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I left the Novotel at around 7:30AM, and made it to the terminal a few minutes after that and to the departures hall by about 7:40AM.

Departures hall

Singapore check-in was located in row “K.” There was no queue at check-in, and after informing the agent which flight I was on he processed my check-in in less than two minutes and literally didn’t say a word to me – he didn’t even ask if I wanted to check my bag, which on second thought, I kind of like.

Singapore check-in

Singapore check-in

I was given a pass for the priority lane, which is located to the right of the standard security lane. There was no wait in the priority security queue, and after that there was no wait at immigration either.

Singapore’s Silver Kris Lounge in Bangkok is located in the “C” pier, which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the security and immigration checkpoint. Fortunately the terminal is quite nice, so it’s a pleasant walk.

As a reminder, if you wouldn’t normally have access based on your ticket, there are a plenty of options available in Bangkok for those with a credit card with lounge access.

Airside terminal

Airside terminal

Airside terminal

The Silver Kris Lounge is located one level down from the terminal, right next to a foot massage place.

Lounge signage

Lounge entrance

At the entrance I was welcomed by a friendly associate and informed that boarding would be announced for the flight.

The Silver Kris Lounge is a good size though oddly symmetrical, with a bunch of similar looking seating areas. So while it’s somewhat large, it feels a bit claustrophobic due to how many barriers they have up.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

There were also a couple of workstations with Macs.


The breakfast spread was fairly decent, and consisted of several hot items like scrambled eggs, baked beans, sausage, bacon, and even dim sum.

Dim sum

Hot spread

Hot spread

Then there was also a cold selection consisting of croissants, pastries, yogurt, week-old macarons, and of course ice cream.

Drinks and yogurt



Ice cream

There was also a decent selection of wine and booze.



At around 9AM I decided to head to the departure gate, which was D5. It was maybe a five minute walk away.

Walking to departure gate

As is the case at all gates at Bangkok Airport, when you enter the gate area they already check your passport and scan your boarding pass, so once you’re in the gate area you’re considered to be “aboard.”

Departure gate

Departure gate

Departure gate

Plane to Singapore

As a result it’s always a free for all when they start boarding, since everyone more or less boards at the same time, regardless of which zone they call first.

  1. Good observation about the claustrophobic set-up of the lounge. It certainly looks that way. “Week old” macarons…how appealing. Surprised they don’t enforce orderly boarding. No availing of foot (or other) massage? 😉

  2. How many flights does SQ operate to BKK? Must be a few to justify keeping that lounge open. Or do other airlines get access as well?

  3. Also, no commentary on the lounge itself? How does it rate overall? The service, bathroom/shower facilities, etc? Seems a bit average.

  4. How do you calculate the surcharges for Singapore? Is it just the YQ, the country or countries fees, both, or…? Any guidance is appreciated.

  5. @ Peter — Hah, there was a paid massage place right next to the lounge, and I was almost tempted to go there instead of the lounge. Didn’t have enough time, though.

  6. @ Ken Y. — I still prefer the main Thai lounge. I LOVE the Thai first class lounge in Bangkok, of course, but aside from that I find the lounges to be pretty sub par. Would still do the Thai lounge ahead of the Singapore one, though.

  7. @ wwk5d — They have ~5 flights per day. So assume that means 200+ premium passengers per day (including Star Gold members). Otherwise they’d be paying a partner airline ~$20 for lounge access, so essentially they could either run their own lounge or pay $4,000 per day to send their guests elsewhere. Just some fuzzy math, but I can see how it could make sense.

    As far as the lounge itself goes, service was non-existent aside from plates being cleared occasionally.

  8. I am starting to get jet lagged reading this report. You fly Chicago – Tokyo – Bangkok, then stay at an airport hotel overnight and return to the airport at 0730 am bangkok time (1930 Chicago time / 1730 Pacific time). My body would be totally, completely stressed. I hope you did better than I would.

  9. I find the SQ lounge way ahead of the Thai lounges in food and drink and in respect of both quality and variety. My personal favorite is the fresh young coconuts that SQ offers in its BKK SKL.

  10. Love the fresh young coconut but unfortunately the SKL does not have a bathroom, such a PITA to walk down, past the massage place, to the bathrooms in the terminal. Lounge is perfect for a short stop on an intra-Asia itinerary.

  11. Fresh young coconuts are nice and what not, but no bathrooms? For a premium lounge, that’s just so ghetto.

  12. Were there any fees to enter/leave the country? I remember back in the day having to pay for a tourist visa upon landing. Is that still in effect?

  13. @ Aeroman380 — I remember paying that a few years back, though don’t believe they charge it anymore.

  14. Visited SQ lounge in BKK after long time, I found it much better than TG: -(
    More varieties of food, better quality and presentation…

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