Krug Champagne In Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge

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In May I wrote about the challenges Qatar Airways was having with their new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. Even though the airport was operational, their lounges were still weeks from being open, which isn’t exactly a nice way to introduce your new airport to your most premium and frequent guests.

Qatar Airways has now opened their Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge, which they’re using for just about all premium oneworld passengers at the moment, given that the first class lounge isn’t open yet. SFO777 has some pictures of the new Qatar Airways Lounge, which looks pretty great.


But here’s the kicker, based on what I’ve been hearing — apparently Qatar Airways is serving Krug in the bar area of this lounge.


Typically airlines serve better champagne onboard than in their lounges, and there’s not an airline in the world that serves Krug in business class in the air, let alone for any class of service on the ground.

Aside from Qatar Airways, I’d say the best airline in the world for champagne is British Airways, which serves Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle in their Concorde Rooms (in both London and New York) — that’s the same champagne they serve aboard.


Now, I’m not sure if Qatar Airways plans on keeping Krug in the business class lounge, or if it’s just there for now since the first class lounge isn’t open yet.

When I flew Qatar Airways first class back in 2011, they served Veuve La Grande Dame in their first class lounge, which was already a very good lounge champagne, in my opinion.


If I lived in Doha I’d certainly be spending my Saturday nights booking first class Avios tickets for shorthal flights within the Middle East. 13,500 Avios for a one-way first class ticket to Dubai at 1AM on a Sunday morning after a nice day “lounging” sounds good to me! šŸ˜‰


Regardless, I’m heading to the Middle East this week, so you can guess which airline I’ll be flying there. šŸ˜€

I’m undecided as to whether I should be more excited about the Krug or the 35,000 pound, 23 foot, 6.8 million dollar teddy bear on display at the airport.

If you’ve been to the new Qatar Airways Lounge at Hamad International Airport, what did you think?

  1. Sir, I’m sorry, we require a “same day” departure for lounge entry, please try again at 12:01am. šŸ˜‰

  2. If I fly BA Y out of Doha, do I get lounge access as a oneworld Sapphire? I know Qatar lounges are like a special case.

  3. I have had two siblings fly there recently, but only one was in the lounge. The pictures looked ridiculous. The place was HUGE!

  4. @ Michael A — Whoops, did some more research and it looks like only first and business class oneworld passengers have access. Sorry!

  5. @Lucky — Where did you find the access rules? On, it still mentions Oryx is ok for BA fliers, I think? And it doesn’t exclude the Qatar business lounge explicitly (although it may be that they just didn’t put the name there as the Al Safwa lounge is supposed to be excluded)

  6. Lucky, SQ serves Dom Perignon or Veuve La Grande Dame in their Private Room, so that is above what the Concorde Room is serving.

    What does LH serve in their F Terminal / F Lounge in FRA/MUC, or TG in their F lounge in BKK, or NH in their F lounge in HND/NRT?

  7. @ flyinfish — Call me crazy, but I’ll take Grand Siecle over Dom 2003 (hands down), and marginally over Veuve La Grande Dame as well.

  8. As a Doha based flyer, you just made my day. Let’s just hope OneWorld Emerald status gets me in when flying Y on QR. Sound’s like recently there have been varying reports on who they’re letting in.

  9. I had to “spend the night” there earlier this week (inbound landed at 3am and outbound left at 8am), and the place is just BANANAS. Didn’t make it into a lounge because of a jacked up One World Explorer ticket, but the airport itself is just so effing insane that it was a blast to just wander around and check out all of the crazy.

    Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever received from an airline too, it’s a shame transiting Doha is a ridic proposition for most travel.

  10. @flyingfish
    TG used to serve Mumm (which is excuisite IMO ) in the F-lounge at BKK. Not sure if they still do.

  11. Had a glass of champagne in the lounge restaurant today and when they said Krug I was so amazed I had to ask a second person and then google to make sure. Sure, for a first class on-board champagne it’s done but in a Business&First lounge? This is just amazing. Now I have to hope there is some movement in the quiet rooms so I can have a post champagne nap….

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