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We’re living in hotels full-time at the moment. In this post I wanted to review the Thompson Nashville. This is the second Thompson we stayed at, after the Thompson Dallas. How does this one stack up?

Booking the Thompson Nashville

Why did we decide to stay at the Thompson Nashville? Well, a few reasons — we liked the Thompson brand and had heard good things about this particular property, and we had also never been to Nashville before. So this seemed like a cool opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and base ourselves out of Nashville for a bit.

At the Thompson Nashville we booked a “Work from Hyatt” rate. This was the cheapest available rate at ~$200 per night, and for booking that we received a ~$25 daily food & beverage credit, a $100 minibar credit once per stay, complimentary parking (though we didn’t need that), and a separate private workspace (though more on that below, because it didn’t work out as planned).

I also used a Globalist suite upgrade award to confirm a Thompson Suite (the standard suite at this hotel) at the time of booking. Much like at the Thompson Dallas, I earned a ton of points for this stay, and it also got me closer to lifetime Globalist status.

Generally if you’re booking this hotel I’d recommend doing so through Hyatt Privé for extra perks, though for our stay the “Work from Hyatt” rate ended up being the best value.

Redeeming points at the Thompson Nashville

For context, the Thompson Nashville is a Category 6 World of Hyatt property, meaning that a free night costs 25,000 World of Hyatt points. I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so redeeming points here would be the equivalent of paying ~$375 per night, by my valuation. In this case paying cash for the stay was the better value by far. This hotel’s category is really steep, since rates rarely get so high, based on what I’ve seen.

Even if you’re not a Hyatt loyalist, earning World of Hyatt points can be pretty easy. In addition to being able to earn World of Hyatt points with the World of Hyatt Credit Card (review), you can also transfer over points from Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Thompson Nashville location

The 224-room Thompson Nashville is located in the Gulch, which is a new(ish) neighborhood in Nashville with lots of shops and restaurants. It’s just a 15-20 minute walk to downtown Nashville, which is where most of the music-themed bars and restaurants are, near Broadway.

We never ate out in Nashville — it was too cold to eat outside, and restaurants were too busy for us to feel comfortable inside, so the extent of our exploration of the town was going on daily walks. On the plus side, we can make lots of Postmates and Uber Eats recommendations in Nashville. 😉

Thompson Nashville exterior

Thompson Nashville check-in & lobby

The Thompson has a nice lobby with seating for a couple dozen people, including a communal table, couches, and individual chairs. When facing reception, Killebrew Coffee (the hotel’s coffee shop) is to the right, while Marsh House (the hotel’s primary restaurant) is to the left.

Thompson Nashville lobby

Thompson Nashville lobby seating

Thompson Nashville lobby seating

Our check-in process was quick. Much like the Thompson Dallas, the Thompson Nashville is pet friendly and doesn’t charge for pets, so we just had to fill out a form for Winston.

Our Globalist benefits were also explained to us. On account of my Globalist status we received a $60 daily breakfast credit:

  • Marsh House (the hotel’s signature restaurant) isn’t serving breakfast right now, though it does serve brunch on weekends, and the credit could be used there
  • Alternatively the credit could be used at Killebrew Coffee or via in-room dining
  • Between the $60 Globalist breakfast credit and the $25 daily “Work from Hyatt” credit, we essentially had $85 worth of credits to spend daily

Within a few minutes we had keys and were on our way to our room. The elevators were located to the side of reception.

Thompson Nashville elevators

Thompson Nashville suite

We were assigned room 601, a Thompson Suite located on the sixth floor (the hotel has 11 floors, plus the rooftop). Upon exiting the elevator we turned right and walked down the hallway, and our room was at the very end of the hall to the left.

Thompson Nashville hallway

While the 750 square foot Thompson Suite is quite large, it is all one room, so you don’t have the benefit of having a fully separated living room and bedroom. There was a foyer upon entering the room, with a table and bench.

Thompson Nashville suite entryway

Thompson Nashville suite entryway

Then there was the living room, which had a couch and chair, as well as a dining table with two chairs.

Thompson Nashville suite living area

Thompson Nashville suite living area

Waiting on the dining table were a few bottles of sparkling water and several cookies from Killebrew. In reality they were more like cookie cakes, because they were so thick.

Thompson Nashville welcome amenity

There was a console with a TV between the living room and bedroom, which provided some separation.

Thompson Nashville suite living area

Then along the wall of the living room was a wet bar.

Thompson Nashville suite wet bar

The minibar was well stocked, and as mentioned above, our rate included a $100 minibar credit.

Thompson Nashville suite minibar

Thompson Nashville suite minibar

Thompson Nashville suite minibar

The minibar price list read as follows:

I loved the attention to detail in the room. For example, take a look at the below shelves — it’s not often you see a hotel room so thoughtfully furnished.

Thompson Nashville suite living area

The bedroom featured a comfortable king size bed and a chair along the window. There was another TV in this area, facing the bed.

Thompson Nashville suite bedroom

Thompson Nashville suite bedroom

Thompson Nashville suite bedroom

The bathroom was next to the bedroom, and had double sinks, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a toilet in a separate room. Simply beautiful, from the tiles to the wood paneling.

Thompson Nashville suite bathroom

Thompson Nashville suite bathroom

Thompson Nashville suite bathtub

Thompson Nashville suite toilet

Thompson Nashville suite shower

Toiletries were from D.S. & Durga.

Thompson Nashville toiletries

The room’s views weren’t anything to get too excited about. The Gulch isn’t exactly an area with high-rises, so the views were limited.

Thompson Nashville suite view

All things considered we loved our room. While it would have been nice if there were a door between the bedroom and living room, the beautiful design more than made up for it.

Thompson Nashville Killebrew Coffee

Killebrew Coffee is the Thompson’s coffee shop. As a big coffee drinker, having a proper coffee shop right in a hotel lobby is such a treat. I loved being able to grab an excellent cold brew or latte in the morning and throughout the day when I needed a caffeine boost (and best of all, it was covered thanks to our $85 in daily credits).

Thompson Nashville Killebrew Coffee

Thompson Nashville Killebrew Coffee

In addition to coffee drinks, Killebrew also had all kinds of other drinks and food, so we sometimes stocked up on other drinks in the mornings, given the credits we had.

Thompson Nashville Killebrew Coffee

Thompson Nashville Killebrew Coffee

Here’s the Killebrew menu:

The quiche from Killebrew was tasty, though I have to be honest, just about everything I ate at the hotel gave me serious indigestion (TMI?).

Thompson Nashville breakfast

Thompson Nashville breakfast

Thompson Nashville in-room dining

We could also order our Globalist breakfast via room service, and the menu for that read as follows:

As you can see, the selection was really limited. I’m not sure why they couldn’t put a few more things on the menu, ideally something semi-healthy. I eventually just started ordering a side of eggs with toast, because my stomach couldn’t handle some of the other stuff (and even the plain side of eggs was super buttery).

Thompson Nashville breakfast

Thompson Nashville Marsh House

Marsh House is the Thompson’s signature restaurant, with a seafood(ish) theme. Currently the restaurant is open for brunch on weekends and for dinner Wednesdays through Sundays. We had brunch here a couple of times (you can find the menu here).

The restaurant as such is gorgeous, and also has a nice outdoor seating area.

Thompson Nashville Marsh House

Thompson Nashville Marsh House

Thompson Nashville Marsh House

Thompson Nashville Marsh House

Over our stay we sampled the salmon tartare, brussels sprouts, soup, egg white frittata, and the omelet.

Thompson Nashville Marsh House brunch

Thompson Nashville Marsh House brunch

Thompson Nashville Marsh House brunch

Thompson Nashville Marsh House brunch

Thompson Nashville Marsh House brunch

The service couldn’t have been friendlier, and the food was certainly delicious, but see above re: indigestion. I feel borderline nauseous looking at the omelet above.

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

L.A. Jackson is the Thompson’s rooftop bar and restaurant. It’s open seven days a week starting at 3-4PM (depending on the day), and people are seated on a first come, first served basis.

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, and we felt quite comfortable sitting outside, thanks to both the heat lamps and the distancing between tables (which was significant, as you can tell).

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

L.A. Jackson is a beautiful space with a great view of the Nashville skyline (even though I feel like the Nashville skyline is roughly half Marriotts, as in the below picture I see the JW Marriott, Sheraton Grand, and Westin, and I’m sure there are others).

Thompson Nashville L.A. Jackson

The focus at L.A. Jackson is on drinks, though there’s also some food. The menu read as follows:

We went to town and tried a few different things, and we enjoyed both the cocktails and the food (unhealthy as it was).

Thompson Nashville LA Jackson drinks

Thompson Nashville LA Jackson food

Thompson Nashville LA Jackson dessert

Thompson Nashville gym

The Thompson Nashville’s gym is located on the second floor. Compared to the gym at the Thompson Dallas this was a letdown — the gym is on the small side though perfectly fine, assuming you’re alone using it (the hotel was empty when we stayed there, and we always had it to ourselves).

I would note, however, that there was no water in the gym, and that they also didn’t seem to clean it very often. For example, a water bottle was left there by someone, and it was still there three days later.

Thompson Nashville gym

Thompson Nashville gym

Thompson Nashville gym

Thompson Nashville “Work from Hyatt”

As I mentioned in the introduction, we had booked a “Work from Hyatt” rate, and the most significant perk of that is that you’re supposed to get a separate, private workspace from your room for the duration of your stay. At most hotels this seems to be an additional guest room, which is a good solution when you consider that most hotels have a lot of empty rooms.

I didn’t need that separate space until a day where I had some calls I needed to take, and Ford had a (virtual) German lesson at the same time. So I went to the front desk to ask about the Work from Hyatt setup, and was informed that ordinarily the Work from Hyatt perk would be for a separate guest room, but since we were in a suite that’s not offered. They suggested I could sit in the coffee shop or lobby if I wanted to.

They were wrong, plain and simple — there’s no such carve-out, and that’s also not very logical. It’s one thing if we had a suite with a door between two rooms, but it was basically like one big room. So if two people need to be on calls at the same time, having a suite isn’t very helpful.

I didn’t push back. Instead I just went to the second floor where conference rooms are located, and sat on a couch there. I didn’t see a single other person while there, so that did the trick for me, and I was perfectly happy.

Thompson Nashville conference space

Thompson Nashville service

Service at the Thompson Nashville was good — I wouldn’t say it was as over-the-top good as it was at the Thompson Dallas, but still, everyone I interacted with was quite friendly. That was particularly true at Marsh House and Killebrew Coffee.

Bottom line

We enjoyed our stay at the Thompson Nashville. Much like the Thompson Dallas, the hotel has nice decor, and this was a good home base for a couple of weeks, especially given that the hotel was extremely empty.

I definitely did prefer the Thompson Dallas, but if returning to Nashville I’d probably consider staying here again.

If you’ve stayed at the Thompson Nashville, what was your experience like?

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  1. The inconsistencies in how the Work From Hyatt rate is offered from one property to another is pretty frustrating. I’ve had a few properties (mainly in Mexico) try to get me
    To use their club lounge or the bar (!) area instead of giving a dedicated workspace.

  2. Yeah it was a bit TMI on the food.
    Delicious looking photos but I kept picturing the food 8-12 hrs after consumption. Nope.

  3. Were you there during the Nashville bombing? It has been such a rough year for our city, and continues to be challenging, so hopefully you can come back when restaurants are safe and discover Nashville again. Your comment about Marriotts was funny but there are a ton of Marriott properties making up the skyline. One of the big buildings under construction is a new Four Seasons. You could try that one out soon.

    Nice review of the Thompson.

  4. We’ve done WFH at a few properties so far, and on the occasion we’ve been upgraded to a suite, we’ve still been giving an adjoining standard guest room as our “work space”. Wonder why the Thompson is handling this differently?

  5. Hope you tried some of that Natalie’s juice in the coffee shop. Best store-bought OJ, in my opinion.

  6. I’m wondering–did the hotel have a suite bookable on points at the time of your stay? I’ve been wanting to use a suite upgrade at a Thompson but I can never find any Thompson hotels that have bookable suites using points and I thought that was a sign you could use a suite upgrade certificate.

  7. Does work from … (Insert hotel name) offer include loaner monitors? I would need one for my line of work.

  8. I’ve always hated the psuedo “suite” crap where it’s not a separate room. They made you burn a DSU for that?
    Too bad you left the Thompson Dallas, Monarch just opened and it’s pretty great.

  9. Water bottle still there 3 days later? I’m not sure I’d be comfortable using a gym that’s basically not cleaned at all…

    Also the whole thing about no extra room because you are in a suite makes no sense… pay for a better room and you get less benefits?

  10. Curious about that “water battle” (sic) that was left in the gym for three days. Who won?

  11. I didn’t love the Thompson Nashville. Stayed Petco if and would have to wait forever for an elevator because of the rooftop bar bit was mobbed and so were the elevators with people going there.

  12. The decor looks amazing, I will admit. There’s… just some sort of distinction, stylish yet functional. Although that quiche looks very burnt.

    Was just in Nashville last year and I did consider staying here, but after walking around the area… the Gulch neighborhood was nice, but it was just a lot lot smaller than I expected it to be. Like “oh… is that it?”

  13. Thanks for the review. No thanks, rather stay more central in a medium sized city like Nashville.

    Nashville equals Austin in my view. Two second tier cities trying to be big time but not doing so. Eccchhh.

  14. Since this was your first time to Nashville, I was curious about your impressions of the city. I am from Alabama & have a small travel blog. I think the downtown area is a lot more fun. My last stay was in the Vanderbilt area at the Marriott. I was interested in the Thompson, so thanks for the review.

  15. The abysmal view from the room is a lovely contrast to those food prices. They’re charging 8 dollars for a muffin and 13 for a cocktail (NYC prices) for what looks like a strip mall setting in any depressed suburb? That’s pretty ballsy. And 200 a night with no guests AND they refused you the advertised perk? Do hotels not understand demand pricing?

    Never been to Nashville and this review indicates that’s probably for the best if that’s how tourists are treated.

  16. I loved the JW Nashville right across from the convention centre. They also have a coffee bar with an almost identical layout to your photo from the Thompson. Breakfast was also hearty at the JW

  17. I’m guessing you are allergic to the particular preservatives the kitchen uses in their food. Also MSG is some cooks favorite, which can have a bad effect on some (me included).
    As a fan of brussel sprouts, I was dismayed to see the plain limp dish pictured. Cook with some proscutto or spek, add a touch of fresh garlic; heaven!

  18. You’re probably getting to the age where constant travel and living out of a hotel does a number on your body, regardless of how hard you try (and, as noted in the review, fail) to eat healthy. Believe me, I’m 36 and wish I could eat how I used to, but it is not happening unless I want to deal with some sleepless nights.

    GERD is real. Healthy hotel food is not.

  19. Nice review, thanks! No other travel blogger or site even comes close. Keep up the good work, especially in these times when we need trip reports more than ever! 🙂

  20. Lucky, you missed out on a TON of great dining in Nashville. Also the view from the other (opposite of where you were) corner suite is drastically better, as it has basically the same view as the rooftop if your high enough.

  21. Great review as always.

    One question about your desire to reach Lifetime Globalist. Why go out of your way to get it? I get there are real benefits to having it but if you already stay 60+ nights a year at Hyatt properties naturally why go for it? Just don’t get the benefit of going for it if you already will achieve regular globalist status every year anyway.

    I get that when you’re older or if you decide later to have kids your travel patterns may slow down so it would be nice to have the lifetime globalist status, just don’t get why going for it *now* makes sense. Thanks!

  22. Hi just curious. How do you handle all the laundry while living in Hotels? Some hotels are charging quite a lot for it. While others have self laundry options like Hilton Garden Inn´s

  23. @James S: A few points…

    If you think $13 for a cocktail is the average you’d pay at at an equivalent NYC lounge, I’m guessing you have been been to a lounge in NYC in a few years and are in for some sticker shock next time you visit. The average price in NYC is about 50% higher–typically around $18 to $20 per cocktail, not to mention a possible cover charge, drink minimum, strict dress code, etc. Having lived in 4 cities of similar size to Nashville in recent years, I can confirm that $13 is around average for a cocktail in most mid-sized cities in the Southeast, even in the (nicer) suburbs but especially near the downtown areas.

    Admittedly, the one photo shown here doesn’t present the best view, but that area of the Gulch is definitely not “strip mall setting” in a “depressed suburb.” That’s one of the fastest growing urban neighborhoods in the US right now. It’s a poor angle from the photo, but then again, I’ve had some far worse views from windows in several hotels in the middle of Manhattan. Like anywhere, it often depends on the side of the building where you stay.

    From my experience, Nashville bends over backwards to treat their guests and tourists with extreme hospitality. There will always be outliers in any city, but on average, you’ll be treated as well here as anywhere if not better. Because of Covid, it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had a chance to visit Nashville, but it will be one of my first trips as soon as everything is clear. It’s true this particular hotel’s rep should have been better versed in how this WFH perk should have been applied, but to extrapolate one policy fail to the ethos an entire city is quite a generalization.

  24. For the benefit of us, review the Grand Hyatt Nashville next time you’re there. It’s also new and would be interesting to see the comparison.

  25. @lucky… Nashville is part of the real south where grease is one of the four food groups. That’s why you got indigestion all the time… your body isn’t used to all that fatty food. And before y’all hate on me, I spent my teens and early 20s in the south. I know what we ate!

  26. Very nice review. You are one of only one of 5 bloggers I watch…. but I must say that you have THE worst job in the world +/- hyperbole………. lack of a daily exercise routine, diet, germs, people contact/ service….. I guess it will keep your mind young as you are always! challenging new issues …the normal world simply repeats daily.
    Keep at it. We enjoy our 15 sec diversion with you.

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