Jet Airways And Qatar Airways Business Class Are Next!

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One suggestion I frequently get is to review more business class products, since they’re more attainable than first class for the average miles & points collector. And I’ve been making a real effort to do that.

And I’m continuing the trend.

As some of you may recall, back in June I had plans to fly to Doha for the inaugural Qatar Airways A380 flight to London Heathrow. Of course that was before His Excellency perpetually delayed the inaugural, to the point that they’ll be lucky if they take delivery of their first A380 this year.

My original plan was to fly to Doha via Brussels using American miles, trying out both Jet Airways’ business class and Qatar Airways’ business class. I was probably as excited about those flights as I was about the prospect of flying Qatar Airways’ A380 in first class, since they both seem like really solid business class products. Naturally I was pretty sad when I canceled that trip.

However, I’m heading to the Middle East this weekend, and it looks like I’ll be flying the same exact routing from Toronto to Doha!


Jet Airways flies an A330 between Toronto and Brussels, which features their new fully flat business class hard product (it’s a Vantage style staggered seat). The “bones” of the seat look very similar to Swiss’ in terms of design. I’m most curious about the service, though (and perhaps should bring some 5-Hour Energy for the pilots?).


Then from Brussels to Doha the flight is operated by a Qatar Airways 787, which features their reverse herringbone business class seats.


I far prefer this option to flying directly from the US to Doha, given that Qatar Airways operates 777s on those routes, which just feature their standard forward facing business class seats.

However, on my return I have a tighter schedule and will be flying directly to the US on a Qatar Airways 777, so I’ll get to try out their longhaul service (which includes pajamas, turndown service, etc.).

I will also be checking out the new Hamad International Airport, and you can bet I’ll have my fair share of Krug in the lounge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll share the full details of my trip as I go along (it also involves an inaugural!). I’ll be flying six longhaul flights in six days, so it’s going to be a whirlwind trip. Be sure you’re following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates.

Safe travels, everyone!

  1. Hey Lucky, somehow your Air India First Class plans seem to be delayed every time. Why? When your flying the new Star Alliance branded AI?

  2. I flew Hongkong -> Doha -> Zurich a while ago first on Cathay and then continuing on with Qatar in business class. I found the seats themselves comparable but had a lot more privacy on Cathay.
    The business class lounge in Doha was bad though (overcrowded around midnight, food was very average) and you can not get into the First lounge even with Emerald status.

  3. Inaugurals? Let me guess… you going to be on the inaugural Air India flight from Gaya to Medina via Ras Al Khaimah? If so, let me know and I’ll come visit you airside during the RKT transit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have an upcoming trip on Qatar and was surprised how few reviews were out there. It was a toss up between SQ and Qatar and I decided to go with Qatar to try something new. I look forward to your thoughts, although if they’re negative can you spin it like His Excellency so I don’t dread the trip ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. @Lucky – Have you flown Iberia yet? I’ve booked folks on them to Argentina and it’s 50/50 between terrible and great

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