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I was really excited to check out the new Westin Singapore, given that it just opened about a year ago.

I find Singapore to be a hotel market that’s well past its prime, so a hotel scores huge points just for being new, in my opinion.

For our one night stay I had the option between paying 580SGD (~465USD) or 16,000 Starpoints for a base room at the Westin. 580SGD for a night is crazy, so I obviously redeemed the Starpoints, a redemption value I was quite happy with. The revenue rate actually made me really curious about the quality of this property, since the price was even higher than the St. Regis the night prior.

We took a taxi from the St. Regis to the Westin, which took about 15 minutes. The Westin is located near the financial district, and is actually in the brand new Asia Square Tower. The hotel uses levels 32 to 46 of the building, which is otherwise occupied by office space. The first thing I noticed is that while the Westin is near the financial district, it’s quite removed from everything. The building kind of occupies its own plot of land, so it’s a good 10 minute walk until you’re in the financial district, or anywhere else for that matter.

As we pulled up to the hotel we were welcomed by a bellman.

Westin Singapore entrance

Westin Singapore signage

Westin Singapore car

He directed us into the building and towards the elevator, which took us up to the 32nd floor lobby.

Westin Singapore entrance

The ground floor has some escalators, a cafe, and then three elevators leading directly to the hotel.

Westin Singapore entrance

Westin Singapore entrance

The 32nd floor lobby is stunning. It features high ceilings, panoramic views, and is beautifully furnished.

Westin Singapore lobby

Westin Singapore lobby

Westin Singapore lobby bar

Westin Singapore lobby bar

While I realize many might not consider it a “premium” view, I love that the hotel overlooks the port of Singapore. I know I’m a total transportation nerd, but that’s a view that never gets old, in my opinion.

Westin Singapore view from lobby

The reception desk was located to the right of the elevators, and there was no queue when we arrived. The associate checking us in was friendly, and informed us we had been upgraded to a harbor view suite. She also confirmed all Platinum benefits, including free internet, club lounge access, etc.

Westin Singapore reception

From there we took the elevator up to the 44th floor, where our room was located. The hotel has two sets of elevators — some take you between the ground floor and the lobby, and then a separate set take you between the lobby and guest rooms.

Westin Singapore hallway

We were assigned room 4401, which was located behind an extra door, presumably so the room could be turned into a two bedroom suite if needed.

Westin Singapore room entryway

Westin Singapore floorplan

My first reaction to the room? HOLY CRAP!

The room featured a large entryway, with a guest bathroom to the right and then living room immediately ahead.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite entryway

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite guest bathroom

The living room was insane. It featured a massive “L” shaped couch, a dining table with six seats, and a desk.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite dining area

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite desk

Since this was a corner suite, it boasted views both of nearby office buildings, and also of the harbor.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room view

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room view

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite living room view

On the table across from the dining table was a Nespresso coffee machine and the minibar.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite Nespresso machine

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite minibar

Then a door lead into the bedroom, which featured a king size Westin Heavenly Bed, as well as a daybed by the window and chair near the bathroom.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom

Then there was a flat screen TV across from the bed.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom

Since the bedroom was on the far end of the room, it boasted views of the port.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bedroom view

The bathroom was possibly the highlight of the otherwise amazing room, as it featured double sinks, a partitioned off toilet, and a shower/bath complex, which featured both an orgy-sized shower and a soaking tub.

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bathroom

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bathroom

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite toilet

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite toiletries

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite shower

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bathtub

Taking a bath at sunrise was pretty spectacular, I must say…

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite bathtub

The suite was stocked with BVLGARI amenities, which are among my favorites. It’s not often you see them at Westins!

Westin Singapore Harbor View Suite BVLGARI amenities

Overall I loved the suite. I mean, really, what’s not to love? It felt a bit sterile and contemporary, which is generally my preference over a more “old world” design. So in terms of rooms I think I preferred the Westin to the St. Regis.

The hotel also has a club lounge located on the 35th floor. The club lounge has the following hours:

  • Open: 7AM-11PM
  • Breakfast: 7AM-10:30AM
  • Evening cocktails: 6PM-8PM

Westin Singapore Executive Club hours

Physically the club lounge was spacious and nicely appointed.

Westin Singapore club lounge

Westin Singapore club lounge

Westin Singapore club lounge

Westin Singapore club lounge

Throughout the day they had soft drinks, cookies, cake, and fresh fruit available.

Westin Singapore club lounge daytime snacks

Westin Singapore club lounge daytime snacks

The evening happy hour spread was good, though not amazing. There was an open bar with self serve beer, wine, liquor, etc.

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

The quality of the food spread itself was quite good, though I’d say it wasn’t quite a dinner substitute, as you may find at some other properties in Asia. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that the hot option was cheese fries, though.

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

Westin Singapore club lounge evening happy hour

The breakfast spread was more substantial, with a great variety of options. I’m not really one for hot food in the morning, but in terms of that they had scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, pancakes, dim sum, etc.

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Westin Singapore club lounge breakfast

Most of the other public facilities were also located on the 35th floor, including the outdoor infinity pool.

Westin Singapore pool

It was a pretty awesome pool, in that it looked like it continued right into the harbor.

Westin Singapore pool

Westin Singapore view from pool

Westin Singapore view from pool

Westin Singapore view from pool

The gym was also located on the 35th floor, which was large and well equipped.

Westin Singapore gym

Westin Singapore gym

Westin Singapore bottom line

The Westin Singapore totally exceeded my expectations. We got upgraded to a massive, gorgeous suite, the club lounge was great, and the staff were all very friendly, in particular in the club lounge.

I like the area it’s in, which is to say that I like being near the financial district (one of the few cities where that’s the case). That being said, the location within that area is a bit off, as the hotel is kind of in an isolated corner.

Even if the price were the same, I think I might prefer the Westin to the St. Regis. Two thumbs up to this hotel — it’s a fantastic addition to the SPG portfolio.

If you’ve stayed at the Westin Singapore, what was your experience like?

  1. I have stayed there for two nights in April and it was absolutely stunning for me.

    The property itself is gorgeous and stunning itself and the view (I had a Sea View room which overlooked the harbour) was amazing, especially at night.
    The staff was – singapore like – super friendly, even as a normal guest (Single traveller at young age) I was accompanied to my room. Even though the service was a bit unipersonal, it was top notch.

    I was looking forward to read this review, wonderfully written and it brings all the memories back!

  2. I loved it also.

    There is a subway stop about 5 minutes from the hotel entrance. I can’t recall which line, but it was pretty convenient.

    I also liked the food court in the building next door. Lots of good options for coffee and snacking.

    I wonder if Bulgari amenities are only in the suites. I didn’t get upgraded, and am pretty sure I had the normal Westin stuff. That was last April.

  3. I’m traveling there in March with my 19 y/o son for “father/son SE Asia tour” trip and we’ll be staying here for a few nights. Although I’m only SPG Gold and won’t get a suite upgrade or access to the lounge, the property still looks spectacular and I’m looking forward to visiting.

    Thanks for the review, Ben.

  4. So Ben, who is “WE” ? You mentioned “we” twice in your blog, I find it odd that you bloggers never mention who you are traveling with, why is it such a ?

    In regards to the food spread, it’s not suppose to be dinner, on the other hand, I wish that US SPG hotels had food spreads like that..

  5. @Tony

    He’s traveling with his dad, you idiot.

    Lucky, what restaurants are in the building?

    Also, this is a general type question, but is it possible to get a suite with 2 twin beds instead of 1 king size?

  6. @Tony: Right, it’s not supposed to be dinner, but often times in Asia (especially in China) there is a large enough and diverse enough spread to make it a dinner. The happy hour and breakfast spreads at the Westin Singapore seem markedly better than what I experienced at the Sheraton Towers Singapore Executive Lounge two years ago. Regardless, it’s good to see Starwood have this property in Singapore, as the W and St. Regis are expensive (in either cash or points), and the Sheraton Towers is a bit dated. The Westin location is great too, if you want to be near the Downtown Core.

  7. “I mean, really, whatā€™s not to love?”

    The regular rooms?

    I’m hard pressed to name another location that does such an amazing job of combining boring with expensive. I’d rather live like a revenue king elsewhere in Asia than trying to coax a status upgrade at the one good hotel in SIN.

  8. Finally a hotel in Singapore that makes it worth visiting the city. Have stayed away since most of the hotels are pretty poor and I was never impressed with the hotels. Now I can start thinking of visiting again as it has been a while. Will definitely stay at the Westin after reading your review.

  9. Nice. Wonder if the ordinary rooms have the same bath layout? Now that I have Plat status, as yet untested, perhaps I’ll get the chance to try an upgrade where in town this March.

  10. @Abdel Raahim Abdallah – Your point is well taken, but I think @wwwk5D was referring more to the innuendo by some posters here trying to find out whether or not Lucky was travelling with a gay companion or not, nevermind that anyone following this blog knows this is his dad’s trip of a lifetime adventure.

  11. The Westin SG also offers complimentary breakfast in the hotel restaurant and complimentary use of the spa amenities (e.g. Whirlpool, Sauna) for SPG Platinum members. The breakfast is underwhelming (e.g. Not as nice as the W TPE), but the spa amenities are great!

  12. I don’t think not mentioning the details of a travel companion is indicative of gender preference. If I were travelling with a girt friend (though my wife might get grumpy about that but let’s put that to one side) she might not want her personal details on the web.

  13. I prefer the location of the St. Regis. My company has an office near the Westin so I stayed for two nights recently. The room was nice, etc, but I missed being able to stroll along Orchard like I can from the St. Regis. I’m also betting that this hotel gets bumped up to a cat 6 when Starwood in Feb.

  14. @ wwk5d — Unfortunately most hotels don’t seem to have suites with two beds, which is annoying.

    There was a restaurant in addition to the lobby lounge, though I didn’t have a chance to check either out. Sorry.

  15. @ Tony — See the introduction post…

    I don’t think there’s any way on earth I could have been more public about who I was traveling with on this trip, heh.

  16. Can’t believe you got bumped up into one of their suites on a points stay! Is Starwood stalking your blog?

  17. Thanks for this Lucky! I’m staying here for 2 nights in a couple of weeks and was looking forward to your review. Was debating about staying at W but after seeing the pics and your reading your post. I’m gonna keep my reservation here.

  18. SG has always been in the cheese/truffles fries phase šŸ™‚

    Ref that port/sea view, enjoy it while it last… With all that construction nearby, you’ll probably see only the next office block in a few years time.

  19. Wife and I stayed here last summer and it was amazing. We booked a basic award which was a city view, but it was still a huge room with a huge bathroom. The only status we had was from the SPG card which I think is between the lowest and the first level, it’s sort of a hidden status that doesn’t do much. Our bathroom was half of the unit, and both the bedroom and bathroom had floor to ceiling windows. And I think the shower was bigger than yours. The tub was the same, and it was right next to the window as well. For 12,000 SPG points it was a steal for Singapore. We’ll be in SE Asia again this summer via CX/JL F, but we couldn’t work SIN in this time. Just means we’ll have to take another CX F trip šŸ˜‰

  20. Just completed a two night stay a few days ago. For the most part, I was pretty happy with our stay at the Westin. But some negatives:

    * As mentioned, the hotel is new and out of way. Many taxi drivers don’t know how to get to the Westin.
    * At check-in, other guests were offered welcome drinks. For some reasons, I wasn’t.
    * Even though I had requested one room with king, and one room with two beds, and even confirmed via email the night before, I was told at check-in that I could only have king rooms. I checked in fairly early during the day too, so not too happy.
    * As a SPG Gold, only benefit I got was that one of two rooms got upgraded to a corner room. The other room was not upgraded! SPG Gold always seems more or less useless.

  21. I forgot to mention that we had done the night train from KL to Singapore and I didn’t get any sleep at all. Our room was next to the storage closet and nothing was strapped down so plates and dinnerware were banging into the wall the entire ride. When we got to the Westin at 9am or so they gave us a room and I was out like a light for a few hours. I really wasn’t expecting that, especially with my only status being my SPG card.

  22. Stayed in Westin for a stay cation for my birthday. Was disappointed. 1st the concierge wanted my car keys if I did not come down within 10 minutes when my sister already told him the concierge that she was just helping me to check in and she is leaving once we are done with the check in and he kept wanting to take our car keys when my sister already saying she is leaving once the check in is done and my sister told the guy she would be down in a while and she wouldn’t know how long the check in is going to be as it depends on the reception who is checking us in and we are SPG member! ISecondly told them was my birthday and the only thing they gave for the birthday was only 2 miserables pieces of small cakes and 2 pieces of Macaroons and a chocolate stick saying happy birthday. I stayed in Marina Mandarin Singapore before for my friend birthday and when we stayed there, it was past my friend birthday, I told them it is my friend birthday month, is there anything they could do. The reception told us oh we will send a complimentary cake to you shortly and it was a whole cake not like what Westin did. Thirdly, I had to switch rooms 3 times! 1st time was the whole room and the lights etc went out and I told the manager I did not blow anything or over charge anything since I was only just watching the tv that’s it. When the manager came, the 1st thing she said this is the 1st time that a blackout went out in this room. I was like so. To top of on that, one of the wall socket was not working well but I have informed the reception before hand and the technician had came in to try to fix it and apparently the guy told me it would not affect anything and he needs to change the wiring or something and that’s going to take 20 minutes and he wants to fix it only when no one is in the room. So the fixing did not happen since I was in the room.So had a switch of rooms that’s fine. 2nd time was we asked for a harbor view but the room we got was not exactly over looking the harbor compared to the blackout room. So we finally managed to settle in the 3rd room and that was like nearly 4am in the morning.

    Would not choose to stay in Westin again even though we were given free lounge access and late check out at 5pm and evening cock tail because of the black out.

  23. Lovely report as always Lucky. I stayed there with my parents and got upgraded to Sea View Suite. Westin Singapore has fairly limited number of both type of suites and to get upgraded to Harbourview Suite there, IMO, was fairly slim chance. You’re very LUCKY there lucky!!!! The living room was gorgeous though I think bedroom for the 2 suites are pretty similar in comparison. Did you have a chance to check out the breakfast at Seasonal Tastes? I think it is way better, selection wise, than St Regis Singapore.

  24. What a great blog post! to it after reading your blog post! *Fingers crossed* that I’ll get a room as amazing as yours

  25. Just stayed at this property two weeks ago. as an SPG Gold we received a nice room with a view towards the cruise ship terminal/port. There is basically a building going up right next door (but it does have a bit of a cut-out in the design so you still get a nice view). Staff was outstanding – very helpful. We loved the location – quick walk over to the Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre for cheap eats or over to the Marina for more upscale restaurants and the MBS. The pool was fantastic – just what we needed after a day strolling down Orchard Road. Easy ride back to the airport – about SGD $18 in a taxi.

  26. Thanks for sharing your trip reports Ben. It’s been great following through your BEST trip ever.

    Keep finding your blog on Google searches (was searching for Qantas lounge review when I saw the thread to your entire post. Decided to give it a read). By the way, you always seem like a genuinely nice person and it comes through in your writing.

    Michelle seems like a great SIA stewardess; glad you got such an amazing crew on such a special trip.

    Best Regards,


  27. Bob, you could also have actually just as easily taken the City Hall MRT to the airport for $3 SGD if you wanted to experience some local transport before your flight off.

    Due to the expensive COE (road tax) and higher car prices (than America) along with cheap (relatively) taxi fares and an ever increasing network of efficient public transit…many executives in the CBD area will use the public transport (or cab) instead of driving.

    This hotel is also very hear to Harbor Front ferry terminal if you want to visit Sentosa or travel briefly to Indonesia by boat (Batam and Bintan – quite an experience really). In terms of food, you can also try out another store near Lau Pa Sat (this is quite a tourist attraction with the unique architecture, it was recently renovated several years back.) by Green field building (or Green scape?) call Grain Traders. I had it the last time in Singapore from a friend and it’s basically healthy, nutritious food with a slightly local spin. Very crowded during lunch hours on a week day (which if you follow Singaporean mentality, it means it’s good haha – when looking for good food in Singapore just join the line-ups. If you have the time)

    I’d also recommend next time you walk to the Fullerton hotel, the same route to MBS except when you hit the water front go the other way. It’s accessible to the public and it’s a restored historical building with great views of the waterfront. Keep walking a little further to Esplande and check out the outdoor theater or maybe catch a look inside the durian.

    Didn’t stay at the Westin but very familiar with the CBD area. Stayed at East Coast area when I visited which was rather convenient still.

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