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American Express recently opened their new Centurion Lounge at DFW Airport. In the past I would fly through Dallas almost weekly, but it has been nearly six months since I’ve transited DFW, so I haven’t had the opportunity to review the new Centurion Lounge.

I finally had the chance to check out the Amex Centurion Lounge this past week, and all I can say is WOW!

This is hands down one of the top lounges in the US, and in my opinion is in the same league as the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse New York JFK, which is otherwise my favorite airport lounge in the US.

AmEx Centurion Lounge DFW Airport

American Express Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Access Policy

The easiest way to access the lounge is through a credit card with lounge access, like the The Platinum Card® from American Express and American Express Centurion Card.

American Express Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Hours

The lounge is open daily from 5:30AM till 10PM. The spa, however, closes at 8PM.

How To Get To The American Express Centurion Lounge DFW Airport

The Centurion Lounge is located in the D Concourse at DFW, across from gate D17.

The D Concourse is the nicest one in Dallas, and Aeromexico, British Airways, Cayman Airways, Emirates, KLM, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Qantas, Sun Country, and TACA operate out of this pier, along with some American and American Eagle flights.

Note that only a limited number of American flights operate out of the D Concourse, as the American operation is spread throughout multiple concourses. Therefore chances are that if you’re flying American you’ll be arriving at or departing from another concourse. That being said, the Skylink provides convenient transfers between all terminals, so no matter which airline you’re flying, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to get to the Centurion Lounge.

Once you exit the Skylink for the D Concourse, take the escalator to the lower level.

DFW Airport Skylink escalator

Turn right and follow the signage towards “Airline Clubs.”

DFW Airport terminal

You’ll then see a sign for “The Centurion Lounge” in the center area of the terminal, leading you to an escalator.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge signage

Take the escalator to the upper level, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the lounge.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge escalator

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge entrance

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Features

At the entrance I was greeted by a friendly associate that scanned my The Platinum Card® from American Express.

She briefly explained some of the features of the lounge and asked if I wanted to make a spa appointment, which are available on a first come first serve basis.

While the lounge is open until 10PM, the spa closes at 8PM, and despite my only being in the lounge from about 7PM till 9PM I just about had my choice of time slots, and booked a treatment for 7:40PM. I was given a choice between a massage, a facial, or a manicure.

I was also given a business card of sorts with the Wi-Fi info.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge Wi-Fi info

The lounge is 9,000 square feet, which is huge in comparison to other domestic lounges, and wasn’t crowded at all for the time I was there. The entryway is pretty darn sleek, which was a good indicator of what was to come.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge entrance

To the immediate right of the entrance was a small room with a couple of tables and some juice, water, and cookies.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

Next to this lounge area was a cappuccino machine, and a large monitor with terminal information.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cappuccino machine

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge terminal information display

In the next “zone” was the smaller seating area of the lounge. The American Express Centurion Lounge design at DFW is just phenomenal.

I love how the lounge is decorated, and how there are so many different types of seating arrangements. Even if the lounge were full it would feel much more private than the average lounge given the furniture selection.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

The lounge had tons of natural lighting, partly because of the use of  “hallways” with seating, which feel much more private than a big, square room.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

These eventually led to the dining and bar area, which I’ll talk more about in a bit as well.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

And then at the very end of the lounge was more seating in what was probably my favorite room.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

That’s also where I quickly found my favorite feature, the daybeds. Can’t beat sipping a cocktail while on a daybed surfing the web!

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge seating

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Bar

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge bar

The Centurion lounge has a pretty neat bar with made-to-order cocktails, all of which are complimentary.

The wine list read as follows:


While the cocktail list read as follows:


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that being a blogger is no easy work — with a cocktail menu like this there’s a lot of pressure to sample as much as I can during a two hour visit to the lounge. And while it is tough work, I was up for the challenge. 😉

Well, I’m happy to report their cocktails are excellent.

I started with a Jack Rose.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cocktail

And then transitioned over to a White Mimosa.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cocktail

Then a Corn N’Oil.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cocktail

Then a Tex/Mex, which had more of a kick than I could handle!

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cocktail

And then a Country Club.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cocktail

The lounge has a good cocktail menu… did I mention that yet? 😀

Before leaving I had a cappuccino, which was one of the best I’ve had from a machine.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge cappuccino

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Buffet

The lounge has both a breakfast and lunch/dinner spread, and it’s quite impressive, featuring a variety of hot and cold options.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

In terms of the hot options they had:

  • Texas Borracho Beans
  • Spanish Rice
  • Spinach, Poblano, Caramelized Onions Queso Enchilada
  • Smoked Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast
  • Creamy Jalapeno Jack Grits
  • Roasted Maple Butternut Squash Soup
  • House Smoked BBQ Brisket
  • Flour Tortillas

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge buffet

While the chicken was extremely dry (fortunately they had guacamole, which I’m pretty sure is the solution to nearly  every problem in the world), the rest of the food was extremely tasty.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge dinner

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge dessert

Yes, I realize I’ll be spending a week at the gym to work off all the cocktails and food — thanks for the reminder. 😉

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Exhale Spa & Showers

As mentioned above, I had made my spa appointment at the reception desk as soon as I entered, and was surprised by how easy it was to snag an appointment. To make the appointment I had to fill out an information form, including adding an emergency contact — first time I’ve had to do that for a massage!

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge Exhale Spa

The massage was done in a chair and was as good as it gets for a 15 minute treatment. They had relaxing music playing as well, so it didn’t at all feel like an airport anymore (not that the rest of the lounge does either).

To answer the question before someone asks in the comments, I did tip $10. Whether or not it’s necessary or expected, I don’t know. I also appreciated that the spa treatment didn’t come with a huge sales pitch and survey (I’m looking at you, British Airways!).

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge Exhale Spa

Right next to the spa are a couple of shower suites, which are gorgeous. They’re probably the nicest shower suites I’ve seen in the US.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge shower suite

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge shower suite

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge shower suite

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge shower suite

The shower rooms at the Centurion Lounge even featured L’Occitane toiletries, and since they were in “mini” bottles you could conceivably take them with you if you’d like.

DFW Airport AmEx Centurion Lounge shower suite toiletries

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Staff

I can’t help but commend the staff at the lounge. They were all top notch, friendly, and proactive. I was consistently offered refills, and when the server saw the look on my face after my first sip of the Tex/Mex cocktail she insisted on getting me a different drink.

A special shout out to Melissa for being especially awesome and attentive, and encouraging me to try as many cocktails as I’d like!

American Centurion Lounge DFW Airport Bottom Line

This is one heck of a lounge, and for someone that frequently transits DFW, it almost justifies the The Platinum Card® from American Express in and of itself. There’s not a single US airline lounge that can even come close to competing with the Centurion Lounge, and in my opinion it’s totally worth going out of your way to route through Dallas or planning a longer layover in order to visit this lounge.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing much of the Dallas Admirals Clubs anymore!

Have you visited The Centurion Lounge at DFW Airport? If so, what did you think?

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I live in Dallas, so it’s nice to actually see this. It may even be worth the $50 one time …

  2. You’re a bit late to the party. Your boardingarea colleagues have already reviewed this lounge in great depth.

    While the food/drink/amenities look good, I’m surprised you rate the furniture better than a W hotel (which you have often lamented are style over substance). The Centurion lounge furniture (with the exception of the day beds) does not look comfortable and very ikeaesque.

  3. Any idea if they can assist you in re-ticketing, seat selections, etc. for the other airlines? Or can they contact the gate on your behalf? Thanks

  4. I’ve been there several times now, but not since they changed the menu. Glad to hear it’s still solid. I’ve never found those daybeds before! I’ll have to look next time. The friendly people at the bar were also poured me a great Shirley Temple with vodka, and didn’t even give me the mocking looks I’ve come to expect with that drink request.

  5. Loved the lounge but unfortunately don’t transit DFW very often.

    I also found the Tex-Mex cocktail a bit too much spice! It was great for the first half but I just couldn’t finish it.

    Worth noting – the bar is open til 9:30pm but on one visit in December, they had already cleaned up/closed down most of the bar by 9 and weren’t crafting cocktails, just wine/beer. I’m not sure if that was a one-time occurrence or standard protocol. Regardless, I managed to survive. 😉

  6. A couple of tips for families. Kids get in free, but spouse only gets in free on the plat or centurian card, so a family of four for example would get in for free on one plat card but would pay 2x$50 without the plat. The lounge also has a little family room/play area. But otherwise, seating is rather limited for groups of more than 2.

  7. I wasn’t quite as impressed with the lounge, though I still agree it’s nicer than most lounges in the US.

    When I was there it was pretty packed, for the entire 3 hours I was there. They only have two showers which seems low, and while there was no one using them when I arrived, it took about an hour as they could not find the person responsible for cleaning them. I was near the end of several long flights, and in retrospect I should have hopped over to the AC, showered, and returned.

    The food spread was fine, though DFW has some decent dining options in the terminal, and it wasn’t a meal I would generally be happy paying for in a restaurant. Still, it was edible, and much better than anything that the legacy carriers have to offer in their US lounges.

  8. I guess I would add to Dylan’s thoughts. The food gets raves not because it’s actually good, but because it’s better than any other US domestic lounge. It’s a decent Tex-Mex buffet. Lucky’s pictures seem to suggest it was near empty. When I was there it would have been tough for a non-single traveller to find comfy chairs. Most groups were sitting around dining tables in the plastic chairs. Comfy chair with a plug is most important to me. Took me nearly two hours to get a shower after being told I was “next”, which seemed as much the result of inefficiency as crowds. I will say, though, that my server was positively fantastic. I am giving serious thought to canceling my platinum card. If I do, I cannot imagine paying $50 for this lounge unless it is a very long layover or I am looking to drink multiple cocktails.

  9. Have a couple flights through DFW coming up and I’m looking forward to using this lounge for the first time since I’m losing my AC access in a couple days. I’ve been to the Amex lounge in Vegas a couple of times, I was not impressed – The Vegas lounge was ok, but definitely nothing to write home about.

  10. i 2nd Larry in terms of food quality & Dylon in that it’s good only when compared to US level, way below in Asian standards (excluding China).

    Visited in Feb, they did not take names for waiting list, said they’d find me…had to track them down…the shower floor was very dirty, stained…in the middle the door was opened by someone, supposedly by staff since it is opened from inside.

    i was given $100 credit to keep the card, but will cancel in 2 days.

  11. I was there a little while back when I had flown in from LA and arriving 5’ish in the morning….was very happy the lounge was opened at 5.30am…..the shower was great since I had a mid-morning connecting flight…breakfast was the best I’ve ever had in a domestic lounge….

    Not sure this justify the 450/year cost tho since I don’t do thru DFW that often anymore

  12. Very nice review and great pix. I would note that many of the F/C class lounges in Asia offer complimentary bar/beverages and excellent buffet food. Some comparable in scale to here, others slightly lower. But all FREE with anyone flying F or C class.

  13. @ Tom — Agree I’m late to the party, but better late than never, in my opinion. I actually thought the furniture was a bit more high quality than W Hotels. And unlike W Hotels this place actually had power outlets and trash cans. 😉

  14. Hands down the best lounge in the U.S !
    Hopefully they plan on building one in SFO and IAD soon!

  15. You are right. The lounge is pretty good for a US lounge. They should be close to changing the menu soon as the last time I visited, they told me it should be changing in Spring. The drinks are amazing. Melissa was also my server at the time and she was on top of it.

  16. Did you actually try the showers our or just go in the room? When I tried them out it was impossible to get a consistent water temperature – it varied consistently between ice cold and scalding hot.

    Also, the spa isn’t always available. I was there from 4-6 PM and there was only 1 treatment available (male manicure) and 1 time slot for that. I called up AMEX to ask about prebooking something during my next visit, but was told that they don’t do any reservations.

    Overall the lounge was nice, but has some room for improvement.

  17. It is a nice lounge by US standards, but extremely crowded at certain hours. I came in around 4 pm on Thursday and there was no seats at all anywhere. Luckily, somebody left from the chase in the relaxation room at the very end. They do have real food and it was pretty good, but nothing compare to lounge food in Asia and even Europe. At the time of my departure around 5:30 pm – lounge became much quieter and nicer, since the crowd had thinned significantly. There was no line for food anymore. I was there only once, so I am looking forward to visiting it at better hours.

  18. I visited it once in February and was blown away by how nice it was. I’ll be making all my cross country stops there now if I have the choice. That’s not good news for PHX.

  19. I disagree. I thought the Tex-Mex was awesome! I agree it is miles above the Admiral’s Clubs in amenities but if you don’t have a long connection and are on the other side of the airport it’s a hike. That plus the front desk people can’t really help with misconnects, rebooking etc. So it’s a tradeoff.

  20. Was in Dallas (well, Arlington) for a concert this weekend and on the way back visited this lounge with a friend — absolutely loved it! They seriously need to build one in Houston ASAP.

    @ Mike – we were flying out of Terminal A but I didn’t find location all that inconvenient. We got to Terminal D, visited the lounge, and took SkyLink to Term. A and that was fine. Now, if we had to walk, it’d have been way worse 🙂

  21. Benjamin, thanks for your answer and link to this post from the Ask Lucky section. I am going with my son – 16 Y.O. By paying the $50 he gets access too, being under 18 or do I need to pay 2X?

  22. did the one in vegas loved it, it was amazing and the staff was the nicest.

    i belive with the black card u get a free glass of moet

  23. Just cancelled my Platinum card as I can no longer justify the 450 annual fee since American Express cancelled airport lounge access with American and US Airways. Furthermore, the Delta airline now charges you per guest and for premium spirits they charge you now.
    I have used the Centurion lounge in Vegas and its nice but I do not see how the Miami or San Francisco one will operate as Miami is a large airport and the lounge is going to have to be in a central area which you will have to utilize before you go through airport security otherwise their would have to be separate lounges in each terminal area. I don’t know about others, but when I use a lounge , I want to be checked in and through airport security and close to my departing gate.
    I down graded to the green card and the only benefit I am losing is the lounges , the free foreign transaction fees and the 200 annual credit that you must apply to one specific airline yearly which is a joke. I suggested to.American Express to not have the 200 baggage credit and lower the annual fee to 200 per year as that is all the card is worth if that. Remember, when your platinum card is being swept , the merchant is paying a 2 percent fee to American Express. Also the platinum only gives one mile for every dollar that you charge while competitor cards give triple points for gas and grocery purchases .

  24. Does one still get a free spa treatment of choice if you had to pay the $50 entrance fee? Or is the free spa treatment only with the platinum card? Thanks!

  25. My wife and I are here now. Excellent review – spot on. Very spacious, relaxing, and if we were hungry we would have really taken advantage of the dining options. Very impressed. If you have an opportunity, its worth stopping by to experience. Well done, AmEx! Forget the AA lounge.

  26. I’m sad it’s not opened at the whole night. What do you recommend for a 6h layover from 11pm to 5am at this airport?

  27. @ Ricardo — Unfortunately I don’t think much is open at that time, so you might be stuck wandering the terminals, or might want to get a hotel.

  28. I was there last Friday evening. It was hot, crowded and the layout seemed to detract from the overall efficiency and aesthetics. Very crowded around the bar with two posts and tables and chairs causing a pinch point for traffic. I was able to get a self serve glass of water and sat at a table with dirty dishes in front of me. After several minutes and no sense that there would ever be access to the wait staff at the bar I headed out to the Irish bar downstairs. Although the Irish bar cost actual money it was well worth the respite from the Centurion Lounge.

  29. My only complaint is with all the effort they make on the food & drink. They could at least get in a barista to make coffee instead of a machine

  30. Haha. I was I there in April, 2016. Around 11:30 am. The place was PACKED. No place to sit, smelled like a fast food joint, and on the whole, not worth the effort. Oh. And the staff a was surly. The Delta international lounge in Atlanta was light years better. Actually, I’d rather go to a Delta lounge than Centurion. Centurion is nothing but hype.

  31. I was there twice (going and coming from Dallas)… June 2nd and 4th.

    On the second it was very busy, but we did find a table. The food was excellent. Pretty much what’s up there in the photos from a couple years ago. On my return trip it was not as crowded and more enjoyable.

    Massage, manicure was available on my way there but I didn’t have a long time to stay.

    Only until 6 PM though. Was over on my way back so I didn’t get a chance to do that.

    I found it rather difficult to find the place. It’s not really well marked. It’s a bit out of the way. Went right by then Admiral’s Club which I can get into, but wanted to try the Amex Club.

    Loved it! Just make sure you write the directions down.

    Getting to my flight in Terminal B took about 15 minutes…

    Will go there again. I had dinner there both ways, plus some lovely Sauvignon Blanc….

  32. I am absolutely disgusted. I am a single father traveling with my 3 children, one of whom just turned 19 years old, and the check-in staff (her name is Virginia) refused us entry unless we paid $50 for the eldest daughter (whom she said would have been free if I had said she were my “domestic partner” accompanying me with my younger children!!!). Even the telephone agent I called did not see a problem with entry, but Virginia actually argued with him to say that it was too late because I already identified my daughter as an adult child and not a “domestic partner.” When she argued the Amex phone agent to silence by pointing to “and/or” language in a policy manual, she actually handed me the phone saying “Here he is to tell you I’m right.” Just a week ago in Miami, I was told that the minor children counted as a single guest and my daughter counter as another guest, so there was no issue with Centurion access. Amex needs to teach its employees their own ridiculous legal-language policies (including the phone agents who sell you up to Platinum) and apply them evenly and sensibly across the system. Virginia was not particularly rude, but she was far from pleasant or diplomatic; rather, she was stern and actively worked to deny me entry WITH MY CHILDREN TO RUIN THE LAST DAY OF OUR FAMILY VACATION. In no way should someone like that be given a customer relationship position in a hospitality setting. Since I was not shown the manual that she relied on, I am going to take this up with my Amex corporate account representative. I canceled my personal Amex years ago because of similar nonsense from a staff member on the phone and I fully expect this employee’s forceful effort to deny me this major benefit to become an issue in whether my business continues with Amex at all. Beware with Amex… and when in doubt, just say “domestic partner.”

  33. hey lucky

    seems like your review was too good….there’s too many visitors now….I just visited the lounge today (instead of the awful Qantas lounge on my way to Sydney) and I could not get a seat. Waited 45mins and in the end had to leave…..

    Mrs K angry as all spa treatments full despite us getting there at 5.45pm

  34. The staff upon entering was extremely rude. We have never encountered that before and we are pretty easy going guests. It did set the tone for the visit and was not impressed with the dinner spread. Drinks were great bartender made up for the ass upon entry.

  35. So I left the Admirals club in terminal C to come to this lounge out of curiosity and after having a pretty good experience in the SFO lounge. Upon entering The lounge here was a long line to check in. I over heard the man at the desk ask every customer if they’d like to make an appointment for the spa and a verbal tour. When I checked in I presented my Platinum Card and was handed an internet card. I was not offered spa services. I was not given the briefing. I felt rushed and somewhat unwelcomed. Maybe it is because I’m a 26 year old with a Platinum Card. I don’t know. But they were not off to a great start. The lounge it self was very crowded and it took me a good while to find somewhere to sit down. The food was okay and the staff was nice enough. The showers are very nice but overall I felt very claustrophobic in this very large lounge.

  36. Your Centurion Lounge at Dallas Airport is very welcoming and the staff are pleasant and and truly warm! They make you feel very special. My wife and I were pampered at your spa with a manicure. All this was possible because of your good staff, especially Virginia Fuerte. Keep up the good work, and best wishes for 2018.

  37. I am so disappointed! In the last six months this lounge is suddenly showing it’s age. The furniture is grimy, and or chipped and stained.

    A few weeks ago I found the buffet area dirty – dried out food between the serving dishes, and the same stains on the back wall that were there the month before. It’s disgusting!

    The massage girl wanted to be anywhere but where she was, and wasn’t welcoming at all.

    I realize the pictures shown here are now pretty much 4 years old. There is going to be wear-and-tear on almost everything. But these areas need to be addressed. I will rather pay for my meal and drinks but spend my time in a clean environment!

    The only positive were the ladies at reception – welcoming and courteous!

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