Awesome: Qantas Selling Care Packages With Pajamas (And More)

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With airlines operating fewer flights than in the past, there’s a lot of excess inventory of just about anything you’d usually find on a flight, ranging from amenity kits to mixed nuts. Well, Qantas is now selling these directly to consumers.

Qantas has created care packages that can be purchased through the Qantas Rewards Store. Each care package comes with the following items:

  • One Qantas business class sleeper suit (L/XL)
  • One Qantas business class amenity kit featuring ASPAR products (including Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturizer, and Sweet Orange Lip Balm)
  • 12 individually wrapped Tim Tams
  • A 200 gram package of smoked almonds (ordinarily served in Qantas first class)
  • A packet of 10 T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea bags

Qantas has put all of these items into a care package, so that they can be sent anonymously as a surprise, or you can of course buy them for yourself.

They can be purchased for just 25AUD (~18USD) including shipping, though can only be shipped within Australia. That’s a really good price for all of those things.

This sale on Qantas’ part comes as the airline has grounded its long haul fleet, and doesn’t plan to resume long haul international flying for about a year. The airline orders all of these items in bulk in advance, and at this point these items have been sitting in storage, and could be better used by consumers directly.

As Qantas Executive Manager of Product and Service, Phil Capps, describes this sale:

“We already provide goods to some of our charity partners including Oz Harvest and Neil Perry’s Hope Delivery initiative but these packs offer Australians the opportunity to reach out to those they’re separated from due to border restrictions and lockdowns.

Qantas PJs are always popular, and with people spending a lot more time at home and wishing they were travelling somewhere, we think receiving a surprise pair in the mail will be very well received. And probably very well-worn by the end of all this.”

Bottom line

25AUD including shipping for a care package like this is a phenomenal deal. Unfortunately shipping is only available within Australia, or else I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat.

This is such a cute concept, and I hope we see other airlines get this creative with their excess inventory. We’ve seen American Airlines’ nut supplier sell nuts directly to consumers, but that’s about all we’ve seen on that front in the US.

  1. Nice idea even if I do have too many sets of qantas pyjamas, amenity kit bags and live round the corner from the T2 HQ (utterly rubbish tea btw).

    We could do with all the cheering up we can get in lockdown in Melbourne.

  2. I could make one up if I had the almonds! Already have plenty of the PJs, pretty sure I have amenity kits, I buy T2 lemongrass and ginger all the time. Tim Tams can be bought on my allowed daily trip to the shops. Of course it is after 8pm curfew so would have to be tomorrow.

  3. Awful pyjamas: tissue thin and ugly. Worst of any airline, by a significant margin. Contrast them with SQ ( Givenchy) , CX ( Shanghai Tang), EK, others…and the QF ones look like a prison-issued product…

  4. Probably end up on ebay or something for $100 or $200. The reselling (or should we say screwing people over) market seems to be the thing the last few years.

  5. I could makeup quite a few of these packages with the QF pj’s – plenty from first and business :). And to Paolo … no one is forcing you to buy them mate. The ones QF were selling are from business class, what you mentioned re CX, SQ, EK etc are all from first class AND those airlines don’t event provide pajamas in business. Got it?

  6. I heard about this yesterday morning and decided at least a few people I know would rather like a QF souvenir as a Christmas present.

    Although if the Almonds or Tim Tams run out of date before December I will be forced to eat them all myself!

    Tossed up how many to buy and ended up with 2 x charcoal and 4 x blue kits.
    Delivery expected on 27 August.

    Good one Qantas! 🙂

  7. @Paolo – I think you’ll find CX First haven’t featured Shanghai Tang PJ’s for quite some time…

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