There’s A Huge Surplus Of American Airlines Nuts

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If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy American Airlines’ first class nut mix at home, now is your chance.

There’s a huge airline nut surplus

The company that has been supplying American Airlines with its first class nut mix for 30 years currently has a surplus of nuts, as business has dropped by about 90%.

In a typical year the company roasts 2.4 million pounds of nuts, most of which go to airlines. But with airlines largely not serving nuts right now, demand has dropped, and the company has 70,000 bags of nuts sitting around, most of which are a cashew-almond-walnut-pecan mix.

As Kim Peacock of GNS Foods and describes the situation:

“I have 50,000 pounds of nuts American Airlines and United didn’t want! We’re feeling sad. We’re sitting on a lot of nuts.”

When the pandemic started, airlines started cutting service to minimize contact between passengers and crew. This included eliminating the ramekin of nuts that are served in first class on many flights.

When the pandemic started, apparently American Airlines asked GNS Foods to first wait three weeks, but that has been extended since. The company suggested that these nuts could be bagged in single-serve portions, either for airline passengers or as a bonus gift for AAdvantage members, but American didn’t bite.

Peacock then makes the following point:

“Yet. on my last flight in first class, I was served a cheese-cracker-fruit-chocolate tray complete with plasticware. However, they can’t keep nuts?”

Buy American Airlines nuts to enjoy at home!

With GNS Foods having so many extra nuts, the company is now selling these airline nut mixes directly to consumers. Nuts are being sold in a variety of quantities, ranging from 1.25 pound bags for for $12.95, to 7.5 pound bags for $48.90, and shipping is included.

The lowest price per pound would be about $6.52. While I wouldn’t exactly call that a bargain on nuts, these aren’t just any nuts. They’re airplane nuts, and surely that’s worth paying a premium for? 😉

Bottom line

This doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s not just airlines struggling, but also their suppliers. It can be easy to lose sight of how many livelihoods depend on the nuts American Airlines serves in first class, and this is a very real example of that.

Demand for airline nuts is down 90%, and one Texas nut factory has 70,000 bags of nuts sitting around. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy airline nuts at home, this is your chance…

So, who is picking up some American Airlines nuts?

  1. Perhaps I can heat them up in an aluminium tray to recreate the flying experience? Also, the ratio in the pics seems off…I usually get 60% cashews.

  2. Also, look at the coke sales slump.

    Airlines are purchasing a significantly less amount of drinking and snacks

  3. Am I the only one who finds this funny in a completely inappropriate way? My, am I glad to not be a millennial 🙂

  4. @Wilhelm

    Right? hahaha “We’re sitting on a lot of nuts”.

    But yes…we may hurt some people’s feelings 😀

  5. Why would anyone want something that reminds them of American Airlines? Most people try to forget any encounter with American, especially when they are at home.

  6. This is proof right here that many airlines are just using this as an excuse to cut costs plain and simple.

  7. Leaving aside jokes about sitting on nuts and whether or not that is ‘appropriate’, and also whether one would want to be reminded of AA or any other airline, I just find this funny. But of course it’s a thing. I have no idea what mixed nuts cost in the US if you buy them at a supermarket, but here about $AU20 per kilo is what I see, so I’d consider buying some if there were a similar offer here. (I do buy various mixtures of nuts here to snack on.) It’s another opportunity to buy stuff on line and avoid going out to shop for groceries.

  8. But what about the special mix they have on Hawaii flights? (Or is that even still a thing?)

  9. The nuts served by AA are some of the most God-awful stale nuts served by any airline.

    No thanks.

  10. The airport I work at has the same problem with their chocolate used in the Protocol lounge… Handing them out to colleagues across all departments.

  11. Seems like the right thing to do would be American to buy the nuts and donate them to food banks.

  12. The idea behind not serving the warm nuts is that they’re served unwrapped, so passengers in first and business class now receive mixed nuts in a foil bag. It eliminates touch points, so the passengers don’t receive anything that may have been handled by people, in the same manner that meals are now served completely wrapped.

    Personally, I miss AA’s Blue Diamond smoked almonds that they used to serve in domestic first class back in the 1980s. Those came in a foil bag as well, and I like them better than the warm mix they have now.

  13. @Wilhelm .. HAHA! Nope, I’m there with you.
    I actually read “American nuts..” at first, and thought ‘oh no, what did we do again?’ LOL

  14. Much like patronizing restaurants (outdoors/togo), I purchased these last night. Why should the nut company get screwed?

  15. 50,000 pounds of nuts. That unwanted stash must consist of an assortment of 1000 Trump disciples and religious fundamentalists.

  16. I purchased the 7.5lb package at $6.52/lb. I already have some ramekins, so assuming I can provide indifferent service in my own home, I can recreate the AA experience.

  17. I would love to put my mouth around some of those warm salty nuts! I just want to cram all of them in my mouth at once and gag before I lick them dry!

  18. Mixed nuts average about 3.29 a pound….if they are really struggling, why are they selling them at a higher than market value price?

  19. Lufthansa served almond on my flight back home. Very boring almond, but they came in a tiny ramekin, so I guess the Germans aren’t as worried as the Americans, or something.

    Regardless, these nuts are over priced, AA should get their nuts from Costco instead.

  20. @Lakesider and @Micah Maloof

    That would mean an average weight of 50 pounds per nut, which is about 1/4th the average weight of American males. Are you considering mostly children among the Trump disciples and religious fundamentalists? What about BLM neo-Marxists and woke fundamentalists? Are they nuts you would want? Perhaps you prefer pizza over nuts. Every post’s comment section is an opportunity for leftists to demonstrate their TDS hysteria along with their innumeracy.

  21. @TLS – we always got macadamia nuts on LH. I guessed they have downgraded.

    I ordered several bags. Pretend like I’m flying – and give them to neighbors.

  22. I have to say I miss the warm nuts. I’m willing to bet the button hole on the napkins will soon disappear in an effort to reduce catering expenses.

    Several years ago, a flight attendant gave me a whole unopened tray of nuts to take home. I was in heaven.

  23. And some nuts ALWAYS have to bring ***ing politics into the discussion. What is WRONG with you nutjobs??? Seriously.

  24. If I use my Amex Platinum card which is linked to American Airlines, will there be a credit?

  25. If you don’t like airplane nuts, don’t eat them. If you don’t like an airlines don’t find them. I always wonder why people complain incessantly about things and then go right back to the same thing they complain about.

  26. Cargocult – Awww bless.

    It’s funny watching people all over the country flipping out because other people are now empowered to challenge them.

  27. One would think that Aloha Mix would include Macadamias.

    One would be wrong, not realizing how cheap American Airlines can be.

  28. @panda nah they don’t come with the plates. Return the plane to the ramp, already!!!
    @david search korean air nut rage and you’ll understand

  29. A better idea for the suggested donation scheme would be for the snack nut wholesaler to donate them themselves, rather than an important, debt-troubled transportation corporation to make such donation. Over 100,000 in-house jobs are dependant upon AA’s (a highly-leveraged company that accrued debt of billions of U.S. Dollars during one quarter of COVID) survival. No nut wholesaler employs near that amount. The Left always loves to propose giving away other people’s money under any conditions.

  30. @Callum

    Did Lucky suppress anti-Trump political commentary on his blog before? If anything, he censors right-of-center comments. The fact that TDSers will try to make even a story about nuts on AA about Trump shows just how deranged they are. I am no fan of Trump and certainly did not vote for him, but the anti-Trump hysteria is truly tiresome. Of course, Lucky is glad to have the clicks.

  31. Why don’t they donate and provide at cost to all the students who are not eating because school is cancelled forever?

  32. I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of nuts on flights. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, this proves that it is possible to fly without nuts being served. No nuts on flights!

  33. I have given American Airlines thousands of dollars to fly many places in the last 50 years.
    I have had MANY late arrivals & departures WITH NO EXPLANATIONS, zero accommodations offered, dirty planes, filthy, smelly, reeking restrooms, lost luggage, rude flight attendants, rude gate and ticket agents, and rude baggage handlers.
    And now you have the nerve to offer to sell me a bag of nuts? How old are they? Stale? Handled often?
    It’s time you give us your leftover bags of nuts, or whatever else you’re selling ….

  34. Dear Friends,

    Mixed nuts at any retail/bulk store are 8.99 and above a pound.

    Please buy these and keep some in your bag, give it to homeless people.

    I am not rich but I am buying these, thanks for the tip. Lets spread some of the money around and create a win-win-win situation.

    These are good nuts.
    Be safe.

  35. @charles winfield

    What on earth does the entity that ends up donating surplus nuts have to do with right or left?

    Also, since you bring it up, why do you think a company deserves to survive simply because it is larger? Capitalism and free markets means the strong and smart survive right? Businesses that don’t have a strong enough balance sheet to weather 6-12 months maybe deserve to go out of business. Now, I don’t know what the right answer here is, but at least be consistent when espousing left/right views.

  36. V, You are correct: you “don’t know what the right answer is”.
    The Left was mentioned due to them being the usual sect that has the habit of telling private business what they “need” to spend their money on (masters of free markets that they are… ?). I’ve never actually believed that a company deserves to survive because it is larger, although i do dislike people needlessly becoming unemployed, especially during pandemics (unlike you). I DO think that: a company already in danger of putting 100,000 households into poverty during high unemployment times and already donating much to charities (e.g.- Stand Up to Cancer, etc) shouldn’t be expected to buy a vendor’s over-priced product & further risk mass layoffs for the purpose of flooding the streets with snack nuts.
    Maybe you could be correct that Doug Parker’s company possibly does deserve to go under, as you hint (it would if you ran it), but why should 100,000 more families be put at risk at this time… snack nuts aren’t exactly a cure for Covid or for many other ailments. The Left is a poster child for “inconsistency”.

  37. Maybe American Airlines can give them out to all of Doug Parker’s precious “Concierge Key” as they still fly so often (or not). He gave all of the freebies and goodies to his precious “Pampered Poodles” (Concierge Key), and ignored us flyers who had been Executive Platinum (and still are) for 20+ years. Basically the only ones who he cared about were (a) Pampered Poodles (can anyone think of anything more useless than a poodle – at least bird dogs can hunt, and German shepherds will give their lives protecting, but poodles???) and (b) Spirit passengers. All the rest of us (including loyal flyers of many years) were just “huddled masses” who were lucky just to be able to find a space in the overhead bins. I wonder if his Concierge Key is keeping him afloat now??? My head thinks probably not, which makes that another typical boneheaded Doug Parker decision.

  38. After decades of the airlines bilking us fliers by charging for checked luggage, airline food, seat selection, etc., they now want to charge us for their excess nuts. They made billions on all those extra fees while other services were reduced. I know someone will probably say they needed all those fees due to the higher operating costs that they created. They should have been practicing cost control.

  39. I purchased one case of 100 calorie Cheez-its that was labeled for Delta Airlines back in early June at about $0.10/ bag at the local 99 Only store here in Arizona. Since they had a pallet of them, I am sure that the abrupt closure of flights required their disposal.

  40. REALLY? How about donating them to charities or essential workers to enjoy rather than trying to monetize this? Come on!

  41. I can understand the mark up but curious how fast these things are flying off the shelf. I’d love to get some but a bit tough to justify the price.

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