2014 Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards

Last week I posted a reminder that Hyatt’s 2013 Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards would expire on February 28. The nice thing about Hyatt’s Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards is that you don’t have to redeem them for a stay prior to the expiration date, but rather just have to confirm them by the expiration date.

I figured I’d also post a reminder that if you qualified for Hyatt Diamond status for the 2014 program year, your four annual Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards should have posted to your account on Saturday. These are valid through February 28, 2015.


As a reminder, the basic rules of these suite upgrades are as follows:

  • Each suite upgrade can be used to confirm a suite for a stay of up to seven nights at the time of booking
  • Suite upgrades are valid on paid bookings as well as Points + Cash bookings; they aren’t valid on outright free night awards
  • The suite upgrade needs to be redeemed by the expiration date, though the stay can be on a subsequent date
  • Suite upgrades must be redeemed over the phone, and can be applied at the time of booking or anytime up until the arrival date
  • Suite upgrades aren’t valid at Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Santa Barbara, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa, Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, Park Hyatt Sydney, Hyatt House properties, Hyatt Place properties and Hyatt Residence Club resorts

In terms of searching upgrade space, the Diamond Suite Upgrade Award almost always confirms into the entry level suite.

So how do you figure out which suite is the hotel’s entry level suite?

Here’s an example. Lets say you’re looking at the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. When you go to their website click on “ROOMS” across the top.


Then you’ll be brought to the page listing all their room types, and on the bottom right click on “Suite.”


The first suite listed should be their entry level suite, which is the Grand Suite.


Then you can search availability for your dates, and if they’re selling the Grand Suite you should be able to confirm a Suite Upgrade Award for it.


This year the Suite Upgrade Awards have more value to me than ever before, since I can redeem them for Points + Cash bookings. In the past my strategy with Hyatt was usually to stay at their cheaper properties on cash rates, and then redeem points for Park Hyatt properties. For outright points redemptions it wasn’t possible to use a Suite Upgrade Award.

However, since Suite Upgrade Awards do work on Points + Cash stays, I’m now able to redeem these upgrades at some awesome hotels, which I’m looking forward to.

Lastly, check out this FlyerTalk thread if you want to read about experiences with redeeming Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards.

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  1. Do you know if you can you use two awards to upgrade a stay of 10-12 days? or do you need to make two separate reservations?

  2. And although it might no be easy or it is impossible to find this information, points and cash are also not upgradable using additional points. This is somewhat contradictory, as points and cash count as a stay for purposes of credit, etc. Maybe down the line they will change this and allow additional points to be used to upgrade the room.

  3. That’s not always true. For example, the upgrade at Grand Hyatt Tokyo is the Grand Executive Suite, not the lower Grand Suite.

  4. @ Lucky – the advantage of Hyatt Suite upgrades is that they are stay-based (4 stays, so up to 28 nights) as opposed to SPG Suite Night Awards which are nights-based (up to 10 nights). The disadvantage is that SPG SNAs can be used with award nights whereas Hyatt is only for paid or P+C. Did I get that right?

  5. @ Ivan Y — Yep, that’s correct. Only other consideration is that Hyatt upgrades can be confirmed at the time of booking, while Starwood ones can only be confirmed five days out.

  6. Hi Lucky,

    I’m having trouble using a diamond suite upgrade and would like your (readers’) experience.

    I’m looking at using a diamond suite upgrade at the Grand Hyatt HK on a cash & points award.

    When I’m not logged in, the Grand Suite is available for booking. However when I am logged in, the Grand Suite is not available for booking. And when I call in to ask about diamond upgrade space, the agents cannot see the upgrade space either.

    Question is: (assuming Grand Suite is the lowest entry level suite) why is the Suite available for booking but not available for upgrade space?


  7. @ Mabel — That’s really odd and makes no sense. Do you mind sharing the dates? Not sure why they’d show a room type when you’re not logged in, but not show it when you are.

  8. Hi Lucky,

    The dates for Dec 24-Dec 30. Can you please check if you have the same issue? Just seems odd that I cannot book the ‘Grand Suite’ when I’m logged in for those dates at the Hyatt Daily Rate.


  9. Lucky, if i book cash+points at Hyatt Regency in Honolulu, what room would I be able to upgrade to if I use my Diamond suite upgrade since there only Presidential Suite.

  10. @ john — I haven’t stayed there myself, but I believe the room the Diamond Suite Upgrade confirms into is actually just two almost identical connecting rooms, one with a murphy bed.

  11. Lucky, I have 3 Hyatt Suite Awards in my account, and the Awards Page says good until February 28, 2015. But my Diamond status will expire in two days (I have it for a status match and I will not qualify to retain it.) Then I will return to Platinum. Will my Suite Awards still be in my account and usable after my Diamond status ends? Thanks.

  12. Lucky, did you find out any more about why @Mabel couldn’t get an agent to find upgrade availability even though it appeared bookable with the daily rate? I am trying to book the Andaz Maui for 7/4-7/10, and I called Hyatt reservations to check on availability. The standard room is available for P+C, but the agent said that there were no confirmed suite upgrades available. Similarly, the Hyatt site shows the Andaz Suite as available with the daily rate.

  13. I called into the Diamond line and the agent told me that the confirmed suite availability and the daily rate suite availability is usually close, but not always the same. I was also told to try calling in again closer to my reservation date.

  14. Lucky, do you know whether it’s possible to book the following stays, have them consolidated into one reservation, and then apply the suite upgrade, since one night is cash + points?

    2 free night certificates + 2 free nights (30K/nt) + 1 cash/points stay

  15. @ Lauren — Nope, you can technically only apply the suite upgrade for the points + cash night. If the hotel lets you use it for the other nights they’re being generous.

  16. Lots of good info here. My husband and I are going to San Fran in October. We both had 2 free night cert each so we are using them at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco and then I am using 20,000 points for a 5th night. We are both Platinum because we both have the Hyatt visa cards. I thought about trying for a Diamond challenge (even for both of us if we had to ) in order to get some suite upgrades but it doesn’t look like it would help us since these were not paid for nights. Still, we are excited about out trip. Room is paid for, flights are free. Trip in another city before San Fran is free as well. Love points and miles. If anyone has any other way around this, please let me know.

  17. @ Kathy — That’s the right strategy, and if you’re using free night certificates there’s not a way to upgrade — you’re not missing anything.

  18. Lucky, if I qualified in for the first time this year and my tier expiration date is showing as Feb 28 2016, do I get four upgrades in 2015 in addition to the four I received this year?

  19. Hi Ben,

    If the entry level suite is the Grand Suite King and the next level up is the Grand Executive Suite King, I can’t get upgraded to the Grand Executive King if the Grand Suite King is not available? You’ve mentioned before the check back closer to the check-in date. How close? A day or two before, one week before, etc.?


  20. @ John — Correct, entry level suite only. You’ll just to constantly check back. If someone cancels a suite reservation it would open up, and someone could cancel at any time.

  21. Scenario: Both my DSU and my Diamond status expire next Feb 28. Can I book a DSU prior to Feb 28 for a stay in September? If so, my Diamond status will have lapsed, so I’d be staying in the suite with no status. Any thoughts on that?

  22. @ Richard — Yep, assuming you can confirm the upgrade you should be able to. But if you cancel after the upgrade expires you won’t be able to get a refund or anything.

  23. Lucky

    How bout the lack of status? Do you think it’d still be worth it to stay in a suite at an aspirational property such as PH Abu Dhabi or PH Milan without the Diamond status? Staying purely for the experience, and to use the DSUs before they expire.


  24. @ Richard — It would certainly be nicer with Diamond status, but even without it I’m sure it would still be a nice experience.

  25. Do I have to wait until March 1 to get a new set of upgrades? I’ve used all of mine for the year, and I’m trying to figure out my options for June. I’m looking at properties where I would pretty much have to use cash+points, as cash outright just isn’t an opiton (PH Milan, GH Cannes, HR Nice). Also, do you have any information about the opening of the PH Marrakech? Would love to visit if it’s going to be open by June.

  26. @ Garrett — You do receive next year’s upgrades at the beginning of March. No info on the new PH Marrakech, but I also want to check it out!

  27. @Ben–thanks for the quick reply. You’re better than KLM twitter. I’ll figure it out. Once they start accepting reservations, I’ll see if the dates work. If they do, I’ll try with a DSU once the doors open. If that all works out I’ll email you some (likely horrible) pictures.

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