Bali and Berchtesgaden: Singapore Airlines Business Class Singapore to Bali

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After an amazing flight from Moscow we arrived at terminal 3, only a few minutes walk from the Silver Kris Lounge. Terminal 3 at Changi is probably the most impressive terminal in the world. It has more shopping and amenities than any other airport I’ve transited.

Another thing I love about Changi Airport is that you clear security at the individual gate, as opposed to most airports where you have to clear transit security as soon as you get off your flight. I far prefer the Changi system since I’d much rather go to the lounge and shower after a long flight than first queue for security.

Terminal 3 Changi

At the entrance of the Silver Kris Lounge are several agents that just peek at your boarding pass as you walk in (they don’t usually scan them), and they initially only invited us to use the business class section, since our connecting flight was in business class. However I reminded them we were arriving in first class, so they invited us to use the first class section. Singapore also has The Private Room, though that’s only reserved for outbound Singapore Airlines first class passengers, so we were only able to use that on the return.

The first class lounge is quite nice and reasonably quiet, as it’s populated mostly by Star Alliance first class passengers and Singapore’s top tier flyers.

First class lounge

I headed straight for a shower room, and upon my return powered up my laptop to catch up on some emails. After getting a bit of work done I checked out the buffet which was pretty extensive. I wasn’t hungry, though couldn’t resist some Ben & Jerry’s.

It might be 8AM, but why not?

Unfortunately our connecting flight was leaving out of terminal 2, so we had to take the tram there. We were departing from gate E11, where there was quite a queue for security. The one downside to security at the gates is that they don’t seem to have a premium lane anymore, so we had to queue for about 15 minutes.

Terminal 2

As soon as you’re through security at the gate, an agent already checks your boarding pass and passport, so you don’t have to show anything to board the plane.


At around 9:15AM boarding was announced, which was a free for all.

Singapore Airlines 942
Singapore (SIN) ā€“ Bali (DPS)
Tuesday, July 24
Depart: 9:35AM
Arrive: 12:05PM
Duration: 2hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Seat: 16C (Business Class)

Singapore’s service on intra-Asia flights is very robotic and scripted, but not in a bad way. They have so many people to serve and the flights are so short that they’re just going through the “motions,” though in typical Singapore style with smiles and charm.

I settled into my seat, 16C, which was an old recliner seat with plenty of legroom. There was a pillow and wrapped blanket waiting for me at my seat.

My seat, 16C

View from my seat

Within moments of settling in I was offered a drink, magazines, and newspapers. I selected an orange juice, and was later offered a refill which I declined. The most impressive part of the service has to be that they serve everyone as they board, as opposed to waiting till everyone settles in. No clue how they keep track of everyone, but they do!

Pre-departure orange juice

Shortly before push back the captain came on the PA to advise us of our flight time of two hours, which he anticipated would put us into Bali on-time. We had a rather long taxi to the runway, though I do love looking at Singapore Airlines’ planes, so we could’ve taxied all day for all I cared.

Taxi to the runway

Taxi to the runway

By the time we made it to the runway we were number two for takeoff, behind an Emirates 777 which was the 1,000th one ever delivered (it had a big logo on the back of the plane indicating that).

Taxi to the runway

About 15 minutes after takeoff the seat belt sign was turned off and service began. The menu, which was in the seat back pocket, read as follows:

And the wine list read as follows:

The service started with a selection of juices off a tray, which was followed quickly by a cart with the meals. Singapore doesn’t take meal orders in short-haul businessĀ  class, but instead comes around with the cart and takes orders and plates the meals in the aisle.

Orange juice

For the main course I selected the beef with noodles, which was delicious.

Egg noodles with braised beef brisket and vegetables

My friend had the Malay style fried chicken, which he wasn’t especially fond of.

Nasi ayam

After brunch we had about an hour to go to Bali, so I reclined to try and get some rest. Almost all the passengers in business class seemed to be connecting from Europe, and they mostly conked out for the entire flight. The seat reclined maybe 150 degrees, so was extremely comfortable for a short-haul seat.

Seat reclined

As I woke up we were beginning our final descent into Bali, with great views on approach.

Approaching Bali

On final approach

After a smooth touch down and quick taxi we made it to our gate.

On the ground in Bali

Our plane

Immigration was reasonably quick and before 12:30PM we were in a car on our way to the InterContinental (they include an airport car transfer for club guests).

Car to the InterContinental

On the whole Singapore regional business class is a pleasant experience. The product is somewhat aged and “no frills,” but for such a short flight it beats what’s offered in Europe and the US by a long shot.

  1. “After brunch we had about an hour to go to Singapore, so I reclined to try and get some rest.”

    It should be Bali or Indonesia.. šŸ™‚

  2. @ Jason — Of all the segments this is the one you accuse me over eating on? :p

    This was the first segment with a “normal” size meal!

  3. @”Singapore also has The Private Room, though thatā€™s only reserved for outbound Singapore Airlines first class passengers, so we were only able to use that on the return”:

    Last week, I flew FRA-SIN in F and continued SIN-HKG in C but I was still granted access to the Private Room…so apparently they also allow people into the Private Room when continuing in Business Class and not only in First/Suite.

  4. You could have ordered “Book the cook” for even this short flight as I understand. I took the 2 hour hop from SIN to BKK a few weeks ago and had wonderful lamb chops from the BTC menu. Great trip report though.

  5. @ Anonymous — I actually did stay there on my return from Frankfurt (between the InterContinental Berchtesgaden and Frankfurt to Washington Dulles flight. Looks like I have to add that to the index! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. @ SOLTATIO — Yep, you sure can. I wasn’t sure what I’d feel like eating (if anything) after traveling for 28 hours, so decided to just let the menu surprise me.

  7. Lucky, what kind of food do they serve at the SIN Silver Kris Lounge during the overnight time? We are arriving something like 1:30am and have a 9:30am onward to MLE. I’m thinking that if we’ve been sleeping on the plane, and it’s more like daytime for us, we’ll shower and hang in the lounge. But I’m wondering what kind of food will be available

  8. @ Carl — They were serving breakfast when I was there, though if I recall correctly from last time they have a limited food selection during the overnight hours, and then a nice buffet with hot food in the early morning. I could be wrong, though.

  9. Like you, I will be connecting from an F flight to a C flight at Changi later in the year. So do they officially allow connecting F passengers to use the F lounge?

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