Aeroflot 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Good morning from Moscow! Tiffany and I have spent the past 12 hours in Aeroflot’s 777 business class, flying between Los Angeles and Moscow. As usual I’ll share my initial impressions below, though expect a much more detailed trip report soon.

I was so excited about this flight for many reasons. For one, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about Aeroflot. When I told people I was flying Aeroflot, the reaction was almost universally “good luck” or “ew, why?”

But at the same time the airline has a lot going for them. Aeroflot has one of the youngest fleet in the world, they’re a Skytrax 4-star airline, and I had read a couple of good reviews about them from the past couple of years.

So, what is flying Aeroflot business class really like?

Aeroflot’s 777 business class cabin consists of 30 fully flat seats, spread across five rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. These are standard B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, the same you’ll find in business class on Aeromexico, Air China, Saudia, United, etc.



It’s not my favorite hard product in the world, but if you’re traveling with someone else it’s solid, as you can sit next to them while still having a bit more privacy than a traditional forward facing business class seat affords.


I also loved the cabin’s color scheme and finishes.

What really impressed me about the flight was the soft product — wow!

Aeroflot’s business class catering is spectacular. They serve a legitimate five course meal, and everything is brought out individually, without the use of trays.

There was a turkey roulade and cheese amuse bouche.


Then there was a quail breast, smoked duck, and red beet appetizer.


Then there was a mozzarella salad with sundried tomatoes.


Then there was a green pea soup.


Then for the main I selected a grilled beef fillet with vegetables and risotto.


Then for dessert I had an incredible chocolate mousse gateau.


The food quality was exceptional across the board. This was probably the third best transatlantic business class catering I’ve had, after Austrian and Turkish. What a pleasant surprise.

An equally pleasant surprise was the service, which was also phenomenal. The crew provided among the best authentic Russian hospitality I’ve had. That’s to say that the crew wasn’t constantly artificially smiling as we might be used to in other countries, but they were extremely attentive, precise, and poised.

Just to give a few examples:

  • At the beginning of the flight “our” flight attendant introduced herself and asked how she may address us; for the rest of the flight she addressed us by name
  • Flight attendants typically kneeled when talking to passengers, taking orders, etc.
  • Drink refills were frequent and proactive throughout the flight, and every 5-10 minutes there was a flight attendant through the cabin to see if anyone wanted anything
  • The service was well thought out; within five minutes of waking up, a flight attendant was by my seat asking if I wanted coffee and/or a snack
  • The crew frequently cleaned lavatories, and when seeing a passenger headed towards the lavatory they’d often check to make sure it was in good condition
  • Before landing the purser came through the cabin to offer everyone a small gift, thank them for flying Aeroflot, and ask if they enjoyed the flight

The service was top notch, and so much better than I was expecting.

In terms of other amenities, Aeroflot has very nice Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kits in business class.


There are very nice blankets, though the pillows are a bit on the thin side for my personal preference.

Aeroflot offers wifi on their 777s, though it’s provided by OnAir and is outrageously expensive, among the most expensive I’ve seen on any airline. They charge $40 for 100MB of data, and an additional $1 for each additional MB. I’ve never understood why airlines increase the incremental cost of wifi when charging based on data usage.

I was also a bit disappointed by the entertainment system, which wasn’t especially easy to use, and had a limited selection.

Bottom line

All things considered I thought Aeroflot was excellent. I had low expectations coming in, since historically the airline doesn’t have a great reputation. However, our experience was fantastic. The plane was new and in great condition with fully flat business class seats, the food was among the best I’ve had in business class on a transatlantic flight, and the service was top notch as well.

I absolutely recommend Aeroflot’s 777 business class, and if you’ve been avoiding them due to preconceived notions, give them a shot!

  1. Hoping that Tiffany will have a post or two in your trip report! I love reading reviews from her perspective as well yours.

  2. Wow! This is why we need you to review these products Lucky, who would have known? Thanks for all your hard work!! I mean I guess you can call it work… 😉

  3. I second David W. I’d love it if we could hear from both you and Tiffany on your flights, like on the YVR-MUC flight you both took!

  4. This is great to hear. I’m personally very curious about the transfer situation in SVO. From what I’ve read over the years, it’s not the best experience out there.

  5. The trouble with Aeroflot is not their catering. Their Pilot doesn’t speak much english and they have a mind of their own.

  6. Exactly what my experience was with Aeroflot last year – superb service! I wrote about that experience on your blog in response to questions from readers who considered flying with Aeroflot. I, too, was most impressed with their service. I am glad you had the same great experience. We also had a fresh red rose on our table, and we all got a box of Russian tea after we landed. A week ago I bought 3 business class return tickets to Russia on Aeroflot for a 2017 trip. Considering your vast experience with all kinds of top notch business and first class product, if Aeroflot impressed YOU, that is something!

  7. @Ben:

    I will NEVER understand your sense of colors. You think muted earth tones as a scheme are boring and/or ugly, but enjoy that garish orange/blue combo? Man, we have super different tastes. You do you, though. 🙂

  8. My daughter recently flew on Aeroflot in coach from LA to Moscow. I had preconceived notions about the airline, and made fun of her choice. However, she took pictures and said she really enjoyed the entire flight. She definitely changed my mind (Mea Culpa, Aeroflot) and now you solidified her comments…albeit you flew in the front of the plane.

  9. @Charles – xfer is just fine. Big modern new terminal – even if you arrive into the old terminal it’s all very streamlined and connected airside.

  10. I’ve told you Ben that you will be impressed by Aeroflot. I was blown away by crew service. Even my wife, who is difficult to impress, was impressed. It was unbelievable.

  11. @Adam Agreed. Ben thinks Asiana’s first class looks puke-colored and he is absolutely unfazed by the jarring orange that LCCs love.

  12. I am delighted that you enjoyed your Aeroflot experience!

    I have always had a soft spot for SU. I remember fondly my first Aeroflot flight: 1968 from London to Moscow on a LOUD Illuyshin IL-18. I was just a boy but I remember it being a thrilling experience. I’m pretty sure the flight attendant offered me a shot of vodka (she was going through the cabin with a tray of shots).

  13. Economy is not too bad: I’ve done several SVO- Europe in economy, comparable with major European carriers.
    Transfer is now very simple and can be managed on a short connection. Did BKK-SVO-AMS a couple of weeks ago with a 75 minute connection. Left BKK late (medical emergency just after the doors closed, turned out to be drunk passed out) but still made it with a terminal change. 777, 2-4-2 in economy. OK food, nice crew, reasonable space, cheap.

  14. So glad to be Russian and to fly Aeroflot many times a month. I was really looking for his review and finally the day has arrived. I’m super happy you enjoyed your flight.
    Now just waiting for the full report and maybe some Tiffany thoughts

    @Charles The transit experience in SVO is perfectly fine. The terminals are all connected and you won’t find super long queues. So even if you just have 1 hour to make a connection I’m almost sure you won’t have any problems.

  15. Need to fly in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 on one of your Russia visits. Even though it is a regional narrow-body I would love to see it reviewed.

  16. Hah, the Tiffany Commentary is basically “Ben! Look at the hats! And she has gloves! Did you see the logo embossed on all the linens? The towels are so nice!”

    My role could be played by a QVC host, essentially.

  17. I am more concerned about Aeroflot’s poor reputation for safety and the competence of their pilots than the onboard amenities.

  18. Heheh, I heard the Aeroflot fly over my house in the west valley yesterday (saw it on FR24 premium). If I’d known it was you two I’d have waved!

  19. Well done Lucky, back on form. A review actually worth reading…as opposed to boring BA slating or crass Cathay butt-licking.

    This is what reviews should be about. Keep expanding your horizons. Given this is your actual profession we should have less talk about what flying RwandAir may be like and more actually flying it.

    We all know you’re great at the points game but get on with entertaining your readers with what they’re interested in…

    Can I check back in next week with high expectations? Or shall I leave it a few months?

  20. this is a far cry from the Aeroflot flight one of my colleagues took in 1991 from Moscow to Vladifreakingvostok, in an TU-86, and for doe strange reason one passenger brought a goat on board.

  21. Great to see this review coming up! I preach the Aeroflot gospel wherever I can for people looking to go from the US to continental Europe or to Asia, since they’re almost always the cheapest option and transiting at SVO is a breeze.

    Recently flew TLV – SVO – JFK, all in Y, and both legs were extremely comfortable. Good pitch, edible food. Other than the hammer & sickle on the FA uniforms, it was like any other flight with a European flag carrier. Paid about $330 all in and got to bank the SkyMiles.

  22. Why do americans have such stereotypes in their mind? Why can Aeroflot not be good? Is it because you guys get brainwashed you live in the world’s best country? I for a change have not been impressed with anything american or in america, except for innovation spirit of silicon valley.
    In most other things you guys are way behind others.

  23. @ron–I personally was thinking of the top airlines: Singapore, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Quantas–none of which are American. Secondary: Lufthansa, Ethiad, JAL, Quatar, Austrian, BA, still not American. 😉

  24. The topnotch catering may well be the reason why Emirates didn’t contract the caterer at Moscow, because it was so expensive for them. For that reason, catering is double-loaded from Dubai.

  25. Am booked Sept. 2019 on flight from JFK to Moscow. Have you flown Aeroflot since 2016, and if so anything new?

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