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We booked the Grand Hyatt for our two night stay for 600MYR (~$200USD) per night. This is a category four property meaning it would have otherwise cost 15,000 Gold Passport points per night, and that’s a cost at which I’d much rather pay cash.

The hotel opened just last year and I had heard great things about it, so I was excited to experience it firsthand. I applied an expiring Hyatt Diamond confirmed suite upgrade to the reservation, which confirmed us into a Grand Suite.

We made it to the hotel via taxi by around 9AM, and were immediately welcomed by the bellman and walked inside.

Hotel driveway

The hotel is rather interesting in that the lobby is on the 39th floor, the top floor of the building, so in order to access any of the other floors you first have to go to the lobby, and then take a separate set of elevators to the guest room floors. Even the ground floor of the hotel feels pretty grand, though, and there’s a concierge desk located there.

Hotel ground floor

Hotel ground floor

Elevator leading to rooms

The lobby on the 39th floor is stunning, both in terms of the design and the views of the Petronas Towers.


View of Petronas Towers from lobby

There was no wait at check-in, and the friendly agent informed us our suite was ready despite how early it was, and escorted us to it. Our suite was on the 29th floor.

Hotel hallway

Room entrance


The suite was over 1,000 square feet, and featured a large living room with a desk by the entrance, couch, and chair with ottoman.

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room

The minibar and coffee machine were by the window.

Minibar and coffee machine

There were also three jars with cookies and nuts, which were complimentary. It was a nice touch I haven’t seen at many other hotels.

Complimentary snacks

On the table was the Diamond welcome amenity, a bottle of red wine.

Diamond welcome amenity

There was also a bowl of fruit and a card from the GM.

Diamond welcome amenity

Unfortunately the suite didn’t feature views of the Petronas Towers, but instead faced the other direction. In the future I’d ask for a room with a view of the Petronas Towers, though I was so happy that they let us check in early that I wasn’t about to ask for anything else.

View from the room

Also in the living room was a guest bathroom.

Guest bathroom

From the living room there were two connecting rooms leading to the bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom was huge, and featured a comfortable king size bed, and a circular couch with ottoman.



The bathroom was equally impressive, with double sinks, a massive tub, walk-in shower, toilet, and bidet.



Toilet and bidet


The bathroom featured June Jacobs toiletries.


To the side of the bathroom was a fairly large closet.


I thought the room was spectacular, easily one of the nicest base level suites I’ve ever stayed in. The fact that the hotel is brand new sure didn’t hurt, given that everything felt new and fresh. It’s also worth noting that the wifi was fast, which is always much appreciated.

The Grand Club is located on the 37th floor. Here are the services offered there:

Physically the Grand Club was beautiful. It featured high ceilings and direct views of the Petronas Towers.

Grand Club

Grand Club

Grand Club

View from Grand Club

Breakfast is served from 6AM till 11AM on weekends. Kudos to the hotel for that, because nothing is more frustrating than a hotel that only serves breakfast for a couple of hours on weekends. That being said, for a non-US property the breakfast spread was underwhelming. It was entirely continental and featured pastries and croissants, fruit, cereal, and a couple of Asian options. The only hot option was cooked to order omelets, without even the option to order pancakes or waffles. While that might be nice for a Grand Club in the US, it’s the most lackluster spread I’ve seen at a Hyatt in Asia.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread


One morning I ordered an omelet, and as you can see they were extremely generous with their portion of breakfast potatoes. 😉


The evening spread, while still not impressive, was better than the breakfast spread for sure, and featured salad, satay, cheese, crackers, and more.

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

In terms of the hotel’s other facilities, there was a nice gym on the second floor, featuring a good variety of equipment.




The pool is also located on the second floor, and is huge for a business hotel like this.



On the whole I really enjoyed this hotel. The facilities are top notch, and physically it’s possibly one of my favorite Grand Hyatts I’ve ever stayed at. Service was generally friendly and accommodating, but then again I didn’t think I was especially needy, so I can’t say I put them to the test that much. The one disappointment was the Grand Club. While it was nice physically, I thought it was lacking somewhat in terms of the offerings. I also have to say the location was ideal, less than a 10 minute walk from Suria KLCC and the Pavillion Shopping Centre, both of which have a ton of great dining options.

Interestingly the Ritz Carlton and Mandarin Oriental were actually cheaper through American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, though I still chose the Grand Hyatt given the Diamond benefits I got and the confirmed suite upgrade I was able to apply. I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again. Last time I was in Kuala Lumpur I stayed at the InterContinental and Le Meridien, and I’d definitely choose the Grand Hyatt over both of those (though I thought the club lounge at the Le Meridien was superior).

  1. Very helpful review — you didn’t notice if there was a pool suitable for lap swimming, did you? My wife is an avid swimmer. Thx! 🙂

  2. You should have a top ten list that u update with these possible categories.
    – best hotel lounge
    – best first class air
    -best business class air
    – best overall air

    I still refer to your posts back at travel sort for reference and what to aim for

  3. My wife and I stayed there about 2 weeks. We had a similar suite on the 33rd floor. I used the suite upgrade from my new Chase Hyatt card. I wonder if suite upgrades get the non-patronas views. I would like to mention that as a platinum member, we also received the French wine. Hyatt Kuala Lampur is easily the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in. Yet, we have had bigger breakfast spreads at run down guest houses.

  4. Sounds like we pretty much agree on this property, Lucky. FANTASTIC entry-level suites [I was fortunate to have a Petronas Towers view, but the hotel was just about empty when I was there]… gorgeous physical property… but weak in the lounge provisioning.

    I definitely enjoyed this more than my Ambassador Suite at the Intercontinental a few months back, though the Intercontinental’s club is also much better.

  5. Nice review Lucky. Have been to the Hyatt for lunch and dinner a few times and it is very nice particularly the view of KL city. You can almost see my office at the Petronas towers too 😉

  6. I also think their lounge offerings are weak for Asian standards. Quite surprising also given this hotel has the same owner as the GH SIN, which has some of the most generous spreads at any Hyatt I’ve been to. Some of the managers also actually came from GH SIN.

    Judging from your photos though, looks like they have improved somewhat by placing the evening spread’s hot items on the buffet table. The last time I was here, they brought the hot items to you straight from the kitchen in extremely generous portion (i.e: exactly one stick of satay and one piece of meatball for each person). The wait staff also seemed to have a pathological aversion to unprompted drinks top-ups?

  7. Maybe it’s a good thing the spreads were rather weak, it could encourage people to go get local food off property 😉

  8. @lucky

    Who get’s the bed when travelling with a friend? Do you rochambeau for it? Or do they provide roll aways at no charge?

  9. I get that you are reviewing everything about the hotel as it is part of your job, but I sure hope you did not eat at the hotel when KL has some of the best and most diverse food out there….on the streets

  10. @ wwk5d @ Michael — And aside from breakfast all my meals were off property.

    @ EthanSF — I’ll share a king bed with just about anyone. Maybe it’s the European in me.

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