Did A Hotel Send Me The Wrong Email… Or Read My Mind?

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Well this is truly bizarre. I’m presently at the Park Hyatt Dubai, which I love. It’s a fantastic property, just a few minutes from the airport and city, but at the same time it’s so private and residential that you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Park Suite at Park Hyatt Dubai

There’s just something so peaceful about overlooking Dubai Creek, given the hustle and bustle otherwise found in Dubai.

View of Dubai Creek at Park Hyatt Dubai

I stay here almost every time I visit Dubai, and have no reason to stay anywhere else (well, on second thought, other than to review new properties for you guys). 😉

As a Gold Passport Diamond member I receive complimentary breakfast, and this hotel happens to have a very good one. Not only do they have an extensive buffet, but you can also order hot dishes off the menu (though the cold buffet is so good that I’m usually far too full to order anything off the menu).

Cafe Arabesque at Park Hyatt Dubai

Cafe Arabesque breakfast spread at Park Hyatt Dubai

The one downside to breakfast is that I find the service to be lacking. The servers are slow to clear plates, and I’ve never been offered a coffee refill. When my cup is empty they simply take it, rather than asking if I’d like another cup. That should be a cardinal sin of being a server at breakfast, in my opinion.

Now, I haven’t actually ever complained about that, or done anything to express dissatisfaction with the breakfast experience. That’s because I have low expectations of the service in the Middle East, and that way I’m rarely disappointed.

As a matter of fact, the extent of what I’ve mentioned about breakfast is this Instagram picture of the patio, mentioning what a beautiful setting it is.


Anyway, I woke up this morning to an email from guest relations at the Park Hyatt Dubai, with the subject line “How’s your stay?”

The email reads as follows:

Dear Mr.Schlappig

It was a pleasure to have you with us. And glad that you have enjoyed your stay with us.

I appreciate your patience with the unsatisfactory service you have experienced with us in regards to breakfast service. I offer no excuse for what happened but rest assured that this error in service is a rarity in our hotel and this is addressed with staff accordingly.

For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future!

Best regards,

Guest Relations Team

So the email does address my one concern about the property, except I never made my concern known — I never even hinted at it!

Which makes me wonder:

  • Was the email supposed to be addressed to someone else? After all, surely I’m not the only person that finds the service at breakfast to be lacking.
  • They somehow nailed literally my only complaint about the property, and emailed me about it. So did they do anything to sense my dissatisfaction, or do they know breakfast service is disappointing in general, and were being proactive?

Color me flummoxed!

Makes me wonder if I’ll be proactively offered a refill on my coffee this morning. 😉

  1. Was the font and size different on the second paragraph to begin with, or did you change it? It might be a copy and paste issue like the United Mad libs

  2. @ Jonathan — Whoops, font size was the same throughout the email, but spacing was a bit off, which I corrected. Looks like in the process the text size changed.

  3. Hi Lucky,
    Thanks for update! I am also staying at Park Hyatt in Dubai in 2/15, booked using my free nights after applying for Platinum Chase Hyatt card. Question: is breakfast included with booking? I’ve heard yes and no; if not, price of breakfast? Is there somewhere close to eat for option? Thanks for your help!

  4. @ Darla — It’s only free for Diamond members or those booking rates inclusive of breakfast, so unfortunately it wouldn’t be free if you’re redeeming points/free night certificate and aren’t Diamond. The hotel is pretty secluded so there’s nothing in the immediate area where you could otherwise have breakfast, but city center is only a 10-15 minute drive away. Not sure how much breakfast costs, it’s not listed on the menu. I’ll try to find out, though.

  5. As usual, I so enjoyed your latest musing! Can’t wait to the next post to learn if you (and your father) were provided with refills. By the way, the video of your Dad at the airport was priceless. It is obvious that, just as you admire and love him, your father feels the same about you. The gifts you have been giving both of your parents–time and your company–are an example to all of us, whether to spend time with family or friends while we can. Looking forward to future posts about this exciting “round birthday” adventure.

  6. Lucky: perhaps they had a manager sitting in the restaurant noticing you fidgeting or looking around for wait staff?

  7. This is really bothering me, and I’m not even you.

    Did you mention to your dad that you’d wanted more coffee, and perhaps been overheard? Did you literally say nothing to anyone about it?

    Might you have, I don’t know, looked at your coffee cup and rolled your eyes or sometehing when they took it away?

    Could you ask the Guest Relations person how this came to their attention before you leave?


  8. @ BigDaddyJ — If they did, you’d think they would have made sure the service improved and would have approached me, no? Weird stuff!

  9. @ TravelinWilly — Hah, all good theories! I did quietly mention to my dad in German that I wasn’t impressed with the service as I was never offered a refill of coffee. But it was while seated on the balcony, with no one around…

  10. @ Troy — The last time I reviewed the hotel’s breakfast was 2011, and I didn’t mention anything about the breakfast service at the time.

  11. Understand that this time with your dad you should stay at a hotel that you’re perfectly comfortable with like the Park Hyatt, but when you travel alone next time Al Maha The Luxury Collection is a great choice. Not sure about the rate though.

  12. I agree. The service at the Park Hyatt Dubai was a little lacking, but fantastic at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

  13. You may have made an indirect comment in a later review (“this place did so much better than the doggone Park Hyatt Dubai in coffee service”).

    Either way, I don’t think it’s worth the brain cells to rack your mind on it. Just enjoy!

  14. The same thing (sort of) happened to me twice with Hilton properties in the US. I dropped a note in Yelp at night that I found some french fries and part of a burger under my bed. Next day I get an email from corporate Hilton apologizing. Totally forgot the Yelp comments, I was dumbfounded how they knew I found that stuff under the bed. I didn’t say anything to anyone at the hotel. Another time about a year later at another property, I left another negative comment on Yelp. And again, within 24 hours, there was an email from corporate in my email box. Can business on Yelp see the email addresses of person who leaves a review? I don’t know. If not, the only thing I can think of ->

    My Yelp account has my first name and last initial, so I guess they made the effort to look through the guest list on the night of the complaint, found my first and last initial. My Hilton profile has my email and they sent me an email. That is the only thing I can think of. Now,- if there was another Endre P in the hotel, would they send the email to both of us? I hope not.

  15. I just stayed there on the 9th of Nov. Didn’t “stay” the 10th as I had a 3am flight on the 11th.

    Anyway, I used a Chase Hyatt free night certificate, I am Diamond. I was given breakfast free of charge. I was also upgraded to a terrace suite, but that’s another point entirely. 🙂

  16. Maybe they send one to everyone since they know the service is always lacking? Reminds me of the permanent signs I’ve seen on the German autobahn that say (in German) “traffic jam ahead.” They’re always right!

  17. Seems likely they had something happen that they felt affected all guests. You didn’t complain, but someone else did (or a manager caught it), so they sent the email to everyone who stayed that night.

  18. @Endre: they use a computer program called Revinate. It stores your stay history with the hotel along with your contact and social media information. The hotel team gets a notice anytime someone leaves a social media review so they can respond to it. No joke, look it up! Almost all hotels use it and that’s how they remember your preferences between each visit, diet coke with lime for example 🙂

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