The First Routes To Get Emirates’ New 777 First Class

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Just a few days ago Singapore Airlines revealed the details of their new Suites Class, which is available exclusively on their A380s, and will be offered between Singapore and Sydney as of December 2017. It’s a pretty impressive product, and I can’t wait to fly it myself.

However, that’s not the only new industry leading first class product that’s still being introduced this year. As we first learned earlier this year, Emirates is also introducing a new 777 first class, which will be revealed during the Dubai Airshow, between November 12 and November 16, 2017.

While we’ll have to wait another week or so before Emirates’ new first class is revealed, we at least now know the first routes to get the new planes. Emirates has announced that their first two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft fitted with the new first class will operate between Dubai and both Brussels and Geneva as of December 1, 2017.

Specifically, the following two frequencies will be the first ones to get the new first class:

EK83 Dubai to Geneva departing 2:50PM arriving 6:55PM
EK84 Geneva to Dubai departing 8:40PM arriving 6:05AM (+1 day)

EK183 Dubai to Brussels departing 8:20AM arriving 12:45PM
EK184 Brussels to Dubai departing 2:35PM arriving 12:15AM (+1 day)

Emirates has also confirmed that a product reveal will take place on the first day of the Dubai Airshow, on November 12, 2017.

Emirates’ new 777 first class will feature six private suites in a 1-1-1 layout, compared to the current eight seats in a 1-2-1 layout.

Emirates’ current 777 first class

Furthermore, in addition to a redesigned first class product, Emirates’ new Boeing 777-300ERs will also feature refreshed features in business and economy. I wouldn’t expect a new product altogether, but rather some minor adjustments. Rather ridiculously, Emirates continues to install seven seats per row in business class.

I imagine by next year many more Emirates routes will feature the new first class. However, I suspect they’re starting with European destinations so that they can operate a daily roundtrip flight with a single aircraft.

Anyone have any predictions for Emirates’ new 777 first class? How good do you think it will be?

  1. Aren’t they going to have some product inconsistency here since their first class on the 777 will be better than those on the A380 which is their flagship?

  2. Hopefully they’ll update their A380s with the new F class too. I’m a little bummed that Seattle isn’t getting the first routes of the new F product of the 777 (such a teaser they made back in May) but you made a good point that European destinations makes more sense.

  3. I think you mean Dec 2017 and not 2018.

    Hope that there are no delays with the SQ A380s so that HKG gets one next year.

  4. Guessing they had three attendants for the 8 1st class passengers. Will they go to two since it is down to six ?

  5. It appears as though EK is blocking award seats in the new F cabins – Ben any chance you can confirm this for us? I hope I’m wrong but it appears that way at the moment.

  6. I dont understand why their new F will be in the 777 while their 777 business is 7 across…and their fleet is mostly consisted of A380…makes no sense *insert real housewives GIF*

  7. Hello,
    I trust Emirates as the king of the space, thank you for moving at the pace of light. I admire the the Emirates network globally.
    Thanks for your service.

  8. The emirates homepage has some teaser images up. I think those looking to have the appearance toned down are about to get their wish. Looks like some darker leather trim will be more prominant…

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