Qantas Put Fully Stocked 747 Bar Carts Up For Sale

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We’ve seen airlines liquidate all kinds of excess inventory during the pandemic, ranging from mixed nuts, to pajamas, to gin. However, Qantas has arguably put the coolest thing yet on sale… go figure it’s sold out already, and was only available for shipping within Australia anyway.

Qantas put 747 bar carts on sale

Qantas recently retired its remaining Boeing 747 aircraft, and on top of that the airline has an excess of just about everything that passengers would usually be offered on planes. Well, the airline has combined those two things to sell fully stocked bar carts to the Australian public.

With this you can enjoy an airplane-style drink service at home with a fully stocked bar.. The cart is stocked with a variety of onboard items, including champagne, bottles of red and white wine, snacks, pajamas, blankets, amenity kits, and more.

As you’d expect, the bar carts have signs of wear and tear, given that they presumably spent many years in service.

What’s included with each Qantas bar cart?

Each Qantas bar cart on sale came with the following items:

  • 1x full cart ā€“ used (not new)
  • 10x lightweight plastic drawers – used (not new)
  • 80x 187ml bottles of white wine (equivalent to 20 standard 750ml bottles)
  • 80x 187ml bottles of red wine (equivalent to 20 standard 750ml bottles)
  • 2x sleeves of Tim Tams
  • 2x sleeves of savory biscuits
  • 2x bottles of champagne
  • 2x packs of smoked almonds 200g (first class)
  • 4x amenity kits
  • 2x first class blankets (Sheridan)
  • 4x sleeper suites (2x M/L and 2x L/XL)

How much did Qantas bar carts cost?

The bar carts that were available for sale retailed for 1,474.70 AUD, which is 1,048 USD with current exchange rates. That price even included delivery within Australia, ranging from four to 15 business days.

Bottom line

Unfortunately Qantas’ 747 bar carts sold out before I could even publish this post. Nonetheless I think these carts are worth highlighting. How cool to see an airline not only sell bar carts directly to consumers, but to sell them fully stocked with drinks, snacks, amenity kits, pajamas, and more.

I’m sure I’m not the only avgeek who loves this concept. Emirates, if you’re looking to offload any bar carts with Dom Perignon and caviar, I’m sure you’d have some takers. šŸ˜‰

Would you consider buying a fully stocked bar cart like this from your favorite airline?

(Tip of the hat to Kieran)

  1. Unless your plane crashed on a deserted island. An airline beverage cart and liquor miniatures should never be used outside of a plane.

  2. For what itā€™s worth, I got a case of their business class champagne (Jacquart, it also seems to be the champagne that comes in that drinks cart) delivered for nearly half off last week through a secret label deal at Kemenys, an Australian liquor retailer.

    Box complete with the Qantas Inflight stickers on the sides of the box and the Qantas logos (instead of barcodes) on the bottles.!class=Product&spn=1129619

  3. They are auctioning off more so watch this space. Personally I think they are ugly. Iā€™m hoping they run another flight to nowhere on their Dreamliner but this time from Melbourne.

  4. This seems about right, wont be needing them anymore. I see Oz has gone full police state so I am sure they will never be allowed to travel again.

  5. This was a bargain. I seem to remember CX selling empty carts in their duty free, before covid19, for about Ā£2,500 equivalent (but I could be wrong!)

  6. @august you have no idea. On Oct 30th, I was supposed to leave for a 4 month holiday that included Antarctica, Galapagos, Calala and finished with skiing in the US. Now I am counting down to Oct 26th – when I can drive more than 5kms (~3.1miles) . We had 15 new cases yesterday in Melbourne. The problem is, whether we like it (and the premier) or not, no other place in Australia will let us in – so we have no choice.
    I will ad – I am healthy and I have a job. I try to remind myself of this often – cause so many people I know have lost their job. I have had some long stays at hotels in Australia and have become friends with staff. Most of them have now been made redundant. So incredibly sad.

  7. Just ordered mine, always wanted a bit of a plane!

    Don’t drink wine so I suspect I’ll be EBaying some and Christmas presents are sorted..

  8. AA sells them to employees for charity. Got my own little piece of the MD80 in my house. These make great avgeek furniture pieces.

  9. I bought one of the AA bar carts a few months ago – they gave a truck load of the old carts to a flight attendant charity and they were selling them for $200. Iā€™m cleaning it up and I ordered 100 mini bottles to stock it. Makes a fun conversation piece in my home.

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