Qatar Airways Will Offer A350-1000 Qsuites To Miami

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Miami would be getting Qatar Airways Qsuites for a limited time, though there’s a further positive development on this front.

Basics Of Qatar Airways Qsuites

Qsuites is Qatar Airways’ exceptional business class product, which debuted in June 2017. The airline has been working on rolling out this new product throughout much of their fleet, and it looks like Qsuites will soon be available to a destination near and dear to my heart.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

Which Planes Feature Qsuites?

In addition to newly delivered planes featuring the new product, the airline has also been working on retrofitting the new seats on existing planes. As it stands:

  • Qsuites are available on all A350-1000s
  • Qsuites are available on select A350-900s, 777-200LRs, and 777-300ERs

Select Qatar Airways 777s feature Qsuites

Which US Routes Feature Qsuites?

Qatar Airways’ US destinations include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

As of now, the airline offers Qsuites on flights to Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

In other words, that means that just Atlanta and Miami don’t feature Qsuites. As a Miami resident, I’ve sure been sad that “my” city has been one of the only ones not to feature Qsuites.

Miami Will Get A350-1000 With Qsuites

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Qatar Airways has scheduled an A350-1000 to operate their Doha to Miami route from August 1 through October 24, 2020.

The positive development is that this aircraft change has now been extended through the end of the schedule, so it looks like Miami will be getting A350-1000 service from August 1 onwards, with no end in sight for this aircraft swap. That’s fantastic news.

This flight operates with the following schedule:

QR777 Doha to Miami departing 8:25AM arriving 4:50PM
QR778 Miami to Doha departing 7:10PM arriving 4:20PM (+1 day)

This is exciting both because the A350-1000 is a gorgeous plane, but most importantly because this guarantees that the route will feature Qsuites. Yay!

Qatar Airways’ A350-1000 business class

As a point of comparison, currently Qatar Airways operates an A350-900 on the Miami route, featuring their old reverse herringbone seats (which are still good, though among my least favorite reverse herringbone seats out there).

Qatar Airways’ A350-900 business class

For a comparison of the two products:

Redeem Miles For Qatar Airways Qsuites

If you want to redeem miles for travel on this route, business class award availability is really good, and I see seats on about half of dates.

The best value for redeeming for this would be to book through American AAdvantage:

  • You can redeem 70,000 miles for a one-way business class ticket between the US and the Middle East/India
  • You can redeem 75,000 miles for a one-way business class ticket between the US and Africa

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Earn American miles with:

Anyone plan on flying Qatar Qsuites between Miami and Doha?

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  1. QR is famous for last minute equipment swaps. This in NO WAY guarantees Miami gets Qsuites. Book without getting your hopes too high.

  2. I booked qsuites from Houston next April. I really hope they don’t do plane switches. How common is it that this happens? I read about it happening sometimes.

  3. Curious of the logic of not flying to SFO for Qatar? Too far? I would have thought the Bay Area South Asian community would make this a no brainer…

  4. The list of QSuites flights on QR’s website gets longer, but actually finding the flights is often perplexing. For example, I’ve got connecting QR flights originating at IAD booked for next June/July between DOH and PER. The website says these routes and my same flight numbers have Q Suites, but my flights still show as A 380 flights without QSuites, as do all of the flights before and after my travel dates for as far as I could afford to waste my time checking. Emailing customer service (multiple times after getting irrelevant answers yields unhelpful “don’t know” answers.

    @Lucky- Any chance of getting more details or links for dates/days of the week for the Q Suites flights to all of these new destinations that supposedly have them, but may not really (or which may only have them on a limited basis). PER won’t be my only destination, but I can’t afford to spend days looking for the QSuites flights.

  5. Recently flew on Qatar on the Airbus A350 from Houston to Doha and the person I was traveling with flew business and from their experience, they did not like the QSuites. The QSuites are either a family style seating for 4 or individual 4 seats and they had one of the individual ones. They said that the seats were narrow and now as comfortable as Emirates or Turkish. What really stood out. in a bad way, was the soft product as both the crew, food, and entertainment options were poor and lackluster (and again, better options in both were on Turkish and Emirates). The only thing good about Qatar was that they provided pajamas in Business whereas neither Turkish nor Emirates provide pajamas in Business

  6. Article states that the A350-1000 Qsuites lasts until October 24 but upon looking at DOH-MIA on November dates, I see many flights still show A351 as the aircraft. A little confused about this.

  7. Below is the message from QR support in Twitter “As of this writing, the flights for ATL-DOH for June-July will be operated by BOEING 777 QSuite equipped aircraft. Bear in mind that aircraft may change according to operational requirements. Thank you.”

  8. I would not count on a booking for many months ahead would still be served by the same aircraft as announced now – more and more airlines get into the game of changing their planes around different routes as they see fit, regardless how it was initially announced. Back in the A380 F days our flights had plane swap at least 3 times before our final departure date.

  9. @0504Traveller
    Maybe your companion didn’t want you to feel bad (because he was in business while you were in economy), so he told you it was rubbish to make you feel better? Because I’ve flown Qsuites maybe a dozen times now and I agree with Lucky: this is the world’s best business class.

    (Though *maybe* the brand-new ANA J is better. Maybe)

    Hey, @John: what’s it like, running social media for a rival airline?

  10. @The Nice Paul (ridiculous name by the way) – how do you feel saying QR is the biggest business class knowing that money to build that very same seat came from terrorism? Then again you’re American so you have below average IQ…

  11. I was unaware that Qatar made its money based of being soldiers of fortunes, as opposed to you know, the huge natural gas reservoirs they sit on.

  12. @John
    Sweet. But I’m not American. Nor do I necessarily believe Saudi Arabian propaganda.

  13. Don’t pay attention to @john who clearly never experienced Qsuites. He is the type of two-faced idiot who would get offended at people flying ME airlines while constantly complaining at the poor service offered on the Big 3 airlines in basic economy

  14. QSuites are amazing. Some of the Qatar flight attendants are hit or miss, but Qatar is easily miles above Delta, AA, United, KLM/AirFrance, etc

  15. It seems all US routes will have QSuites this year.
    ATL will most likely fly the 777 equipped QSuite.
    JFK flights will lose the 777 and fly the 351 on both daily flights.
    If you look far ahead in the booking schedule you’ll see the little Q.
    Of course none of the above can stop a last minute non-Qsuite plane swap.

  16. @Marcus – Granted the relative superiority of the product, I wonder if there’s enough incremental demand given AI and UA both fly nonstops to DEL from SFO. I think EY in the past had to cancel theirs from SFO because of AI.

  17. @Eric it happened to us April 2019 IAH-DOH. Found out about 2 weeks before departure date while checking seating charts that the equipment was downgraded from Qsuites to the old 2-2-2. The silver lining was that our DOH-MLE unexpectedly had it so we still got the experience, albeit for the shorter segment.

  18. @MRS
    I see. The second segment of my flight is scheduled on a qsuites, but it’s only a 5 hour flight. Hopefully my IAD-DOH will still have qsuites so I can fully experience the service, but I still have another 4 months till my trip to find out.

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