Review: Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge Seoul Incheon

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Upon our arrival at Incheon we were given transit cards upon deplaning and told to proceed to transit security. There was no queue there, and within a few minutes we were in the departures hall.

We proceeded towards the lounge area of the terminal, which was just a few minutes walk from where security let out. Up the escalators and to the right was the entrance to the Silver Kris Lounge.


Escalator to lounges

Silver Kris Lounge entrance

For a while Singapore Airlines closed their lounge at Incheon, though they did recently reopen it. As a first class passenger it’s not all that great since there’s not a first class section, so in theory we would have been better off using the Asiana first class lounge, though given our short layover we decided to just use the Silver Kris Lounge instead. As a reminder, if you wouldn’t normally have access based on your ticket, there are a couple options available in Seoul for those with a credit card with lounge access.

At the entrance we were informed that boarding would be announced, and that it would be about 15 minutes later than scheduled.

The lounge itself is just a large open space with plenty of seating.

Silver Kris Lounge

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Dining area

There was also a small business center.

Business center

The lounge contained an open bar and fridge with soft drinks.


Water, juice, and sodas

Then there was a moderate spread of snacks, including finger sandwiches, cookies, salad, etc.




There was also a small selection of hot dishes.



At around 6PM we headed to our departure gate, 112.



Our Singapore 777

Gate 112

At about 6:20PM boarding was announced, starting with first and business class. As is the norm for US bound flights, there was an additional security check on the jet bridge, whereby each passengers’ bags had to be searched again.

View from jetbridge

  1. That lounge feels airy and refreshing, more like a SAS lounge. Personally I do not enjoy dark places with no view of the tarmac. A latte and a panoramic view of the planes is my kind of relaxation.

    Food seem, bleh (adopted Lucky’s term), more like any other US lounge. Surprised I did not see the infamous Dorito bags or Haagen Dasz ice cream containers.

    I find it interesting that a Korean Air truck is servicing the SQ flight. I would have expected an Asiana truck given they are in the same alliance.

  2. Hey Lucky, how far is the OZ First Class lounge from the silverkris lounge?

    Also, does the Aman trip report start soon? šŸ˜‰

  3. @ MEOW — It’s not very far, though I believe it’s an extra five or so minute walk. Since we didn’t otherwise know when the flight was boarding, it seemed wise to stay in the Singapore lounge where they’d have the most up to date information.

    Aman trip report starts as soon as I finish this one!

  4. You would not have been able to use the OZ First Class lounge. SQ flights take off from the satellite terminal, whereas the OZ First Class lounge is in the main terminal. There is also no way for you to go to the main terminal lounge area without clearing immigration (into and out of Korea), which I am not sure you would be able to do as a transit passenger.

  5. So decent business class lounge, meh first class lounge?

    Please tell me this one at least has bathroom facilities…

  6. SINJim: Yes, you are right. However, Lucky had linked to his report on the one in the main terminal so I wanted to highlight that it wasn’t possible to go to *that* particular Asiana lounge.

    BTW, I find the satellite Asiana lounge to be rather average. Given the choice between the two, I’ll use the SQ KFL.

  7. “As is the norm for US bound flights, there was an additional security check on the jet bridge, whereby each passengersā€™ bags had to be searched again.”

    Were they looking for and confiscating liquids above 100 ml? Or just a general search? I ask because I’m departing Tokyo for SFO and wondering if they will do the same. When I depart London Heathrow bound for the US, they DON’T do a search at the plane, as such, you can bring any beverages you may have bought (or taken from the lounge) since it’s already within a secure area. Is this different for Asia departures? I would like to do the same.

  8. Just a quick unusual view on this lounge: I was with my family in transit from Nadi to Amsterdam and flying Korean/KLM in bizz and thus making our way to the KE lounge. We took the elevator to the floor where all lounges are when my 4 year old daughter got her hand stuck in the elevator.

    The response from the Kris lounge crew was phenomenal – they immediately notified an emergency crew and followed up throughout all the hysteria that my daughter caused. I was really impressed how attentive they were and in the end nothing really serious came out of it and the full staff said farewell with a lollipop for the kids and a great smile. What an attentive service when you most need it!

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