Emirates Will Offer New First Class To Munich As Of July 1, 2018

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Emirates’ new first class debuted last December on their flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva. As of now Emirates is only installing these seats on newly delivered 777-300ER aircraft. Unfortunately this means that by the end of 2019, at most nine 777-300ERs will feature the new first class, which is pretty disappointing, as it makes this more of a gimmick than anything.

I had the chance to fly Emirates’ new first class from Dubai to Brussels last month, and had a fantastic flight, as Emirates has really done something special with their new first class. I think it’s the world’s best first class.

As of now Emirates’ new first class continues to just be available on flights to Brussels and Geneva. Emirates has also announced that they will offer the new cabins on their new flights to London Stansted, when that route launches on June 8, 2018.

While Emirates hasn’t formally made an announcement, it looks like we now know the next route on which Emirates intends to offer their new first class. As of July 1, 2018, Emirates’ new first class will be available between Dubai and Munich. Specifically, the daily 777-300ER frequency will feature the new cabins. This flight operates with the following schedule:

EK53 Dubai to Munich departing 4:00AM arriving 8:35AM
EK54 Munich to Dubai departing 10:35AM arriving 6:30PM

As of that date, the seatmap for the flight shows the new first class configuration (six first class seats rather than eight). This remains subject to change, given that newly delivered aircraft are involved.

It’s not surprising to see Emirates continue the trend of offering their new first class to Europe. However, I do find this decision disappointing on some level, since a ~2,800 mile flight really isn’t long enough to enjoy this amazing product. This new first class would be so much more beneficial on an ultra longhaul flight, where you have time to enjoy the fully enclosed suite.

However, with plans to only have nine 777-300ERs with these seats by the end of next year, I see why they’re choosing to put these planes on shorter routes, where a single plane can operate a roundtrip daily frequency with time to spare.

These planes also feature Emirates “new” 777 business class, which still features seven seats per row, and is quite a disappointing product.

Unfortunately it looks like Emirates has already blocked first class award redemptions for this flight (as they’ve done for all flights featuring their new first class). The good news at least is that Emirates often publishes attractive first class fares.

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  1. These new cabins are being wasted on European flights…

    They should be utilised on long haul routes to Oceana, N/SE Asia, and the US.

  2. Munich is a very popular Summer Destination for UAE residents to escape the heat and to get medical threatments

  3. Actually this is a perfect itinerary for many of us that fly regularly for work in first class . This is a route that is of interest to me since I have to make the journey twice a month on average. My ideal flight consists of being left alone in privacy, to get a good night’s rest and be ready for work. This is a fantastic product for that since I can basically get on board, part with the pleasantries and change for bed to wake in time for a coffee and freshening up before hitting the road. Everything else is superfluous to me. So I am glad that this product is being introduced on this route.

  4. On a short Munich run it’s a waste. Miles blocked for First Class, and I’ll never pay for it. So for me it’s non existent. Their new Business Class with 7 in a row is so disappointing. Never want to sit in the middle. Ridiculous to pay for that so much money.

  5. Depends on the use I guess. As @DeltaCharlie mentions above – might be great for execs and businessmen traveling for work who usually don’t pay for their tickets. Not so great for mileage redemption.

  6. I am not sure why they are using this plane on this schedule. I fully understand that EK’s operations are completely based off optimizing connections, but a 4:00AM departure out of DXB is rough! Especially considering most people connecting would be coming off another flight somewhere to the east (and on a different product). So it’s not like people will be choosing this flight specifically for the new first class, especially ex-DXB. Whereas if they had a slightly later morning departure, that would not involve getting to the airport at 2AM, I think it might attract more customers originating in DXB (and connecting passengers looking for this product). Also, the business and economy class service on a 4am flight on EK tends to be very odd – and not maximize sleep, which is the vast majority of people on this flight.

  7. “The good news at least is that Emirates often publishes attractive first class fares.”

    in what alternate universe???? their A380 F is nothing shy of $25K a seat….

  8. This is probably only temporary as EK usually offers a triple daily A380 to MUC. I think it was 2016 where they went out screaming an all-A380 service to Munich. Not unless they are planning a 4th daily flight…

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