Review: Andaz Maui At Wailea

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I had heard so much about the Andaz Maui, both good and bad, and was keen to check it out myself. We took the ferry from Lanai to Maui, then drove to the airport, rented a car, went to Mama’s Fish House for an early dinner, and then headed to the resort just before sunset. The Andaz is located in Wailea, near the Four Seasons, Fairmont, Grand Wailea, etc.

As we pulled up to the hotel we were welcomed by the friendly bellmen, who valeted our car for $35 per night (there’s no self parking option at the hotel).

At first I was extremely impressed by the Andaz. There was a beautiful path from the hotel’s driveway to the lobby.

Andaz Maui entrance

Even more beautiful was the lobby itself. While most hotels in Hawaii feel (charmingly?) past their prime, the Andaz is only a few years old. Physically this hotel has the most gorgeous public facilities I’ve seen in Hawaii. Not only was the lobby breathtaking, but it had great views of the ocean, and constantly had a breeze thanks to it being open air.

Andaz Maui lobby

I don’t even know how to describe the center of the lobby, which had sand in the middle, but I loved it.

Andaz Maui lobby

Then further into the lobby were several seats and couches overlooking the ocean.

Andaz Maui lobby

Not a bad lobby view, eh?

Andaz Maui lobby view

As a brand standard, Andaz doesn’t have a front desk, but rather the “hosts” invite you to have a seat and check you in there using a mobile tablet, to make the experience feel more personalized. We were checked in by a friendly woman. She confirmed we were in an oceanview room on the top floor (we had booked an oceanview room, so there was no further Globalist upgrade, but I also wasn’t expecting one, since I’ve heard this hotel isn’t good about upgrades).

She also went over the benefits we’d receive due to my Globalist status, including a waived resort fee and complimentary breakfast daily.

She presented us with a card listing all the amenities that come with the resort fee. It was described as “discover a resort fee as unique as you,” which I find to be bizarre. The concept of resort fees is silly to begin with, but to suggest that a fee is as unique as their guests? They must not think very highly of their guests, then. 😉

Andaz Maui resort fee information

In fairness, I was impressed with the number of activities that were including with the resort fee, including outrigger canoeing, a mixology class, pilates classes, etc. I really wanted to do a mixology class, but we ended up being out and about exploring every day, so didn’t have time to take part in any of these activities.

Andaz Maui activities sheet

After being offered a welcome drink and being familiarized with all the details of the hotel, we headed up to our room on the seventh floor.

Andaz Maui hallway

Andaz Maui room exterior

We had been assigned room 710, which was the fifth room on the right.

Andaz Maui floorplan

As much as the public facilities were stunning, the rooms were… not. Let me acknowledge that room design is very much a function of personal preference, and also that I get it can be tough to choose a motif for rooms in Hawaii that’s both elegant and durable. But this room was just drab, in my opinion.

There was an entryway with the bathroom to the left and the rest of the room straight ahead.

Andaz Maui ocean view room entryway

Andaz Maui ocean view room entryway

The room was just so boring, and the lack of any sort of carpet didn’t help either. I felt like they used the cheap tile that you’d expect to find in an outdated Florida condo.

Andaz Maui ocean view room

Where do we start? The mattress wasn’t comfortable, and the bedding was low quality. Usually I look forward to getting into bed at night in a resort, while this had to be the least comfortable bed I’ve slept in at a self proclaimed luxury hotel in a long time.

Andaz Maui ocean view room

Andaz Maui ocean view room

Along one wall of the room was a cream colored chair with an ottoman (which doesn’t seem like a smart color to use for a chair in a hotel room), as well as a wooden desk with a chair.

Andaz Maui ocean view room desk & seat

While I appreciated that the desk had a built-in outlet, there was a single outlet here, and no other available outlet nearby (the nearest was on the other side of the mirror). I’m not sure why they couldn’t add a couple more outlets there.

Along the other wall was the awkwardly placed TV and the minibar. The TV seemed to be intended to be viewed from the seat, though you’d think some people might want to watch it from bed as well. While it swiveled, it didn’t swivel far enough to have a direct view from bed.

Andaz Maui ocean view room

Andaz properties offer complimentary soft drinks and snacks, and this one was no exception. In addition to a kettle with complimentary Via Starbucks coffee, there were also macadamia nut cookies and Maui chips. Yum.

Andaz Maui ocean view room kettle & snacks

Then there was complimentary root beer, cola, and pass-o-guava.

Andaz Maui ocean view room complimentary drinks

The bathroom was back near the entrance. The bathroom wasn’t actually fully separated from the bedroom, in the sense that they just had blinds of sorts separating the rooms. You can open those blinds from the bedroom, so it’s easy for the person to play tricks on you while showering.

Andaz Maui ocean view room bathroom

Andaz Maui ocean view room bathroom

The toilet was in a partitioned off area, though the door between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom never closed fully.

Andaz Maui ocean view room toilet

The shower itself was large and rectangular, and quite nice for a standard size room.

Andaz Maui ocean view room shower

Andaz Maui ocean view room shower

Toiletries came in big bottles, and had a nice scent.

Andaz Maui ocean view room toiletries

The closet was also in the bathroom area.

Andaz Maui ocean view room closet

The balcony had a nice view of the rest of the resort, and of the ocean in the background. Gorgeous!

Andaz Maui room view

What wasn’t gorgeous, however, was the cheap patio furniture. Seriously, this hotel tries to charge as much as the Four Seasons next door, and this is the patio furniture they have?

Andaz Maui ocean view room balcony

So yeah, I’m not sure what to say here. I loved the public facilities of the hotel, but I hated the design of the room. Maybe it’s a function of managing expectations, because if this had been a Westin that hadn’t been renovated in many years and was charging more reasonable rates, I might have thought it was fairly nice. But the Andaz is literally trying to charge the same rates as the Four Seasons next door (just do a search for dates in the future and you’ll see), they belong to Virtuoso, and they’re billing themselves as a luxury property, and the rooms simply don’t reflect that. At all.

The Andaz also doesn’t offer turndown service as a standard feature. And even if we’re ignoring the room design, the quality of the sheets and towels was also disappointing. When you’re staying at a nice hotel you want to feel like sheets and blankets are plush, rather than something you’d expect at a limited service property. Anyway…

The hotel offered complimentary coffee in the lobby every morning, and best of all, coffee at the hotel was really good.

Andaz Maui complimentary coffee

The hotel’s breakfast was also excellent. It was served daily at Ka’ana Kitchen, which is located one level below the lobby and has both indoor and outdoor seating.

Andaz Maui Ka’ana Kitchen seating

Andaz Maui Ka’ana Kitchen seating

Since we’re early risers, we always managed to get a table outside, though breakfast did get busy.

Andaz Maui Ka’ana Kitchen seating

The Globalist breakfast benefit at this hotel entitles you to “the breakfast experience,” which retails for $47 per person.

I’l let the pictures of the food speak mostly for themselves, but suffice to say that the selection was excellent.

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

Andaz Maui breakfast buffet

On top of the food, there was a selection of freshly made juices, and you could even add a turmeric and ginger shot to it.

Andaz Maui fresh juice at breakfast

Andaz Maui fresh juice at breakfast

You could get eggs prepared to your liking as well.

Andaz Maui breakfast omelet

Service at breakfast was consistently friendly and attentive, and I appreciated that they stamped the “18% gratuity included” in such a way that didn’t guilt you into tipping more.

Free Globalist breakfast at Andaz Maui

The hotel’s stunning facilities goes way beyond just the lobby area. The hotel has four layers of pool, which spreads people out and also creates a cool visual effect.

Andaz Maui pools

Andaz Maui

Even though the hotel seemed to be fairly full, there were always plenty of lounge chairs.

Andaz Maui pools

Near the top was the hotel’s outdoor bar, which had live music every evening. Apparently the Andaz has won awards for their cocktails, and I can see why, based on our experience.

Andaz Maui pool bar

Andaz Maui pool bar

This was a beautiful place from which to watch the sunset every night.

Andaz Maui cocktails

Andaz Maui sunset

For what it’s worth, the drink list at the pool bar read as follows:

The food menu read as follows:

In addition to the hotel’s four main pools, there was also an adult’s only pool, which was a bit more secluded.

Andaz Maui adult pool

Past the four main pools was a big lawn with more lounge chairs, and then a path down to the beach.

Andaz Maui lawn near ocean

Andaz Maui lawn near ocean

Andaz Maui walkway to beach

The beach at Wailea was lovely, and we took a walk along the entire length of it every day. Unfortunately you can only walk about a mile or so on the actual beach, as the beach stops to the left of the resort as there are rocks. However, there’s a path connecting all the hotels, and if you take that and walk left, you can walk on another stretch of beach (all the beaches are public).

Andaz Maui beach

Andaz Maui beach

In addition to a spa (which we didn’t use), the hotel also had a 24 hour gym, which was well equipped.

Andaz Maui gym

Andaz Maui gym

Andaz Maui bottom line

The public facilities at the Andaz are gorgeous, from the open air lobby, to the five pools, to the easy beach access. My expectations were exceeded on that front, as I actually thought the public facilities were more beautiful than at the Four Seasons Lanai.

Furthermore, the employees at the Andaz were great. They weren’t quite as polished as at the Four Seasons, but I also wasn’t expecting them to be. Just about everyone at the Andaz was well intentioned, professional, and genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs, and the hotel deserves a lot of credit for that.

The breakfast was delicious, and a highlight of our stay here.

But then there’s the rooms. Again, it’s a function of personal preference, and maybe others find the rooms elegant. But based on my personal preferences, I thought the rooms were hideous and poorly designed. On top of that, the lack of turndown service and low quality towels and linens are really not okay given how much this place charges.

So would I return? I really don’t know. I’m so conflicted. It this hotel were at a different price point, I’d definitely say yes. But with this hotel trying to charge $750+ for stays in the future, I’d have a hard time justifying it.

I guess the best bet is to redeem points here, because at 25,000 points per night it’s a good value. On top of that, Globalist members get a waived resort fee plus complimentary parking when staying on outright award stays, which would get you even more value (you don’t get the complimentary valet parking when paying for your stay).

I value Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so spending 25,000 points is the equivalent of paying ~$375 per night, and you get the resort fee and valet parking for free as a Globalist member. That’s a decent enough value, but otherwise I don’t think I’d return.

If you’ve been to the Andaz Maui, what did you make of it?

Want to receive extra benefits for your paid stay (including in the new villas) at the Andaz Maui, including complimentary breakfast, a confirmed upgrade at the time of booking (if available), a $100 hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

  1. That room sucks. It’s curious that a few of my friends (whose standards are obnoxiously high) had nothing but good things to say about the property. I think they stayed in some form of suite, but still…if that’s what their ocean view room looks like how much better can a suite be?

  2. It’s interesting to see how different and bland the standard rooms are from the suites. It’s ridiculously difficult to not only book on points, but also to secure an upgrade. I was in a plunge pool suite, which is the only class they’ll upgrade to, and there are only 3 of them. The room was a lot brighter, felt warmer, and a whole lot more inviting than the standard room looked.

  3. Adjacent properties are the Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Maui. I’ve stayed at each and although both are 1990s properties that feel of a different era, and service is rather cold and indifferent at the GW, each has larger and more luxuriously appointed rooms, offer turndown service, etc., or at least they did. The problem with a weak room product in a resort is you spend a fair amount of time in your room at a resort. There’s no nightlife in Maui, you take naps, etc. The room is a big part of the value proposition. And inevitably those colors and fabrics are going to look dirty and worn in short order.

    There is very little new resort product on Hawaii in the last 20 years, especially Maui. Given the cost of land, the ROI is just not there to develop showpiece properties. I was very much looking forward to trying the Andaz, but now I’m rather ambivalent.

  4. Stayed there last November and am headed back in two weeks.

    I agree with you on the public spaces, food and the service. The spa was also great.

    And personally, I loved the room. I had a suite last time and will be in a similar room to yours this time. Am eager to see your review of the Royal Hawaiian, where the thick carpets, dark wood and walls make the rooms all feel old, and in my experience, smelling of mildew. The Andaz is sleek, I found it comfy, and for a beach hotel, I liked that there was no carpet to fill up with sand and dirt. Yes, it could use more outlets. And if you opened the sliding door and shot a few pics during the day, the room would have a whole other vibe.

    Also, the Maile bath stuff is a Hawaiian brand, and they have a big store at the Royal Hawaiian just off the courtyard. I stocked up.

    Net net, can’t wait to get back. Oh – and am only paying 531 for an oceanfront room the week of Thanksgiving. Not cheap, but not 750.

  5. $18 gratuity for a buffet. $9 for a Bud Light. Ugly Room. Bad linens.
    The Andaz brand is one of my favorites but this one is a hard pass at $750++/nite.

  6. Beige, beige, and more beige.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much beige in one place.

    It’s beige-tastic!

  7. I enjoyed the Andaz, but agree with your critique. Did you check out some of the neighboring hotels? We stayed at the Marriott after the Andaz and was pleasantly surprised, and a fantastic value at 40,000 points a night.

  8. Having stayed at Andaz’s pool side suite, I would have to agree with Neil that I love the design of the room too. Carpet would only make the room musty and dirty especially for a beach resort property. Perhaps it is a personal taste and preference.

  9. Points stay here is a good idea in theory, but this property games award availability as much as any Hyatt in the system by limiting awards to the very small number of “dumpster view” rooms and then imposing ridiculous minimum stay requirements. Want an award for a long weekend or only 4 nights? Sorry, that’s not available.

  10. @Lucky

    As an advisor who books Maui quite frequently, mostly just at FS and Andaz, no one goes to Maui for the rooms. Even the FS rooms after the renovation aren’t great. It’s a scene, with great food, great service, and beautiful views. I’m not sure if you/Ford went to FS next door, but the Andaz is a much smaller and more family-friendly friendly property. The rooms might be smaller, but I can’t say that the FS has those views/facilities (although their adult pool can’t be beat)

  11. Great report Lucky and you’re right, the room is hideous and depressing!! The grounds look spectacular though.

    The breakfast spread looks great but that plate of salmon leaves something to be desired. I love salmon but they could at least trim the dark part of the meat off instead of displaying it front and center! Minor complaint but still, details matter at a place like this.

  12. The Fairmont just a short distance away has stunning rooms.

    Wish the Fairmont Credit Card was still around. Got four free nights in a suite at the Fairmont Maui with free breakfast from the two cards my wife and I got.

  13. Another Hyatt buffet with no sneeze-guards? Pass.

    After seeing a guest’s teenage son sneeze repeatedly (5x) into the buffet offerings at an Oahu Hyatt, I’m avoiding buffets without sneeze-guards.

  14. My family stayed in April 2017 and our room was at the end of a hallway with no door closed off from nature. A bird was trying to build a nest in a cubby where our room number was posted (see picture “Andaz Maui hallway” above, there’s a cubby that acts as a mailbox). We woke up to loud bird chirping and found a mess of twigs greeting us when we opened our door. Front desk told me that this had never happened…

    The glass shower, covered with blinds separates the bedroom space and bathroom. After each shower, water would leak from the most bedroom corner of the shower to an already tight space to walk around.

    I agree that our room was disappointing. We decided to stay in our room because we were staying just 4 nights (I didn’t want to re-pack) but if we were staying for a longer period, I would’ve asked for another room. But what if that other room also had problem of its own…sigh. The front desk did compensate us by crediting 2 breakfast meals for each day, which were not included in our package.

  15. I agree with you. I did not like the rooms either (I had the same one you did). I feel the hype is more than the reality with this property. Breakfast was the highlight for me. It went downhill after that.

  16. I really don’t understand why you have taken photos of the room with artificial light. The rooms at the Andaz are not beige at all!

    The design is just beautiful. It’s contemporary design, it’s light, it’s airy.

  17. This is one property where the suites and the regular rooms have a huge difference (Even the floor tiles are different, and some suites have white marble walls).

  18. I could agree more with you, Neil S.

    The Royal Hawaiian is the classic example of a type of decor I would avoid at all cost. And not very dissimilar to other properties in Maui that we excluded.

    The only hotels with decent design we found in Honolulu were The Modern and the Halekulani.

  19. With the beautiful public spaces and grounds, the ugly and cheap looking room is a deal breaker. The Four Seasons Wailea is far superior and so is the Fairmont Kea Lani for that matter.

  20. Waived resort fees on a paid stay while being a globalist? Is that new? Despite asking, I didn’t get those waived a year or two ago so when I was Diamond.

  21. The Fairmont Kea Lani is my favorite! Love it there; rooms are gorgeous; service exceptional, & the property emits class. Beach is nice; not great; but the wife prefers pools. I always say; “if you can’t relax here, you may as well end it” Besides, Mama’s Fish House, has the best Seafood, on the planet; the Tristan Lobster Tails are euphoric!

  22. Andaz always is a Holiday Inn on steroids. I find them sub par in everyway snd I don’t understand how some of us have orgasms over the concept. They are basic and boring and caters to – in my humble opinion- the person who judges a book by its cover (Millenials).

    Wailaya always smelt like an open tuna fish can – to be.

  23. While I can appreciate that the breakfast buffet was very nice, how many people would actually pay $115 for two people for breakfast? I have loved the breakfast in many places like this using elite status to get it for free, but there is not a breakfast on earth that I would pay in excess of $50 for. And don’t get me started on including an 18% gratuity on a bill for a buffet, where you, for the most part, serve yourself.

  24. I used to love this property and location when it was a Renaissance. Stayed here once when it became the Andaz and never again, despite my Globalist status. Had a plunge pool suite room, which I found pretty cold and institutional. Furniture looked like a prison with no “soft elements”.
    Besides the obscene food prices, the place public spaces reminded me of a bad disco next to a convention center. Lots of noisy corporate groups and loud disco “thump-thump” music in the lobby (hardly Hawaiian relaxing resort mood). Have since stayed always at the Fairmont. Cannot say enough positive things about the Kea Lani’s ambience, the rooms, the amenities and the staff.

  25. farnorthtrader
    I’m with u but unless u want to travel they got u ..The best deal I saw on the High side is Wynn’s in Las Vegas yes it was $400 per nite but the breakfast buffet was $27+ and like 5 cafe places u can eat for under $10 + coffee .I stayed down the block but the coffee in the Wynn’s was Great $4 and free refills a great view , nice staff and it’s easy to tip well .
    I’ll be in Maui 30 hrs almost FREE to check out the Hotels so I can get the 4th free from Citi in 2019 so I can Afford the Dam place .


  26. I stayed at the Andaz Maui over the holidays using points a few years ago. The rooms available with points are not their premium inventory and face the parking lot, not the ocean. The room itself was nice enough but not really a 5 star luxury type experience. Loved the common spaces of the hotel. The location is good but you do have to drive into town if you want to eat anything other than hotel food. Bottom line, I’d stay there again with points but would not pay the cash rates they’re asking these days.

  27. @Lucky, I follow a simple rule … when I’m spending $$$$ I’ll only stay at Aman or Four Seasons, or I know I’m going to be disappointed

    And it makes planning a vacation much easier – four websites and you’re done

  28. Wow you are kind. It’s one of the worst value propositions I have ever encountered and in general, even with cost aside, just a poor hotel in my view. Who the hell wants to sit by a steeply terraced pool in full broad view of the entire hotel looming above you? Over priced, horrible rooms, Mediocre though well meaning service. Come on. At half the price it would suck but maybe pass, at the prices they charge it’s a sucker bet for sure.

  29. I was recently at the HR and found it very nice, and a much better deal on P&C with suite upgrade. (And the self parking is available and reasonable –for Hawaii.)

  30. It’s a nit, but the Four Seasons isn’t next door. It’s a short drive/walk down the street.

    …”this hotel tries to charge as much as the Four Seasons next door”

    I’ve stayed at the Marriott (which is the next closest hotel to the south – only a few hundred yards away, if that) and for a fraction of the price you can get almost the same thing you got at Andaz.

    If you’re going to pay Four Seasons prices, you may as well stay at the FS.

  31. Stayed here for 4 nights in early March 2014 when my husband and I each used our 2 free nights from our Hyatt Visas. Back then we were able to get an OV room that overlooked the tranquility pool (I had emailed asking to not face parking lot ). The layout of our room was a bit better than yours – the minibar & tv were at the end of the desk, so the tv could be viewed from the bed. But that “couch” was really an over-sized lounge chair, not suitable for 2. The outdoor patio chairs you had look more comfortable than the wire chairs we had – we had to use bed pillows to be able to sit on them. Feelings about the room were mixed – furnishings were new at that point, but style was awkward. We didn’t have to pay a resort fee at that time, and valet parking was $30 (they missed charging us for one night). Having no status with Hyatt, we did not get breakfast – no way were we about to pay ~$60 (at that time) for 2 of us to eat in Ka’ana Kitchen since we eat very little for breakfast. Just picked up coffee, yogurt, fruit and a muffin from the marketplace and ate out on our balcony. The “real” price of your breakfast experience was shocking – are they kidding? We did the beach walks, but didn’t use the pools or gym since we were out and about every day. Self-service laundry was nice to have since this was the end part of 2 weeks vacation. Most likely wouldn’t stay here again, unless I could stay on points.

  32. I’m staying at this property right now – read this review from my balcony overlooking the pools! I agree with the commenters that liked the room design. I am definitely a fan. To me, the tile does not feel cheap at all and given that this is a beachside resort, I think it makes a lot of sense functionally. The beige colors reflect the sand outside. The patio furniture may be cheap, but to me it is not uncomfortable and I am and have been sitting in it as I type. All in all, I think the room feels like an upscale beach house, which works given that we are, after all, on the beach.

    My biggest gripe is the layout of the bathroom. I am in a partial ocean view room and our bathroom looks laid out similarly to yours. Long and thin, no towel ring (hand towels hang below the sink, which was not intuitive for me at all). No issue with the towels. I also wish there were self-parking at a $20/night charge. I do not get any value out of valets and actually find the service to be a barrier from me just coming and going as I please. At $35/night, it really is irritating, especially combined with the resort fee, effectively tacking about $80 a night onto your room rate.

    I haven’t run a rate search, but for our dates the partial ocean view was running at ~$500 per night with the full ocean view maybe $50 more (we booked a AAA rate with the Prestige 4th night free though, so that knocked off about 10%). I think that’s a fair price for the property, but then again I don’t share your criticisms of the room layout.

  33. The Andaz is a very well designed and beautifully laid out resort. Although it’s fairly big, the layout meant I never felt like I was in a crowded resort or busy hotel. The beach is wonderful and although as a Brit I’m not used to ‘resort fees’ being added on, I didn’t mind them as much after taking advantage of some of the things that included, for example, snorkel and bodyboard hire and a mixology class. On the subject of the mixology class, when I first arrived I thought the cocktails were overpriced (even for a resort). Taking the class made me realize that actually, you’re getting what you pay for as premium ingredients are used and a lot of work goes into the cocktail menu.

  34. 18% gratuity on a buffet breakfast? FFS that is a hard NO! Also, the room looked pedestrian. Good thing Ben can claim his trip as a business expense because one would be a fool to pay more than a couple hundred dollars a night for night there!

  35. Stayed here for 4 nights in August-Sept 2016. Agree with earlier comments – huge difference between the suites and rooms. I got the confirmed DSU pool suite and loved it, but admit the standard room is mediocre.

    IMO, the views and public facilities are about as good as you’re going to get in Maui, which isn’t saying a lot.

    I also spent 3 nights in Honolulu at the Royal Hawaiian and hated it – in addition to being badly dated, the service was atrocious. Very interested to hear Lucky’s take.

  36. The Andaz Maui has a gorgeous public area layout, but the standard rooms don’t measure up. I love the rooms at the nearby Fairmont Kea Lani where the worst room is a very nice suite and the accommodations only go up (to sensational villas) from there. The beach at Andaz is lovely, but I prefer Ka’anapali when I’m in Maui for the beach.

  37. Todd and John, I agree. Pay FS prices and stay at the Four Seasons. Pay Aman prices and stay at Aman. Don’t pay those prices and stay somewhere inferior and then complain that they’re charging FS/ Aman prices and aren’t FS/ Aman quality! If you’re getting it cheap or on points then fine, but if you’re paying FS/ Aman prices for something inferior then that’s just silly

  38. It seems to me that the biggest difference between hotel loyalty programs and flyer programs is that airlines miles can (with just a few exceptions) buy access to the world’s best first class travel, while hotel points don’t buy access to the world’s best hotels. Is that a fair assessment?

  39. Actually, this hotel was a stouffers hotel before renaissance. Worked there for a couple years in the eighties! It bums me out to drive past it now ….of course, locals are not welcome – not like the old days!! We had some real classy people staying there back then ( movie stars and musician ) and they were all wonderful! Now most celebrities own homes in Makena….don’t get me started on that.
    Do take the ferry to Lanai from Lahaina for the afternoon. The views are spectacular, plus not many people can boost of going to lanai. Don’t bother with shipwreck beach. But the Lanai Archery and Shooting range is pretty cool. Don’t rent a car! I believe there is a shuttle for small charge.

  40. Wow does that room suck! I’ve had nicer, more attractive rooms at $65/night hotels. The room feels unfinished, as if it was temporarily slapped together after a typhoon or construction project. Some nice wood paneling or color would have made a huge difference.

    And I HATE peek-a-boo bathrooms. I don’t want to hear/see/smell what goes on it there.

    Also, the ‘Resort Fees’ and high valet fees are an insult. Perhaps other travelers get suckered into lower room rates, but I always add those fees back into the nightly price when comparing hotels.

  41. I’m often asked about the Andaz, but have only ever seen the suite version of the resort accommodations. Now that I know what the regular ocean view rooms are like, I can refer people to your thorough review. As the south Maui resorts go, Andaz has the most contemporary style of them all, with the terraced pools being the hallmark, and has never struck me as being particularly kid-friendly. I will say that the lowermost pool bar has a lobster melt sandwich that will knock your socks off. Worth a try even if you’re not staying there. Mahalo for the info!

  42. We just got back from here, stayed two years in a row (similar room) and it was pretty fabulous. Waring to book for next year. Yep, we are super picky too and used to always stay at Kea Lani but that has gotten run down and while the rooms (all suites at Fairmont Kea Lani) are larger – the closet and storage at Andaz is much larger. The other plus is you don’t have to rent snorkel gear or boogie boards, it is part of your resort fee. We love it. With so many pools plus the beach, you can always get a seat. Though I will agree, the outdoor furniture is in need of replacement.

  43. Staying here now. Albeit my tab was comped for the event I’m at…that said its a really great hang. Standard rooms are low key but fine and the overall property is fabulous. 4 pools, beach and as said, great public spaces.

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