behind the bathroom, which also let out into the living room. It featured a vanity area, as well as tons of closet space.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite closet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite closet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite vanity

On the other end of the room was a guest bathroom and even a kitchen.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite kitchen

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite bathroom

Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite kitchen

So the room was absolutely massive and I’m incredibly grateful for the further upgrade. That being said, this hotel is a bit past its prime, in my opinion. And the hotel really doesn’t feel like a Park Hyatt, but rather more like a Grand Hyatt. When I think Park Hyatt I think understated luxury with light wood finishes, contemporary furniture, “clean lines,” etc. And I don’t think that describes this hotel at all.

While the Park Hyatt Melbourne has a club lounge, breakfast isn’t actually served there except on Sundays. Instead, club guests can have breakfast in Radii Restaurant, located just next to the lobby.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant

It’s a nice restaurant, though does feel a bit cruise-shippy.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant

There’s a decent breakfast buffet. It in no way compares to a buffet in the Middle East or Asia, but is still quite decent. There’s a nice variety of fruit and yogurt, but aside from that it’s a bit lackluster.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

The real treat at the buffet were the delicious egg tarts.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

There’s also a hot section to the buffet, or you can order custom omelets.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Radii Restaurant breakfast buffet

That being said, while the hotel offers club guests and Diamond members complimentary breakfast, you only receive the continental selection. If you want the full buffet, you have to pay an $8 surcharge.

To those correctly pointing out that Diamonds are entitled to full hot breakfast, the reason this hotel gets around that is because they have a club lounge. You get full hot breakfast when the hotel doesn’t have a lounge, but since this hotel has a lounge that’s not the case. Personally I don’t really like hot food for breakfast, so the policy works for me. And $8 isn’t a big deal. But it also does feel like nickel-and-diming.

The hotel’s club lounge is located on the 19th floor, and is open daily from 7AM until 9PM.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge entrance

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge entrance

The lounge itself is gorgeous, perhaps much bigger than it needs to be.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge

The lounge has soft drinks, coffee, and cookies available throughout the day.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge daytime snacks

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge daytime drinks

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge coffee machine

Then from 6PM until 8PM they have a nice selection of cocktails and snacks.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

While the spread isn’t a dinner substitute, it is quite good/substantial. There are several kinds of nuts, cheese, salmon, and even a couple of hot dishes.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

The dessert spread is actually the most extensive, and even has fresh strawberries with three kinds of dipping sauce.

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

Park Hyatt Melbourne club lounge evening spread

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, it has a nice health club, spa, and swimming pool.

Park Hyatt Melbourne pool

Park Hyatt Melbourne pool

Then on the 9th floor is an outdoor tennis court, though it doesn’t look like it’s in use/being maintained very well.

Park Hyatt Melbourne tennis court

Park Hyatt Melbourne tennis court

Park Hyatt Melbourne bottom line

This is a nice hotel and I think a good value, given that it’s a Category 5 property. That being said, it really can’t compete with the top Park Hyatts out there, and is badly in need of a refresh if it wants to maintain its Park Hyatt branding, in my opinion.

I do like that it has a club lounge. You really get the best of both worlds, between a restaurant breakfast and evening snacks/cocktails, though the $8 upcharge for the hot buffet does feel a bit cheap.

The location of the hotel is also quite good. It’s not quite as central as the Grand Hyatt, though it’s only a short walk from the center of downtown Melbourne.

I’d certainly return to this hotel if visiting Melbourne again, though it’s by no means a “destination hotel.”

  1. Hi Lucky!

    I have four nights here later this year. Have you stayed at the Grand Hyatt? I’m thinking of splitting up my nights. Or would you recommend the Westin or Sheraton over either of the Hyatts? Thanks for the detailed reviews!

  2. I stayed in this one a year ago. And, I actually preferred it to the Park Hyatt in Sydney, which I felt was a disappointment. The location in Melbourne is better than the PH Sydney’s location is in Sydney for the things I actually wanted to see and do. The view isn’t as good, of course. And it’s the small things, too. As a taller guy, I loved the size of the bathtub at the PH Melbourne much more than PH Sydney.

    I would definitely stay there again. I loved it.

  3. OMG, the decor and design of this Park Hyatt is HIDEOUS, and makes the PH Aviara look like an Aman resort at least aesthetically.

    The Park Hyatt in Saigon is actually sort of “traditional”-feeling in design as a nod to the country’s French colonial influence, and is slated for a re-design, but still feels classic and luxurious even if not “modern” in the typical PH way. But this – the PH Melbourne looks like if a blind interior designer tried to take a stab at “Art Deco.” It looks like one of those cheesy “iPic” suburban movie theaters where they charge you $22 to have a “classy” leather recliner. I can’t even imagine when this was first designed that it ever felt fresh and classic.

    Colo(u)r me disappointed!

  4. For first time MEL visitors, I think the GH would be better located. PH is quieter…but I guess does have a decent breakfast and lounge.

  5. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne years ago and the pictures of the lobby make me think it is the same hotel rebranded? Weird. Sure doesn’t look like a Park Hyatt at all.

  6. The Westin would be a much better choice for most, at least given my experience a few years back. The PH looked dated even then. Thanks for the review.

  7. Wow, for what this hotel is supposed to be, it looks pretty terrible. That tennis court looks like a prison’s outdoor exercise area…

  8. I have stayed at the Grand Hyatt in MEL a few times (22 years ago – pre remodel, and 12 years ago – post remodel). I guess it needs a remodel again, I will be there this coming summer. Back in earlier visits – I don’t believe the Park Hyatt existed as a Park Hyatt. It likely is a rebranded hotel.

    I like the Grand Hyatt – great location and large high rise hotel. It used to be the premier hotel in MEL. They use a connected, full service gym (membership type) for their spa/gym.

  9. Thanks for this review. I stayed at a suite at the Grand Hyatt and am glad I changed from the Park to there. Much better price, much better location as well. Lovely pool at the Park it seems, though!

  10. The Melbourne Grand Hyatt is much more central, being right in the middle of the city. It has been completely refurbished within the past few years. The Park Hyatt doesn’t look like it’s changed at all since I stayed there 15 years ago!

  11. (Long time reader – First time commenter – Melbournian)

    Great review of the Park Hyatt – you are spot on with your reference to it having a cruse ship feel.

    If I was to list in order of preference the hotels discussed.

    1. Grand Hyatt – The oldest of the four (1985) but a complete refurbishment in 2011 has given the GH a new feel and has a very central location. (Good club lounge).

    2. Sheraton – Opening in 2014 is the newest 5 star hotel in Melbourne and is very smart and not yet got that “used” feel about it. The standard rooms have a good feel to them but they are smallest of the four. (No club lounge).

    3. Park Hyatt – I feel this property is starting to show it’s age as it was completed in 1999 with a high level of specification. Big standard rooms, great staff and upmarket location just outside the city grid near Parliament House.

    4. Westin – Like the PH this property has had very little work done over its 15 year history. Very central location and good vibe in the lobby and bar. (Poor restaurant and no club lounge).

    Thanks Lucky for the great reviews and eagerly awaiting your Qantas First A380 report as I am doing my first Qantas First later this year.

  12. Sounds exactly like my Tripadvisor review. We had a number of miscues at the front desk. They always apologized and made it right but in no way did this feel like a PH. Worthwhile and a good deal. Could not believe the beautiful lounge was open for a measly 2 hrs per day!

  13. @ DP81 — Unfortunately this is the only property I’ve stayed at in Melbourne, so can’t really chime in about the other options. All things considered I do think it’s an excellent option, still.

  14. @ chris — Well because generally Park Hyatt > Grand Hyatt, and all things considered this is still a very nice hotel.

  15. The two Hyatts are a 5-10 minute walk apart so not much difference in location. The GH has always been the locals favourite and where the money is spent. Some stay just to use the gym! Westin is more dated than the Park Hyatt while not mentioned as chains go,Sofitel would be my choice. The Melbourne market is much more independant or boutique style as they provide more the standard of food, design, drink that the locals are used to. The advantage of the Grand Hyatt & Sofitel is some of the best/fashionable/new food is minutes away, though you have to leave the hotel for it.

  16. So I am hearing if there is a one time visit that the Grand Hyatt should be the property of first choice……

  17. I can’t comment on what it’s like to stay there but the park Hyatt probably has the best location out of the major chain hotels in Melbourne, edge of the CBD, very close to Fitzroy and Collingwood where a lot of the more interesting bars and restaurants are and by parliament station for everywhere else.

    To be fair the Westin is in a pretty good spot at the centre of the CBD, close to flinders St and Fed Square so there isn’t a great deal in it.

  18. Also on that, the bar at the top of the Sofitel looks good and the new Sheraton is in a great spot. Definitely err on the eastern end of the CBD

  19. I should point out that none of the major hotels mentioned in this thread are no more than 5-10 minutes walk away from any of the others, and with trams being free in the CBD now the location should really not be an issue when deciding between them.

  20. OMG, 1990, and not just the decor, but the architecture, which will be loads of fun working around in the next refresh.

  21. I’ll be MEL in November for 2 nights. I was gonna default to PH, but now after reading…not sure. Great trip report btw.

  22. I’m a current Melburnite, but I stayed in both Hyatts while planning my move here. Overall I preferred the Grand, and would probably stay there again unless the Park were cheaper (which it never is). Better location (I know, they’re close together, but it’s still a few blocks’ walking saved every time you come or go), better service (in my own experience at least; the PH staff always seemed like they were waiting for someone more important to come along), better views. On the other hand the Park Hyatt had bigger rooms and a nice indoor pool.

    The one caveat with the Grand is that in an otherwise-sweet renovation they somehow managed to install doors that don’t go all the way to the floor, which causes a bit of corridor noise in your room. This wasn’t a problem for me, but could be an issue if you stay on the club floor or any other floor with stuff going on.

  23. We don’t think this hotel has been a roaring success.

    Same developer as the Grand Hyatt Melbourne (Lustig & Moar), and they spent AU$150 million to develop it (its only a 240 room hotel), finishing it in 1999.

    The Singaporeans (GIC) bought it in 2003 for ~AU$126 million, and it was sold to the Chinese (Fu Wah International Group) in early 2014 for a figure believed to be AU$135 million.

    From a guests perspective, this property has some massive rooms.

  24. Also interesting to see that they have Aesop amenities now. When we last stayed here (albeit in a Club Deluxe room not a Suite), the amenities were Le Labo BERGAMOTE 22.

  25. Lucky,

    This is a very nice hotel, having stayed there in January last year. My guess is you want everything to look like the Park Hyatt NYC, which is a bit crazy, and not sure you are really in touch with much of your audience. Time for a reality check buddy.



  26. @ David — Call it what you will, stylistically this is more like a Grand Hyatt than a Park Hyatt. And that’s not me saying it isn’t nice, but just saying it’s different from what you expect from a Park Hyatt.

  27. @ Miles Down Under — thank you for the information! Are the new owners planning to refresh the hotel?

    @ Lucky — by all accounts it sounds like GH is a preferred choice, especially since it’s Category 4 so cheaper on points/points+cash and Hyatt credit card free night certificate can be used on it (don’t have the card but I think free night is limited to Cat. 1-4).

    Also, is it standard for Australian hotels to have a surcharge for credit card payments? Both GH and PH show this message when checking rates:

    An additional 3% service fee will apply to the total stay account when paying by Amex and Diners credit cards upon departure.

    All other credit cards will incur an additional 1.5% fee which will apply to the total stay upon departure. Fee does not apply to prepaid or advanced purchase rates.

  28. @ Lucky
    Fine answer.Ii have the same mindset as well (PH>GH) when I begin to compare. I do struggle however deciding with places like melbourne, goa, and beijing when it comes to what the actual better hotel is especially if your considering using your DSU. The former two, I usually lean towards the GH as the better hotel. Any cities where you think the GH > PH?

  29. @ Chris — Hmmm, haven’t done either property in Goa or Beijing. In Melbourne I’d definitely give the GH a try. So it’s clear in some cases that the gap is small. Interesting question…

  30. My wife and I feel Park Hyatt Melb is really a Grand Hyatt hiding behind PH brand while Grand Hyatt Hong Kong operates at PH standard but hiding behind GH brand. The newly renovated suites there has similar fit out to PH Sydney.

  31. @Ivan Y – no plans.

    Also, it is standard ‘down under’ for hotels to have a credit card surcharge.

  32. No way would I stay at the GH vs the PH. PH location is much better unless you love views of adjacent high rises and lots of city traffic. PH is just on the edge of the CBD next to St Patrick’s Cathedral (stunning night views when the spires are lit up) and close to the Parliament building. Other side gets expansive park/city views that only a few rooms at the GH enjoy. PH is in a much more upscale neighborhood but only a couple blocks away from the GH.

    Now, if you’re a 20-30 something and bar hopping is your scene and want action, then perhaps the GH is a more appropriate choice.

    As for the property looking like a bit like a GH, I agree. But the service level is as good as any PH we’ve stayed at, the property is in immaculate condition and the rooms are clean and spacious. The finishes are top notch and trashing it to give a more neutral PH look would be a travesty.

    The lounge can get very full (to capacity) at times, so count yourself lucky if you had a quiet experience.

  33. I just spent 2 nights at both of the Melbourne Hyatts and in the end preferred the Grand Hyatt by a long shot… but to each his own for sure! Am heading back to MEL our way home from Australia and chose the GH over the Park….

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