OneWorld Welcome: Malaysia Airlines First Class Golden Lounge Kuala Lumpur

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We got to the airport at around 9AM for our 10:45AM departure.

Terminal exterior


Once inside the terminal we followed the signs towards Malaysia’s first class check-in area, which was located at the “D” counter.

First class check-in area

First class check-in area

There was a single agent working in the first class check-in area, which also featured a couple of couches and lounge chairs, I assume in case there’s a wait.

First class check-in area

The agent quickly processed our check-in, issued our boarding passes, and gave us directions to the first class lounge. We took the escalator to immigration, where there was no queue, and took the tram to the international terminal.


Cool model airplane display

View on tram to international terminal

International terminal

Once at the international terminal, the lounge was located immediately up the escalators.

Golden Lounge entrance

Golden Lounge signage

At reception our boarding passes were verified and we were pointed right towards the first class lounge. As a reminder, if your boarding pass won’t suffice, there are a number of alternative options in Kuala Lumpur for anyone with a credit card with lounge access.

Entrance to the first class lounge

While I was blown away by Malaysia’s lounge in London, their Kuala Lumpur lounge seemed awfully simple and dated. It was basically one long room with a dining area and a few seating areas with couches.

First class lounge seating

First class lounge seating

First class lounge seating

First class lounge seating

First class lounge dining

The lounge boasted somewhat obstructed views of the tarmac, and during the time we were there, two heavies pushed back from the gates right in front of the lounge.

Tarmac views

Tarmac views

There was a pretty modest breakfast buffet consisting of both western and Malaysian options. But it really wasn’t an impressive spread for a lounge, let alone an international first class one.




Drink selection

Drink selection

On the plus side, there was a freezer with ice cream. It’s never too early for macadamia nut ice cream!

Ice cream

Once we settled in we were approached by one of the servers, who interestingly enough had a name tag that read “Flight Stewardess.” I guess Malaysia makes flight attendants work the first class lounge as well? I ordered a pulled tea, which was promptly served.

Pulled tea

I spent about an hour catching up on email, and about 30 minutes before departure we headed to the gate, since we still had to clear security. On the way out I had a quick look at the bathroom, which was also quite simple (and had an oddly placed chair in the corner).


Shower room

Shower room

The first class lounge also had legitimate nap rooms. While I didn’t have a use for it on this layover, it’s always a nice feature to have.

Nap room

As we left the lounge we noticed that right in front of the first class lounge was the “Platinum Suite.” Apparently it’s a room exclusively for their top tier elite members. Seems odd to give them access to a lounge better than the first class lounge.

Platinum Suite

Platinum Suite

Our gate was only about a five minute walk away, and since we left fairly late there was no queue at the security checkpoint.

View leaving the lounge

Walking to the gate

Empty departure gate, given the flight was almost fully boarded

Our A380 to London

On the whole I wasn’t impressed by the first class lounge. It was on par with most mediocre business class lounges I’ve seen, and by no means competitive with the top first class lounges out there.

  1. When I was there in the evening they had menu service and lobster on the buffet, though the internet was virtually unusable.

  2. Great post, I have an upcoming flight on Malaysia from KL to Bali. Do all the Malaysia (MH) international flights depart from this terminal. As a oneworld emerald flying business, to Bali, I am hoping to use this lounge in a couple of weeks.

    Also I don`t think it is weird they have a `Platinum` lounge. British Airways (BA) does the same thing with their First for OW emeralds and BA elites flying in lesser classes and a special Concorde room that is only for others. I guess its odd though that if you are flying MH first that you would not have access.

  3. The food offerings in the lounge were much better prior to them joining OneWorld (well I’d say till about Dec 2012).

  4. @PL, I don’t think KUL gets very many Emeralds. I’ve been to that lounge about 15 times since MH joined OneWorld, and haven’t seen more than 12 people or so at any time.

  5. Is it possible to use the Malaysia first class lounge in LHR if I am flying back to the US on BA? Is it in the same terminal? Is it noticeably better than the Concorde Room?

  6. You’re in the land of amazing and inexpensive street food (all throughout Asia). Skip the lounges.

  7. Hi,

    I’m travelling first class with Malaysian in May and will be there in the evening. Hope they have the lobster again.


  8. @ Greg — I believe only the longhaul flights leave from there. That being said, anyone can access the lounge since there’s no checkpoint to take the tram between the main terminal and satellite terminal.

    Agree with you that other airlines do the opposite — they offer elites a lesser lounge than first class passengers. But I can’t think of any airlines that offer their elites a better lounge than first class passengers.

  9. @ Erik J — It isn’t. Malaysia leaves from terminal four, while British Airways leaves from terminal three and five.

  10. @ Thrifty Tourist — There is a main lounge, though it doesn’t have a first class section. Rather it’s primarily for regional passengers.

  11. @ eponymous coward — We got to the airport 1hr45min before departure. I didn’t go for the food, but because I wanted to make the flight and leave enough of a buffer in case there was lots of traffic. So should I have sat in the gate area instead? :p

  12. I would suggest to return to those lounges. Apparently MH closed their KUL lounges for a few days this week to conduct “regular maintenance and upgrades.” Perhaps that means new decor?

  13. The reason, that you had an FA serving you is that MAS is chronically overstaffed, especially after there most recent route “rationalization” they have cut their network to the bone. Also having now pulled the 747 from service they simply dont need the staff. But MAS is a bloated government airline so nonsense like this is the norm.

    In answer to earlier questions. This lounge is in the satellite terminal where most but not all long haul flights depart from it is the flagship MAS lounge. There is also a lounge in the “main” terminal but it is smaller.

  14. “As we left the lounge we noticed that right in front of the first class lounge was the “Platinum Suite.” Apparently it’s a room exclusively for their top tier elite members. Seems odd to give them access to a lounge better than the first class lounge”

    How is the Concorde Room different from this?

  15. @ ffi — Because the Concorde Room is for first class passengers and not elite members (exactly the opposite of this room, which was for elite members and not first class passengers).

  16. I was just in the lounge and am sad to report that only the magazines have been refreshed. Otherwise, it is still exactly as in Lucky’s photos.

  17. Lucky, our Qatar flight arrives around 8pm at KUL and we’re scheduled to take Malaysia 072 flight at 9am. Could we access the first class lounge if my overall ticket is booked with AA as first class, however the leg from KUL-HKG is in business due to availability? We want to take advantage of the nap rooms they have since we’re staying overnight!
    Also, I’ve see this KUL-HKG flight coded as Malaysia 072 and Carhay 072, would I still have access to the first class lounge if I book either one?

  18. @ JC — Are you connecting to first class same day? If not, then you can’t use the first class lounge unfortunately.

  19. Malaysia Airlines were extremely hospitable and accommodating to my parents today who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. I am very grateful.

  20. I was there as a first class psssenger last night. An a la cart menu included rib rye steak. Lobster. A variety of good tasting past, salads and so on. I think the issue is that they don’t inform you of the menu unless you ask. There was also a modest but good tasting food at the buffet.

  21. What a load of arrogant whining. I accept there’s a ‘value for money’ concept, but no one in this chain mentioned that. Find more important thinks in life to focus on than your lobster

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