American Systemwide Upgrades Up For Grabs!

One of the most valuable perks of being an American AAdvantage Executive Platinum member are the eight systemwide upgrades you get per year just for achieving the status. They can be used to upgrade any revenue fare class one cabin (meaning from economy class to business class or business class to first class).

These systemwide upgrades always expire at the end of February, meaning last year’s batch expire next Friday, February 28.

Reader Adrian messaged me to say he has four systemwide upgrades that are expiring next week that he’d be happy to gift to someone that can use them.

Ultimately I’d like them to get the best use possible, so if you have any travels coming up between now and February 28 (travel booked beyond that date doesn’t qualify) on American please post below with a valid email address. Let me know what the route is and if it has confirmable upgrade space.

Upgrade space is very fluid, so if there’s someone with a great use of them I’ll try to connect you to Adrian as soon as possible. Also, if anyone else has any spares they’d like to give away, please post below and I’ll do what I can to connect folks.

Thanks, Adrian, for your generosity!

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  1. I will be traveling to SLC on 2/28, and it would be awesome if I could have one of those systemwide upgrades. Thanks!

  2. Have a flight last day of upgrade window DCA-ORD-LAX-HNL
    Checking on confirmable upgrade space. Busy weather day today so hard to get through

  3. I’d be happy to throw my name into the hat. AA2240 — SEA to ORD Wed 26-Feb. I’m a UA-1K (75% domestic) but need this to meet my schedule. I’m interested to see how AA main line product compares as all my AA experience has been Regional.
    Thanks! I’d be happy to offer up a UA domestic upgrade as well (1/31/2015 expiration).

  4. I also have four left. I had gifted them to a friend for Christmas, but due to weather delays, they were unable to use them.

  5. im flying from bcn to jfk on american but on march 29… on an old 767 stuck in economy…. if any one has a spare i would be eternally grateful 🙂 hahaha

  6. I am flying from NY to Barcelona on AA today and back on Wednesday the 26th. I would really appreciate an upgrade! Thank you in advance!

  7. Wow, is that 11 SWUs so far up for grabs and only 1 person asking? It is a tight window of course…

    I have a friend traveling tonight in business GRU-JFK, it would be waitlisting for the upgrade to first, but since there are so many SWUs currently on offer and only a few days left, I would like to request one for her! Thanks either way!

  8. My wife and I are traveling on AA from RDU to LAX nonstop. However they are booked as award travel. Would this work?

  9. My wife is flying GSO-DFW-AUS on Feb 27….it’s honestly not a good use of a SWU since GSO-DFW is single cabin so it’s only the short DFW-AUS flight, but making her happy is always a good thing, right?! If there are any that would otherwise go to waste, I’d be grateful (but smittytab’s route is certainly more justified!)

  10. It’s only an 870 mile trip, but I am flying BOS-ORD on 02/27 FL#187 if someone would like to upgrade it for me :-). My return the next day is in purchased First.

  11. Fiancée and I are flying MIA-YUL on Tuesday February 25. It’s not trans-Atlantic, but we would certainly appreciate the upgrade if there are a couple available!

  12. I am only traveling between Boston and Chicago next Friday, but I will have my newborn baby with me and will be traveling alone, so an upgrade would be much appreciated.

  13. I am flying PHX-DFW-TYS on 2/28. PHX-DFW is showing as upgrade available… I think. I have no status (should get it this year) and have never used a SWU. “Just” a 2 hr 20 min flight, but would be awesome to ride up front.

  14. I’m traveling on BA on 2/27 from ORD to Heathrow with my wife for our five-year wedding anniversary. We are in WTP and a one class upgrade would get us to CW (Business). Any chance you can use the American upgrade on BA since they are in the same alliance?

    I don’t want to publicly post my email so let me know if this works and I’ll contact Lucky via the website.

  15. Hi Lucky –

    First, thanks to your kind readers who are offering these upgrades. Their generosity is wonderful. I am on MCO-JFK on 2/26, and if there are any left, grateful to use one.

  16. I am traveling AA March 27 PHX to EWR. I would really appreciate the systemwide upgrade. Have never used one before!

  17. Howdy! If there’s still one up for grabs i’d love to try a product before it’s taken out of service forever AND a SWU may give me a good night’s sleep!

    Next Wednesday i’m on the AA Red Eye Flight 30 operated by their old 767-200. I’m in J right now, but the seats ain’t flat and i have to go straight from the airport into the office.

  18. Hi Ben,

    I’m flying AA from BWI to DFW this Monday the 25th. I’d be most appreciative for the upgrade:)


  19. I have a flight JFK-LAS AA45 this Sunday. Flight has 12 out of 16 FC seats still available. It would make my 2.5 week work trip start off a little easier. Much appreciated!

  20. Lucky,

    I’m flying PIT-IAH on AA Feb 26-28th. I called to confirm and right now they have space available on both legs. One or both legs would be greatly appreciated!


  21. Hi Everyone,
    I’m traveling from LAX-JFK next week. Haven’t confirmed the flight yet but would appreciate the upgrade. I did the leg last week too and middle seat in the back was not fun. Thanks in advance for the hook up!

  22. I had to cancel a trip to China last week, so I have 2 SWUs available, if Lucky wants to put me into contact with someone.

  23. WOW @barelyelite, that is so cool and generous of you! i’m 24 and this would be my first trip to usa and i’ve never been in business class it would be amazingly cool to be able to fly in the front! 🙂

  24. Newbie business traveler here. I have trip LGA/ORD next week, and being 6’5″ the coach section of the 737 is rather cramped. Can’t reciprocate on status, membership, etc. but can pass along thanks.

    [email protected]

  25. Flying AA 358 ORD-LGA on Wed 2/26 1:40 PM. Not an expert at checking availability, but I believe there may be some, plus it’s a Wednesday afternoon flight. Thanks in advance if anyone has anything, will certainly pay it forward.

  26. Flying to SJU with my girlfriend on AA1029 tonight. Would very much appreciate any donations of otherwise expiring SWUs! Great post!

  27. Flying YYZ-ORD-SEA on 12/23 after my brothers wedding.

    Both legs have upgrade space (ORD-SEA has only 1 left).

  28. I have a coworker flying ord-lax to see his kids that live in central america, here for a trip to disney. He flies this coming weekend back on monday i got him one swu for the outbound from a personal friend but would love to get him on the way back. He has had a hard year and i think it would mean alot if i could do it both ways for him.

  29. Lucky,

    I will be flying AA187 from ORD-PEK on 02/28, would be nice to SWU applied to this old 772. Called to ask about availability, no confirm upgd but fairly empty business class cabin.


  30. Hi Lucky, I am flying PHL-ORD-PVG on Monday 2/24. Would be great if I can get an upgrade. Thank you. (pointstaker at

  31. It looks like folks aren’t paying attention to the expiration date being 2/28/14. My husband and I are just losing our Exec Plat status — they didn’t offer the double elite mileage opportunity at the end of the year nor the “match” challenges as in the past so we fell short. I have travel Seattle-Chicago-Shanghai in March that we now get to “enjoy” in coach so if anyone has new upgrades to sell I’d be interested. [email protected]

  32. I would love them for my MLU->DFW->SAN flight on 3/3 if they can be used because the flight is already booked. Thank you for the consideration Lucky!

  33. I’ve got a SFO-JFK 2/27 but it shows C0 right now (I’m not an EXP though so there’s different availability since he would be sponsoring me). Wouldn’t be the worst ever use 🙂

  34. LAX-JFK on 2/28 on the new A321. Still see a few business class seats and am confident that I’d get upgraded using a SWU. 2/28 is the last day of my EXP status so I’m really hoping to get a good look at the new transcontinental flight before I move over my business to UA.

  35. Lucky- are you certain that you cannot apply an SWU for a flight past 2/28? I had one applied for a flight in August that confirmable space. You certainly cannot waitlist.

    I have a LAX-JFK flight I would love to upgrade and a JFK-DUB if anyone is feeling extra generous.

  36. I am stranded at ORD right now in the Admiral’s Club. If you want to use one of my SWU, please email me your flight info at gpotts5626 at gmail dot com and I’ll see what I can do. I have four available

  37. Hi there…I’m flying MIA to SFO on 2/25. Please prioritize the internationals first, but if there are some extras it’s a long domestic flight!

  38. Flying ORD-PVG on 2/28 with a couple of friends. My upgrade processed, but would love to try and upgrade my friends if there are extra SWU’s available. Thanks!!

  39. My sister and I have a flight from DCA to POS via MIA on Feb 26. An upgrade would be awesome! Thanks for sharing (even if it isn’t with me)

  40. I am heading to Honduras in the morning (Saturday the 22nd) on American with a group of friends. We are going there to work with Project Manuelito which is a ministry to street kids. If anyone has a couple SWU to spare, I would love to be able to reward a couple of my travel companions for their service.

    STL-MIA-TGU (one of the funnest airports in the world at which to land)

    Message me at [email protected].

  41. agghhhh…. leaving on a flight tonight at 9pm ET from PHL-LHR in Economy T! 1) Can I use on USAir, and 2) is there still time to get that upgrade?

  42. Have 2 flights for work this week with plenty of first class space available. Would appreciate an SWU from anyone that can share:

    My flights:
    American Airlines 1076
    Tuesday, February 25, 2014
    Depart: 11:55 AM Santa Ana, CA (SNA)
    Arrive: 5:55 PM Chicago, IL (ORD)

    American Airlines 2383
    Wednesday, February 26, 2014
    Depart: 7:10 PM Chicago, IL (ORD)
    Arrive: 9:30 PM Santa Ana, CA (SNA)

  43. Traveling 2/25
    JFK – LHR
    Flight 106 (new 777-300ER)
    Booked in business, would love to try the new first product!
    A 3 available per expertflyer.

  44. Sorry to repost. Including an email for the purpose of this fantastic offer by the community.

    Traveling 2/25
    JFK – LHR
    Flight 106 (new 777-300ER)
    Booked in business.
    There are 3 A upgrade seats available per expert flyer.

    [email protected]

  45. I hope everyone who contacted me actually got their upgrade. I called the Exec Desk with the Locator Numbers and after 15 minutes, the agent returned and told me everything was set. When I checked my SWU balance this morning, none of them had been removed.

  46. Many thanks to Lucky and Adrian! Got upgraded on all six legs of my trip to Honolulu and it was just great. Appreciate the generosity, Adrian and your willingness to share this info with us, Lucky.

  47. Got a flight scheduled from GRU to HNL next wednesday, would love if Someone could spare me a swu <3

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