Around the World in a Week, Part Ten: The Hyatt Regency Incheon Airport

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The free shuttle the Hyatt Regency provides from Incheon Airport is incredibly convenient, as the area from the airport to hotel isn’t really walkable, yet only a three minute drive.

Bus pick-up point

Once at the hotel I was immediately offered help with my bags, though declined because I could easily handle them. Check-in was prompt, courteous, and efficient. The agent thanked me for being a Diamond member (one of those little things that really makes a difference in terms of customer perception, yet is often overlooked, in my experience), and explained that I had been upgraded to a deluxe room. She also explained I would have access to the Regency Club as well as free internet. She handed me a piece of paper that explained the hours of the Regency Club, and wished me a pleasant stay. By the way, I used points for this stay. At 8,000 points for the night when the revenue rate was $200USD+, I found it to be an excellent value.

Hotel exterior

Hotel entrance


My room was located on the 9th floor, and was basically the first room when out of the elevator. The room was huge, with a king bed, large sofa, desk (with 110v outlets), and plenty of space all around.


Comfortable bed



Floor layout

The bathroom was massive, with a shower, tub, and toilet, as well as vanity mirror sitting area.



Shower and toilet


The Diamond welcome amenity consisted of a box of chocolates, some fruit, and a bottle of red wine. I only picked on the Grand Hyatt Singapore earlier because I figured that if an airport hotel can offer the (advertised) food AND beverage amenity, a hotel that goes for double the price and is a category up should be able to do the same.

Diamond welcome amenity

The view from my room was of the impressive Incheon terminal.

View from room

I slept remarkably well for the first time on my trip, for around 10 hours. I guess that means the bed was quite comfortable.

At around 9AM I headed to the club lounge, which is located on the 11th floor, for breakfast. It was packed, though the service was excellent.

Regency Club

Regency Club

The spread itself was quite basic – cereal, pastries, fruit, scrambled eggs, etc. – though plenty filling.



I was so tired I ended up taking another nap after breakfast, and finally checked out at around 2PM, which is when my brother was arriving from Osaka. I took the shuttle back to the airport and waited for my brother at the “E” arrival area.

  1. Josh, I stayed there a couple of years ago, and it doesn’t look like it’s changed much from Lucky’s photos. The evening spread was pretty good, in my recollection. The hotel is very attractive and a short ride from the airport. I remember having to wait for the bus a while, though I’d just arrived from LAX so it’s all relative when you’re tired.

  2. Lucky, did you get a chance to go outside of Hyatt Regency hotel? what can you find outside? Was there any local resturants or attractions near the hotel? Thanks!

  3. Nothing at all outside the hotel, except going back to the airport for any shopping or dining. The airport has everything, so I go there if I have some leisure time, instead of taking a bus to the downtown which takes easily one hour.

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