Review: Aeromexico 787 Business Class Madrid To Mexico City

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Aeromexico 22
Madrid (MAD) – Mexico City (MEX)
Thursday, May 12
Depart: 11:25PM
Arrive: 4:35AM (+1 day)
Duration: 12hr10min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Seat: 4F (Business Class)

I boarded through door L2, where I was greeted by one of the business class flight attendants and pointed to the far aisle and left, where my seat was located.

Aeromexico’s 787 business class has B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, which are the same you’ll find in American’s A321 business class, Qatar Airways’ A320 business class, Air China’s 777 business class, etc.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 4
Aeromexico 787 business class seats

The forward business class cabin consisted of a total of 24 seats, spread across four rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. Then there was a further mini-cabin behind the main entry door, consisting of a total of eight seats (six seats in one row, and then a center section with two more seats).

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 1
Aeromexico 787 business class cabin

I selected seat 4F, which was the right aisle seat in the center section of the last row of the forward cabin. Given that this was a redeye flight with no views, I figured I was best off selecting a seat in the center section, so no one would have to climb over me to use the restroom. Furthermore, I prefer sitting towards the back of the cabin, so I can observe the overall flow of service.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 3
Aeromexico 787 business class seat

These seats feature small foot cubbies which are installed into the seat in front of you, due to the slight angle of the seats.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 2
Aeromexico 787 business class seat

When traveling alone I prefer these seats to standard forward facing seats, since you at least have a little bit of privacy from the person next to you. That’s because there’s a small shield between seats. Furthermore, the seats are staggered ever so slightly, so you’re seated in a slightly different position than the person next to you.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 5
Aeromexico 787 business class, seat 4F

The personal television was installed into the seat in front of me, and immediately below it was a storage rack. The menu from the last flight was still sitting there; I guess the cleaning crews weren’t very thorough.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 6
Aeromexico 787 business class, seat 4F legroom

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 7
Aeromexico 787 business class, seat 4F footrest

The seat controls are located on the center armrest, and are easy to use. You can push a single button to put the seat into the upright or fully reclined position, or you can choose specific settings.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 8
Aeromexico 787 business class seat controls

On the back right of my seat was a storage area, along with two power outlets (one 110v, and one USB), as well as the headphone jack. This storage area is one of the other things I prefer about this seat over a standard forward facing seat, given many standard forward facing seats have virtually no storage.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 9
Aeromexico 787 business class power ports and storage

Waiting at my seat was a pillow and blanket. While they weren’t the most stylish, they were really functional, as both the pillow and blanket were quite thick.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 11
Aeromexico business class pillow & blanket

The business class cabin boarded pretty quickly, and it was a pretty chaotic crowd. It’s tough to explain, but none of the passengers seemed to have a “routine,” in the sense that they were all super flustered by having to get things out of their bags, etc. On top of that, a few passengers stood up by their seat during boarding reading newspapers and magazines, blocking easy access to the aisles.

About 15 minutes after settling in (which is quite a while), one of the flight attendants came through the cabin with pre-departure beverages. The choice was between water, orange juice, and champagne. I chose the champagne.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 12
Aeromexico business class pre-departure champagne

I’m trying to think of the fairest way to describe the flight attendants on this flight. I’d say they were friendly by nature, but at the same time weren’t at all proactive.

Once everyone was offered pre-departure beverages, the crew came around with the menus for the flight, along with amenity kits.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 13
Aeromexico business class menu & amenity kit

The amenity kit was decent, and had socks, earplugs, toothpaste, a toothbrush, along with Aquascutum lip balm and body lotion.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 14
Aeromexico business class amenity kit contents

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 15
Aeromexico business class amenity kit contents

Once they were done passing those out, the crew came around with landing forms for Mexico. I explained I was connecting internationally and asked whether I still needed to fill them out. They said I did, which I found surprising, since I didn’t realize I’d have to clear immigration there.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 16
Landing forms for Mexico

I know I talk all the time about how I like private seats (rather than ones where I have a seatmate), and some people think I’m crazy for that. Perhaps I can explain why. To say that the guy next to me was suspicious the entire flight would be the understatement of the year. I took pictures as I usually do (not obnoxiously, in my opinion, in the sense that I’m not using flash, and that I took maybe 60 pictures over the 12 hour flight), and he looked at me every time I did so.

I’m not sure if I should explain to him what I’m doing, or what the best approach is, but it was an awkward flight for sure.

Boarding was more or less complete by 11:20PM, at which point the captain came into the cabin, seemingly to see if there were any empty business class seats left. At the same time his wife was walking up and down the aisle with a frustrated look on her face, as I guess she was being subjected to economy (which ultimately didn’t seem to be a huge deal, since I believe she ended up using the pilot crew bunks).

While the flight was scheduled to depart at 11:25PM, we were still at the gate with the door open well after departure time.

At 11:45PM I asked the flight attendant when we would be leaving, and he said in 2-3 minutes. I’m not sure what the delay was, but there was no explanation from the crew.

Finally the door closed at 11:50PM, at which point the “onboard executive,” Alejandro, introduced himself. He explained that our pilots were captain Carlos and first officer Pablo, and that they’d be flying us to Mexico City in 11hr44min, at a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet.

At 11:55PM we began our pushback, at which point the safety video began to play, which I found (unintentionally) amusing:

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 17
Aeromexico safety video

Aeromexico’s entertainment system works on the ground, so I began browsing the selection while we taxied out.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 18
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment system

The selection was pretty underwhelming. The movies and sitcoms were limited, and most of the sitcoms were Disney shows.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 19
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment options

I ended up (rewatching) some episodes of “2 Broke Girls,” followed by some episodes of “Fresh Off The Boat.”

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 20
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment options

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 25
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment options

I also checked out the airshow.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 21
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 22
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 23
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 24
Aeromexico 787 business class cabin

The taxi to the runway was pretty quick, and during the taxi out the first officer made a welcome aboard announcement, informing us that the flight could be a bit turbulent.

We finally took off at 12:10AM, and had a fairly long takeoff roll. Our climb out was smooth, and the seatbelt sign was only turned off about 20 minutes after takeoff. Rather annoyingly Aeromexico plays ads throughout the cabin both after the safety video and while climbing out.

Once the seatbelt sign was turned off, I headed to the lavatory to change into something more comfortable. Aeromexico’s 787 business class cabin has two lavatories — one between the two business class cabins, and one at the very front of the cabin. I visited the one between cabins, given that it was more spacious.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 26
Aeromexico 787 business class lavatory

By 12:40AM the crew came through the cabin with hot towels, at which point the dinner service began.

The dinner menu read as follows:

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 27

And the beverage list read as follows:

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 28

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 29

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 30

By 12:50AM the crew came through the cabin with the cart to serve dinner.

Tablecloths were distributed, and a cheese and olive plate was served. To drink I had a glass of white wine. I wanted to order a gin & tonic, but unfortunately Aeromexico doesn’t serve gin (similar to my Avianca flight from Los Angeles to Bogota).

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 31
Aeromexico business class dinner — white wine and selection of international cheese

While I’m not quite sure I’d call it a “selection of international cheese,” it was at least pretty good.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 32
Aeromexico business class dinner — selection of international cheese

I appreciated that when the crew came around to clear the cheese plates they simultaneously refilled drinks. I find it annoying when they take your empty glass halfway through a dinner service.

20 minutes after the cheese course, the crew came through the cabin with the appetizer, salad, and main course. This time I decided to be boring, and ordered the pasta dish.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 33
Aeromexico business class dinner — salad, appetizer, and main course

The side salad served with the meal was pretty basic.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 35
Aeromexico business class dinner — green salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

There was also a side of eggplant with a cherry tomato salad.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 36
Aeromexico business class dinner — eggplant, cherry tomato salad, herb marinade

My main course, which consisted of penne, was incredibly bland. It needed a sauce or something to add flavor.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 34
Aeromexico business class dinner — penne pasta with spinach, squash, and roasted peppers

Once the main courses were cleared the crew came around with dessert. They had a tray with several types of cake/sweets. When I asked which was which the flight attendant (quite honestly and in a nice way) answered “I’m not sure.” I chose whatever the below is, which was incredible.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 37
Aeromexico business class dinner — cake for dessert

I also asked if I could have some ice cream (after all, gotta get as many pictures as possible), which was no problem.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 39
Aeromexico business class dinner — Haagzen-Dazs ice cream for dessert

I also ordered a coffee. While the coffee itself was quite good, I was disappointed that I was offered powdered creamer when I asked for milk. Yuck.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 38
Aeromexico business class dinner — coffee and creamer

After dinner service the crew passed out bottled water.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 40
Aeromexico business class bottled water

The service throughout the meal was friendly and professional, yet minimalist. The crew was significantly better than the Avianca crew I had from Los Angeles to Bogota, but not quite as good as the Avianca crew I had from Bogota to Madrid.

Dinner service was done about 90 minutes after takeoff, which I thought was pretty efficient. At this point we were well into our transatlantic crossing.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 43
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 44
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Eventually I reclined my seat and fell asleep. I prefer these seats for sleeping to ones which are directly forward facing, but I definitely prefer having a fully private seat, where I’m not sleeping next to a stranger.

The thing is, I sort of felt like I had to sleep, because the guy next to me was sleeping. He didn’t have eyeshades on, and the glare from my computer or TV would have likely shined in his face.

I ended up sleeping extremely well, probably not because of the actual seat, but rather because I was super tired. I slept for a solid seven hours, and woke up with about three hours to go to Mexico City. I should note that my seat didn’t actually fully recline. I think there was something wrong with it, because it only went down about 80 degrees, I’d say.

Also, the foot cubby in this seat is really small, which I’d usually complain about, but somehow the B/E Aerospace Diamond seat works for me. That’s because I sleep with my knees bent, and there’s enough room between the seat and the foot cubby that I can comfortably bend my knees and just place the tips of my feet in the actual cubby.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 45
Aeromexico business class bed

Upon waking up I headed to the galley, where I saw the snack setup they had. Maybe it’s just me, but for a mid-flight snack I’ll take packaged snacks over a gross looking vegetable skewer which is just sitting across from the lavatory exposed for hours on end.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 46
Aeromexico business class snack setup

I checked the airshow, and noticed that we were just south of Florida, passing Key West.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 47
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 48
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 49
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 50
Airshow enroute from Madrid to Mexico City

I decided to watch some more TV shows, including “Mike & Molly” and “Modern Family.”

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 41
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment options

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 42
Aeromexico 787 business class entertainment options

About 1hr45min before landing the crew started to turn up the cabin lights and distributed hot towels and orange juice.

The breakfast menu read as follows:

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 51

For breakfast the choice was between smoked salmon and an omelet, and I selected the latter.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 52
Aeromexico business class breakfast

While the omelet was bland, it wasn’t at all greasy, which I appreciated. The cherry tomatoes and salsa it came with were excellent as well. I prefer a bland airplane omelet to one swimming in oil or cheese.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 53
Aeromexico business class breakfast — omelet with vegetables and tomato salad

The side of fruit was rather bland.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 54
Aeromexico business class breakfast — fresh seasonal fruit

The croissant was flaky, and the fruit drink offered with breakfast was refreshing.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 55
Aeromexico business class breakfast — croissant and yogurt drink

About 30 minutes before landing the first officer came back on the PA to provide us with updated arrival information. We didn’t start our descent until about 20 minutes before landing, given Mexico City’s high altitude.

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 56
Airshow on approach into Mexico City

Aeromexico-Business-Class-787 - 57
Airshow on approach into Mexico City

We had a smooth touchdown at Mexico City Airport at 5:10AM, and from there had a 20 minute taxi to the gate. This is the part of the flight which blows my mind. The second the plane touched down people got up and started taking things out of the overhead bin.

On top of that, once they had their belongings they walked forward to business class and started standing there, since they wanted to be first off the plane… and the crew didn’t say anything!

Most business class passengers stayed seated until the seatbelt sign was turned off, at which point the aisle was already full of economy passengers wanting to deplane.

We arrived at the gate at 5:30AM, and then it was another 10 minutes before the door opened, meaning we were a bit over an hour late (the flight was scheduled to arrive at 4:35AM). During this time the passengers standing in the aisle were getting really angry at having to wait even longer, given how much the flight was already delayed. I get that, but the whole setup of them standing in the aisle for nearly 30 minutes (the amount of time between touchdown and when the door opened) was annoying.

Unfortunately that was nothing compared to the ground experience at Mexico City Airport.

Aeromexico business class bottom line

Overall Aeromexico business class was fine. I’d say it’s a serviceable product.

The seats were fine — not industry leading, but not horrible.

The food was fine — it was edible, but incredibly bland.

The service was fine — the crew was well intentioned and friendly, but not especially attentive.

Perhaps my biggest frustration was with the way the other passengers were partly acting, especially after landing.

So if you’re traveling a route where Aeromexico is the airline with the best nonstop option, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them. But I also would never go out of my way to fly them.

To sum it up, Aeromexico isn’t an airline worth avoiding, but also isn’t an airline worth seeking out.

If you’ve flown Aeromexico business class, what was your experience like?

  1. No gracias!!!! To be honest I would not expect anything different from what you described in your post.

  2. Years ago I did several intra-Chile flights on LAN-Chile, and as soon as it was time to deplane, everyone from every row tried to get out at once. It was not like the US where most folks deplane by row, front-to-back. I can’t remember if they all stood up as soon as the plane landed, however. That’s nuts!

  3. I am a little confused. When you gave us the little 10 pic “sampler”, I thought you said “WOW”, not sure if that was for a really good or bad wow but this review doesn’t have either. As you said it was a fine trip.

  4. Don’t waste your money or miles to fly Saudia. Saudi Arabia is one of the most unicivilized countries of the world. Women, gay people don’t have any kind of right and there. It’s also one of the biggest Isis’ sponsor. Come to Florence, instead. There are very good Starwood properties here, and you could review Alitalia Magnifica/business class. Think about it.

  5. @Lucky – “Perhaps my biggest frustration was with the way the other passengers were partly acting, especially after landing” .

    Do write another blog on that experience !!

  6. A small correction: You said that your seat only reclined to 80 degrees instead of being fully flat. Since a fully flat seat is 180 degrees, and an upright seat is 90 degrees, did you mean perhaps that the seat reclined to 170 degrees? (Hope it’s not coming across as critical, thanks for the report.)

  7. Agree: I’ve done multiple flights in both coach and business class intra-Mexico and regionally. Service is garbage; food is worse than microwave food, and IFE is very limited. Agree with Lucky: unless they offer a better schedule or non-stop, no need to go out of your way to fly AM.

    I would say the service is the worst aspect of flying AM; every single flight, the service I’ve received has been one of disdain when asking for the bare minimum (water or a blanket in business class).

    Intra-Mexico, Interjet or Volaris are LCCs but at least you get what you pay for.

  8. Its not just Aeromexico that’s like that, I’ve had the same experiences when flying Volaris and Interjet as well. On all of these airlines I’ve had people talking on their cell phones during taxi and take off, passengers getting out of their seats while the plane was taxiing, and pushing forward even before the door was opened. I try to remember that some cultures and places are just different, it doesn’t mean its better or worse, its just different. For me, though, I think I’ll just stay in my seat until that little seatbelt light goes off.

  9. Still interested in trying this product for the sake of trying it out. But that food presentation…..pretty poor…..and the skewers laying out for hours by the lavatory? I agree…YUCK!

  10. The photos and the captions of the food on this review aren’t matching up – is anyone else having this problem?

  11. Am I the only one who keeps reading the amenity kit provider as ‘Aquascrotum’?

  12. “Given that this was a redeye flight with no views,”

    That’s a mistake, Lucky. Landing in Mexico City at night is amazing. The city is vast and lighted by a variety of different patterns and colors of street and building lighting. Canyons and ridges in natural dark cut into various neighborhoods like black slashes on steep mountainsides.

    It’s very impressive.

    “I didn’t realize I’d have to clear immigration there.”

    There was sterile transit until the 2004 remodel. The 1998 remodel created an elegant and modern full service European-style experience at the old terminal. Before that it had been plastic, worn, and cheap. Then for six years there was a cool and sweet international transfer process. I was very pleased with the progress we were making.

    But in 2004 MEX joined the USA and abandoned sterile transit. Now everybody has to pass immigration. The new remodel isn’t as nice as the old one. And the 2007 expansion of Terminal 2 continued to skip the essential of sterile transit.

    “Unfortunately that was nothing compared to the ground experience at Mexico City Airport.”

    That ground experience is never good. The national government is trying to get a new world class gigantic airport built on stilts (including the runways) over Lake Texcoco (since that’s the only place left to build within 100 km) by 2020, but the date will slip.

  13. You’d think the national carrier from the world’s greatest food country would have something good to eat. It could even have some Mexican food. But no.

    When Mexicana used to be the national carrier there was even Mexican food in Y. It wasn’t good Mexican food but it had some chiles in it.

    AF and TG are proud of their famed national cuisines and put some on the plane. What’s wrong with AM?

  14. I echo @patrick – your 10 pic teaser said “I’ll be publishing the trip report very shortly, so all I’ll say for now is “wow.”

    This all seemed pretty neutral to me, I was expecting either the best or worst flight of your life based on the “all I can say is ‘wow'” comment…unless you meant that in regards to the people standing up? I get that’s crazy, but it’s still just a small part of the overall experience, not sure it should color your whole perspective of the review/airline.

  15. Interesting. I feel the left side seat in the center aisle is more private, since you’re “behind” your seatmate a little (although you are a bit further away from the TV screen).

  16. I flew from JFK to MEX a few years ago with the North American head of Lufthansa in the seat next to me. He was apoplectic when we landed and experienced the same jumping up and grabbing bags. For my next trip I took AA through Miami. Much better….

  17. Lucky I always enjoy reading your reviews. It is interesting to see how some airlines embrace what I will call the Internantional standard of luxury versus their own national standard of service and hospitality. Mexicana used to have something that they called “servicio azteca de oro” gold service. It was very nice. Mexico City has some very sophisticated people. In addition, I have always enjoyed the service at the Mexican resorts on the Mayan Riviera. I hope to see some semblance of that in the skies over Mexico in the future. Thanks for another honest review.

  18. That mini-cake you do not know the name of seems to be a mini St James Cake (Tarta de Santiago). It’s made of grinded almonds (that works as flour), eggs, lemon and orange zest and sugar, then covered in caster sugar after baked and cooled down. Maybe you’d like this recipe

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