Is This The Leaked Seatmap For Emirates’ New 777 First Class?

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While Emirates offers one of my favorite first class products in the world, for a couple of years now we’ve been hearing that they plan on introducing a new first class product, which they say will feel more like a private cabin in a railway car than what they offer now.

Emirates A380 first class

This announcement came in mid-2015, just shortly after their Abu Dhabi based rival, Etihad Airways, introduced their First Class Apartment.

For whatever reason we haven’t heard more about Emirates’ new first class product, even though it was initially supposed to be introduced in late 2015. Earlier this year, rumor had it that Emirates would introduce their new first class at ITB Berlin, but sure enough, that didn’t happen either. The airline has been struggling financially and cost cutting, which has made me wonder if they put a new first class product on the back burner as well.

While there hasn’t been much discussion of a new first class product for a while, FlyerTalk member m3red notes that as of December 1, 2017, Emirates shows a new seatmap in first class for their 777 flights between Dubai and Seattle. Currently Emirates’ longhaul 777 first class cabins consist of a total of eight seats, spread across two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Emirates 777 first class

However, the new seatmap shows a total of six seats, spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 configuration. This would mean that the cabin will be roughly the same size as Cathay Pacific’s 777 first class cabin.

Now, I suppose it’s possible that this is a glitch, though a completely different seatmap showing across booking platforms would be an unusual glitch. I’m not sure if Emirates actually intended to upload the new seatmap yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is in fact representative of their new product, if/when it’s introduced.

Furthermore, the 1-1-1 configuration would make sense, given the type of product they’re promising.

Initially the first plane to feature Emirates’ new first class product was supposed to be the A380, followed by the 777. It’s possible that they’ll start reconfiguring both soon, or it’s also possible that they changed their minds, and are reconfiguring their 777s first, given that they also have a new business class product to install on those (which is still pretty underwhelming).

What do you guys think — is this a glimpse at Emirates’ new first class product, or just a glitch?

(Tip of the hat to Points from the Pacific)

  1. No idea if it’s a glitch or the new configuration, but my *hope* is that it’s the new configuration…

  2. Also interesting that you have two “A” seats, two “K” seats, then one “E” and one “F.” I wonder if that’s any hint at the configuration of the seats/suites — for example, does that mean perhaps some sort of L-shaped configuration for each of the middle seats/suites, whereby you enter the row 1 “E” seat from the port side, and the row 2 “F” seat from the starboard side? Who knows — maybe I’m overthinking this.

  3. I’d be surprised if they’re starting the process of outfitting planes for a new configuration without a big splashy announcement and publicity campaign. Isn’t that the typical MO?

  4. @flightwonk

    I had the exact same thought. it would kind of follow EY’s lead with the Apartment wherein there’s the yin-yang factor for sofa/TV. But unsure how that configuration would carry over to the sides of the plane.

  5. I wonder if the middle seats in the unusual arrangement mean passengers there will sit sideways.

  6. I think it’s simply an error on the website.
    EK’s plan to roll out a new F product has been delayed significantly.

  7. They, like every other airline will surely do a big announcement with a promise of new seats by early next year. That of course will slide to a later date.

    Really – there is no way a seating chart got into any system with a layout that has not been announced in public.

  8. I know most who read this are interested in First and Business Class but I hope you remember those who are not so fortunate to be able to fly in a Premium class.
    Hope you’ll share economy seating charts when you have them as well. Thanks!

  9. Marci, economy travel is not aspirational and is also a poor value to redeem points for.

    I’m sure there are many other blogs that will cover economy travel and Motel 6’s in Birmingham. Perhaps you should head on over there.

  10. @Bob – what a cruel, cutting and utterly snobby (not to mention completely unwarranted) comment. Guess someone has to fill in for Credit.

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