I Was Offered A Suite Upgrade On My First Hyatt Globalist Stay (But Turned It Down)

The new World of Hyatt program kicked in as of March 1. Former Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond members are being converted into World of Hyatt Globalist members. In terms of the on-property experience, the single biggest difference is that Globalist members receive unlimited complimentary suite upgrades, subject to availability (Diamond members, on the other hand, received the best available non-suite rooms, unless using a suite upgrade award).

It’s one thing to have a policy, but the big question is how hotels handle these upgrades in practice. Do they offer the upgrades proactively? If not, do they offer them when asked? Or do they come up with any excuse to deny an upgrade?

Like most hotel chains, I suspect it will come down to the individual hotel. Some hotels are great about going above and beyond for elite members, while others seem to do everything they can to deny benefits.

Both Tiffany and Travis are Globalist members and stayed at Hyatt properties on day one of the program switchover. Travis shared his experience with an upgrade — he wasn’t offered a Globalist suite upgrade, but when he specifically asked about it, the front office associate obliged.


On one hand I’d ideally like to see Hyatt hotels proactively offer suite upgrades to Globalist members. On the other hand, maybe it’s not all bad if hotels only offer suite upgrades when specifically asked, since it means there will be less competition for them. While the latter system may work out better for many of us (selfishly), I think proactively offering upgrades is a much better recognition of loyalty.

Anyway, I just had my first stay under the new World of Hyatt program yesterday, and figured I’d report back on my experience.

I was staying at the Grand Hyatt Incheon, and booked a standard room. When I arrived at check-in I was curious to see:

  • If I was proactively offered a suite upgrade
  • If not, I was curious if it would be offered if I asked specifically, since I knew there were still some available based on the inventory the hotel was selling just prior to my arrival


Well, overall I was very impressed.

“Mr. Schlappig, as a Globalist member you are entitled to a suite upgrade. However, our suites are in the east tower, which is the opposite tower of where the club is, and they’re not renovated. Would you like a suite, or a club room?”

I ended up selecting the club room, though was damn impressed that the suite was proactively offered in such a way.

At least at this hotel they’ve done a good job with Globalist training… well, sort of.

The associate then continued with “as a Globalist you’re entitled to a 1,000 bonus points or welcome amenity.”


That wasn’t supposed to be offered, given that Hyatt unfortunately cut welcome amenities with the new World of Hyatt program, so that’s not a thing anymore.

Bottom line

While my first stay as a Globalist wasn’t in a suite, I was at least impressed by the fact that I was offered the upgrade. I’m curious to see what my upcoming Globalist stays are like.

To other Globalists who have stayed at a Hyatt since the new program, what was your experience like? Were you proactively offered an upgrade? If not, were you offered one after asking?


  1. I’m assuming you took the welcome amenity, since you knew the points wouldn’t post? 😀

    Seriously, though, isn’t this how it *should* be done? Offering a choice between a renovated, more convenient room vs an older but larger suite?

    If Travis were traveling with his family, I’m assuming he’d take the suite, but I’m guessing many travelers would prefer the club room. I vaguely recall you posting something years ago about a similar situation at a different hotel, where the hotel just assumed most people would want the regular room with a better location and didn’t offer the choice.

  2. “[Travis]…wasn’t offered a Globalist suite upgrade, but when he specifically asked about it, the front office associate obliged.”

    How dare he ask? Sickening. He didn’t get offered one because he didn’t deserve one; and then, he tries to abuse the program by asking for more.

  3. Checked in last night (2nd Hyatt stay since new program) –
    On first stay (Hyatt Place) – was offered a high floor upgrade (only choices are high floor and view), which was all that was available.
    Second stay (Hyatt) – offered Junior suite even though full suites were available. Didn’t argue since I actually like the junior suites better

  4. Like I’ve been saying, WOH has finally joined the big leagues, at least, at the Globalist level. 🙂

    One thing is certain: by design, I am sure, programs that offer “unlimited suite upgrades” do not usually offer such upgrades proactively because there has to be a “filter” that limits who gets upgraded, especially since the perk is “unlimited.” I believe that’s a good thing, but watch “travel gurus” begin to make up yet another standard that’s going to make a mockery of UGSU (unlimited Globalist suite upgrade) as happened with such suite upgrades for SPG Plats.

    In January, I’d booked a stay at Conrad Hong Kong using the lucrative visa BOGO offer that this site had characterized as “the best offer the year” and selected a harbor-view room. However, the property had upgraded me proactively, as they have done each of the last 4-5 times, to a mountain-side (not as nice as the harbor side) suite. Incredibly, the desk agent apologized to me, saying that he knew that I prefer suites on the harbor side but he was sorry that there was no availability of such suites at the time. Would I like to stay in the standard harbor site room or take the suite. I took the suite, in which I spent 4 nights because after the 2 BOGO nights I’d also booked two more cash-only standard award nights.

    No fuss, no drama, just pure maturity.


  5. @ DCS — Nothing says “pure maturity” like showing up at the front desk with a laminated copy of the terms & conditions!

  6. That’s a great hotel. While I liked exploring the entire property, you were definitely right to chose the room near the club. It’s a long walk otherwise.

    We still talk about that property all the time and would go back to Korea for that place alone!

  7. Technically the Gold Passport program ended 2/28 and not 3/1. I had a stay last week, one night with checkin on 2/28 at a Hyatt House. I was told by both the desk agent and phone agent that the stay would not count toward GP because checkout was on 3/1. I was not awarded the Diamond 500 pt amenity for the stay either, when I called to get it credited I was told that they’d do it for me this time but that they really shouldn’t have since my stay ended on 3/1. And the desk staff acted like they’d done me a favor by putting me (alone) in a 2 bedroom room…Disappointing way to end my years as Diamond (I missed my 2016 qualification by a few nights but wasn’t too stressed about it).

  8. @Lucky sez: “@ DCS — Nothing says “pure maturity” like showing up at the front desk with a laminated copy of the terms & conditions!”

    You must first prove that I ever used it, otherwise please stop spreading the canard. I’ve said I printed copy of HH T&C on suite upgrades after I had a manager at Hilton Tokyo completely misinterpret them, claiming that upgrades are supposed to be to the next-best room from the one booked. Period. I would have been fine if he’d simply said that no upgrades were available. However, he hid behind “Hilton Worldwide” T&C in making a bogus claim what was not supported by the T&C and I wanted to be prepared. I can provide the link to the account at InsideFlyer if you’d like. Never had to use the copy of the T&C because other managers have not be as obtuse and misinformed.

    Now, there is EVIDENCE of even more lack of maturity, and I quote: “Long time OMAAT readers will know that Ben often has to ask for them [suite upgrades], fight for them, pull out his laptop and show that they are still selling them, and finally Tweet about them.” Pulling out a laptop to prove a desk agent wrong….brotha! I will not even link to the piece where you described in your own words how you got tired of fighting SPG desk agents for something (suite upgrades) that you were “entitled” to.

    Please, do not go there…Leave the personal stuff to others. I referred to the maturity of the program and not to anyone’s immaturity. Big difference.


  9. I am wondering if a confirmed suite upgrade will get you something better than a complimentary at the desk upgrade?

  10. Two stays since the launch of WOH, no Globalist upgrade offered for either, despite one being available on my current stay. I guess I’ll need to specifically ask for a “Globalist suite upgrade” next time.

  11. Nothing also says “pure maturity” like endlessly making up facts (like claiming that the success of the SPG AmEx somehow took down a multi-billion dollar corporation)

    Oh FWIW, I vote “shut up”

  12. You are quite wrong: the new program is meant to offer globalists upgrades automatically ( when available). That should not mean waiting at checkin to see if a Suite has been allocated and then asking for one if it has not. So your suggestion that it’s not so bad if one has to ask is off the mark: it’s appalling that people should have to negotiate in a lobby for what is meant to be offered proactively….and already many reports on FT of this less than dignified “negotiation” taking place.
    While the negotiate at checkin might appeal to lawyers and used car salesmen, for most guests it does not.

  13. Just checked in for my 2nd stay since WoH launched.

    First stay (Andaz San Diego) I was given the choice between a Large King room and an Andaz Suite. At this property, the base-level suites have interior courtyard views so it was nice that they proactively offered me both options.

    This current stay (HR Long Beach) I was placed in an Executive King (Jr Suite), but requested a downgrade to a Club King since the Exec Kings are right next to the elevator.

    I score both check-ins a “win” for the new Globalist Suite Upgrade policy.

  14. Checked into a Hyatt in India this week and was not offered an upgrade, even after showing the front desk staff that upgrades were available in the app.

    So not much has changed….Policies and practices are inconsistent. But glad to see some hotels are handling it well.

  15. I have “turned down” upgrades on a number of occasions. Upgrades are often larger rooms and as a solo traveler a larger room is not the more desirable characteristic of a room. More often than not the view and the desk location and noise are the determining factors in room choice.

  16. “and already many reports on FT of this less than dignified “negotiation” taking place.”

    I wager that the negotiations will get even less “dignified” once the word spreads that Globalists are “entitled” to suite upgrades when available. Exhibit A: SPG’s complimentary suite upgrade policy that was no different than Hilton Honors’, Marriott Rewards’ or, yes, WOH’s, except that travel bloggers had hammered in the bogus notion that the SPG suite policy “entitled” their Plats to complimentary upgrades. The result was not pretty — “i.e, it led to less than dignified negotiations”: https://goo.gl/jSFU8Q

    — “Checked into a Hyatt in India this week and was not offered an upgrade, even after showing the front desk staff that upgrades were available in the app. ”
    — “You are quite wrong: the new program is meant to offer globalists upgrades automatically ( when available).”

    See what I mean? That’s the prelude…

  17. LOL! That leaves me with minus 4 (-4) stars since I had none in this virtual “lion’s den”! 😉

    Gotta go…


  18. Here’s my first Globalist stay experience when I responded to their welcome email and asked for a fridge and micro wave in my room. This is at a Hyatt Regency in CA. I’m pleasantly surprised.

    “Although I should not inform you technically till your day of arrival I have gone ahead and taken care of an upgrade to a king suite for you to enjoy which will have both a microwave and a refrigerator.”

    Hope this helps and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance. Also, I noticed you have two back to back reservations and I will ensure we keep you in the same room.

    See you soon and have a great night!

  19. DCS’ eyes may be going bad from his hours in the lab, as suite upgrades aren’t actually a promised benefit of the Hilton Diamond level – unlike, as we all know, SPG Platinum (not hard to miss, it’s the third bullet point on the landing page).

    Here’s a reading hint – the T&Cs don’t determine your benefits, they are used to CYA as a company.


  20. DCS… claims he’s in a virtual “lion’s Den”. Which leaves us with two possibilities: like a deer in the headlights, he’s too dumb to move elsewhere. Or he thinks he is so intelligent that he alone has the power to rationalize with lions.

  21. I will not re-post the complete challenge here, but will just ask: deer in the headlights or super-smart?

    Put up or shut.

  22. The fact that you don’t comprehend that “suite upgrades” are a benefit written in to SPG / WOH top tiers, but they aren’t in MR/HH (and no, a deeply buried mention in the T&Cs doesn’t count), tells one everything they need to know.

    Your level of obfuscation is K. Conway-esque

  23. “From now on, I will not address any comment(er) that purposely gets personal instead of addressing the content of my comments.”…

    “but will just ask: deer in the headlights or super-smart?”

    Sorry kid, you’re just like the rest of us here.
    And no, not super-smart. Someone super-smart would get out of the “lions den”.

  24. Despite the cacophony (explicitly stated condition for responding), I will again not re-post the complete challenge here. I will just say:

    Put up or shut up.

  25. “explicitly stated condition for responding” -true, but you also said “If the cacophony becomes deafening as it just got in here, I will simply re-post this challenge”— I’m pretty sure “but will just ask: deer in the headlights or super-smart?” doesn’t qualify.

    You ask for a real “basis” for my ideas, yet like anyone who posts about their thoughts on the program, it is all opinion and experience based.

    Therefore, posting on http://onemileatatime.com/2017/03/03/world-of-hyatt-predictions/#comments —“There is difference between what Hilton “promises” and what any other program promises.” Ambiguous.

    Posting on http://onemileatatime.com/2015/12/16/hilton-diamond-suite-upgrades/
    “I have a perfect suite upgrade record. ” — personal experience.

    Posting on http://onemileatatime.com/2016/01/22/elite-hotel-upgrades/
    “The problem with having the 4 DSUs enshrined in the T&C is that it gives properties a reason not to give complimentary suite upgrades.”— similarly ambiguous. In fact, I’ve never faced such a problem.

    Fact is, my experience as Hilton Gold/Diamond has been mediocre, my stays in their hotels have generally been under-par (more significantly, my SO who stays on business frequently has poor experiences there). Wheras at Hyatt I’m guaranteed a consistent-if not exceptional- positive experience.
    In the end, I’m willing to give Hilton more of a shot now, given that I won’t hit high-tier with Hyatt any longer. And while I think the benefits of WOH Globalist still outweigh Hilton benefits as Diamond, their night requirement is out of reach.
    My experience aligns with Lucky’s, hence I will defend Lucky.
    DSU has always been the primary differentiation between the two. For 25 nights you get 4 upgrades that you can apply to “confirm” you will have a suite before arriving at the hotel (up to a year in advance). Which means you can count on it. On top of that, you could request suites in the same way you can request them at any other chain minus the T&C. Success I had on several occasions.

    There are 100 things you could and would say to refute me… I don’t travel as frequently (you’ve already called me an “amateur”, I don’t have a bazillion nights at Hilton so that’s why they don’t treat me as well, here are 25 links where people didn’t get upgraded at Hyatt, here are 50 links where people got upgraded at Hilton, yada yada.

    Someone could get gold bars at check-in at Hyatt and you’d call that “poor expectation management”. And a Hilton employee could take a dump in front of you at check-in and you’d call it “trend-setting”.

    In the end though, my problem is not with HHonors, really. (Though I’ll maintain HGP was still better.) And recently my commentary hasn’t been in jest of Hilton or support of Hyatt– Nor has my problem ever been with any others here who prefer Hilton to Hyatt. (Again, I’d challenge you to find statements of mine that show otherwise)

    My problem is with your patronizing douche-baggery- Evident in statements such as “Like I’ve been saying, WOH has finally joined the big leagues”
    Your overwhelming presumptuousness- “but watch “travel gurus” begin to make up yet another standard that’s going to make a mockery of UGSU”
    And your incredible arrogance.

    You sir, are a douche. 1000 “facts” about Hilton vs HGP/WOH can’t change that. Which is why you really shouldn’t be “putting up” at all, and just “shutting up”.

    That said, I’ve expended far more energy than I should have on this matter. So I will for the time being “shut up” (as you’ve so diligently requested) and recuse myself from reading or replying to any more posts -at least for a few weeks- until I get more important things done.

    Lucky and team… if you’re reading this, I don’t know how you do it.

  26. The preceding does not just qualify as cacophony, it is mindless drivel, fact-free jeremiads and cacophony in one. Clearly losing it by the minute…

    Here’s the nail in the coffin. Brush up on your grade school math, AGAIN, because you need to be schooled on the difference between an opinion, a fact, and a rant.

    — “Quantitative analysis of the relative values of loyalty points currencies”: https://goo.gl/54WUdc

    — “Hilton Honors C+P Awards Just Went “on Steroids”: A Quantitative Analysis of Potential Implications”: https://goo.gl/6IASfd

    “Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!”, you claimed in multiple thesis-length, fact-free screeds, so I proved who was wrong, wrong, wrong!…ins style.

    Now: PUT UP OR SHUT THE HELL PUT, once and for all!

  27. Since you permanently, forever, absolutely refuse to even consider the POV of the other side (a pure sign of sociopathic behavior if I’ve seen one), despite plenty of evidence to the contrary…you should definitely “SHUT UP”.

  28. None of you would know ‘evidence’ if it hit you in the face. Evidence is what I do for a living; I breathe evidence; I talk evidence, I dish out evidence here more than anyone. I just linked to two pieces up there full evidence, which is why you need to put up similar quantitative evidence or shut up.

    @Joe — You wish me out of here? Beware what you ask for. What the hell are you gonna do when you no longer have me to kick around, considering that I am the sole purpose of your visits to this site? I doubt that you have given that any thought since the farthest you can see is the tip of your nose.

    You will not run me out of here. However, this thread is going to disappear from the front of the site tomorrow and you will have to come after me in another, at which point the instigator(s) will be exposed because I am changing my criteria for addressing you. Not even the cacophony and mindless drivel will get my attention henceforth for it is clear that you will neither put up nor shut up!

    Bye bye!

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