The Emirates A380 Shower Suite Explained

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My friend John just sent me a message which is too brilliant not to share verbatim:

And here, the most German person in the world explains to you the Emirates A380 shower spa.

Check out the very cool video uploaded to Emirates’ YouTube channel:

The next time you’re wondering how you should be envisioning my dad’s voice in your head when he writes trip reports, well, there ya have it. ­čśë

Emirates A380 Shower

For what it’s worth, they also have a pretty cool video about the design of the Emirates A380 onboard lounge:

And about the Emirates A380 first class suite:

  1. Where is that guy from? I don’t know any actual Germans (admittedly mostly M├╝nchners) who have that stereotypical German accent.

  2. So do people actually use the bars and lounges? I have flown Virgin Atlantic a dozen times between JFK and LHR on their older A340s with the bars and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone use it…

  3. @Mark, I think it probably depends on the route. I’ve flown JFK-DXB (and DXB-JFK) route on the A380 several times over the years and the bar is quite busy, especially on the flights that leave during the day (EK201 and EK204). Once the USA Rugby team took up half of EK A380 business class and it was a treat to drink with them at the back!

  4. @John Judging from his Name, XING profile ( and his accent he seems to be form northern Germany. Probably even from Hamburg, where he’s still working. But a proper stereotypical German accent is not that different if you look north towards the Danish border or even a few hundred kilometers south.
    Also, honestly, people who are not from southern Germany tend to have less of a hard German accent when speaking English than people from the south. Heck, people from southern Germany can’t even speak German without an accent (don’t let your M├╝nchener’s fool you! They are clearly recognizable as M├╝ncheners. Even if they claim otherwise ­čśë ).

    (and now guess, where I’m from ­čśë )

  5. I’ve not flown Emirates, but on the KE A380 from JFK, the bar wasn’t heavily used the few times I flew. And I’ve never seen anyone in the front lounge – which makes it a lovely place to hang out and watch TV/work when you’re going a bit stir crazy in your seat.

  6. I just watched the first class suite video and all that bling was indeed real gold! Wow! When I first saw the first class cabin I thought it was just brass or faux gold but nope, all that shine was 22K gold!

  7. @Joey That makes a lot of sense..more often than not I am flying the Red Eye on that route. And that must have been quite the flight drinking with those guys!

  8. Priceless =)
    Can you use JAL miles to book JAL/AA/Emirates on the same award? Was hoping to honeymoon for 155k each in first:
    JAL biz HND-HNL
    ALA “1st” HNL-OAK
    AA 1st SFO-JFK
    AA 1st JFK-LHR
    surface to paris/rome
    emirates 1st CDG-NRT

  9. @ Lucky – am I correct in assuming that from now on every mention of Emirates showers will lead to the video of Herr Buchholtz? ­čśë

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