Bali and Berchtesgaden: Singapore Airlines Business Class Bali to Singapore

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We left the hotel at about 6:45AM for our 9:15AM departure, and made it to the airport in under 45 minutes, while rocking out to the greatest hits of 2006 courtesy of Bali’s top 40 radio station.

The Bali Airport exterior is pretty unique, and it’s about a five minute walk under the covered walkway from the drop off area to the terminal.

Walkway to terminal


In Bali all bags are screened before even entering the terminal, and the queue took about 30 minutes to get through. At that point we were at the Singapore Airlines check-in desk, which is located at the far end of the terminal.


Check-in was efficient and within a few minutes we cleared immigration and security. We headed straight for the Premier Lounge, which is the contract lounge used by most airlines in Bali. Unfortunately it’s located at the opposite end of the terminal as the Singapore gate, so it’s about a 10 minute walk between them.

Duty free shopping

The lounge is on the second floor and there’s no elevator, so the lounge has some “bag carriers” that help you carry your bag up and down the stairs.

Premier Lounge entrance

Premier Lounge entrance

Premier Lounge entrance

This is definitely one of the nicer contract lounges out there, with plenty of seating, and even a very nice balcony overlooking the runway.

Premier Lounge seating

Premier Lounge seating

Premier Lounge balcony

View from Premier Lounge

There’s also quite a nice buffet with fruit, yogurt, omelets, etc.

Premier Lounge food service area

At around 8:40AM we headed to the gate, where boarding was just being announced.

Departure gate

Departure gate

Our 777 bound for Singapore

Singapore Airlines 941
Bali (DPS) – Singapore (SIN)
Monday, July 30
Depart: 9:15AM
Arrive: 11:45AM
Duration: 2hr30min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
Seat: 15H (Business Class)

Once aboard we were welcomed by the friendly and polished crew, who directed us to our seats in row 15. The aircraft featured the standard regional business class seats, which are extremely comfortable for such a short flight.

Business class

My seat, 15H

View from my seat

Within moments of settling in I was offered a pre-departure beverage, newspapers, magazines, hot towel, etc.

Apple juice

Within 20 minutes boarding was complete, with business class about half full and coach nearly full. As departure time approached the captain came on the PA to advise us of our flight time of two hours, anticipating an on-time arrival in Singapore.

Traffic in Bali

Traffic in Bali

We quickly taxied to the runway, where we were immediately cleared for takeoff.

View from the end of the runway

View after takeoff

As we climbed out I played around with the entertainment system, though unfortunately they only had shows that were on a “loop,” as the on demand system was turned off.


About 10 minutes after takeoff the flight attendants jumped into action and began the meal service. The breakfast menu read as follows:

On intra-Asia flights service is done by cart, so they first rolled down the left aisle to serve everyone, and then our aisle. I selected the omelet for breakfast, though once I was served it decided to just eat the fruit and a chocolate croissant. There are some airline meals that make me go “uh oh, this one won’t end well,” and for whatever reason the omelet looked (and smelled) like one of those to me. I wanted to save my appetite for the Singapore to Frankfurt flight in first class anyway, given that Singapore’s catering out of their hub is phenomenal.


Chocolate croissant

My friend selected the mango hotcakes, which he said were bland though edible.

Griddled mango hotcakes

After breakfast I reclined my seat and slept till we were about 15 minutes out of Singapore, at which point the flight attendants prepared the cabin for arrival.

View on approach

View on final

Unfortunately we landed at the far end of the airport, so had a ~15 minute taxi to our arrival gate, in terminal 2. On the plus side there was plenty of awesome plane spotting to do on the taxi in, and we still arrived on-time.

Singapore 777

Terminal 2

Upon arrival we took the tram to terminal 3, where we visited The Private Room for a couple of hours before our connection.

  1. Hi Lucky;

    I’m enjoying this trip report! I’m curious, do you ever get Bali Belly?

    When I was in Bali, I didn’t eat any raw fruits or vegetables that I didn’t peel. Hard to do when the fruit looks so great, but it’s worked for me through India, China, Egypt, etc.

  2. @ beachfan — Surprisingly enough I never have (and haven’t anywhere, with the exception of the most painful five hour car ride in India, where I literally wanted to die, but we’ll save that for another time). I’m sure it’s my turn to get it soon enough!

  3. @ Antonio – I noticed that, too. I was hoping that Lucky had learned to enjoy Champagne with breakfast!

  4. Ben, I’ve always meant to ask you what you use to take your pictures for the blog (especially takeoff and landing). I thought everything with an on and off switch was supposed to be powered off??

  5. good catch Simon! and lucky, not only do people read your blog but they examine your pictures too. who knew?!?

  6. @ AdamH — I actually found the seats to be reasonably wide for a regional configuration. Agree they look narrow, though!

  7. Lucky did you spend time in Seminyak (the town) while staying at the W? How did you find it? Was there today walking around and wasn’t impressed – kept wondering if I was ‘missing something’ – LOL!

    Otherwise, did you find enough to do while staying at the W?

  8. @ stacey — I was only in the area for just under two days. It’s definitely more lively than other parts of Bali, though it’s not especially interesting/cultural. Most of the interesting stuff in Bali is outside the major resort areas (either to the North, or there are some temples around Bali, though not in Seminyak).

  9. The blonde woman in the pic heading to the departure gate is too short to be Maria Sharapova.

    Your plane 9V-SRH doesn’t have AVOD, so it wasn’t turned off.

    Also you mentioned you left the hotel at 6.45, the ride to the airport took just under 45 minutes and then it took another 5 minutes to walk from the drop off area to the terminal, followed by another 30 minutes getting through the baggage screening. And yet the clock in the check-in hall read 7.20. ?????

  10. @ Lwkatya — Just looked at my folio, and looks like we left the hotel shortly after 6AM and not 6:45AM. Sorry!

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