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The only thing worse than transiting Heathrow is having to overnight there. While the hotels aren’t all that far from the airport, almost none of them have complimentary shuttles, so you end up having to take the paid Hotel Hoppa bus (speaking of which, how do you say the name of that bus service without sounding like a complete dumbass?), which is an absolute pain. How impractical are the airport hotels? The “Hilton Heathrow T5” sounds convenient, right? I mean, the terminal is in the name, so it must have a shuttle or be walkable. Nope, instead you still have to buy a ticket and take the Hotel Hoppa to get there.

Though I think we had the ideal set of circumstances, since we were landing at terminal four and our connection was leaving from terminal three the following day. Perhaps one of the few practical airport hotels at Heathrow, the Hilton T4 is actually connected to the terminal via a covered walkway. Then the following day to get to terminal three we’d just have to walk to terminal four and take the complimentary Heathrow Express connector to terminal three. Not super-easy, but as easy as it gets at Heathrow.

Unfortunately the rate wasn’t cheap, though at least I was able to book using a cash & points award, which cost 25,000 HHonors points plus Ā£53 for the night, including all VAT.

Upon arrival from Kuala Lumpur we followed the signs towards the Hilton, which led to an outdoor walkway that was about a six minute walk to the hotel.

Terminal four arrivals area

Four minutes to go

Two minutes to go

The end of the walkway let out near the front entrance of the hotel, right near the reception desk.

End of walkway

There was a bit of a check-in queue as a major Asian airline’s crew were checking in right before us, so it took a while for the 15 (or so) of them to be checked in. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes or so till we were helped, though. Check-in was prompt, the agent thanked me for being a Hilton Gold member and confirmed we’d receive access to the executive lounge and free internet.



We were assigned room 587 on the 5th floor, which was towards the end of the rather long hallway.

View from the 5th floor

Executive floor

Hallway to room

Room 587

The room was on the small side at around 250 square feet, though at least nicely decorated and modern. It featured a fairly soft king size bed, a desk and TV, and a chair and table by the window.

Executive room

Executive room

Executive room

The room boasted views of the atrium. I know I’m crazy, but I love atrium facing views. I sleep better with white noise, and I find there’s usually more consistent white noise facing an atrium than the exterior of the hotel.

View from the room

The bathroom was the most claustrophobic part of the room, and featured a sink, toilet, and shower that didn’t even have a door.


The toiletries were Peter Thomas Roth branded.



It’s also worth noting that the Wi-Fi in the room was fairly fast.

The executive lounge is located on the ground floor right near the reception desk, and can be accessed via key card. I wasn’t hungry in the evening so didn’t go for the evening spread, though did go in the morning for breakfast.

Executive lounge entrance

The lounge was surprisingly large and modern, with plenty of seating both at tables and on couches.

Executive lounge seating

Executive lounge seating

Executive lounge seating

The breakfast spread was quite good as well, with all kinds of pastries, yogurt, cereal, as well as a couple of hot options.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

After breakfast I used the “Living Well” gym, which is located on the ground floor. It was basic though sufficient for an airport hotel.

Gym entrance




Next to the gym was a pool, which I didn’t use.


While Heathrow Airport hotels are hardly glamorous, I have to say that this one impressed me. The rooms were comfortable and modern, the lounge was quite nice, and you can’t beat the convenience of the hotel being connected directly to terminal four. I’d return again if I had a connection involving terminals three or four.

  1. This is just a theory but… is it possible that the “Hotel Hoppa” bus name is a tongue in cheek joke designed to make tourists to the UK sound stupid when they say it?

  2. Another convenient option is to jump on the the Heathrow Express for a 15-minute non-stop ride to Paddington Station which drops you off into basically the lobby of the Paddington Hilton. You never have to walk outdoors! Great shopping & restaurants at the Paddington. Also free wi-fi on the Heathrow Express.

    For white noise, try the White Noise App on the iPhone or Android. Helps me sleep in any hotel!

  3. @ ASW Hotel Hoppa? That’s how we would pronounce it in Boston. šŸ˜‰

    @ Lucky How did you sleep again after getting 8 hour nap on the plane?

  4. @ Peter — I’m rather proud of my ability to hibernate. I can go a few days on virtually no sleep, and then sleep almost nonstop for a few days. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or bad thing…

  5. HI Lucky,

    What about if you’re landing at Terminal 3 and departing Terminal 5 the next day around noon? Still feasible to do Hilton T4 right? Obviously using the Express and doing some walking?


  6. @ stacey — I’d say this might still be the most practical option. From terminal three you can take the Heathrow Express to terminal four, and I believe the hotel has a complimentary bus to terminal five. So the transit wouldn’t cost you anything and this is probably still among the more convenient options.

  7. dear lucky,

    One question about ame point transfer. How long will it take to tranfer to singapore airline mileage account? Thanks!

  8. The Asian restaurant at the hotel is amazing. The Peking duck is the best I’ve ever had. I look forward to staying at this hotel on my European trips just for the food.

  9. Lucky, you are aware that you can travel for free on buses in the “Heathrow zone”. Basically, as long as you stay on the road that circles the airport, you can use the buses for free. I used this option recently while arriving and terminal 1 and staying at one of the hotels on Bath Rd. While it isn’t as convenient as the Heathrow Hoppa, it is free.

  10. I’m surprised that not many people know this, actually you can avoid the total rip off Hoppa Bus altogether.

    Which ever terminal you arrive, follow the sign and you can easily get to the Heathrow Central, there, you can take the bus to tons of airport hotels dotted around Bath Road (such as Sheraton, DoubleTree, Renaissance) for FREE. These hotels are in the FREE Travel zone, just tell the driver that you’re going to such such hotel, and he’ll waive you through, it’s that easy…..

  11. lamonster beats me to it. Also need to point out, if you’re using the tube to transfer between the terminals, unfortunately, only an Oyster card will allow you travel free.

  12. @Lucky: This is one of my favorite airport hotels anywhere. I used to fly through T4 a lot with my family when I was a kid and I guess it just brings back good memories. šŸ™‚ The T5 Sofitel is a much more luxurious hotel, but is incredibly overpriced. I never considered it (due to price) until I once got a good discount on a day-use rate. Even then, I found it overpriced for a transit hotet, nice as it is.

    In reference to @christina’s question, how about transfers from SPG to SQ? I know they’re not immediate, but is there a set schedule or is it anybody’s guess?

  13. @ A. S. — I don’t believe there’s a set schedule, and in my experience it takes 1-2 weeks.

  14. Hoppa Gangnam Style! Pretty sure the Koreans will have no trouble pronouncing the name.

  15. IMG_7123 (One of the first few)

    I sat on that exact same couch with the same view for hours during a stopover… and then I used the bathroom in the lobby and went back to LHR. heh

  16. I’ve stayed here many times on business travel. The Chinese restaurant is outstanding (and very pricey) but it is the ONLY viable food alternative at this hotel. Don’t eat the buffet, for any meal. The quality isn’t worth the price and the buffet service is abysmal (no reflection on the competent waitstaff).

    Oh, and if your flight is cancelled (as one of mine was) and the airline puts you and 200 of your closest friends up here for the night, the only way you won’t feel like a hostel-bound backpacker is if you’re Hilton Gold.

  17. Trivia : At least one airline’s accession to an alliance was negotiated over coffee in the lobby of the Hilton T4.

    The proximity to Heathrow and the “neutral” ground made this a favourite place for airline managers to meet. If you walked through the lobby on a weekday morning, you would almost always find a couple of airline executives lurking.

  18. Overpriced though it is, I like the T5 Sofitel. Super convenient to T5 for an early morning departure. I can often get it with AAdvantage miles on AA’s car/hotel website, and often there is a special with discounts and breakfast included. If you have AA elite status, you get extra discounts, too. Not a bad use for some spare miles. You can usually get a luxury room, too.

  19. sorry for bringing up an old thread lucky, but just wondering since you’ve been to terminal 4 in heathrow, can you recommend a good meeting location there? i will be arriving on united (i think united is out of terminal 4) and my bf will be arriving from thai airlines in terminal three a few hours before me. i was thinking he could come to terminal 4 to meet me, but i don’t know of a good location to meet since i’ve never been to heathrow before. no worries if you don’t know the answer to my question. thanks in advance.

  20. @ ang — That’s a toughie. I believe there’s one centralized customs exit for terminal four, so maybe he could wait for you there? Otherwise, where are you planning on going from airport? May impact where it’s best to meet.

  21. thanks lucky! you reply quick! he’s getting in 2 hours before me so i was thinking of somewhere where he can sit and wait for me. not sure if the customs area has seats. i tried googling, but having no luck so far. maybe i’ll make a thread on flyertalk if i can’t find anything. this is for next saturday. we are going to be taking the tube or maybe a cab to our hotel in paddington afterwards. i’m arriving at 930am so not sure if that changes your answer.

  22. I am staying at Hilton terminal 4 at this moment. Free shuttle to terminal 5 is gone (front desk told me that the service stopped summer 2013). A kiosk at the lobby invites you to get onto Hotel Hoppa even for Terminal 4!
    Nothing special about this hotel and the lounge – just a very average European Hilton. Has a breakfast at a restaurant – omelet was overcooked and I am not even sure whether they are using fresh eggs. Will not return as there are other better options around.

  23. Hi Lucky: staying at LHR T4 Hilton arriving at 22:45 May 1 LHR T3F. And options aside from HEX or Taxi (as we may travelling after HEX hours) and Taxi costs if that is only option? Best Regarfs, TexDc

  24. @ TexDC — Hmmm, those are the only two practical options I know of, though maybe someone else with more experience can chime in.

  25. Hi Ben – I am overnighting and both arriving then departing the next morning from Terminal 2. What would you recommend as the most convenient hotel?

  26. @ Kevin — That’s a toughie. Don’t believe there’s a hotel connected to the terminal, so you’d have to take a bus/taxi either way. I’d go with a hotel from whichever chain you’re most loyal to.

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